Morpheus Reptilian Agenda part II January-23-2016

by Robert Mesure

World systems are developed by the collective motif of humanity as a cohesive force. Lessons are learned by virtue of endeavor, before you collapse into psychological reform you face the Shadow. Opponents or adversaries are the manifestations of our own resistant tendencies. Accept death and he is no longer a foe, nothing in the physical world scares you, realize your physical body as your true home and you no longer need the comfort of a house. You can’t fight peoples battles for them, by doing so you take their power and growth. People will eventually grow past the need to be parented and consumed by ideologies of fear based tendencies. Progress requires resistance. The transformation of the system is reliant upon the ability of each of individual to overcome their fears, neediness and desires. If the system went through a revamp, and the masses were still holding the same traits it would form around the same tendencies, still based on fear and captivity.

That which is experienced as an attack on the rights and virtue of beings are in reality the effect of their own short comings and inability to see them. If you did not have needs devised by the illusory state of mortality, or desires of material and spiritual attainment then, nothing that seems to be opposed against your best interest at this time would have any impact on you. This realization alone carries you to new fields of consciousness, where new states are born and new illusory ideologies come into being.

One day the Humans will realize that reptilians are their counterpart, and not the enemy, and vice versa. Then they will look to something else as the enemy, then they will all realize again that is not the enemy and so-fourth, till they ascend up the scale and there is no one too look at as the enemy but themselves, and the smoke and mirrors are seen for what they are. Humanities current state is very much likened to Schiamachy, fighting with imaginary enemies or shadows. Their own insecurities form the systems and then they revolt. This is of course the result of the bicamerial state inflicted by self-negation.

Do you think it is just an odd coincidence that the spiritual energy coiled around the spinal column is depicted as a cosmic serpent and awakens when the soul decides to ascend? Do you think it is just a coincidence that you start to realize and see a reptilian force functioning when you spiritually awaken? As long as they are viewed as an enemy they will seemingly act like one. They are fohat just like you, you are the same. Together you attract one another and engender evolution. The evolutionary currents are polar and when they come together accrete allowing more light to anchor into your energy body.

There is no enemy, only when humanity realizes this will they be welcomed into the Galactic Community. Some beings on earth are already a part of it others are in the process of facing the shadow and will overcome the illusory depiction of it, only to be embraced by the consciousness of the Galactic being. The heart encompasses all in creation none are exempt. all of creation is a Heart. The consciousness of the universe observes the forms of manifestation, and embraces the energy of cosmic currents. Three forms could be understood from this point of distinction, the crown chakra is consciousness, the heart chakra is motion, and the root chakra is manifestation, this trinity forms the experienced cosmic structure on the most fundamental level.

Consciousness ascends through motion, and experiences its progress as manifestation. Light forms into frequency and fractals are born, new states of consciousness are birthed. Be in the heart, be the energy. The heart is energy, be the blissful all-encompassing serenity of the centre. You are the shadow of a greater being, allow the higher consciousness to penetrate you. Symmetry through the heart allows for waves of consciousness to enhance your Love.

Morpheus Reptilian Agenda part II January-23-2016

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