With Twin Flame André:  Ascension in the past, January 26, 2016



‘From Terra, Transition & Telepathy’ by Christine Preston


In the Book of Enoch translated by Dr. R. Laurence, a Hebrew Professor at Oxford, there are references to many heavens, or celestial spheres that are clearly described as dimensions below or above the physical plane of existence. The angels and ascended beings are said to reside on the Tenth Heaven and when Enoch is taken he receives an initiation while out of the body. Yet it is described that, while he was having visions of heaven, Enoch spoke with his eye opened. This was channeling. His journeys were accomplished in the tradition of the hermetic initiations, in an altered state of consciousness that may have been shamanic. Enoch was taken to a Tenth Heaven where he was given the garment of Ascension.

The ancient Egyptian teachings known as the Hermetica discuss the re-integration of the soul of man with a higher celestial sphere under the term ‘Ogdoad.’ They are the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, the god of Wisdom who was known to the Greeks by that name and as Thoth to the Egyptians. These ancient Egyptian texts convey the idea that immortality can be won by a transformation of the soul through right thought and deeds.  The fall of man through the attraction of the senses, as well as his ascension by re-integration to higher spheres, are some of the main themes in Hermes’ works.  Corpus Hermeticum identifies seven patriarchs from Adam to Seth and Noah, but holds Seth, not Adam, to have been the first mortal human being representative of mankind, because Adam was divine. Seth is said to have been begotten in the form and image of the divine ‘self-begotten’ Adam and to have lost the latter’s original godly nature.

The objective of the hermetic teachings was to teach the principle of the recovery of the Perfect Nature through an initiation called the Ogdoad. The nature that Seth lost and that Adam possessed was called the Heavenly Man. It is a Celestial counterpart that is said in Hermetism to have remained in heaven after the fall of mankind into the human body. It was represented as an immortal Light body, and is equivalent to the Diamond Body of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the Higher Self, or Christ Self, of esoteric studies. As this Celestial Counterpart is also called Perfect Nature, the reunion of the soul with its celestial counterpart involves a process of transformation. According to Corpus Hermeticum mankind’s destiny is to manifest a physical golden age, as well as to ascend to a higher dimension.

The process of spiritual evolution involves a transformation of one’s world, and life, by cause and effect, and the creation of a new reality by mind control.

The Hermetic tradition communicated as a teaching of a Father to his Son is reminiscent of the one used by Christ in the New Testament. It was stated it was received by ‘Nous’ – a Greek term for the intuitive Mind. It also seems that Hermes addressed his own Higher Self, or Celestial Counterpart, as ‘Father’ and when his consciousness was attuned with it, this Father spoke through him, calling him his ‘Spiritual Son.’ Jesus also seems to have altered his viewpoint when he declared ‘I and my Father are One’ because he integrated with that higher Spiritual Mind, the Cosmic or Universal Christ, that is also personal. This Father is the I AM Presence revealed to Moses as I AM THAT I AM.

In his Fifth book entitled Refutation of Heresies, Hippolytus reported a variety of names for figures corresponding to the Inner Being that mankind had separated from and that are in connection with the concept of the Celestial Counterpart that we have in heaven, i.e. the Great Man, the Perfect Man, the Upper Man, the Inner Man, the Son of Man, Adam, Anush, Adamas, Adakas, the Heavenly Man, and the True Man. These names were known in the Naassenes and second century Gnostic sects. The notion that man can be reunited with the Heavenly Man after cycles of history, and that this Man mirrors the consciousness of the Eternal, is also found in the Kabalistic doctrine.

Although the Celestial Counterpart is not mentioned in Genesis, the gradual shortening of the Hebrew patriarchs’ lifespan in the Old Testament, by comparison to that of the antediluvian ones, could have occurred because of the loss of this glorious condition.

The Divine Hierarchy

In Alice Bailey’s works the divine hierarchy is defined as twelve Hierarchies of spiritual beings embodying Intelligence and Wisdom, who direct and control evolutionary processes in the Solar System from their inner plane of existence. These Beings of Light, or ‘Lords of the Flame’ started guiding the evolution of humanity on Earth during the Lemurian era.


There are Seven Self-Conscious Beings called Kumaras in the Solar System who manifest through planetary schemes in the same way as human beings do in embodiment. These Kumaras are planetary intelligences. The Archangels known in Christianity are also such Spirits. The Divine Hierarchy in charge of the Earth’s evolutions functions under higher authorities in the Solar System and Galaxy. On Earth, the group is formed of Chohans, Adepts and Initiators, working through their disciples and in the world. They are sometimes referred to globally as the Great White Brotherhood, Chohans of the Rays, Ascended Masters, or Mahatmas. The latter are superior beings who preside over the Brotherhood of Shambhala, and the term ‘Mahatma’ is from Sanskrit, and means ‘the great-souled ones.’ They are superhuman and have completed their evolution on this planet, but remain with humanity in order to facilitate its spiritual progress, and the lifespan of their bodies is almost indefinite because the Wheel of Rebirth has stopped for them.


It seems that the Mahatmas cannot always intervene in the affairs of mankind. This is because we have freewill and evolve by making choices.  Avatars, Redeemers, Messiahs, or Enlightenment Beings, such as the Lord Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, Vishnu and Jesus Christ, to name but a few, have been sent at appointed times to teach the lost souls of Atlantis and lost tribes of Israel reincarnated all over the world. They teach us how to restore the flow of divine energies in mind, soul, heart, and in the body, and how to manifest the Kingdom of God on Earth. Some among the children of the Sun and Starseeds are only just beginning to recover the memory of their origin and others are still in need of spiritual regeneration.


Communication with the Hierarchy

Mark L Prophet, a modern-day mystic, and his wife Elizabeth Clare Prophet, were both trained by the Spiritual Hierarchy (in particular the Master El Morya) to become ‘Messengers.’ They were committed to illuminating the pathway of the soul from about 1958, and founded the Summit Lighthouse.

E. C. Prophet published the books the Masters dictated in the Pearls of Wisdom after the founding of Summit University Press in the 1970s, to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters. The Messengers claimed that the Archangels and Ascended Masters communicated with them in the manner they did with Saint John the Divine, as well as the prophets of Israel. Mark Prophet was messenger from 1958 until his transition in 1973. The role of the Messengers during the years of their ministry was to help spiritual seekers to make direct contact with their Real Self and to master the energies of the cosmos.


The teachings of the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, or Ascended Masters, were said to have been released to the Messengers  ‘to bring to our remembrance all things that he taught us.’ These Masters have their parallel in the heavenly hosts, saints, archangels, and angels of Christian denominations. Some of these beings who maintain the spiritual balance for the world, have sometime descended from the Great Central Sun, or Sirius, and incarnated on Earth in various ages. The Lords of the Seven Rays, our spiritual mentors, who graduated on the different Rays of earth’s classrooms, assist us in our spiritual journeys on the way back to the divine heart.


The Chohans of the Rays are seven Ascended Beings serving on different paths.  The Chohans, Elohim, and Archangels, have revealed the location of their Etheric Retreats all over the world, as well as the fact that they have consecrated the Royal Teton in the heart of Maitreya Mountain in Montana, USA, as a new Western Shamballa.


The dictations that the Masters released through the Messengers contain spiritual tools to permit us to achieve an attunement with the higher powers of the Light, receive the protection that we need from the Angelic kingdom, at the hour of Ascension when the Light is being opposed.


Those teachings provide some techniques already known by the ancient mystics East and West to access the spectrum of spiritual Light such as the use of the seventh Ray or violet flame of Saint Germain for personal and world transformation.


The Messenger E. C. Prophet interpreted the fall of Genesis as the descent of Twin Flames into the planes of matter when these units of the same spiritual fire, at inner level, were separated in incarnation. She received an interpretation concerning the Vials of the Seven Last Plagues  of the Book of Revelation from Archangel Michael. She understood concerning the ride of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse that it is in connection with a time when the karma accumulated over a cosmic cycle of about 25,860 years is returned to be balanced, but that a Dispensation permitted it to descend gradually over a period of borrowed time.


Previous Revelations from the Hierarchy


In the decades before 1950 communication was occurring with Alice Bailey and before her, with H. P. Blavatsky. The Master Djwhal Khul communicated what is often referred to as the Ageless Wisdom to Bailey through a technique that became effortless in the later years. The Master’s instructions were a second revelation in the sense that he had released a first one to Blavatsky. Thirty four years after Blavatsky had published her Secret Doctrine, the world had sufficiently progressed in order to receive A Treatise on Cosmic Fire from Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan Master, and he had foretold he would do so.


At the time of Bailey’s writing, Djwhal Khul was an advanced member of the ‘Fifth Kingdom’. He had taken an initiation and ascended to a high octave upon which he carried out his work, yet was living in a physical body on the border of Tibet, where he had jurisdiction over a group of lamas. It was said that the members of the spiritual hierarchy, who had gained a certain attainment, did not necessarily need to pass away from the physical plane, though there was a stage at which they could be freed from the material world. They could continue to exist in their bodies, or one that they had created, while functioning mentally upon a higher plane of existence. The situation for the Lightworkers who are ascending today is quite similar.


The Master Djwhal Khul predicted through Alice Bailey that the Divine Hierarchy would release more teachings in the last quarter of the 20th century and that this would include his own revelations. Together with the Master Kuthumi, he dictated a teaching on the human aura through the Messenger E. C. Prophet. It was published by the Summit Lighthouse, but they spelled his name without an H.


Summit University Press was founded in the mid-1970s by this Messenger to spread the teachings including those of the World Teacher, Lord Maitreya. The spiritual techniques, including the power of the spoken word, as practiced in Church Universal and Triumphant founded in 1975, correspond well to the scientific methods and rituals that Bailey specified Djwhal Khul foresaw as being practiced in a ‘new Universal Church’ that the Hierarchy planned to create.[1] He had stated that this Church would not be conventional in the Christian sense as its ceremonial magic would be scientific and its participants would use sound, as well as visualize color to bring about desired results. A number of prophecies seem to have manifested in the Summit Lighthouse activities as well as the foundation of the Church Universal and Triumphant, especially because its foundation came about as prophesied. He had stated it was going to certainly manifest ‘after 1975’ and the Church in question was founded exactly in 1975! The 33rd anniversary of this church was celebrated in 2008 at the same time as the 50th anniversary of the Summit Lighthouse.


Another crucial concept is that of the Fifth Kingdom in the Ageless Wisdom channeled telepathically by the Master Djwhal Khul to Alice Bailey during 1919-49. The idea was that to enter the Fifth Kingdom, members of the human family were endowed with higher knowledge and taught how to liberate themselves from the human Kingdom, which is the fourth, by the divine Initiators during the Atlantean period when the Door to the Fifth Kingdom was opened symbolically. In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Bailey reveals the Master’s notion that the Fifth Kingdom is a spiritual kingdom, as well as the next goal for human evolution. The term used today which corresponds to this is ‘Galactic Human’.

The Master explained that ‘man passes into the Fifth Kingdom as the soul absorbs the seven Rays in the colours of the rainbow, and through the discriminative faculty of mind.’[2]  The Fifth Kingdom is also attained by a  development of the etheric body that will attract knowledge, and will one day permit mankind to perceive higher realms, as man was able to many thousands of years ago. For this transition it is necessary to build a bridge of Light by visualizations, meditation, thought forms and invocations. This bridge is referred to as the ‘Antakharana’ in the ancient wisdom and Eastern tradition. This is the weaving of a solar garment for the one’s wedding to the Christ Self when angels start building a solar body for the soul. It is a garment for immortality. To form the solar body, one must purify one’ thoughts and feelings. The solar body will then be a magnet that will transmute the veil, or densities, accumulated in the aura as a result of the misuse of the Light. The element that was missing in those teachings is of course the effect of the Photonic Light that we are presently experiencing. This is due to the Solar System crossing a part of the Galaxy where there is a belt of dense photonic light.

The Ageless Wisdom communicated by the Master Djwhal Khul confirms that the Sirius Constellation is actually the very source of self-consciousness in man. Alice Bailey indicates that the transmitter for this source of consciousness is in the centre of the Universe, in other words, it is the Great Central Sun that transmits consciousness to the Constellation of Sirius. [3]


The Master Djwhal Khul revealed that in the middle of the Atlantean period the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy  opened a door to permit members of the human family (the fourth kingdom) to be initiated to enter the Fifth Kingdom. Those who were ready for the initiation were endowed with higher knowledge by divine Instructors who descended from a higher etheric plane of existence. However, many plans had to be aborted, especially those for the Ascension as some initiates chose to follow the path of dark wisdom, or black magic, and due to the fact that the forces of Light and Darkness were arrayed against each other.  As a result, restrictions were imposed and spiritual evolution came to a standstill ‘until karma could be adjusted.’ After this mankind’s longevity was shorter.  An aspect of this restriction was genetic and may have been related to the Anunnaki’s tampering of the human DNA.

The Master Djwhal Khul revealed through H. P. Blavatsky that  group of wicked magicians corrupted civilization and misused their powers, after a select company of Angels and divine Initiators assumed bodies to initiate the Atlanteans and intermarriages occurred between them and some Atlanteans. This was a time when the divine Initiators provided a spiritual instruction for the Ascension and the recovery of the lost divine nature.

Today, the process of re-integration of the Light body that was known in Hermetism as the ‘Celestial counterpart that remained in heaven after the fall into the human body,’ involves a modification of our RNA/DNA to a 12-strand one, as well as the development of extra chakras. The human DNA is mutating and it is the reason that people are developing telepathic and other psychic abilities. The physical body is being transfigured into a lighter kind of vehicle for the soul – a more suitable one to exist upon a higher dimension of being – one that is not carbon-based but crystalline. The grandiose events that have already taken place will open the door to a new Reality.


[1] A. A. Bailey, 1925, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire : p. 454.
[2] A.A. Bailey,  1925, 334-35.
[3] A. A. Bailey, 1925: 1052.
With Twin Flame André:  Ascension in the past, January 26, 2016

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