Mother Mary: Truth, Precipitation, February 28, 2016

MOTHER MARY: Yes, it is me, Mother Mary, and I would like you to use what you have written last night with Archangel Faith and your Ascended Twin Flame André, as being a teaching from my heart, a teaching that I support and could not have put in better words. I especially like your historical research concerning Constantine’s alteration of my son’s original teachings. He turned it into a doctrine with despicable connotations of a sacrifice on the cross being necessary for the salvation of mankind, when the potential is within your heart. It is the threefold flame, your connection with your I AM. It is that image of Christ that you mirror into the matter world. You have it within you. My son did not have to die on a cross for the sins of mankind. Those so-called sins in the garden of Eden were a misuse of power that caused the downfall of Atlantis. That episode of history is told in Genesis. All of that section concerning the Old World before the Flood relates to the Atlantean era. That misuse of the Light resulted with a karmic debt that had to be balanced, or repaid. You have the tools the Ascended Masters have provided to make this repayment, to bring the world through the process of Ascension. It is part of it. One Master dying on a cross, shedding his blood, is not a sacrifice that could repay this karma, this misuse of energy. Mankind still has to go through a long process of transformation, at the core of its psyche, to ascend to higher consciousness. What was achieved by my son was his own Ascension. And also he provided a balance of Light in the world by his presence, in the company of the souls that had come into embodiment to work with him. It was as it is today. You provide a new paradigm of being, just by being present and by seeking to fulfill your own destiny in alignment with the Will of God. My son, Ieshoua ben Joseph, Issa, or Jesus, actually did not die on a cross. He was not even put on a cross. The Gnostics knew this. You can imagine it is a very delicate and controversial subject. The Templars also knew this. They didn’t reject Christ but Constantine’s doctrine because it was devised for the control of the masses. Sacrifice was typically Roman. Just know this for the time being, as it is not possible to expand on this subject in this dictation. Know that there is a true teaching hidden in the Scriptures. It is esoteric. It requires interpretation. Jesus taught the principle of Reincarnation during his life 2,000 years ago. It has been removed from the New Testament. He went to India and Tibet, and was educated in the blessed Isles of Britain by Druids. I moved to Avalon with Joseph of Arimathea and built a wattle church in that place called Glastonbury. I just wanted to mention a few words about this. It is true that some of the ancient kings of Britain were descendants of Arimathea.


To come back to the subject being discussed, the spirituality that should have manifested in the timelines following our presence on Earth 2,000 years ago, was impeded, obstructed. The negative forces created a system of belief appearing to be a religion, but behind its bright façade was a very subtle instrument of deception, the doctrine of atonement, this sacrifice on the cross. Furthermore, insisting on the exclusive nature of its revelation, or the uniqueness of Christ as the Only Son of God, the Roman Church raised Jesus upon a pedestal of worship corresponding to Roman idolatry. Millions of people are blind to this fact today. They insisted he should be worshipped in order for mankind to gain the glory of paradise, but only after death. Faith and commitment to the doctrine had to be blind. It is interesting that there is such an expression as ‘blind faith’. And Archangel Faith has repeated many times to you that her name should relate to a Perception of Truth that Archangel Michael defends, not that blind faith of Christian beliefs that have permitted the tradition concerning Archangel Michael to be preserved.


Blind Faith is a human belief that does not involve the Third Eye chakra. We shall return to this later. Church fathers of the 4th century AD hid the existence of evil in their own time with a theological interpretation of Antichrist appearing in the future when it should have been plainly visible it already was around. All of these erroneous notions are a problem today. They produce a convoluted logic which leads to fears where the question of the extraterrestrial presence is concerned. Hearing about this fact, some Christians, most of the time Evangelical, state that any Aliens must be ‘fallen angels’. They do not know about the presence of our Galactic family which has been well hidden. But, dear ones, the fallen angels are among you. I have explained this in my message entitled ‘Sword of Blue Flame/Maldek’. It was because the souls of Maldek were allowed to incarnate upon planet earth that Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame. It was because he knew that they would reconstruct the reality which had destroyed their planet. He could see that many would become prisoners of their reality and of the shackles of their own creations. So the priests of the late Lemurian era were approached and asked to cooperate to create a mystery school to keep souls upon the path of righteousness as well as Ascension. There is no returning of negative entities with Nibiru to precipitate an apocalypse, or end of times. The book of Revelation does state that Michael did cast out the dragon, the symbol of the dark forces that have enslaved mankind. He cast it on Earth. This means they were incarnated. I am referring to the souls of Maldek. They rose to power and created the Atlantean empire. They have used strategies, controlled your mind, by limiting your access to knowledge in modern time, so that you, physical angels and Star seeds, or saints who were not defiled – and I don’t mean those laggards of Maldek – would not know, or remember, who you really are after you have reincarnated. They have imposed their hegemony over the education system to achieve this and have brainwashed unsuspecting souls and the innocents, with many parallel methods leading to a state of chaos in the whole world. Such was their work. This is why Disclosure is the great Event that is about to unfold. It will disclose the suppression of Truth. It has already started as the truth has been exposed about different categories of subjects, one by one in the mainstream media.


A replacement in governance of that Nation – which was destined to be an example of democracy, and instead has been infiltrated down to its core and leadership by the forces of darkness – is shortly to take place. Following this a phase of disclosure will begin with the scandalous matter of betrayal related to 9/11.  I am Mother Mary, confirming to Christine that this notion is correct. She takes my dictation and doesn’t know what is coming next. But while listening to one of Donald Trump’s speeches recently, something he said made her suspect that Archangel Gabriel’s last announcement concerning a disclosure may have been related to that subject of 9/11. Some ideas concerning a disclosure on that subject have spread many years ago, but in the mainstream media this is still regarded as a conspiracy theory. However, of course, if a new President – one who, by the way, needs to be extremely resilient, dynamic and vigorous, to be able to oppose the Establishment – if that one told you that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ to create an enemy, create the idea of terrorism, to serve the mechanism of the war industries, the number of doubting Thomas would drop sharply. And I am now revealing, as Christine is noting word for word, in this method of dictation, that Archangel Gabriel’s announcement alluded to this particular topic.


We are entering a phase of Disclosure entailing a complete dismantling of the various systems of thought created by the powers of darkness in recent decades. These were also built upon the legacy inherited during thousands of years of slavery under the Anunnaki. I am referring to the system that has kept you in ignorance and darkness. It is a system that allowed academics and researchers to accumulate a wealth of data and knowledge but within the box of the exoteric confines. I will leave you to a study concerning the connection between your third eye vision and the creation of your Reality, as well as the precipitation of abundance, which does tie in with the unfoldment, on this timeline, of revelations and disclosure that will change you, that will heal and restore your physical bodies, that will bring you enlightenment, and abundance for a period of transition in which you are recreating a golden Age civilization, a new Gaia. You can start working with this and later you will benefit from being taken to light chambers in physicality. This is already happening but when you are out of the body. During this time you will continue to rise in consciousness upon a spiritual path that give you the pleasures of a relationship with your Higher Selves and your Elder brothers and sisters of the Stars. You are spiritualizing the world. What follows is also about my Immaculate Heart. From my heart now flows the love of the Mother to your own. Namaste my children!


CHRISTINE: I have asked Mother Mary about the Holy Grail which some researchers have linked to the idea that Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood of Christ into it.  The answer was that the Grail was an esoteric symbol and an association with the blood of Christ is to do with the quantum DNA at Christ level that is being projected upon the fabric of the human being. It was a cup of Light representing the Higher Self, or Christ Self, and the cup itself represents the soul in incarnation seeking to integrate with this higher consciousness. Being esoteric, this truth has suffered deterioration.


The Fifth Ray: How Vision Creates Reality

– the connection with Truth and Disclosure


CHRISTINE (with André): The Elohim of the 5th Ray is Mighty Cyclopea and His divine complement is Mighty Virginia. The Archangels on the 5th Ray are Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary. The Chohan is the Master Hilarion.


Jesus Christ apparently stated that if your Eye is Full of Light, your body will also be full of light. It means that if the Eye Chakra, or Third Eye, is purified, we will be raised up and will get the Vision that is ours’ in Christ consciousness.


Mighty Cyclopea can purify our vision and it is by that vision that we can manifest a better Reality. If we use the power of the spoken word and the spiritual tools provided by the Ascended Master, if we connect and visualize, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, the Archangels, as well as all of Heaven, will work through us, and use us to act in the world. We can ask for a solution to a personal or global problem to permit Heaven to intervene and manifest an aspect of itself in our reality and our world.


Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary provide healing on the 5th Ray with the green and emerald aspects of the Light of God. They work with the Third Eye Chakra. Their Ray is also in connection with Truth and therefore Disclosure. At this time, there is an astrological portent precipitating a great disclosure in regards the many truths that have been suppressed by the temporal powers of the world. They have done this to serve their secret agenda of control.


Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary bring healing to the people and the nations by consecrating them to their immaculate designs. They create a white fire core in the shape of a sphere, surrounded by a blue sphere of Light containing the Will of God which is the perfect manifestation of Reality for all mankind. And they surround those two spheres by another sphere which is a healing substance. So, call for your healing in order to make the call compel an answer.


The material world has been distorted by its misuse of power and energy. This reality will not continue if your higher Self commands the return to a manifestation which is the result of an Immaculate Conception. This is a Conception in the sense of your Vision through your Eye Chakra, which Jesus said should be full of Light and pure. When you hold an immaculate frame of mind, you give birth to Christ consciousness, and this is in the sense of the second coming of Christ in mankind. It takes place as a result of the manifestation of the Son of God, the Christ Self. That pure archetype, or Blueprint, is an image related to the higher DNA, which you then mirror and express in the external world with your virtues and righteousness, as well as all the qualities you can attract from the Divine Rays of Light. This perfection exists with your Higher Self, or Higher Mental Body, and you are integrating these attributes.


By calling Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, as well as the Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, you can gain access to a healing thought form of spheres within spheres relating to perfection and an immaculate blueprint to manifest your freedom from ailments, diseases and death. When ready for ascension and going through the portals of the third phase of this Wave of Ascension, you will already have been imbued with the Twin Pillars of consciousness of High Beings such as the Elohim, Archangels, Ascended Masters, as well as the Higher Self of your Twin Flame, or your Ascended Twin Flame. You will already have been wedded to Christ consciousness, by the Solar Ring, and dressed in the wedding garment that is the golden Solar garment of Ascension.


So there are two symbols involved with what is presently taking place: the birth of Christ consciousness seen as a Second coming of Christ, which is also mentioned in the Book Revelation as the birth of a Manchild from a Woman in Heaven. It is the collective soul of mankind going through a labor of birth. This woman is attacked by a Dragon representing the forces of darkness that are still at work on the astral plane, and on a part of the 4th dimension. A battle is going on and it’s an Armageddon of the psyche from which this Woman is delivered thanks to the action of the Prince of Heaven, the Defender in battle, Archangel Michael of the Blue Ray with his heavenly legions. The Woman, mankind, finally gives birth to the Manchild, a symbol of Christ consciousness.


You know that the description relates to changes as a result of the presence of the Solar System in a Photon Belt, as well as to a mutation of mankind’s DNA, which is also the result of the descent of the Light Body, this Christic, or Buddhic, or simply higher consciousness. The raising of vibration and raising of the powers of Kundalini from the base of the spine, the Seat of the Soul Chakra, also play a part in this. A liberation is taking place but it has been compared to child birth.


The second symbolic imagery is related to this reconnection through the Solar Ring to the Higher Self, and the Mighty I AM Presence. The connection was there in the secret chamber of the Heart, where is anchored the Eighth Ray, as a threefold flame, but ever so tiny in mankind. It has been magnified by the action of turning one’s eyes to the Inner Self, of introspection, and the seeking of answers, as we have sought Truth and placed our feet upon a spiritual Path which we have actually become. We have to integrate with the one we really are, in the core of being, and it is a relationship that takes us there.


The Christ consciousness that we manifest might be called a ‘second coming’ because it has been achieved in the first place by Jesus in his lifetime, as well as by other souls, and this phenomenon is now occurring globally for mankind. With the descent of this Light Body also begins a relationship with the Twin Flame’s Higher Self or the Ascended Twin Flame. The personal Christ Self is also Universal. At that level there is interconnectedness, all are one. However, we still have the illusion that we are not all one while in physicality. This is when we are given mentors, they also come to us because love is so important at this time. The lessons in that Sacred relationship can start with the Twin Flame’s Higher Self. It is also due to the fact that the original purpose of the creation of physicality incorporated the experience of that sacred relationship. It was not an experiment in creating a reality as low as the one we have experienced in duality on the 3rd dimension. You know the story of our Galactic History. André is telling me:


ANDRE: We are trying to restore the world, and even the whole Universe to what it was intended to be, and we have changed the future by going back into the past. Jumping timelines and erasing, with the Sacred Fire, as well as the Violet Flame, what was never intended to be. There never was any Will of God, to cause the world to sink so low into duality, with the suffering it has entailed. With regard to the immaculate aspect of the Mother of the World, Mother Mary embodies this Feminine Principle. She was appointed in the office of this embodiment of qualities but we are all also embodying the feminine principles. She was already called the Virgin Mary in her incarnation as the Mother of Jesus, but this alludes to the purity of her soul. She is in that office in the Great White Brotherhood. It is beneficial to repeat the Hail Mary prayer, even though it is from the Catholic Church, because of the momentum it has attracted, but change the last sentences so you state: ‘Pray for us, sons and daughters of God, now and at the hour of our Ascension in the Light’ because you are not sinners.


CHRISTINE: The reason Mother Mary is called the ‘Mother of God’ is that it is a Catholic prayer. On the basis of my research I can say that Catholics believe that Jesus Christ was the Only Son of God, despite the fact that the Word mentioned at the beginning of the Gospel of John, which was translated from LOGOS in the Greek language, is a statement about the existence of a Universal Christ Consciousness that existed from the beginning and that was that Son of God. So I suppose the Church fathers who defined the Christian doctrine chose to believe that only Jesus Christ could integrate with this consciousness, but they have missed out on what his teachings were about, why they were a ‘good news’, simply that mankind also had this sonship as a potential of salvation. Catholics, as well as other Christian denominations, derive their faith from a doctrine which was devised by the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great. He convoked some bishops from the movement, which had taken shape during the previous two centuries, to attend a Council at Nicaea in 325 AD.  Prior to this there had been debates between a group called ‘Apologists’ and the Gnostics, as well as another group with a theological interpretation called ‘Arianism’.  It was claimed that Christianity was chosen to be Constantine’s State Religion, but it did not exist yet because the bishops who were invited to attend the Council of Nicaea were all Gnostics!  The fact that these bishops refused to accept Constantine’s doctrine has been recorded because they were threatened with exile to ILLARYA, an island. This is recorded in the Pre and Post-Nicene Records, large volumes which are available to the public. Two bishops were actually exiled there. Some texts were copied from existing records and attached together. They were included in the gospels. Some were called apocryphal and were not included in the official canon of scriptures. Many of the original books were destroyed. The Old Testament had already been translated from Hebrew into Greek about three centuries before Jesus incarnated. The texts are called the Septuagint. Translators, beginning with Jerome, were entrusted with their translation into Latin, as well. Then much later after the invention of the press, or printing machine, those texts were distributed in Latin, and closing up to the Renaissance period, the people who translated those texts in their own language such as German and English, risked being burned at the stake. However, the stories were tampered with in the early days of the Roman Empire. The manipulation was directed from the astral plane. It was to keep mankind enslaved with a Vision and knowledge that avoided the ESOTERIC interpretation at all cost. Yet the fiery bush of Exodus had stated to Moses he was I AM THAT I AM. This meant I AM that core of being in you.


The VISION of the Sons and Daughters of God was severely restricted for centuries and some two millennia. It was a conspiracy of the dark forces to prevent the lightbearers from knowing who they were. Some odd expressions, such as the ‘immaculate conception’ or the ‘Virgin Mary’ were not removed. They were interpreted literally within the framework of exoteric teachings.


Mighty Cyclopea is represented as an Eye, just like the Egyptians represented the Eye of Horus. Reality is holographic. We create it. We are told that we can remove the distortions in our flesh form and mental body by declaring ‘I spell an end to the negative creations which have fueled diseases and a reality that is not a manifestation corresponding to the Divine Will’. Yes, it is like a magic spell.


The Almighty Elohim Cyclopea is called the ‘Radiant Eye of Ancient Grace’. The ‘Hail Mary!’ prayer also states that Mary is full of grace. We can also ask for the transmutation by the Violet Flame of mankind’s misuse, during the last 25,860 years, of the All Seeing Eye of God, as well as of the Light of the Emerald Ray. It is by the misuse of the Third Eye Vision that mankind fell into a Reality that was not intended. We have to return to an immaculate concept, or Vision, for which there exists a blueprint. We only have to mirror it within our soul. It is the Cosmic Virgin which Mother Mary embodies.


In the past civilization of Atlantis, a misuse of power was also carried out by a black magic method projected through the Third Eye through impure thinking, thought forms, feelings, seeing. They manifested as illusions, delusions, a cloud or veil, that mankind is being stripped of through the process of slow disclosure. We are now entering a phase of Enlightenment. 2016 is the year of Illumination and Enlightenment. Archangel Uriel brings it to us. It is very much related to Disclosure, Teaching, Lord Maitreya, Education, the Master Jesus and Kuthumi, and the Galactic mentors.


The Flame of living Truth transforms erroneous concepts, feelings, and manifestations. By the Science of precipitation you can create your perfect health by calling for heaven’s perfection. The Fifth Ray, or Emerald Ray, is also the power you can invoke for the manifestation of supply, prosperity, and a solution to your personal financial problems. But try and give priority to the spiritual path and your relationship with your I AM Presence. The Master Hilarion also is the Chohan who can be called for healing on the 5th Ray. Healing is also one of the Master Jesus’s specialities but his Ray is the Sixth. Where Vision is related to Truth, Pallas Athena is another Lady Master you can call. Saint Germain, Lady Master Quan Yin and Fortuna, the goddess of Supply, also work to create abundant supply and prosperity, to raise mankind into a golden age.


Before I close, I would like to add a comment about an idea now circulating on the internet concerning the fact that some personalities are clones of certain ancient ones, such as Akhenaten. They insinuate that the latter’s teachings were dark and that the political personalities alive today, that are clones of these ancient ones, are therefore also dark. To see through this, first of all, if there is any soul at all in a cloned being, it is not the same as the one who was incarnated in the donor of the cells – those that were allegedly used in the cloning procedure. Secondly, Akhenaten attempted to resurrect a teaching that was esoteric. On the Egyptian representation of Akhenaten with Nefertiti and his children, you see a Sun disc and rays of light descending from it. This disc represented the I AM Presence, the Spirit within.


With love and light, from Christine

Mother Mary: Truth, Precipitation, February 28, 2016


Dictated FEBRUARY 20, 2016


CHRISTINE: I have received a dictation from Saint Germain which is a continuation to Mother Mary’s Revelations concerning the subject of the reincarnation of the souls of Maldek before the rise of the Atlantean Empire. I have taken this dictation in writing, word for word, just as Part One.




SAINT GERMAIN: This is Saint Germain. Noah represents one of those beings who were the genetic product, in the days of Atlantis, of the enhancement of the Fourth Race, as a result of the intermarriages between the Initiators who came to teach them the Way of Ascension and those daughters of Atlanteans who were of a different descent, or race, because it was the Anunnaki who had upgraded an Ape-man in a more remote time going back at least 300,000 years, and this aspect will be returned to later, in another message.


But first let us see what happened when these children were born – those who had ‘Sons of God’ as fathers because they were of the genetic type of the Third Root Race, but their mothers were the Atlantean slaves of the Fourth Root Race. The souls of Maldek had incarnated in the Fourth Root Race, so the Atlantean slaves were the souls of Maldek, but they had not awakened yet to the memory of who they had been. But after the babies were born in the Lemurian era, just at the very dawn of the Atlantean period on the Continent of Atlantis, they benefitted of the genes of their Fathers who had returned as Initiators with the genes of the bodies they had created by Will, as they were self-begotten, and this was recorded in ancient traditions either by saying they had created bodies by Will, or had assumed bodies, or had not been born of women. They passed on a DNA to the progeny of the intermarriages as recorded in Genesis 6. Some of these children then misused the powers that were conferred to them genetically.


The Mystery Schools had been put in place to keep them on the path of Righteousness and I now reveal that this is why Archangel Michael went to the priests of the Continent where this was happening. It was to set up these Mystery Schools that were represented as the Tree of Life in Genesis because Trees became symbolic in antiquity of Teachings.


The Initiators were of the Third Root Race that existed on Earth in the Lemurian Age. Most of them had ascended and then had returned with the mission to raise human kind. But there also was a different group of humans on the planet who had descended from the Galactic colonisers of former time. We shall return to that aspect later.


When the babies were born with the new genes, the parents noticed they were different. Their skin was lighter, and their hair was fair, and even like wool. They had the same appearance as what was described of Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days in the Bible. One of these children was represented as the Noah of the Flood episode who is symbolic of a line of these children, or progeny, who was righteous. Genesis says that all of the world had fallen into iniquity, was become corrupt, except for this person and the word righteous is ‘zedek’ or ‘zadic’ in Hebrew. The word is contained in the name Melchizedek, a Master and also an Order which I now reveal was the Order that was created in Atlantean days as this Mystery School to Teach the Way of Ascension. It was Abraham who later was initiated in this School. This School had been started by the Priests who were Priest-Kings in the Atlantean days, as a precaution, because the souls of Maldek were incarnating in the progeny that benefitted from the genetic modifications.


A new race was created from the original intention of liberating the slaves from the Anunnaki. But the latter were not happy about the presence of the Mystery Schools, nor about the project of Ascension. In fact, they were represented in Genesis as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden because they were of Reptilian origin: humanoids with the feathered-serpent gene.


When the babies were born with the genes of the divine fathers, other souls than those of Maldek incarnated within the progeny. A branch of these incarnations was represented as the righteous people who were saved as Noah and his family. The Noah of the Bible was said to have lived for over 800 years. Some of the progeny misused the powers they inherited in their genes, as was described in Part One in Mother Mary’s message to explain why Archangel Michael fashioned a sword of blue flame. Some of the progeny, did ascend in the Schools of the Path of Ascension in the Atlantean days.


A problem developed due to opposition to the Path of Righteousness that was symbolized by the Tree of Life in Genesis. There even occurred an infiltration of the forces of darkness among the Priests. It has been recorded in the Book ‘A Dweller on Two Planets’ channeled by a Tibetan Master, and none other than the Master Djwhal Khul. The opponent force to the Light was symbolised as the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It was a teaching of deception that the Serpent of this Tree taught in the Schools of Edenic time before the Fall, and all hell broke loose in the Atlantean days as the souls of Maldek overpowered the leaders of Lemurian time, separated from the Motherland politically, and then acted with an Agenda of world conquest and rule. They were supported by the Anunnaki who had the design of eliminating the Sirian influence that they regarded as an interference to their management of the world.


On the matter of the Fifth Root Race, the records in the Book of Dzyan which was channeled to H. P. Blavatsky from the Master Djwhal Khul, are that there was a holy stock of genes that was preserved from the Third Race. On the other hand the Book of Revelation states that the Saints who were 144,000 were not defiled. This is a reference to their origin and the fact they had not been defiled genetically by the tampering, or genetic manipulations, of the Anunnaki. It seems to indicate they were descended from those beings of the Third Race who were spiritually androgyne and manifested in bodies by the splitting at soul level, into twin flames, which then incarnated as soul extensions into one, or the other gender, but always remained in the same polarity corresponding to their spiritual character. They were descended from a line of humans who were galactic humans, who had colonized the Earth in former times.


In a Gnostic scripture entitled ‘On the Origin of the World’, what went on has been represented symbolically. There were Archons on Earth who imagined they were the most advanced beings in the Universe and that there was no other gods above them. This is the Anunnaki, the Rulers. Their form was described as beastly. They attempted to create a human being and failed as the form could not be risen. It had no soul. Then a Spirit which the text called ‘the Adam of Light’ was attracted to these forms because the geneticists cleverly designed an earthly Adam in the likeness of the Spirit they had seen. The story goes that the creation was successful. This was because the souls of Maldek incarnated within the forms. Wisdom Sophia, who represents the Universal Mother and the Spiritual Hierarchy, who was infused with the compassion and wisdom of the Divine Feminine Principle, then took pity upon the Adam who had become a prisoner, and sent to him a Redeemer, an Initiator, who is depicted as the Eve of Life. The Archons are afraid of her. She is Adam’s wife as she also has an earthly counterpart, but she takes refuge in The Tree of Life, and is transfigured as the Eve of Life. However, the Archons rape her earthly form without knowing it was the Earthly Eve they were raping. This rape results with the creation of a progeny which is not very good to say the least, and which probably represents the slave race and progeny that misused the power of their divine fathers.


In Genesis those who misused power are represented as Cain and his descendants, but we should not think it is a particular race in case we fall into the erroneous thinking that the Nazis are believed to have followed, though it was because of their idea they descended from superior beings, and attempted to trace their descent in the Icelandic legends of the Edda incorporated in Snorri Sturluson’s prose. These stories were inspired from the Elder Edda that a person called ‘the Learned’ preserved in the Nordic language, that was very similar to Old English, and which the scholar by the name of L. A. Waddell translated.


So, this message that I, Saint Germain, have dictated to Christine, so far, gives you some elucidation and some clues in regards this grand mystery of genetic origins. It was said in the Eastern tradition that the Fifth Root Race, the Aryas, later associated in the 19th century to the concept of the Aryans, directly sprang from the Third Root Race of superior genetic manifestation.


When we talk about DNA, the so-called junk material which geneticists have not identified, is the quantum DNA of the superior dimension. It is the instruction from the Lightbody or Christ Self, the image and likeness according to which man was created. This is the biblical expression of Genesis. Man was created in the image and likeness of his Divine Self, the Higher Self. This DNA is a field and only a small percentage of the overall DNA, like 5% of it, is detectable in the physical form.


The Scriptures mention the fact that a group of beings were not defiled. Others say a group of beings were raped by the Archons. Whatever the meaning of these ancient ideologies, the Fifth Root Race appeared under the symbol of Noah, the righteous man whose genetic material continued in the new world, as if through a bottleneck as some products of genetic mutations died out in the Atlantean cataclysms that submerged the Atlantean islands. The level of the oceans rose as the polar ice melted from about 30,000 BC and there were many cataclysms including floods all over the world about 12,000 years ago, and from about 10,500 to 9,654 BC, the date provided by Plato. The Fourth Root Race became extinct or was genetically absorbed, with rare occasion of remnants.


There are legends concerning giants and some groups of them subsisted in parts of the world into the period of the new world in which the spectrum of consciousness was reduced in the sense that the Spiritual Hierarchy made sure that a premature access to psychic powers could not take place to avoid a repetition of the drama of Atlantean time when the souls of Maldek incarnated in the progeny that benefitted from the genes of their fathers – the Initiators who had intermarried with the Fourth Root Race of Atlantean slaves. These souls of Maldek had misused their powers, and accelerated the world upon a Path of destruction, with Extraterrestrial technology that was mind-controled, and therefore required psychic abilities.


Those powers are now reappearing because of the descent of the Lightbody with its genetic instructions that are causing a mutation in the DNA. It’s happening because you are also being irradiated by photonic light and the Solar System has entered a Photon Belt in 1996. It was expected it would enter a Stargate in 2012 and that the veils of evil would be stripped off from mankind in quite a sudden way. However, the decision was taken to extend the period during which a crucial battle is taking place in the psyche of humanity, to give a chance of salvation to a larger portion of souls. We have now moved into the Stargate on September 28, 2015 using technology which deflects and distributes the light and energies in a way that offers a smoother pathway to the same result.


There is opposition to the Light and a battle is taking place in the psyche. It is with the spiritual tools such as the Circles and Swords of Blue Flame and the Violet Flame, as well as the Sacred Fire, that the Awakening is taking place upon the Path of the Ascension. But we will leave the details of this liberation to another message and video.


I AM your Knight Commander, Saint Germain, at your side, inspiring you with the great idealisms of my Order of Knighthood. I come with the Violet Flame that transmutes the records and memory of the past, leaving but Light and Love in all hearts. Go in Peace!


CHRISTINE: With great gratitude to Saint Germain for this information.


Mother Mary: Sword of Blue Flame/Maldek, February 18, 2016

CHRISTINE: For many years I have been interested in the story that Archangel Michael gave through the Messenger Geraldine Innocente in 1953.[1] It was about the circumstances in which he decided to fashion his Sword of Blue Flame. He had stated:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in 1953: I remember well when the priests in the Temples were notified that the laggards of the other System were to be given habitation on the Earth and were told to make the applications required to protect the evolution that had been living in the innocence of the ‘Garden of Eden’ from the effluvia and contagion of the thoughts and feelings of those who, on their own Planet, either did not, or could not, control the energies enough to  proceed with their Planet into greater light.

CHRISTINE: In this dictation it was not revealed which priests were notified, and from which planet the souls of the laggards had come from. Many decades later, Elizabeth C. Prophet stated that it was the Lemurian priests who had been warned to prepare for the incarnation of souls from the planet Maldek in our Solar System. She said the people of Maldek were laggards who, having been influenced by Luciferian entities, had blown up their planet, and what remained of it was the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The Messenger knew that a third of the souls of Maldek had been allowed to reincarnate because the High Council in control of the process had hoped they could be re-educated in the path of righteousness.[2] In her opinion, these laggards, who were represented in Genesis as Cain, recreated a replica of the civilization of Maldek, and caused the downfall of Atlantis. Archangel Michael alluded to this when he said in 1953 that the priests should take measures to protect the people who had been living in the innocence of the Garden of Eden. He had also stated through Geraldine Innocente:

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL in 1953: I remember well my own contemplation, pondering on how I might best serve in the ages that were to come. It was then that I fashioned out of thought the Sword of Flame which has been with Me all through the aeons since, and which has been constantly used to cut the souls of men free, and to release imprisoned life caught in the astral and psychic realms. I charged into that Sword My Love of men, my love of the heartbeat, my Love of God. It is a Sword of Freedom.

CHRISTINE: There were many unknown elements in the sources. Were the priests actually on the Continent of Lemuria, or had E. C. Prophet referred to a period of time? I asked myself whether the stories were in line with the fact that, according to Sheldan Nidle, the Atlanteans destroyed the Lemurian Motherland in 25,000 BC.  I was aware, however, that the answer may NOT reveal a date for the explosion of Maldek because the souls that reincarnated could have waited in PRALAYA, a Sanskrit term for a state of suspension.

On February 16th, Archangel Michael came to tell me that the continent of Lemuria still existed when he fashioned his sword of blue flame, but that it was at the beginning of the rise of the Atlantean empire that he did this. Archangel Michael has answered many of my questions, including some on the Lemurian members of the Third Root Race, in which the Archangels incarnated. But the details will be reserved for another video. I had the idea of doing this as an interview but encountered some difficulties. Fortunately, Mother Mary has dictated to me a message that provides a complete elucidation for this mystery, and I think it should be heard first. It is as follows:

Elucidation: February 18, 2016

MOTHER MARY: I would like to give you a dictation for the Lightworkers about the matter of when and why Archangel Michael’s Sword of Blue Flame was fashioned. It was because Archangel Michael foresaw that the souls of Maldek were going to adversely influence the people of Lemuria and Atlantis, as they were due to incarnate among them. The parent souls of these laggards were younger souls and innocent. The souls of Maldek were older and had lived in a corrupt society. They had developed atomic power and had been engaged in wars and finally had caused Maldek to be annihilated in an implosion. Archangel Michael foresaw what turned out to be true, that the situation was going to develop as on Maldek. He warned the priests of Lemuria to prepare for the souls’ arrival.

They were to be born of mothers who had volunteered to have children for this purpose. Archangel Michael spoke of the effluvia through the messenger Geraldine Innocente in 1953. He meant that the souls of Maldek were going to influence the people into ways of wickedness, to use the biblical terms. They were laggard souls. They had corrupted society on Maldek and it was not that Archangel Michael had less trust that the final outcome of their incarnation would be good, than the Council that allowed them to do so, but precautions had to be taken. They had to be given that chance. The explosion of Maldek was a terrible disaster and what happened – because the souls of Maldek then misused the psychic powers they inherited from their fathers – caused the downfall of the Atlantean civilization. These fathers were indeed Initiators who descended and assumed bodies, and therefore possessed a superior DNA. They were on a mission to, not only initiate the children of the Lemurians who were descendants of various Galactic races, such as the Pleiadeans, Lyrans, but also to upgrade the Fourth Root Race which existed on the Continent of Atlantis. Blavatsky didn’t fully explain its origin. It was a type of Ape-man whose genetic material was upgraded by the Atlanteans’ Rulers called Anunnaki who had taken possession of the Solar System more than 300,000 years ago, and had attempted to create a slave race there. The records concerning this detail were preserved in many parts of the world because the Atlanteans had an agenda of global conquest, and they succeeded to spread their empire throughout the world. They colonised other nations, other lands, such as Sumeria, Egypt, and Greece, before cataclysms submerged the last island of Atlantis which was remembered as Poseidonis.

That so-called Fourth Root Race had limited consciousness and Heaven took pity of them and sent the Redeemers, the Initiators, just as the Gnostics knew it. They were Beings who had previously lived on Earth through a Golden Age and had ascended. The Archangels had also partaken of physicality in that previous age. They came to teach the Path of Ascension on the Continent of Atlantis, and as Sons of God, the Initiators had the mission to upgrade the genetics of the Fourth Root Race. Their DNA was not suitable for the incarnation of Star Seeds or Angels, or Galactic souls, but the souls of Maldek, because of the Karma they had incurred by destroying their planet, could incarnate in those forms. At first the intermarriages occurred as the Initiators assumed bodies and appeared in Atlantis. Babies were born. They were different from their parents, lighter in skin and with fair hair. The souls reached a certain age and misused the powers of their fathers, especially in relation to operating technology that was mind controlled, and their application in wars.

Archangel Michael said in 1953 that he approached the priests. He did not say they were Lemurian. It was the messenger Elizabeth C. Prophet who jumped to that conclusion, but she was right in the sense that this was in the period before the Atlantean empire separated from the Motherland. The Continent that later disappeared existed when Archangel Michael went to see the priests of the land and told them to prepare the people because of the arrival of the souls of Maldek.

It was those children who were born of the intermarriages who took control. Those children were superior to their mothers, those daughters who were slave to the Anunnaki. It was those children who recreated the civilization of Maldek on Atlantis and misused their powers.

In those days there were two Schools of Thought that Genesis has recalled as ‘The Tree of Life’ and ‘The Tree of Knowledge’. The Tree of Life was symbolic of the Teachings that the Initiators provided in their Mystery Schools to lead the lost souls of Maldek on the Path of Ascension. It was for that purpose that an attempt had been made to upgrade the genetic material of the race in which these souls had been scheduled to incarnate, but with the misuse of powers and the amount of opposition they received, the project had to be aborted.

The Sword of Blue Flame was an ancient tool of Light to disentangle souls from their own miscreation. This subject will be discussed in another dictation.

CHRISTINE: Thank you Mother Mary for these explanations.

MOTHER MARY: Oh, but you are very welcome my dear!

Mother Mary: Sword of Blue Flame/Maldek, February 18, 2016

Archangel Gabriel: Disclosure Announcement

February 18, 2016 by Christine Preston

CHRISTINE: After a long conversation with Archeia Faith this morning, following an even longer period of silent prayers to our Heavenly Father for the descent of the consciousness of the Elohim, the Archangels, Helios and Vesta, the Ascended Masters including Saint Germain and Lord Jesus the Christ, and for the Solar Ring to bind us all in the purity of Christ consciousness, as a platform for the Tube of Light, Archangel Gabriel spoke to me. He said he was coming with an Announcement before going away to carry out a task, or assignment. At first I thought it was Archangel Michael as he often mentions he gets busy with some activities at sun rise. I wondered why he was telling me that he was going away, but I first asked if it was him. The answer was that I was being visited by Archangel Gabriel. He spoke with a pause at regular intervals, and thanked me for mentioning the fact in the story regarding why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame that Archangels, Kumaras, and Dhyanis, whose nature was androgynous, assumed bodies when the Earth was still being terra-formed for physicality, and then they and their divine complements kept their chosen polarities. This story should be available soon. He said:

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: I come as the Archangel who makes announcements and delivers news. I come to announce that you are approaching a turn of Events that will be acute as a result of a truth being exposed in the media that will shake the world to its core. It will not be DISCLOSURE as the lightworkers hoped it would happen, but something of a critical nature.  The magnitude and consequences of the revelations will be so enormous it will make people feel sick as if they had been punched in the belly. This has already been announced as a peak in disclosure to take place in March to April 2016. However, this peak will not be in the sense of a crest as if disclosure could not go any further, but in the sense that a climax of conditions, that has been in preparation, will hit its highest point, with the result that this disclosure, accompanied of sensationalism, will take place. It will cause alarm and outrage. Attention will be drawn to the enormity of the conspiracy that has been going on and will cause the world to awaken. At the same time this event will be like a blast that will kick-start the world into a proper phase of disclosure. It will be fireworks.

Behind the scene of the mainstream media, on the internet, there is a movement and atmosphere of agitation with predictions in relation to the collapse of the dollar, the economy and financial system. There is a war in the media with cross fires of information and disinformation. Analysts and academics, as well as representatives of governments and large organizations, are called to the rescue for an opinion on the perception of Reality of those agencies which do not carry out a duty of information any more but seem to disseminate propaganda in the service of the dark forces because they cause divisions, confusion, and fuel the blame game of false flag attacks. A force is still attempting to trick the nations to unleash an apocalyptic World War III but is deluded. When you hear a politician whose views are based on common sense it is a relief – when the rest of the world seems to have gone insane with the same old deception and outdated stories which cover-up the machinations of the secret agenda of control.

But I have only tried to present to you a picture of the underlying situation.  It is brewing to a boiling point, to a point of outburst that will bring about the Event that I am announcing. I have not mentioned a name to reveal who, at the top of the pyramid of great deceit, is going to be stripped of his credibility. I have sent a mental image of who it is to the emissary of this message. This is going to bring great turmoil in the political affairs but will be followed by a great renewal in relation to that mechanism in which those who preside over the people, in a certain nation in particular, are being replaced.

This turn of events will be deserved by those who have betrayed the trust of a Nation that was to be an example of democracy with a Constitution inspired by Saint Germain, and so dear to his heart. The time has arrived when there can no longer be any secret machinations and conspiracies of wars for economic gain and wealth that ends in the pockets of a few. They are those that are being removed. The decree has been passed that they must be rounded up, or else the Earth Herself will not ascend. They turned against the people whom they were supposed to lead and serve. They made slaves of the them in every way, and impoverished them, depriving them of their homes, and poisoned them with chemical trails while diverting monies for the secret escape they planned to the Stars, of their Alternative projects, which they found could not be realised because of the blockade that the Blue Avians and their Sphere Alliance have enforced around Earth and the Solar System. This is a large, but yet incomplete, picture of the scenario of reality that is a prelude to the grand and terrible blow about to happen. A Damocles Sword has been hanging over the head of these fallen ones, particularly since last year, 2015, as the year of enlightenment is upon you. Heaven has decreed ‘Enough is enough’. Now is the beginning of that Phase of Enlightenment that starts with a shaking up of the world. I am blowing my trumpet to announce to the world it is time to step upon that Path of the resurrection of civilization, of healing those wounds of an atrocious past, and of liberation from a deception that caused beautiful angels to be inhibited by the shackles of their own creation.  They could only be delivered from this captivity by spiritual tools, such as those provided by Archangel Michael’s and Mighty Astrea’s circles and swords of Blue Flame.

Mankind must be freed from its misconceptions, its mind set, and place its feet upon the path of enlightenment to recreate a civilization that will be represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. A new Gaia and golden age will then be recreated. We are all working together in unison, in a sacred relationship, to achieve this goal. Be vigilant as the astral forces of darkness, though in disarray, present a greater danger at this time, just as does a wounded beast. They are still attempting to attack the light in the light workers.  It is best to ask for a reinforcement of your protection. Avoid getting extremely overworked and tired, or spending long periods of time using your intellectual capacities in front of computers, as it can result with a lowering of your vibration. You may know what I mean because if you then enter into meditation, prayer, or spiritual practice, in the love and peace of your Divine Self, or in communication with the Masters and Archangels, you will notice the difference. You should feel uplifted, as if you have literally been pulled up by balloons, upon the ladder of the dimensional consciousness. Do not be concerned about the process of receiving information if a subject is disturbing as information is Light and you can process any knowledge into light. With Archangel Michael and other great beings of Light at your side, there is no fear, and you are being protected.

I am now parting to attend to my duties to further bring Heaven, as the Divine Will, upon Earth, instructing, teaching bringing more Light to the hearts of the people to lift the world, and I send you love on the wings of the words of my announcement. Archangel Gabriel.

Archangel Gabriel: Disclosure Announcement

Archangel Michael, Connect, visualize! February, 13th, 2016

Archangel Michael, Connect, visualize!
February, 13th, 2016 by Christine Preston,

Hail, beloved Lightworkers. I AM Archangel Michael, indeed, and would like you to join me in an exercise, in which you can use your third eye vision as a sacred tool, not only to establish a relationship with the beloved Presence of God in you, but also cultivate one with your Higher Selves, one of the latter being the celestial counterpart of your Twin Flame. The effect of coming into closer contact with your inner soul family is very enjoyable. The sacred tool that can be used is the electronic fire ring, that we call a Solar Ring, because it does originate from the Great Central Sun, although there are vast sources and reservoirs of this power within the Solar System and this Galaxy, just as in the case of the Sacred Fire and Violet Flame.

You might not obtain the results you wished for straight away, but if you use this video to practice the Solar Ring and Tube of Light, a little at a time, you will discover that you are gaining a sensitivity to the light, that you actually get a stronger perception of the electronic presence, and that it takes place as soon as you imagine it in your mind’s eyes. This Tube of Light will be manifested upon the platform of the Solar Ring. What you feel or experience, when you use these sacred tools may be difficult to describe, as the terminology of this world hardly includes words for something that belongs to the higher dimensions. It will be accompanied by a sense of well-being, of love and of bliss. It is a supernatural experience.

The Solar Ring may be visualized around yourself as well as other light workers, and you may wish, or request that it be drawn around some members of your family, as well as people you are connected with on the internet. This will attract an alchemical action which will bring about changes related to protection, healing, the awakening, and other conditions related to the Ascension. Bear in mind that this should be done to manifest the Will of God, not for anything that the ego may wish. But it’s easy, just enter into the practice with the intention that you only want the Will of God, and it doesn’t matter if you forget to think about this later. If you wish to have the Solar Ring drawn around the light workers, or light bearers, for some kind of assistance, the angels will decide if they are suitable. Leave the final decision to the angels as to whether someone is best suited to receive the Solar ring. Just having heard this now will be sufficient. It will be stored in your subconscious mind.

The Solar Ring is comparable to a wedding ring as it ties you to the personal and universal Christ consciousness, that blueprint, power, and presence which mediates between the incarnated soul and the loving I AM Presence, the Father-Mother God, Elohim.

If you feel an aspiration that is spiritual and mystical, if you desire to manifest God’s Will and to take action to precipitate Heaven upon Earth, you may secure and increase your tie with all of heaven with this exercise of the 3rd eye, as the Solar Ring will bind you in the purity of the Christ consciousness with the Great Central sun. An arc of contact will be manifested between your heart and that of the Lord God Almighty. You have a threefold flame within the sacred chamber of your heart chakra. Visualize it as magnified, so be aware of its existence at the start of the exercise, and visualize its burning entwined plumes which appear as blue, pink, and gold.

The action of the Great Central sun magnet can remove the veils of miscreation and transmute karma. The images that you will visualize can be used for the elimination of unwanted conditions and for your progress upon the path of ascension. This is also a sacred tool provided by the Ascended Masters in previous decades for a time of great turmoil, an Armageddon of the psyche.

The Solar Ring comes to you with the dual action of the twinned pillars of consciousness of Alpha and Omega, the Elohim and their divine complements, the Archangels and their divine complements, the Ascended Masters and their Ladies, as well as your own twin flame. They descend and envelop you in this dual vibration of light and love. The Solar Ring really is a beautiful consecration ring, and the persona that you are, can be refined by the iridescent fires of the Christ consciousness and the Violet Flame. It also needs to be saturated in the light and vibration of the other Rays of God’s light, which the Archangels and Masters of the Great White Brotherhood can bring to your heart, soul, and mind. Your Higher Selves will then take greater hold of your life, be in action in you. You will have to imagine that this light and violet flame penetrates every cell and atom of your being, and that it saturates you to the point that all causes, effects, records and memory, or conditions, manifestations, that are less than this Christ consciousness have vanished, that you are being healed. And by the way, this is the Light Body which could be called Buddhic consciousness. It doesn’t matter which spiritual or religious exemplar is chosen to represent it. This visualization will have an uplifting effect for a few seconds, or minutes, as if you had physically been lifted up by balloons. It disappears when you return to your mental activities.

In this work of Ascension you are a spiritual soldier, a knight, or lady, in shining armour. You also are being fitted with the garment suit of Ascension which is solar in nature. It is the nature of Angels, isn’t it? And you will be physical angels! Your DNA has been prepared. The molecular structure has been transformed to crystalline. Your chakras have been worked on and you now have additional ones, but a certain connection of these chakras is not to be activated yet. You have been provided with the equipment for a later quantum leap and for physicality upon a higher dimension. In the meantime we are progressing towards the opening of another portal of Ascension for a next phase. You may go through it and return with greater capabilities, including an increase of power to manifest desired changes in your Reality. So this exercise of the Third Eye is beneficial at this time, in preparation for this magical time, when you will be able to heal, rejuvenate and precipitate conditions in a much faster way than ever before. We are penetrating deeper and in an accelerated way into the period of disclosure and of transition.

The drawing of the Solar Ring can also be done in your mind around projects and cities, as well as nations. It will result with an awakening. The Solar Ring can protect the nations and be a guide to them, just as the Pillar of Light was described to be guiding the Israelites during their exodus with the biblical Moses, although it was not made clear that what was described by the redactor was perceived by psychic ability, or heard by telepathy. Everything is becoming clear, isn’t it?

You could practice the Solar Ring and Tube of Light visualizations as soon as you have gone to bed, or in bed before getting up, if you have time to do so, or as you prefer, perhaps seated in meditation like the Master Buddha. You could do this silently, or in the power of the spoken word. This is the kind of prayer, or call, you may make for these sacred tools:

I am now raising my thoughts towards you, my own loving Mighty I am Presence, Father-Mother God in Heaven and Elohim, I enjoy feeling your light and love descending, and sealing me as a shaft of light to enlarge the spectrum of my consciousness, as well as protect me. By the flame that you have given me within my heart, I do now ask you to help me to draw, with the power of my 3rd eye vision, a Solar Ring around myself, the members of my family, my friends, and all souls that I am karmically tied to, my entire soul family, as well as all lightworkers, including those involved in the activities of the Ascended Masters. I am drawing the Solar Ring to form a forcefield of light around their households and projects, as well as my own, to manifest a beautiful destiny for the creation of New Gaia.

Beloved I Am Presence, in the name I am that I am, I now call forth from you the Tube of Light. Let it be an invincible armour that protects me and all of us from any human energy, as well as astral attacks, or any such attacks using technology of a known or unknown nature.

Let the Solar Ring together with the dual action of the twinned consciousness be the platform for the Tube of Light, the substance of which I sense and I feel, as I keep my thoughts focused upon you, and let it be reinforced at all times.

My Mighty I am Presence, by the magnetic power of the sacred fire in my heart, I now invoke the Violet Flame of Saint Germain, as well as Mighty Arcturus and Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst. I request that it may transmute returning karma, and purify the elements of the material world, remove their pollution. I call for the solutions to our personal and global problems. Blaze this violet flame into all darkness. May it help us raise ourselves according to your divine Plan. May it change every negative condition, cause, effect, record and memory, into the positive polarity that will permit destiny to manifest according to your Will. And with this may the world be permeated with the Peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ, the Universal Mother, and the Peace so desired by Archangel Michael as it is part of his Prophecy for the Earth. I call for the protection of Archangel Michael and legions of the Blue Ray. I accept this in full faith. I accept this done today. It is done God’s Way. It is done to stay. Let it be done God’s Way and I am in gratitude for this wonderful tool of the Light that the Masters have given us.

Your I AM Presence may speak to you and because of the vibration, or character of the electronic presence you will experience, there will be no doubt in your mind as to the origin of the communication, if you are able to hear it. You will notice a certain authority, but also loving care and wisdom.

At the end of the call and visualization it is important to state that you are grateful for this release of assistance from God’s own heart, and that you accept in full faith that it will manifest.

It may still be a mystery to some of you what is the connection between the ‘I am Presence’, the Higher Selves, and the soul in incarnation. For this I must bring back to you the story that the I am Presences created Higher Souls, but limited their creation to 12 Souls each. In other words, 12 Higher Selves. From these Higher Selves 12 soul extensions were projected into incarnation. So there could be as much as 144 soul extensions for each I am. In the course of time and progression of evolution, some extensions were recalled or may have ascended. Therefore there may not be 12 extensions of the higher Selves in embodiment at any given time, and some among the original twelve may have existed upon other worlds, in higher dimensions, and be looking after you from their plasma crafts or biospheres, and you may be a Star seed who had these kind of cousins on Earth.

You have a direct connection with your I am Presence and there is inter-connectedness at the level of the Universal Christ, so this helps you to understand your soul family but loses importance at higher level as we are all One. It is quite a common practice that an ascended twin flame, or the divine complement of one’s Higher Self, receives the assignment of acting as a guardian angel, as well as mentor for the soul in embodiment. This only touches briefly on an aspect relating to the Events of today, and the reunion of twin flames if they are not incarnated at the same time.

The magnetic force between twin flames has been strategically used in the Ascension process, to lift up the incarnated twin flame from the material dimension. The twin that has ascended has sometime stood on the other side of the bank, of the River of Life to nullify the influence or attraction of matter for the twin flame in embodiment, but in this Ascension the objective is different than in past ages. The emphasis now is on Ascension during one’s lifetime now, so the Ascended twin flame’s work is very much to do with an integration, a raising of vibrations, the manifestation of a new Reality and the manifestation of the kingdom of heaven on earth. This sacred relationship, the encounter of the inner type, does not interfere in any way with the destiny in physicality of those souls who are in relationship with their soul mates or karmic ties.

I am Archangel Michael, and continue to give you my protection, as far as the horizon of your Reality is taking you and all of us.

Archangel Michael, Connect, visualize! February, 13th, 2016


With Andre, Ascended Twin Flame:


From the Book ‘Terra, Transition & Telepathy’ by Christine Preston

This work provides vital information concerning the notion of ‘Ascension’ that is presently reaching a larger audience than decades ago, because of the Internet. The concept of the Ascension is a teaching that was originally received from the Ascended Masters and the Archangels who telepathically communicate with messengers, or channelers. We are familiar with the names of the mighty Beings of Light called ‘Lords of Light’ and ‘Archangels’ such as Lord Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Mother Mary, from religion and spiritual teachings because of previous dispensations and their communication with mankind. The Lords of Light – that the Archangels are – were brought into existence by the Creator to assist in the manifestation of the Divine Will in relation to our Universe, the sixth Creation, about 50 billion years ago. HOWEVER, the new paradigms about the Galactic Alignment of 2012 – the one that made sense of the mystery of the Mayan Calendar –  particularly contributed to the diffusion of the notion.

This is not about an Ascension in the theological sense of ‘going to heaven’ as it was taught in Christianity. No, it is about manifesting heaven on Earth. It is about a Transition and part of a Plan that has been master-minded by the Heavenly Hierarchy of our Galaxy because Earth has to be restored to her former Self. The ‘Ascension’ takes place through a process of Awakening, the outcome of which will be the restoration of the lost golden Age. It is about a shift in the material world dependent upon an enlightenment that will take place as a result of disclosure about the truths that have been suppressed. It is also understood as the result of a rise in vibration where the frequency of the collective of mankind is concerned. This is part of an instruction communicated by the telepathic method.

Before the Galactic Alignment of 2012 attracted attention and the notion of an ‘Ascension to a 5thdimension’ had an impact upon a new audience of followers, Joshua D. Stone, the founder of the Center for Ascension in the Light,  expected a quantum leap in consciousness to take place on December 21, 2012. He understood the coming shift as one to Christ consciousness in which we would start using the 90% of our brain that geneticists regarded as junk DNA. In 1992 Joshua Stone wrote about the end of the cycle that the Mayas identified, and his Manual on the Ascension was published in 1994.In his Complete Ascension Manual – How to Achieve Ascension in this Lifetime, he refers to the channelings of Edgar Cayce, the Master Djwhal Khul, Ruth Montgomery, The Tibetan Foundation as well as other sources.

The concept of Ascension casts light upon the mysteriousmutations that geneticists have observed in mankind’s DNA for decades. It’s an explanation for the appearance of psychic abilities, such as telepathy, which derive from the mutations, and it is the reintegration of the ‘Body of Light’into the physical body, as part of the process, that causes these transformations. Known in antiquity as the ‘Celestial Counterpart that remains in heaven when a soul incarnates’, this body of Light is none other than Christ consciousness, and its descent produces the Awakening.Its re-possession in a golden age really is the paradise that was lost. The modification of our DNA from 2 to 12 strands, as well as the formation of new chakras, in our etheric constitution, are for the reintegration of a ‘Body of Light’into the physical body to produce full consciousness. This entails the recovery of our ancient memory and the recovery of the knowledge of who we were, before we became incarnated in our present lifetime.

The number of people who claim to be able to channel messages is increasing. This is evident on the basis of the rate at which videos of channelled messages are being published on the Internet. Communication is being made possible between the ‘Company of Heaven’ and the human race because of the manifestation of psychic abilities including telepathy. I would like to draw attention to the fact that the process of telepathic communication with Beings, who exist upon a higher dimension, really is an extraordinary phenomenon and that it is strange it has not being studied in academic circles, and that it is not being recognised as a mystery in the mainstream media.

Telepathy is a method that has been used by Mighty Beings to communicate with mankind and impart a teaching for many decades, centuries, and even thousands of years. We know some of them as the Archangels of religion and spiritual teachings.Some details in ancient scriptures support the fact that it was by channeling, telepathy, or shamanic trance, that the angelic hosts imparted instruction to mankind in a remote antiquity. One example is the way Enoch spoke with his eyes opened while he was seeing a holy vision in the heavens. His journeys to the heavens were achieved in the tradition of Hermetic initiation.

In May 2014 the author discovered that she was receiving messages from the Archangels and Cosmic Beings who serve the Light. She had developed an ability for telepathic communication, and this was unexpected.

Archangel Michael and the author’s ascended twin flame have delivered a narrative concerning the solar system’s Galactic History and the reasons that mankind possesses but a short lifespan. The human DNA was tampered with at the end of the Atlantean Age. However, Terra is in transition and about to birth the Reality of the 5th Dimension.

Archangel Michael is informing us that on September 28, 2015, the Solar System entered a Stargate in the Photon belt that it penetrated in 1996. This is a vortex of energy that will accelerate an alteration of our Reality.


Preludes to the concept of Dimensions

There are ‘higher realms’ and they are the equivalent of ‘dimensions’ in Quantum Physics. Steven Hawking’s calculation of nine dimensions beyond the physical one has caused a conceptual revolution in the scientific community, as noted by the Quantum Physicist M. Kaku. But, of course, there are a lot more dimensions above the 5th one.

In the religious tradition these higher realms are known as celestial abodes. In the apocryphal Book of Enoch, as well as the works of Thoth, who was known to the Greeks as Hermes, is found a concept of many heavens that are equivalent to dimensions, and not just one ‘heaven’ as in Christianity.

The notion that the Earth was going to be lifted up to a ‘Fifth Dimension’ had something in common with what the Hopi Indians called the ‘Fifth World.’ There also was the idea that astrological configurations could trigger a leap in consciousness to a new kind of human being with a luminous body.

As a prelude to the notion that emerged before 2012, the theory of Hyperspace suggested thatdimensions exist beyond the known ones of space and time. It was used as a platform for stories in television series and science fiction novels. The concept of ascending from one dimension to a higher one was also popularized through the ‘Stargate’ science-fiction TV series.

The Mayan Calendar and Galactic Alignment Stories

It was in 2012 that the notion of Ascension reached the public through the mainstream media, although people who were interested in the spiritual field had been familiar with the concept for many decades. The media latched on to the story that some people expected an end of the world on December 21, 2012, following the discovery that one of the Mayan calendars ended on that date.

Just before December 21, 2012 Geoff Stray appeared on TV interviews. He had carried out a compilation of myths and traditions leading to the conclusion that the date may be the most pivotal time in modern history. However, in previous decades some researchers had already proposed astronomical alignments for the mystery that Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, kept a tradition concerning some events that would occur on, or around, December 21, 2012. The end-date was for a cycle of 5,126 years in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Some Mayanist scholars had, however, argued that the end scenario was a modern invention. Astronomers also rejected the doomsday scenarios as pseudoscience.

Some researchers had linked the case of the calendar to the apocalyptic scenario of the Book of Revelation and made assumptions, but it was arguable that the biblical predictions foretold the dawning of an age when the forces that have subjugated humanity would be eliminated, NOT the end of the world. What appeared to be an ominous date, in fact, signalled ‘new beginnings’ and we had reached an end of cycle in universal history.

Several TV documentaries used the doomsday idea set in 2012, to discuss theories. Novels that included the notion were written.Some theories suggested an encounter with the planet Nibiru which the readers of Zecharia Sitchin’s book The Twelth Planet(1976) had become familiar with.

In New Age literature the Mayan date was tied to the precession of the Equinoxes in which, over the course of 25,800 years, the Sun’s path completes a full 360-degree backward rotation through the zodiac. The Sun is moving back into Aquarius and that signals the end of the astrological age of Pisces.  John Major Jenkins had said that the Sun would be aligned with the Galactic Equator at the 2012 winter solstice, and that the Mayas had anticipated this conjunction, and celebrated it as a time of spiritual transition for mankind.

Other interpreters had stated that the end of the Mayan Calendar marked the end of a cosmic cycle of evolution of 25,860 years representing the approximate time our Solar System takes to revolve around the Pleiades – as well as Sirius, its greater parent Sun – as our system is the 8th Star System of the Pleiades. This cycle of 25,860 years was said to be part of a greater one of 206 million years.Jim Hurtak had also predicted that Earth would enter a fifth dimension.

CHRISTINE: During May of 2014 I discovered that I was developing telepathic abilities and I started receiving communications from Archangel Michael, as well as my ascended twin flame and other sources such as the beloved Sanat Kumara, and Jesus the Christ, and also, Saint Germain. On April 4, 2015,  the Defender in Battle, who protects mankind from the dark forces, asked me to mention that he has requested that I write this book.  They have asked me to share knowledge about the Path of Ascension, as well as the fulfilment of a million of years old prophecy concerning the Earth’s key role in Galactic destiny.

I have been told that I am being coached to serve as ‘a messenger’ for the Great White Brotherhood, Archangels and Cosmic Beings who serve with the Galactic Federation of Light. This was from April 2014 and continues in 2016.

There is a multitude of Councils, Orders, and Administrations in Heaven, in the highest and holy realms. The Divine Will is like a super hologram containing a divine blueprint in which realities take shape. One of the objectives of creation is the unfoldment of the potential of physicality, so that is how the material Universe came into existence. However, during a period of millions of years, our Galaxy was disturbed by the attacks and conspiracies of an alliance of dark beings that opposed the Divine Plan. They were the cause of what was represented in biblical Scripture as ‘the Fall.’ The ability of the dark to distort truth caused mankind to descend into a frequency of vibration that was lower than the dimension upon which physicality had originally been intended to exist. Archangel Michael takes the view that it was an accident, and this becomes clear in his statements about our Galactic History and his ancient Prophecy concerning the Earth. We descended into duality and the third dimension following a serie of declines after the golden age of Lemuria. Ascension was known and attempted in antiquity as well as the Age of Atlantis. At one time it represented an escape from the 3rd dimension as Ascension was achieved after death.

After all hell broke loose in the ancient world of the Age of Atlantis, the souls of mankind reincarnated into bodies with a DNA that had been downgraded. The Anunnaki, who were the administrators of civilization on the earthly plane for a time which has now ended, tampered with the human DNA 13,000 years ago, in order to narrow down makind’s spectrum of consciousness. This had the effect of reducing the human liifespan as well as the manifestations of diseases and death.

There is an interpretation concerning the ‘Judgment’ as a time when the karma accumulated over a cosmic cycle of about 25,860 years is returned to be balanced. The debt of karma has repeatedly been avoided, but it was decreed that December 21, 2012 would mark the end of this certain dark cosmic cycle when karma had to be balanced. That is why the vials of the Seven Last Plagues of the book of Revelation represent a return of collective karma.

The notion of the Ascension has been received from higher-dimensional sources, i.e. the Ascended Masters, Archangels, the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Solar System, as well as Galactic Mentors who present themselves as our brothers and sisters, or Star family, because we have inherited their DNA.

The channelling technique has contributed vital information regarding Earth’s hidden history and the fact that a large fleet of starships is present in the Solar System to assist Earth and humanity through the Ascension to the 5th Dimension. There is a fleet that is part of ‘Ashtar Command.’ It is the airborn division of the spiritual hierarchy working under the direction of Commander Ashtar, in the Galactic Federation of Light. This fleet exists upon higher dimensions than the levels of the one upon which we do.

Changes since 2012

Some people may have been confused when they woke up on December 22, 2012 as to whether anything had happened to the world. However, on May 12, 2013, a channelled message elucidated the mystery. Ashtar, who serves the most Radiant One, the Christ, explained through Elizabeth Trutwin that on December 12, 2012 a rare cosmic alignment created a passageway for the transmission of energy into the Milky Way Galaxy from the Galactic Centre, and that pulses of this energy activated the formation of 12 strands of DNA in mankind. This DNA change is in relation to the Reintegration of the Light Body, and the message was in agreement with what Satya, a Pleiadian being, had said through Barbara Hand Clow, i.e. that the passage of the Earth through a photon belt in 2012 would modify our DNA, as well as cause the disappearance of the third dimension. But there was insufficient understanding about the process of Ascension at the time and, Yes, the third dimension was to disappear but not in the way that was expected. Prior to December 2012, Sheldan Nidle had also stated in You Are Becoming a Galactic Human (1994) and in Your First Contact (2000) (as well as other works) that the atoms of our bodies would be modified and that the process of integration of the Light body involves a modification of our RNA/DNA to a 12-strand one, as well as the development of extra chakras.


The dawn of a New Age was prophesied and although humanity is not aware of it yet, some invisible powers have already done their magic and transformed the RNA/DNA protein strings of the human genes. The human DNA is mutating and it is the reason that people are developing telepathic abilities. The physical body is being transfigured into a lighter kind of vehicle for the soul – a more suitable one to exist upon a higher dimension of being – one that is not carbon-based but crystalline. The grandiose events that have already taken place will open the door to a new Reality.

We are prodigiously achieving an acceleration in consciousness, and yet the latter has remained a mystery to materialist Science. With the revelations concerning Ascension there is a promise of immortality, of possessing an angelic nature, as well as infinite wisdom. Archangel Michael has told me that the residents of the higher dimensions are euphoric now because the Prophecy he gave many millions of years ago  is well on the way of being fulfilled.

Not only is this about destiny but there is a need for disclosure about the suppressed ‘history’ of mankind and of the Earth. Our Solar System and our Galaxy, have been the scenes of many drama and tragedies. As Archangel Michael has told me, the Pleiadeanhistory was much worse than what is represented in the Science-fiction series ‘Galactica.’ He was referring to pre-Lemurian days after Hybornea was colonised. This was when a disaster occurred in relation to the first Sirian colony. It was attacked and decimated. The Forces of the Light recovered control of the Solar System until about 300,000 years ago. Then, to cut a long story short, Ascension had to be aborted in the age of Atlantis due to a premature use by magicians of the black art, of psychic powers. During a period of decline the powers that some Atlanteans inherited from their divine progenitors were misused. Then all hell broke loose in the Old World due to a conspiracy to oppose the Divine Plan of Ascension. In its rebirth, after the Atlantean era, the human race’s spectrum of consciousness was also reduced because the misuse of psychic powers had contributed to the downfall of civilization.

Sheldan Nidle has taught for many years that mankind is being readied for its return to full consciousness. The Reintegration of the Light Body will reverse the modifications made to mankind’s DNA. The divine plans made several millions of years ago are now reaching their goals.

We have been protected by our local spiritual ‘hierarchy’ and the Angelic Kingdom, but they have had a monumental task to help us because Cosmic Law forbade interference and restricted interventions due to our freewill. Recently our guardians have been joined by a multitude of Extra-terrestrial civilizations from various parts of the Universe to provide assistance.  We have been irradiated with Love and Light by more than a million plasma starships with the result that we are being elevated from our limited consciousness and are awakening. The intensity of the photonic Light we are being irradiated with is very powerful. We owe our survival to giant higher dimensional ships which have been diffusing light and buffeting it, thereby permitting more of us to absorb it.

Our local spiritual hierarchy has never left. Its members have been with us for aeons on higher dimensions and this is why we have rarely been able to perceive them with our 3rd dimensional senses.

Our Galactic elder brothers and sisters would like our governments to disclose the fact that they are friendly. The Galactics are not like the Extra-terrestrials portrayed in our science-fiction movies. They are like the heavenly host of the Bible. The discovery that ‘we are not alone’ will of course have a profound impact upon humanity, so our Star family is proceeding very slowly and carefully. They say they do not wish to create any disruption around the world. They have no intention whatsoever to take us over, or to cause us fear, so they are proceeding with Disclosure carefully. The suppression of truth will  have to be exposed. We have been kept in the dark about many things. The story goes that the cabal has attempted to prevent disclosure from taking place because it will cause them to lose power over humanity.  The release of new technologies has also been carefully planned to create the least disruption.  There will be a shift of new governance with a distribution of funds as a temporary measure for a period of transition. The situation of inequality in wealth, and people starving in some places in the world is something that should end. A series of Events leading to these new conditions will mark the beginning of the creation of a new world which is often referred to as the ‘Golden Age of Gaia.’

The significance of 2012 to 2017, in relation to what is going on behind the scene of what is presented by the media, is that we are now emerging from a long soul enslavement.
Our culture is on the brink of becoming cosmic. The new age, that is Aquarian from an Astrological point of view,  is often referred to as the ‘Golden Age of Gaia’ and our next evolutionary step is to become a galactic society.  It is one in which harmony and peace will reign. The effects of the Ascension will be joy, longevity, and perfect health. Our bodies will have become crystalline-based at cellular level, or silicone, instead of carbon-based. We are mutating as we are forming extra strands of DNA and extra chakras, and are recovering Memory. We are discovering our real identities and connection with our higher Self. At a higher level of the 5th Dimension we will exist inan eternal NOW.


YESHUA Feb 9th 2016 Through Joy “White Lioness”

(copyright: Joy “White Lioness” email: for Spiritual Progression readings, & Chanelling/Trance Medium Training.

I am the one they call Jesus. I am Yeshua (reflect upon my name as it is said in the World Pronunciation of English, “Yes You Are!”) and I am available to everyone who would like to link in with me.

To come in this manner in the speech or the writing of another is indeed very pleasant. It is what we have been waiting for: This time when you are higher in vibration then you were. For those of you who are not high enough in vibration to believe this possible, then we need to use an intermediary. No? I do not talk of men who stand in politics and bang on about the fifth-amendment, or men who stand in pulpits and bang their fists. I do not talk of people who say the words of a book. I talk of others, like yourselves, who have graduated to a point where they can communicate with people who are in different and higher dimensions.

The power of the brain is a wonderful thing, but the power of the mind is even better. It is here that I draw your attention to your language that shapes the way you perceive things and conceptualize things. “To mind” is to care. “To mind” is to be aware of. “To mind” is to think about it and yourself in the context of others and the world and all sentient Beings. When you use your mind rather than your brain, you are beginning to work as the complex and complete Being that you ought to be and that you will become.

It is the Christ energy that allows me to speak with you in this way and it will be a Christ energy that will allow me and yourself to speak together in the future times. The one who takes this message to you now isn’t always sure of the way ahead. She herself has moved up the levels and works with more than just my energy. She works with more than just my mind. She also works with other Higher Beings many of whom you would yourselves call ETs. You have been mind-controlled for long enough where this subject is involved. Here, I talk of the Light Beings, the Ones of the Light. What else can I say, for anything else might run the risk of mis-feeding your consciousness. This division of Darkness and Light is to pass as something of history as if it were no longer to be just the male energy of “his” story, but the story of worlds and of the many. The passage of time signified by the use of Chronos, the god of Time, or that which you refer to as, “Old Father Time” no longer is to be useful. The records will show what is necessary in order to attempt the truth. The timelines will be worked with in different ways and so the past becomes more of the past and is not carried forward into the present and thereby not carried forward in the future. Time will be immeasurable in many ways, as many of you have noticed. When you are gathered together as like minds, like souls, in my name, your Time passes a great deal more quickly then you would normally recognize. Time becomes something to be thrown away. Almost unrecognizable. Time becomes words on a page, a study, an appraisal. There is no emotion needed within it, attached to it, no “woulds” or “should”, unlike your experience in the lower dimension now in 3-D world in the third and fourth dimensions (the fourth being the dimension of time).

Understand this, you are going through a phase that is both a clearing and a lightening of the energies. This is nothing new but it is like building a bridge between two places, over a river. This is effectively what we are doing. There are many of you who are capable of establishing and building this bridge as though you are architects, for you are architects of your present and of your future to come. Then there are we, the others, who build from the other side. It is not that we meet in the middle, but rather that you build across from your bank to the middle and when you get to the middle, this middle, this highest part that you have reached, then it is feasible to reach us, for we await you still. We have always been holding out an arm and the hand across this river to you. “Across troubled waters,” as the song goes. Now you can see this. Now our hands can reach, and our voices can be heard, it is so much easier for you to hear me and the others; the others; being Higher Beings, Ascended Masters, Angelic Ones, Extraterrestrial Beings of star systems and of planets other than yours. Do not think to yourself that these beings are necessarily human. There are many Light-Workers who always talk of human. Just what is human? Does a human category fall into only certain colours, two hands, two feet a backbone a brain and mouth to speak with? What if there is no mouth to speak with? What if there is a fantastic brain housed within, a telepathy with a larger holistic view housed within? What if these beings do not have feet? What if they do not have hands, or arms or legs? Somewhere slightly different from you? What if I say some of these beings are also on the land or sea, should I say? I talk of course, of many, but specifically the Cetaceans. That I also stretch your mind and ask you to question everything is the hand that stretches to meet you. You talk of ships and people coming as though they were landing on an island near your own? You look at yourselves. You see I’m receiving these others who are very similar to you yourselves. Yes indeed, they are your selves. And yet, you think you will be all right with ships? When you have watched for years since the 50s and perhaps before, the idea of people coming from other worlds and focusing their attention upon your world? It is important that these Beings are Light Beings. That is Beings of the Light. Light Beings will take great care with the process of initiating contact with you. Even those who make contact with this type of Extra Terrestrial do so in quiet, with only others who wish to be involved surrounding them. Up until now, there have been rules and regulations about the treatment of such a gifted human soul upon Earth. In the past, and I talk here of the past hundred years, but of course I could go back much further to the times of the Inquisition, in the past it has been your governments who have taken these people and put them in jail and tortured them, disrespected them, risked their lives and their health, accused them of this and that, of being a criminal or party to a criminal circumstance. These people need not be martyrs. The whole idea of me coming two thousand years ago was that, “I will be the only one”. I did not die for your sins. I died so that you would not have to.

My teachings were teachings that might be considered today, as the teachings of a Yogi. My teachings were those of ethics and kindness. I am your brother, I say to you these things because I do not wish to see any more suffering or dying upon your world. You are developing as a species. It is not necessary to consider how things have always been. This is why a lot of you are losing your grip upon the timelines of the past. Time vanishes; you are not handling correlations any more, only those things that help you learn will be remembered. And when I talk about learning, I talk about the learning of love. I talk of the learning of new ways of being. I talk of the learning of higher degrees of receptivity, of conscience, and of love. In all these things, I also talk of respect. Respect is not shown by the bullet, respect is not shown by the dagger, the sword, the whip, by allowance of starvation, by poisoning, by fear. Respect is not giving in to greed, the ability to take life; in to fear.

As you develop as Beings, as Beings-Kind, you will be tested and these tests will be much more subtle then the rest. Yes, it is true there is a coming off of the wheel of karma. In this coming off the wheel of karma, the timelines disappear, however, the timelines still function according to the karma produced by the actions, thoughts, and deeds of those on the ground. You have not carte blanche. You have instead, if you like, an air balloon of energy, an energetic device that helps to keep your energy clearer and higher than before, as it serves your clarity of mind and conscience. I call upon the heart here to consider conscience. As you develop you become more aware that you are in charge of your karma. Do not mis-understand me, you still have your karmic board to answer to, you still have the experience of being judged or rather being given all the information to judge yourselves in that instance of the life review before you go on to experience the next Point of Being and learning, and then of course, the next point of service should you wish it and when you wish it. The difference is the subtlety and the responsibility.

I leave you now with the reassurance that all is well. We’re up at a high point in the bridge. We are reaching out to you, And soon more of you will hear us, see us, and know us. You are changing your world one thought at a time, one action at a time, one beginning again at the time. We commend you. We send you our love, for in truth, you are loved greatly here. Those that you would be afraid of, for some of you have little knowledge of how to distinguish the Light from the Dark ones. These ones of your Light, of pure Diamond White Light, send you their love. They are not all human for “As above, so below”. Races of all kinds or Beings abide here now awaiting your ascension. You are truly loved and so take Love into your hearts in these most difficult of times. And remember, we are always with you. Speak my name, for I am Yeshua (Yes! Sure! Yes You Are!) Jesus, King of the Jews, Ascended Master. Your Brother in Love. I stand by your side. I am in your heart. Peace be with you and may we meet soon. The Rainbow Bridge can be crossed by those in Life. This is the way of The Yogi, The Buddha, The Christ.

YESHUA Feb 9th 2016 Through Joy “White Lioness”