Dayne Francis, Higher Self, The Journey

January 30th, 2016

How can freedom be achieved when circumstances of the world or environment cause one to feel trapped and isolated from fun and joy? Well let’s start by reminding ourselves that anything we wish to have, is to first feel like we truly have it already, then let the law of attraction bring fort that of which we feel, remember we are creators creating from the inside then the universe makes physical that of which we feel. So with that being said, it remains that to be free is an internal journey.
Internally one needs to know which emotion is their comfort zone, as in which emotion is most present in the day. From this knowing you should begin to realize which projection of self you give off into the world, remember we can only project on the outside that of which is in the in, someone who’s trying to hide their feelings and emotions or plain straight deny them all together, like others before will eventually explode in a series of unpleasant events, circumstances and realities all together.
Now, once we become aware of that which is our most present emotion, we dwell in we can move from A to B, depending on that of which we wish to achieve. This may not be easy because many people need to get past who they think they are, to see who they really are, and will like to be, and an unhealthy ego will not allow this. A well working ego is more flexible in which form of identity they choose to be, in this place you’re not as self-righteous and self-centered, but centered and at harmony with all.
As for the ego is identity and in identity there is where you stand in relation to anything. We were born with an ego, a sense of knowing at our first moments into life. Yet at all times one needs to let go of the old self, as in identity, to create a new one. In truth, life is not about finding yourself but re-creating yourself every day from moment to moment infinitely. A person who believes themselves better than others will always have a hard time changing, because this belief allows one to believe that they need no changing and their opinion is above everyone else, understanding is hard to come by for these people, because they lack in the moment, the ability to care even more, to listen to someone outside of their self, once the other person have a different thinking. It’s a more pleasant experience to be cool with who you are, and cool with who others choose to be. When one can see themselves as an individual and also one with every person and thing in the universe, without discriminating judgment, identity is known and a new beginning is born.
In truth we give away our freedom by refusing to understand and aligning with all of who we are, and not who society told us we should be. Freedom is knowing who you are and loving every aspect of your being unconditionally.

Fingers Of Dayne Francis,

Dayne Francis, Higher Self, The Journey

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