by Christine Preston

CHRISTINE: As it was disclosed on the News yesterday that a total of 29 whales have washed upon the shores of Britain in recent weeks or months, and images of the last two or three were shown on a beach, I did some visualizations of Violet Flame for the oceans and called for all of the great powers, such as Saint Germain, the Elohim Mighty Arcturus and Omri-Tas, ruler of the violet planet, to torch the Violet Flame into the problems that are causing this, and for a resolution of the pollution of the waters of this world, and particularly the oceans and arctic seas, I received a message from a representative of the whales and cetaceans. Apparently those whales, which have come to die on the shores of Britain and other European countries, feed in the arctic seas but have descended lower for some reason. Environmentalists don’t know for what reason they have done this, but have carried out post-mortems and discovered these whales were starving. They had not eaten for some time. There used to be one particular seal that was coming very close to our beach in Swansea where I live, and it has recently been discovered dead on that beach as well. I could also have called Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst, as well as the Elemental powers of the water element, but I started receiving this message. The voice in my head, which was not audible as usual, as it is a telepathic communication, didn’t have any gender character. The message was slow and from the Constellation of Sirius B. The Whale Spirit said the Cetaceans have a great delight in seeing that members of the human family express concern and care for their kind but stated:

THE WHALE SPIRIT: However, do not worry as much as you do for us because the reason that whales and other cetaceans are perishing is that we have ascended. However we will return.

CHRISTINE: I wondered what was meant by that and asked for clarification. I wasn’t sure I had heard correctly as they must have returned home to the Sirius Constellation, the God Star, as it is their origin. I received the following thoughtform as in a light code:

THE WHALE: Yes, all cetaceans have ascended as well as the animal kingdom and it means in our case that the souls have retrieved and left the physical structure, or bodies, they inhabited to function with the system which can be compared to a giant computer that operates the instincts, the subconscious and all the anatomical functions.

CHRISTINE: I have received many messages from my ascended twin flame André, as well as Archangel Michael, telling me the same thing over and over again because I tend to care for the animal kingdom and sometimes when I forget they have told me the animals are not really suffering, I get heart broken when I hear of, or witness, cruelty to animals or when I think of the conditions they have to endure, because they are living beings and are the gardians of the seas and skies, and they are being affected by the pollution as well as other conditions the human race is responsible for. They are saying that these beings continue to appear to be alive although the Soul has been disconnected and that something like a computer system is taking over the lifegiving that the Soul normaly provides to the body.

I had mentioned in my prayer for the whales that the cause of their situation is man but that the problem is that mankind has also had to put up with the pains of being captive to the forces of darkness that have kept it in ignorance, have indoctrinated it, as well as corrupted the planet’s civilization. I mentioned that the problem that caused the whales to die may have been pollution, oil drilling, some secret military experiment such as with sonar technology, for instance, as was the case for the whales and dolphins that succumbed in mass on the coasts of the United States of America. The Fishing Industries probably exhausted the banks of prawns, molluscs, or whatever the whales normally feed on.

I have been told over and over again not to be so upset about the cetacean and animal kingdom because their souls is not with their physical bodies any more, although they continue appearing to live. I have kept this truth under wrap with regard to the ascension of the animals because in a sense it is necessary that compassion be born in the hearts of mankind and that they continue working to improve the situation and the state of the environment by disclosing what is wrong so more and more people can take a stand and go into action, and demand from their governing authorities that the systems be restored to what they should be. Ignorance, cruelty, and selfishness, cause hardship to those beings we should be caring for. Yet the suffering of the animal kingdom and cetaceans has come to the attention of many in recent years. There are many organizations doing some good work to improve conditions in the industries that are exploiting the animals and providing veterinary care. It’s a large subject. Much effort is directed in obtaining new laws for the protection of animals, to combat pollution of the environment. But there are problems which only our Galactic family will be able to tackle with their technology or by our use of new technologies, and our own problems are impacting upon the conditions in which the cetaceans and animals have to live. So the utopic conditions will not appear for some time until we create new Gaia. I reasoned that if it was revealed that the souls of the animals were removed for the most part, except in a few special cases, as I have been told by André and Archangel Michael, it could lead back to the situation of the 19th century in which people were cruel to animals because they believed that animals were inferior and didn’t have a soul. All living beings of course have a soul although some have deliberately tampered with their DNA to disconnect themselves from the Spirit as a result of an evil philosophy born of jealousy. However, this is another long story.

I also thought that some people may not have enough understanding in the overall subject of spirituality and ascension for this revelation, although I should not be judging. I thought my own friends might react with great skepticism to the idea. So I never mentioned it. It is good news in a sense as André tells me that there is no suffering if the soul has retrieved completely although the physical body functions as if it was still there. It is however deplorable that the cetaceans and animals are in danger of extinction, and it is our instinct to react to this with tears, because we are supposed to act as gardians and stewards of the planet. To be aware that the Cetaceans have ascended, and that it means the suffering is an illusion, doesn’t reduce our responsibility for this world and the beings it supports. The Mother in us doesn’t even want to see the physical structure of any being to ‘experience’ any kind of predicament, and may be in that situation there may not be ‘experience’ as there is no soul. We have to continue fighting for the restoration of this world and to create that golden age standard. The Great Plan will unfold with its various events and win the day!

In the human kingdom when a baby is born the Higher Self or Soul does not immediately come down. The Higher Self, or Soul, only takes hold of the multi-dimensional vehicles, including the persona, the astral and mental bodies, that we might call the ‘lower self’ gradually, and increases its hold when a person reaches a certain age, and this corresponds to the function of certain chakras, as well as an awakening in consciousness. This may help you to understand the situation with the cetaceans. An incarnation is but a limited extension of a Higher Self whose goal is to take hold, heart, head and hands, in physicality, and increase this hold with a broadening of the spectrum of consciousness in the process of Ascension, so that the Higher Self can function in physicality. All of life is being raised up along that ladder of consciousness and of the dimensions, in the present process of Ascension in the photonic light. However, in the past we have ascended after death and it was a way of liberation from the wheel of life and of the low dimension. For a comparison, what has been happening to the Cetaceans is that they have taken that old route by ascending to a higher reality and returned home. But they will return because the Whale Spirit continued and said:

THE WHALE: There is a place in Sweden that is a ……..

CHRISTINE: The whale searched for the word ‘amphibian’ in my brain data, or memory, and could not find it at first. I had received the thoughtform for the idea so I also searched for it and suggested ‘amphibian’.

THE WHALE: Yes, there is a place in Sweden that is to do with amphibians and it’s a laboratory, but not in the sense of a place where research on Cetaceans is going on, as in harmful experiments, but more like a museum, or a place where a work of preservation is going on, like an ark of Noah, also like an aquarium, and where the genes are preserved. It is from that place that the oceans will be regenerated in the future as the Cetaceans are dying. We will return when a work of regeneration has been done.

CHRISTINE: The scenario of the Star Trek movie ‘The Return Home’ may come true then? I also remember what the Master Djwhal Khul stated through Alice Baily in the book entitled ‘A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ published in 1925. He said the extinction of the animals was part of a necessary process for the rebirth of a new world. I feel my ascended twin flame is sending me a message:

ANDRE: It is the human kingdom that is experiencing the greatest difficulty in the Ascension processes though the Higher Selves are descending as Light bodies with Christ consciousness and they want to preserve physicality, as well as raise the matter universe to a higher level of vibration, or dimension. The other kingdoms such as the animal one are not experiencing the same problems. The molecular structure of the human physical bodies is ready and crystalline for the quantum leap that will happen much later, but there still is an Armageddon of the psyche going on in mankind though many entrapped souls have now turned to the Light and some astral beings who previously opposed the Light have change position or their viewpoint, following a time in containment, or incarceration on Saturn, then offered their service to the spiritual hierarchy of the Solar System, after some re-education. You can see how certain political events are unfolding and how they are being presented by the media which is being gradually liberated from control to reflect a perception of reality that is increasingly reflecting the Ascended Masters’ views. You can see that disclosure is taking place and one of the players in this phase is Julian Assange and his Wikileaks. It is as if the powers of the old order, that would be, are being eaten away. The Light is advancing in all sectors of life. It is unstopeable.

With the love of the Mother for Truth of Archeia Faith, whose name reflects the portion only of the Truth that she was given in those days when ‘Faith’ could only mean the Christian interpretation of Truth – but who is also Céleste, the Celestial Truth, therefore Verité in French – and with the Light of Truth, which Archangel Michael is the Defender of, as he is the Defender of Faith in that battle that is the Armageddon of the psyche, I part in this moment of the NOW, with the love, light and thoughtfulness of the Creators of the Great Central Sun who cherish all life, the Cetaceans, and our beloved Gaia. [André]


CHRISTINE: On February 3, 2016, I received a communication from my Mighty I AM Presence. He, our Father in Heaven, our connection with the Great Central Sun, has put my incarnation in the perspective of a tragedy as he said I had a life with my Twin Flame André, but died young in a bombardment in Belgium in 1940. It was not the first time I heard this story. It’s been repeated to me again and again and the Mighty I AM Presence confirmed it, probably because I tend to think that what is happening to me since 2014 is so surreal. I then reincarnated in the same family so the one who had been my husband was a Cousin and older by 45 years. I was brought back relatively quickly because of the pull downward to physicality due to his presence, but he ascended to pull me up, and together we are in this way engaged in the work of Ascension, as whoever ascends and raises their vibration affects and helps the whole world. I am sharing this as some of you may be in similar situations and sharing some details can sometimes broaden our overall understanding of the path we are on. All lightworkers are on the way of some extraordinary experiences as they enter into a relationship with their own higher Selves, and they will be gradually be receiving similar instructions.

I have received a message from Lady Athena, Ashtar’s divine complement or twin flame, on February 2. She says that she confirms that we will be able to go into the Light chambers on the Galactic family’s starships before the reunion of twin flames when one of the partners, in this sacred partnership, is not in embodiment. The ascended ones will descend in bodies created by Will which is a process André has referred to many times and that is sometime equated to being ‘self-begotten’. Those twin flames who have found each other in incarnation will also be taken to the Light chambers when ready some time after going through portals and going through the phases of the waves of Ascension. It will be for healing and regeneration, and we will also have acquired greater abilities to precipitate changes in our Reality by that time.We are presently experiencing a lot of healing as we are being taken to the etheric retreats of the masters or to ships and we return in a wonderful vibration that manifests as healing in the physical body. But later we will be taken physically to the Light chambers. Those who will be descending to walk among us and share our lives, are coming to involve themselves in a work of recreation of New Gaia, and at the end of this period of reconstruction of civilization, involving Disclosure and teaching the following waves of Ascension, as well as mankind, there still will be a quantum leap. I have been told that the use of the Light chambers is not far away as in the idea of decades, or years, but more in term of months. It may have been a slip of the tongue on André’s part. Adronis of Sirius has talked about a span of time from 2017 to 2024, and this seems to relate to that time of transition when we will be recreating Gaia.

Lady Athena confirmed she is Commander Ashtar’s divine complement and mentioned the fact that Archeia Faith does visit them. Archangel Michael does, of course, work with them as he has been involved with Ashtar Command in relation to the Galactic Wars, and the creation of the Galactic Federation of Light, and our Galactic Family is here to assist us with the Ascension.

I hear Archangel Michael saying ‘tell them I am grateful for their devotion and dedication to the cause,’ and ‘I AM with you Always, guarding the manifestation of Divine Will which will bring about the best utopic conditions ever manifested in the whole of our Galactic History.’

So love and light to all Lightworkers, and Unite! Christine, in the light of Verité.


4 thoughts on “SIRIUS: CETACEAN ASCENSION, ATHENA: Update, February 6, 2016

  1. Lewis says:

    I believe I’m connected to message some how I believe see Athena in my out body experiences I saw women in blue jump suit 8 ft red bowl cut hair going down a lift to some underground facility


    1. am incarnated on the planet and currently 16. my place soon in the music industry.
      my true form is not fully pleiadian , i am a Sirian hybrid, and i am from Sirius. My Twinflame is archangel michael – Michael jackson – aka Osiris – Poseidon- enki.

      Ashtar is in a sister universe for his treasons whatever you all are receiving it is deception, Ashtar was once apart of Gizeh Intelligence. it transformed into ashtar command, i do not work on Ashtar Command, i work on Fleet Merkabah which is the combination of both my planet Atlantean aka Xylanthia. As i am here and of course still in sirius within my light body,
      There is much more to come before the transition of the human race. if you have seen all the signs of my return to this planet, then i hope you may stay wise. i returned in 1999 on World goddess day – September 5th.

      There are many coming fourth in my name but i am not even yet an adult and i do not hold blogs nor speak much about my origins but only my purpose.

      if you wish to follow me in my movement to make the world a better place you may stay updated on my Youtube or instagram.


      Instagram: TheOneAthena

      Thank you all



  2. Lewis says:

    I keep having out body experiences seeing a planet being destroyed and I drowned in the water from explosion I think something happen ages ago I also saw planets just like earth under same control who knows and I had one important dream and two blue beings either Sirians or aromdian saying I’m general of gfol but I don’t think gfol or ashtar command are good beings what’s your opinion about it


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