ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Disclosure – God’s Way, March 29, 2016


 by Christine Preston

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: From the love of twin flames, with one descending and the other ascending, both in alignment with their higher Selves, is the way this message is manifesting. With these movements of Light come a message of great importance concerning Disclosure and what is compelling it to take place. It has been pointed out many times that it is part of the process of Ascension because the awakening into full consciousness involves a liberation from the darkness that has been created to keep mankind ignorant of its potentials.  Disclosure will take place by Divine Command and as a manifestation of the Divine Will. A revelation concerning all the truths that have been suppressed has to take place. Nothing can stop it. It is necessary for the creation of new Gaia and no deferment, or attempt, by the dark forces to introduce modifications to the plan will be tolerated. The powers that have controlled mankind, and are now being dissolved, have suppressed truths and have also done this through a falsification of all knowledge and even of history.


The chaos and turmoil that are part of the political scenes of events are the last attempts by the Beast that is dying, to lash out with retaliation and a vengeance after centuries and millennia during which the tyrants in control constantly rewrote history to keep you in ignorance of your potential, for your connection with the Divine Presence is all you need to construct the paradise of a Golden Age that has been an utopia for millions of years. In his infinite mercy, the Almighty forged a plan, but there was a right time for it to unfold, and until then the souls of mankind have been imprisoned in cycles of captivity that have taken them on a downward course to deep levels of the third dimension. The shepherds however came looking for the lost sheep, including those that had reincarnated upon Earth from Maldek. During this time and for millennia, only the few were able to ascend back to the higher dimensions after death. The Karma that had to be balanced was too great until Saint Germain obtained a dispensation so that this would be possible with a repayment of 51% only. You now know that a paradise in physicality upon a higher level of vibration, or dimension, is the objective of the Divine Will. The work of those souls that rose in power in their reconstruction of the civilization they had known prior to the destruction of their world, and maintained their influence from the astral plane where they were cast following the Atlantean cataclysms, is being undone in the battle of the psyche. A war has been going on as a result of the attack of the dark forces upon the lightbearers in every nation. The forces of darkness have created scenarios to create wars and are still attempting to incite conflicts, but are failing.


I would like to reassure you that the process of Disclosure is on its way, and that it is inevitable because mankind is being affected by a magnificent concentration of Light radiation as the Earth and the Solar System are traversing an area of space which abounds with photonic Light. Disclosure is that great wave of enlightenment that is going to cause tremendous changes in the whole world. There is the stripping action taking place, as has been described before, and Disclosure with all its revelations and restoration of knowledge will be occurring in all fields, including those that have an impact upon the conditions that cause misery and poverty in mankind. There are aspects relating to technology, better health, and the existence of human beings in the Solar System and galaxies.


The process of Ascension means that eventually each person will have an inner teacher and there will be no room for skepticism, as a result of a development of certain psychic abilities, including that of telepathic communication.


The Earth and its people are being irradiated by a stream of light particles, electro-magnetic energies and gamma rays. There is no adverse effects from these because of the technology that is being used to diffuse and distribute this light into the human psyche via many channels. The technology is advanced and extraterrestrial. It has been provided by the beings you are beginning to be familiar with. They have been called the Blue Avians. They work in cooperation with the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command, the air division of the Great White Brotherhood, as they have been defined. This Brotherhood is the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System. The Galactic or Inter-galactic Federation is an organization that was founded more than 4 million and a half of years ago. Within its Councils are represented many Nations and it is the nation of the Constellation of Sirius which the Earth and Solar System are now attached to. They supervise the process of Ascension and you are in their care.


The Archangels and Ascended Masters work in cooperation with these Councils of Heaven or higher dimensions, and in unison they follow the directives the goals of which are always to manifest Divine Will. They make it appear in the material world as a blueprint descending like an image from the heavenly realms. In the process of Ascension the psyche of mankind is being molded according to that image and changes also take place at the level of the DNA. The Archangels are the emissaries of the concepts and thought forms, as well as of a way of being, or consciousness, that is being birthed into the material universe.


Since March 20, 2016, the Earth has been navigating through a region of space that is highly potent in Light. You have been experiencing the highest peak in your reception of torrents of particles of Light since the Solar System penetrated the Photon Belt in 1996.  You have heard of the previous phase which has permitted a first Wave of souls to penetrate the Void, that barrier or chasm that keep the higher dimensions secure. They have been experiencing higher vibrations as their physical bodies are now anchored upon the 5th dimension, but in physicality. This journey started on September 28, 2015. Your physical bodies have constantly been changing for decades. Some DNA modifications have already been carried out on them for many years and decades, but the procedures have been intensified recently. There also are changes that are the result of the movement towards you of the Light Body or Christ consciousness. This also is that celestial counterpart of yourself which remained in heaven when you incarnated. It is the reason that an awakening is taking place. There is a movement downward of the Spirit towards mankind and a movement upward of the soul in the desire for reunion, as well as an aspiration for change and the manifestation of a golden age.


The Angelic Kingdom is working on the transformation of your physical structure to make it more suitable to the ultimate goal of a higher form of physicality which all can achieve in a time that is not too far in the future in which disease and death will play no part. Your molecular structure has already been converted to crystalline and the work of converting it from a carbon-based structure is not yet completed. It is 90% complete for some of the souls that are categorized as Wave I, and less for the others. You are able to lift yourselves up in meditation with the help of the tools provided in all ages by the Ascended Masters and Archangels, to greater heights upon the ladder of consciousness. You are able to vibrate, raise the level of your frequency of vibration and resonate in reaction to the influx of spiritual energies, love, and the particles of the photonic Light that you are literally being immersed in as the Earth is crossing this are of space that is a dense layer of Light.


You are anchored upon the 5th dimension and have been joined by the souls of the second Wave of March 20, and you are already beginning to chart your journey upon the path of Ascension towards the 6th dimension.  There will be a third peak of energies towards the end of this year when a third group of souls will achieve the same thing. They will benefit from the knowledge gained by the first two Waves because of the interconnectedness of being, and will have already been changed and prepared for this shift during the next few months.


What will also have been preparing them is the gradual transformation resulting from Disclosure as the two first Waves of souls function in a realm of awakened consciousness and are influencing the Media and the political scene. The forces that are at work behind these external scenes are tremendously powerful. They also are due to the position of the Solar system in what has been called the Galactic alignment. There are various forces influencing the psyche of mankind, and some are astrological in nature. Millions of galactic beings are assisting the process of Ascension with their technology.


The Angelic Kingdom and Ascended Masters are sweeping the Earth with their Rays and the forces at their disposal. The Lightworkers also contribute as they provide a very necessary input with their calls for dispensation and interventions. Now the work that remains is related to the disentanglement of the souls of mankind that still need to go through the process of Awakening. They are still captive of the forces of darkness and need to be liberated from the shackles of their own creation. It is an exorcism of some sort that is being carried out in conjunction with an overcoming of the dark powers that have been controlling the world and that have suppressed truth. The heavenly beings operate however in a way that releases them from this captivity without violence. They are being changed by a stripping down of their negativity, except when this is impossible.


Our circles and swords of Blue Flame – mine and those of Mighty Astrea and Hercules – for instance – are intelligent beams that transform the human psyche. However qualities and virtues appear where there is willingness and devotion. The magnetization of the Light occurs in a natural way as you live your lives and make choices, and at this time of Ascension, this process is being activated and accelerated. If a human being has magnetized darkness, or shall we say, if this being is composed of darkness rather than light, when passing through the chasm, if this darkness is removed, and there is not enough light within this soul, this being cannot survive, cannot pass. It corresponds to the karma that has to be balanced to achieve Ascension.


This is one of the reasons the Solar System did not penetrate the Stargate to be transported to its appointed place as a system of the Constellation of Sirius at the earlier date that had been expected. I have said it was because of a certain technology that we were able to enter this Stargate on September 28, 2015. This was expected to be possible in December 2012 but was delayed in the hope that more souls could be readied and the process is now taking place in three Phases or Waves.


Disclosure has begun and it is seeping into the mainstream media. All is in place so that it progresses like fireworks for years to come because the Pandora Box that is being opened is so deep. Its meaning will have to be explored and analyzed, and many issues addressed. Many changes are on the horizon, dear ones, because this event is of such magnitude that there no words powerful enough to convey the wonders that this new era will bring.


The great Prophecy of the Archangel Michael that I am, is very close to fulfillment. I am with you always. When you have recovered full consciousness you will be able to appreciate what this means. Peace will be everlasting.


CHRISTINE: We are really grateful for this large perspective of what is going on, Archangel Michael, thank you.



ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Disclosure – God’s Way, March 29, 2016

Value by Dayne Francis March 24, 2016

In truth, what is of true value is knowing that of which benefits the all, however value in the eyes of some is based upon morals that serves only individual self. We can define value as subjective, simply because two different types of mind states to what is of value differs. The root source that determines what is of value in relation to any subject is ones’ morals of which is built upon their belief system. As a belief is only a thought we keep thinking, we know where we can reprogram our belief system, thus changing our morals and what we may hold as value in its truest form of harmony with life.
When looking at what changes your mood from moment to moment, to what is of value to self is known without even words being whispered. In self emotions, like the sea, moves in currents only you are the master of thy winds. When being honest with self, one can always recognize hate, jealousy, confusion, rage, ignorance, fearful based states of being in general and decide to not be these things anymore, but rather let go the thoughts that anchor these feelings in self, so that the new self can be born. What is of value to one creates the ego, the identity of a person. Sound judgment can always be felt in the places it can’t be seen, for balance within self as in harmony with all emotions that dwell within the body, brings peace, understanding, clarity and joy, a level of Godliness is experienced, thus a new understanding of life helps to mold the old way of thinking into one of harmony with life. This shall be life’s experience for to perceive is to know and to know is experience, for only through the experience of knowing, one can uptake a new way of thinking, not just by theory but by experiencing a new way of life that transcends the old.
We are what we think, and forever eternally,
we create our own experiences in life, our own reality, amongst all the other possibilities and realities that is also present in the moment, right before it is brought to us from our creational capabilities that is natural with humanity. Within value balance is known. Balance is not only to objects on a balancing scale, but also it is the everything as in space, time and the people that exist in given environment. existing in harmony with each other or at least, in self there is harmony, regardless of if, the environment suits your external comforts or not. For where you find peace is from not things outside yourself as in circumstances, but in-self as in your guidance system that is your emotion and thoughts working in harmony, receiving wisdom in each moment that follow, for wisdom grows on to wisdom, and continue to evolve into different forms of understanding of which the divine mind is formed. From an understanding of life onto life, the illusion of death is lifted, for death is understood as a part of life and fear has no claims on one, when it comes to the acceptance of death, of the physical as a part of life in general, or even the possibilities of a long life, choosing when to move on to life from life.
However as we are on the topic of true value, we touch into deep mysteries of understandings, because what is of value to the soul may at times differ from what is of value to your fleshly wants, and way of thinking. Always a soul that is reaching out for peace shall strive for that of which brings forth peace, and that of which is a meal for such a soul is unconditional love for life on all the levels of reality that exists. Yet conditional love to some it seems like the only type of love they understand, until new forms of thought is allowed by themselves to enter into their domain of truth. What is truth shall always remain truth regardless of if an individual can perceive such truth or not, so that a true truth seeker shall always be able to change their way of thinking if truth was to shine on their misunderstandings.
Still however it remains that some can’t see beyond what they know, simply because they have found comfort in their misunderstanding of how they are connected to God. Doctrines twisted to which allow laziness gives away ones responsibilities for their own salvation, for Jesus and other masters that walked this land can only lead a person so far. In the end, only a person can choose their walk and path, regardless of if being showed by Christ himself. To choose the ladder is sometimes uncomfortable yet in doing so, knowledge of self can be received. The soul when faced with experiencing the same experience for many years may at some point wish to experience something new that transcends the old experience, in other cases some individuals only complain of their circumstances, yet never took the ladder simply because even though there may be issues in their life they are comfortable in their world, of which they have created for themselves by their short sited vision of reality.
By taking the ladder, one will find what they held as value a moment ago, may not be held in the same regard, thus a change in mind set is achieved. There can be no price one can put on life, for life’s value is priceless. When putting life as priority, in harmony one shall move and balance with all of life in relation to your existence is known. As individuals we must first love ourselves unconditionally to understand how to love others in the same way. By this shift of loving yourself unconditionally, what you may have seen as value, changes to suite life’s continued survival in peace, understanding and balance. As we find balance in self, we flow free within this space, and time operating in a state of reasonable optimistic thinking and in this type of thinking we create well, for in the mind thought is formed an in the heart passion is fuel for thy will to be done. Balance is operating in universal understanding of harmony from the unseen world to the seen.
Taking responsibility for how you feel and choosing to love every aspect of yourself, at some point what you shall find is value in your neighbor’s existence, or even a stranger on the street, for your heart can reach out to them in compassion, understanding and hope, for it is known that we cannot do it all alone individually and lack of love always puts to pause change that serves.
Only when what is of value is understood at a soul level there can be complete balance, for we are parts of the puzzle that is us. Know value for life and the experience and knowledge this carry, is as like water on a patched land ready for life.
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Fingers Of Dayne Francis,

Value by Dayne Francis March 24, 2016


by Christine Preston

ASHTAR COMMAND: Dear ones, this is an Alert from Ashtar Command. We are approaching a time of difficulty because of the planetary adjustment that will take place with the process of Disclosure. The Earth has entered a most dense area of the Ring of Light that is called a Photon Belt, and the entire Solar System is being buffeted by electro-magnetic waves. These waves are instrumental to the Great Awakening as the photonic light and gamma rays of these electro-magnetic surges are stripping the psyche of mankind of negative elements in much the same way as the circles and swords of Blue Flame of Archangel Michael, as well as of the Elohim Hercules and Astrea. We are referring to intrinsic characters in the persona that have been created by the self in the process of using the light of God, but which represents an effluence or contamination. At every moment the self makes a choice to use this power in the right way or not. You either qualify the Light as you use it, or misqualify it, as you live your lives. Due to the descent into the 3rd dimension of duality, billions of souls have created an ego that has a life of its own and occupies the psyche, the subconscious and conscious minds of the person in incarnation. Their intrinsic values and qualities have been perverted. You know of the tool you can use to obtain a purification of your psyche. We are referring to the Call to Archangel Michael, or the Elohim, to strip you of elements, such as doubts and fears, and also of all the perversions of the qualities of the Divine Mother-Father. You know of the purification of the aura and chakras that are instruments or chalices for the reception of divine Light as well. You can recreate yourselves in the image of the Christ consciousness that is your blueprint and that is descending. This is a basic understanding to have to appreciate the changes taking place due to the presence of the Solar System and the Earth in the Ring of Photonic Light which is about ten times larger in size than the Galaxy of the Milky Way in which you exist. However, it extends over and below the Galaxy as a vertical loop, so the edges of the Galaxy are not continuously in this Photonic Ring. As the Galaxy moves in space the extremities of its edges remain outside of this Ring for thousands of years and then cross it again.


This is indeed Ashtar Command. This transmission is from a Unit of communication. With regard to how large this Photon Belt is, it is ten times larger than the Solar System. It is a body of Light that transcends the human nature. As stated before it contains electro-magnetic energies and its gamma Rays are irradiating all of Earth at the moment. Its particles have a stripping effect upon the accumulated substances that constitute a densification of the Light in the human body, and even in the planetary body. This has occurred by the wrong use of the Light of God over many decades and thousands of years. The light substances strip the psyche from its negative elements and therefore convert the ego, or transcend it. The process frees the psyche of mankind from all perversions and darkness, and the terminology that we have in place controls its effects by diffusing the particles and ensuring the absorption of light is progressive and positive. Too much at any time could have a destructive effect. This process is causing the Awakening and raising you to higher levels of vibration, of spirituality, of love, and it is enlarging your capacity for understanding. You are able to download in your mind light codes which you translate into information and knowledge. You have been born in bodies with a DNA that has been handed down by your parents and ancestors. Going back many thousands of years in history the Anunnaki did perform some modifications to mankind’s DNA to keep mankind ignorant of its identity and its function. In other words ‘ignorant of all of the meanings of life.’ For instance, the purpose of the material world and of physicality. The innate abilities of physical angels, those abilities that were possessed originally, or before the planetary take-over about 400,000 years ago, after the Galactic Federation regained control of the Solar System about a million years ago. This was after the destruction of the planet Maldek and an era of decadence in the Solar System due to the presence of the Reptilian forces of darkness. The creation of Maldek some millions of years, before that, was for a project of physicality which will now be completed in a Golden Age after the Earth, or Gaia, has been risen to a higher level of frequency vibration. This is dependent upon the vibrational level of its inhabitants, of their perception of Reality which in turn affects their own reality and density.


This messenger is not trained in Science and we are using the terms that she is familiar with. We will not explore the technical aspect of Resonance and Hertz deeply but will give you some details about this subject. The Resonance that is occurring in respect of mankind corresponds to the level of consciousness, or refinement, in terms of civilization. Or you could call it the level of righteousness or Spirituality.  It is to do with the psyche, the soul, or self, and it will be able to move upon the etheric realm out of the body when the individual goes to sleep, if its resonance is high. After death the self is not always freed from the wheel of reincarnation because it has not been freed from its negative traits. Light is always necessary to balance karma. Many souls have been able to ascend after death for they are righteous, and accomplishing this out of the body is an easier task. The ascension could take place after re-education in the schools of the etheric realms, even decades after the passing over. At this time many souls who have ascended have returned into embodiment to take part in the Ascension of Earth in its physicality and density. This is the great project of the Age.


The plan to raise the Earth as well as the entire Solar System, and beyond, is being implemented as the manifestation of the divine Will of Almighty God and has been in the works since time immemorial. A Prophecy, such as the one Archangel Michael made known to the Galaxy more than 25 million years ago, was a statement of his knowledge of the Will of God which he brought down to the levels of physicality for its manifestation. It was revealed to both the forces of the Light and of Darkness. He didn’t reveal which planetary system and which planet would play a key role in the unfoldment of Events in the last days, before all life would be lifted up to a higher octave, or dimension, in a golden age.  Then physicality would be used as originally intended. By seeking to interfere with this plan the forces of darkness were affected by the vision that they held without realizing it. Earth was to play a key role in the manifestation of the Divine Will and we are close to the goal because the planetary body is being swept by a flux of energy that has impacted the Solar System on March 20, 2016. Today, on March 22, this stream of light has gone round the world for the second time.  The energies enter through the Sun and are diffused through cosmic channels, through the planet Venus, through the Lord Sanat Kumara and the Logos of Earth, as well as the other usual channels of consciousness. Technology is aiding to soften and distribute their impact. All of the material world is being irradiated at the moment and the light is helping the elemental kingdom as well. The prayers and calls, that the lightworkers make, help the absorption of Light. It is beneficial to raise the consciousness, spirituality and resonance at which forms vibrate. The calls permit the angelic kingdom to intervene where necessary. The technology of the Blue Avians who are higher dimensional, as well as technologically advanced beings, is helping to filter the highly charged electro-magnetic particles and gamma rays of the Photon belt. An example is the biospheres now observed near the Sun, or in the sky, where there were none decades ago.


The peak of energies encountered on March 20 have been called a Wave, but in the sense that a group of souls ready to take in this light have had their resonance affected by it and have been elevated to a higher level upon the ladder of the dimensions, or consciousness. The souls which were able to take part in the same process with the influence of the peak of energies on September 28 of last year, because they were ready for it, are being taken even higher with this second surge of electro-magnetic light substance. They are at the top of the pyramid of the lightworkers which symbolically represents the Body of God on Earth. They are the Woman in Heaven who gives birth to Christ consciousness, the Manchild of the book of Revelation, and at the same time those souls are the bride of Christ, a Collective. They are being wedded in that garment of bright light, or that golden and solar garment, and they walk upon the rainbow bridge of the Rays of God, and become that path. Their system of chakras is being worked on. Many souls are increasingly becoming able to enter into telepathic communication and will, at one time, be contacted by their Higher Selves, or Ascended Masters. However, the Dragon that is waiting to devour that manchild which the Woman is giving birth to, that Dragon is what remain of the forces of the Dark that have controlled mankind. They are the Illuminati and Cabal with their astral counterparts and overlords, though a work of clearing those has been taking place for decades, as mentioned in the video ‘Vials of Karma’. The removal of some among biblical and mythological Luciferian characters has taken place.


The souls of the First Wave at the top of the Pyramid of mankind are on their way towards the 6th dimension. They are now firmly physically upon the 5th dimension. In meditation, telepathic communication, or attunement, they can reach the 12th dimension but in consciousness. The Second Wave of souls that have been affected by the currents of these electro-magnetic energies of Light and gamma rays have now passed through the ‘hole of the needle’ and entered the 5th dimension. The other souls below them are traversing the 4th dimension and beginning to be affected in the way their more vibrant brothers and sisters were in about the years 2012 to 2014.


The process was harder for the First Wave and they took longer to achieve their status. The Second Wave is going to achieve the same at a faster pace. Then the First and Second Waves of souls will join together to help the rest of mankind accomplish the same transformations in a third Wave. What the first Waves experience is shared through a field because of their interconnectedness. The Second Wave will have awakened and feel compelled to share their new vision.


When you achieve ascension, you open the Way and it was Jesus Christ who opened it two thousand years ago, not by dying on a cross, but by resurrecting from the human consciousness. He integrated with Christ consciousness and was then called the Christ but this has been lost in time. You are opening the way then can declare I AM the Way, I AM the Truth, I AM the Life. Because of the Ascension darkness will be consumed.  It will be transmuted because you are transcending it. Because of the Ascension and the intensification of the Light anything that is less than Christ consciousness will disappear.



Understand that the process is being slowed down by technology because, if it happened as nature intended by the sheer fact that the Solar System is traversing this dense substance of photonic Light, the stripping of the psyche would be painful. In order to ascend you need to have magnetized light because if you are filled with a great percentage of darkness, when it is stripped from you, there is not much left of you. This is why the dark Lords wanted to leave the Solar System. It is by mercy, however, that the Almighty is providing all manners of interventions to save as many souls as possible.


The suppression of truth cannot endure in this Light and the process of Ascension. A great change is taking place in the psyche of the individuals who work in the media and who work as Journalists. It is through their eyes that you perceive the world, is it not? They are some who call themselves investigative journalists and who reject control. They do not tolerate being told what to report. They choose the way of their conscience. They are in many cases, incarnations of Galactic beings. They are Star seeds. They are recovering the memory of who they are. They care about what is right and are in alignment with the Defender of Truth, Archangel Michael. They cut through the falsities of the propaganda. Some schemes fade away because of the Violet Flame that erases the causes and cores of all problems, whether personal or global. And so the world is progressing fast. A great part of the physical chaos and turmoil is caused by the awakening and the demand for change. Changes are enormous if you look into yourselves with whatever method of introspection you can use. Your capacity for understanding what is happening has greatly increased.


I started with the mention of a coming time of difficulty and planetary adjustment. You now have the background to understand that there still is a movement of opposition to the plan of Ascension that is the result of a lack of alignment with the Divine Will. It is born of erroneous concepts, an antichrist philosophy and materialism, and all that represents the delusion that are holding the ‘powers that’d be’ in the grip of an ancient indoctrination.  Those at the top of their pyramid of control have made their move like in a game of chess, to go ahead with a scheme designed long ago. They have tried various tactics to create a global conflict and weaponized space. They did not understand that the process of Ascension is a cosmic one and that it is also affecting the planetary bodies of the Solar System. They discovered that they could not leave Earth, nor run away with their secret technology and spacecraft. They would love to declare ownership of the Solar System. They intended to use their holographic technology to stage an alien invasion such as the one of ‘Independence Day’ or ‘The War of the Worlds.’ They are being kept under surveillance of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command which would not allow it.


The planetary adjustment due is that of Disclosure although it is already taking place, as it will be intensified. It will be a difficult time even for the lightworkers who have acquired so much knowledge in the alternative field, because what will be exposed is more than what you already know. All you know is the surface of the iceberg of that suppression of truth. Disclosure will cause problems. There will be a need for direction.


Waves of souls will become teachers and your destinies will unfold. You will recover memory of who you are and your mission will become clear. Together we will approach a time when you will be taken to the Light Chambers for the healing of your physical bodies, as well as turning the clock back of their atoms. You will increasingly be able to heal yourselves and increase your vitality even before the gradual introduction in society of our presence. In the meantime you have been taken to the light chambers out of the body and the effects of their irradiation eventually manifest physically. The irradiations from the photon belt are presently causing you some fatigue, so it will be important for you to sleep the hours that you need and look after yourselves well. Spread the word. Following this high peak of electro-magnetic and gamma waves you will be integrating the energies and create even more changes. There may be difficulties ahead but overall it should be an interesting time with a great amount of discernment taking place. You will discover that your capacity for understanding has increased. Many events will occur as a result of disclosure.


I am speaking on behalf of Asthtar Command, and of the Liaison Team, channeling this message for your information. We are guarding you, teaching you, we have at our side the Masters and Archangels you are familiar with. The Earth will be in physicality, but a lighter one, and you are being restored so that you will be able to function upon higher dimensions in full consciousness in the same way that you do upon the physical plane of expression. It is to do with the descent of the quantum DNA together with the Light Body and Christ consciousness. A great work will be done to remove the pollution of the elements and this will mainly be done when we can move more freely upon the world. The oceans will then become a more suitable environment for the Whales, Cetaceans and all species which will inhabit them. The media is reporting the death of these species and people are identifying the causes, such as pollution of the seas with plastic, overfishing, chemical trails, sonar experiments, radio-activity, under water-volcanic activity. Their extinction is contributing to the awakening of many people, as it is plain to see, and they are upset.


We are coming close to a time when the world will be even more shaken up than it is today. However some replacement in power, in just a few months from now, will also create a more favorable climate for disclosure. We can see that Victory is very close, and we rejoice. A new perception of Reality of the whole situation upon Earth is being received. Enlightenment is also playing a part in the whole process, and you will be looking forward to the progress of the Third Wave when the energies peak at the end of the year.


I will now leave you with this new information and with gratitude for your greater understanding of the way the human nature is being transcended, as well as for the service of our associates who are involved with the publishing of our messages. Keep your eyes on the skies and the stars because we are there above you watching you. We keep an eye on you.


This was Ashtar Command, we are your Galactic brothers and sisters and we love you, Namaste!



CHRISTINE: Thank you so very much Ashtar Command., Namaste!




by Christine Preston


CHRISTINE: This morning André has told me he is glad I reached to him in my mind to communicate with him, as he is causing everything. He meant he is causing my ascension, he is causing me to raise my vibrations, to rise upon what I call the ladder of consciousness. When he states we could easily be beamed up, it’s because he works with Ashtar Command. They would use technology for that.


ASCENDED TWIN FLAME ANDRE: I said I could easily take you up, and you would vanish, and this is true for a huge amount of light workers. We would not do this because we are working on keeping the physicality. Your Christ Self represents the image that you mirror, and you are an extension of your Higher Self. The Lightworkers and Star seeds also are extensions in embodiment of Archangels, Galactic or Angelic beings, for there are many divisions among the beings of the Angelic Kingdom and beings on higher realms. They are organized to provide many functions. There are incarnations of Elohim and Galactic beings. Such incarnations were recorded in the past as ‘Sons’ or ‘Daughters’ of God, or semi-divine beings in Greek and Sumerian mythology, for instance Hercules and Gilgamesh. The Elohim Hercules works on the First Ray of the Will of God and his divine complement is Amazonia. The I AM Presence is a divine spark from the Elohim of Creation that is Father and Mother. The light workers have a connection with the I AM Presence in the threefold flame in the sacred chamber of the heart chakra. This is why we use the term Light bearer. However, some life waves that existed on Earth did not possess this link.


You wanted a clarification in relation to those souls cast on Earth from Maldek, following the explanations provided by Mother Mary and Saint Germain, and in particular with regard to the matter of the genetic upgrading carried out for the souls of Maldek. In those late days of Lemuria, Archangel Michael approached the Priests of the Temple to start a Mystery School. There was a need to teach the souls who would be incarnating as the progeny of inter-marriages between the divine Initiators and the daughters that were slaves to some Anunnaki. Souls from Maldek, the planet that had been destroyed, had incarnated in that race, and the story has been told by Mother Mary, but there is more to it. This slavery was not what you might expect.  The creators of the slave race conspired to access the Sacred Fire, and as stated before, there is a connection between the misuse of power by the Atlanteans and technology which was controlled by mind. The evil forces that had a connection with the Reptilians and invaded Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago, attempted to access the divine power, or Light, through the DNA for a sinister agenda which resulted with a misuse of the Light. They manipulated genetics as a stratagem for this purpose.


To come back to the explanations given previously by Mother Mary and Saint Germain on the incarnation of the souls of Maldek, you wondered whether the idea of the genetic upgrading of a slave race is in conflict with that of the Anunnaki downgrading mankind’s DNA about 13,000 years ago. The answer is No because the story relates to a more ancient period. It was before the Atlantean renegades separated from the Motherland. The progeny of the inter-marriages recreated the corruption of their former civilization and caused the downfall of the Atlantean civilization. It was despite the precautions that had been taken.
So you now understand that there is no contradiction here with what has been taught concerning what the Anunnaki did in more recent times.


As said before, the Cain of Genesis represents that progeny that were the souls of Maldek in reincarnation. He first kills his brother Abel who appears to represent the Lemurians. The characters of Genesis are symbolic of groups of people. Some Galactic beings who had colonized the Solar System were also around during the Lemurian days. Genesis states that Adam and Eve were given another son called Seth after Abel was killed by his brother Cain. Seth represents the righteous root from which Noah descended, and from which humanity would have been restarted after the flood. Those like Noah who survived cataclysms lived longer than the following generations. Their lifetime was shortened because the spectrum of their consciousness was reduced. The Anunnaki tampered with mankind’s DNA and in addition, some measures were taken in order to avoid a premature appearance of psychic powers to ensure these could not be misused.


In the state you have reached in the Ascension we could easily ‘beam’ you up out of manifestation up to our higher dimension by now, but we aim to preserve physicality as it was designed for Archangels and other beings to experience it before it went wrong. We are returning to an immaculate design and it is a slow process. We are with you in love and light, dear ones, with great intensity.


CHRISTINE: Thank you André for these explanations.


REPORT ON 3.20.2016 WAVE

by Christine Preston

ALLELUIAH! After I woke up this morniing I felt the Wave and said to Andre ‘Wow! what’s this?’. He said ‘you know what it is!’. He said we are 20% higher in the resonance, and that’s different for any individual, and he mentioned being properly in the 5th dimension. I started noticing in our conversation that I was getting mental images of beings around him and of an environment very much like you would see in a sci-fi – a vague perception – vague images of what they were wearing. It’s happened before but seems to have increased. When I had a message from Mother Mary and Saint Germain (when I felt he touched my hand) I had images of them sitting next to me. I was hearing what other beings were saying or their comments. I have had a communication with Ashtar Command too. Our world is being raised up. They were studying, testing, my reactions in term of resonance or something for which I don’t have the terminology. They tried another system of communication but I could only hear part of the sentences. Monka apparently spoke to me. At one stage I was almost crying and the next second laughing, finding something funny, the way a crew member alerted them that I was beginning to be hungry. They told me to remember that Andre is not on a sort of cloud but works with Ashtar Command, and that I am there, – then I forget it when I am back in this body. Above them in the way I understand it, are the higher selves, and we have a direct link to the I AM Presence and those Higher Selves. Andre also told me that the I AM Presences have come down with us or in us, and I think he meant particularly since March 20. Yesterday evening a neighbour I know for many years came for instruction for the first time and we went through the whole thing, about 12 videos, not just my messages (only about 5 of them and part of them) but also a lot of other sources which have been posted here during the last 6 months. And I came across the video which I ‘shared’ so it’s posted in the box below. I had seen that statement about Ashtar Command on CmderAleon’s website somewhere (I think) and thought this one was excellent. So we even talked about cloudships because of the image. I was amazed because this person, called Cheryl, absorbed tons of information. She was a teacher in religion and is interested in Theology and interpretation of scriptures and Atlantean history, and in music. So we listened to Archangel Uriel’s song. She also heard a bird singing in it just like Angel Leah said she did. We were dooing this till 4 am. It was as if she was totally ready for the whole revelation, even the ‘Wake Up Call’ video from the Pleiadeans. She said it all fitted together. She had the whole package on the Ascension. Information is light,so it was a good start to absorb the Wave. More messages on the way. I had forgotten, I have been told by Ashtar Command they want to give me a message for the World. I asked from who and they said Ashtar. And I don’t know when yet. I go and get some food, it’s 3 pm. Can’t live on just light yet. Love, christine

Re my reference to Archangel Uriel’s song, see ARCHANGEL URIEL: ON ANGELIC VOICES RECORDED IN KANSAS/Update
MARCH 3, 2016 published by Matt Muckleroy. Please go to my Facebook page Christine Preston Swansea University for the original videos with the actual recording, roll down to March 3.

REPORT ON 3.20.2016 WAVE

Wave X 2 by Trevyn Ohare March 18, 2016

WAVE X 2, Sent from the Pleiadian Light Ships
March, 18th, 2016, by Trevyn Ohare

Some of you may be aware of this, some of you may not. This next week is going to be a very energetically charged week. On the 20th of this month the 2nd waive of gamma rays and mass ascension will hit us full force. Many many people will now be able to ride this wave into 5th Dimensional consciousness. Thanks to all of you, as you were part of The first wave back in September, who the last 6 months or so have been spreading so much divine light and wisdom. Preparing many others for this next wave. Even though you have already passed through back in September, think of this wave as a baptism of your energy as well. Only shooting you farther up the ascension ladder as well. So many people are going to finally shift along with you ascended ones. You are here to help the masses to navigate their ways through the new 5th dimensional consciousness. Make sure to rest your body as much as you can, rest your mind, eat and drink properly this next few weeks, and this will only intensify the divine effects of wave x 2. Soon after the next wave, hopefully a great number of people will pass through. If enough people ride with the energy and allow it to heighten their states of awareness, the sooner that we can finally have first contact, as we have said many many times, a good majority of the population must be opened to the fifth Dimension before we can land our ships and fly freely in your skies. The time has come, Renewed by the sun, to count our blessings one by one. Keep your vibrations high and you will fly through this gateway easily. The word we have for your meditations this week is ‘BE’.
Yes, be means that you remain present and aware of the now, not the future or past. If you wish to get this wave’s full potential, we highly are also suggesting a 3 to 5 day fast. This will clear your body of any and all toxins, and will allow the energy to penetrate deeper. Also do your best to avoid meat, as the vibrations in meat are very low, and can effect your energy fields as well.
There are many 2nd wavers that need your guidance now. You can probably by now feel another’s energy and know when to step in and help, or give them the helping hand they need, in order to make their ascension a smoother transition than if they have no idea what is happening. Be prepared loved ones, Your purpose is now, this is the duties of all of the original first wavers, and is why you all had to work as hard as you did. In order to help the rest of humanity to transition more gracefully. As the mass numbers of ascension continue to grow, so does the time of first contact and our mass landings. So very soon my friends. We are just excited as you! Namaste

Trevyn- Hello again everyone, its been a while since my last channeling. If you do not already know of this, both I and a friend of mine have a facebook page called Ascended readings. We offer affordable readings, reiki, divination, guidance and also we are offering some one on one psychic development tutoring. In celebration of Wave X number 2, I am offering 15 dollar 6 card tarot readings to all who need clarity and a push in the right direction. We hope to hear from you all very soon. There are links in the description to our readings page and personal facebook. Thankyou for taking the initiative to be a part of this no matter how difficult it may have been. Your rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams. Peace

Wave X 2 by Trevyn Ohare March 18, 2016



by Christine Preston

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: This is Archangel Michael. It was in April 2015 that I first announced to Christine that the Solar System had not penetrated the Void, nor the Stargate, as she had read in a book by Sheldan Nidle published in 2000 that this was expected to take place in the year 2012. The Solar System had penetrated the Photon Belt in January 1996 but plans had been delayed because we wanted to convert more souls to a higher frequency of vibration so they could continue to exist on Earth.  This is a world in transition and it is being lifted up to a higher dimension in the sense that physicality will still exist but in an exalted way, much like what you think of a Garden of Eden, or Paradise. Its elements will be purified from pollution. All its atoms will be returned to their pristine original condition. Upon this hologram of physicality there will be other layers of higher dimensions which were previously removed. Your bodies will undergo further DNA change and the system of chakras that is for communication and other functions will be further developed and some connections will be made, so you will recover a memory of who you are. You will enjoy receiving knowledge from your Elder brothers and sisters, Galactic beings who are assisting with the process of this Ascension.


So on September 28, 2015, something that had been expected to take place in December 2012, finally happened, but in passing through the Void, a term for a flux of energies that act as a barrier between the 4th and 5th dimensions, you did not experience the sudden removal of certain elements that have no place in the higher dimension. If the shackles of your own creation had been stripped off from you suddenly, it could have been painful. A protection was provided around the Earth so it could go in the Stargate. It was a forcefield that was global and at the same time individual. You are in a transcendental machine that activates and accelerates your consciousness. There was positive response to the activation and there were negative reactions. The layer that acts as a barrier between dimensions has the purpose of preventing the Dark ones to infiltrate heaven. Christ consciousness also is a crossing line, so to speak. When you acquire virtues you soul is molded according to a blueprint that has been called a Christ Self, or Light body. It is mirrored in the material world. Eventually as you enlarge your influence you create the 5th Kingdom of the physical angels. Various changes have been carried out upon your physical structure, such as the conversion to the crystalline structure, and one of its benefits will be in relation to permitting the use of the Light chambers which have a healing effect and restore the body, turning back the clock.


A first group referred to as the First Wave did ascend by entering the Void in September 2015. They had built a solar garment of ascension for the process and it was their antakharana bridge. They went through portals then returned and discovered after some time that they could reach new heights of feelings, or bliss, particularly when in meditation.


Now the energies are at a peak again in March 2016 and there is going on, in this Solar System, the largest operation that has ever involved celestial beings. The Gamma radiations that are expected will be twice as powerful as in 2015. A second wave of souls will be following in the footsteps of the first group and the technology provided by the Blue Avians will reduce the trauma or difficulty of their ascension. As to the first wave of souls they are riding the summit of the tsunami of photon light and gamma waves. They are also preparing for Ascension being pulled forward towards the 6th dimension in consciousness.


I am Archangel Michael and something that I have said in my recent message through Michael Love needs clarifications. I have said that I am the Son of a Prime Archangel Michael and his Consort Faith because the Archangel Michael that I AM is the Christed consciousness of the Prime-Archangel Michael who brings the Will of God from the High Council of Nine, or of Heaven, to the material world for manifestation, but has to reach down through many layers of dimensions.  A soul extension for the function of incarnating in the physical world is traditionally referred to as a Son, or Daughter, of the Higher Self. I am a manifestation of this higher aspect of myself, and have used this symbolic terminology. The Jesus of the New Testament referred to his Father in Heaven in a similar cryptic way. His statement ‘My Father and I are one’ remained obscure to theology. He also lowered himself through many layers of dimensions, but took incarnation within the human kingdom.


A few times I said to Christine I am not the Archangel Michael that you think I am to bring up the subject, and she thought I was testing her. But she had considered the possibility of this reality and it didn’t matter to her. The Archangel Michael that I AM is a Christed Archangel, but I am the Higher Self of her Ascended twin flame André because he is a soul extension of myself. He ascended some forty years after the end of his last life in 1972. He also was the French author Chrétien de Troyes who wrote Arthurian legends stories in the medieval age. He was assigned to his twin flame’s guardianship to assist her in the Armageddon of the psyche while she was at the receiving end of astral attacks before she started acting as a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. Being on the other side of the River of Life he is able to pull her up and I am also causing her ascension by irradiating her with light. I am irradiating the Lightworkers with love and light, and I work with them to accelerate them in the same way upon the path of the Ascension.


In the Book of Jika which has just been published on a video, I have noticed there is a sentence referring to a Trinitarian law and that parents could only have one child, either a son reflecting the image of his father, or a daughter reflecting that of her mother. The original sense must have been lost in time. It seems to relate to the fact that a soul extension reflects the image of its Higher Self. A daughter is a soul extension of the feminine complement. She cannot be an extension of the Archangel, but only of the Archeia. A son can only be an incarnation of the Archangel. The Higher Selves can have these soul extensions, or incarnations, on Earth, or on other worlds, or they may have been recalled, or have ascended.


The Archangel Michael that I AM is overshadowed by a higher aspect of myself who attends to the needs of this Galaxy and beyond. As the Galactic beings that we are, who dwell upon the dimensions which you are about to reach in consciousness, we like to present ourselves as equal to you, who are sons and daughters of the Great Central Sun, not as superior beings. We are however symbolically fathers and mothers of the soul extensions that you are, and fortunately, you have grasped the wonderful significance of the mystery of the feeling that you have when you feel the contact in the heart with the Higher Self that you really are in the core of your being.  It is a spiritual experience that is impossible to describe. Some Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels, and Galactic beings have already incarnated to take part in the Ascension. Some, like André, will come into physicality by the manifestation of a body created by Will and technology, not as a baby, but as a person who will appear as an adult, and no, we don’t clone for that purpose. Some Galactic beings are in the physicality of a higher nature and will lower down their vibration to join you. I am also in a body but it is an etheric form.


You are constantly rising upon the ladder of consciousness and levels within the dimension in which you dwell. The love that is between us is supreme because we are you, and you are us. We irradiate your beings with the light and love of our hearts. You surrender and this love circulates in the movement of the figure eight. It is infinite.


I AM the higher Archangel Michael who compels me into action, who works through me, and I leave you in this love that is infinite in intensity and time. It is the wonder of Ascension.


CHRISTINE: Thank you Archangel Michael for this instruction.