CHRISTINE: This morning Archangel Uriel came after I had reached to my Mighty I AM Presence and made calls as usual. He came to give me more details about the audio tape which was alleged to be an accidental recording of thousands of angelic voices singing the known ‘Alleluiah’ song, but with a range the human voice cannot reach, and with musical instruments which don’t exist. On this recording there also is a mysterious Solo Singer who could not be identified and he is singing lyrics that are unknown. And furthermore, the experts say the voices are sustained without breathing! I had heard the tape many years ago and was very taken by the voice. I have developed a telepathic ability to be able to hear the Archangels and Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic beings, when they speak to me, but this happened recently in 2014. I have been told by the sources which are now passing messages through me that I now am officially a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood. But I have been very busy and had no time to think about this tape until three or four days ago. I think it was on the last day of February that I suddenly decided to raise my thoughts to the being who sings on that recording. It was on impulse that I did this because I could have asked Archangel Michael or my ascended Twin Flame André. I was convinced that the recording was genuine, that the voices were angelic, and had become curious about that Solo Singer.


You may have heard that certain camera can photograph Unidentified Flying Objects that are invisible to the naked eye, and that sounds alleged to be from ghosts have been recorded on magnetic tapes. Also due to the Ascension during the last decades our reality, or density, has been raised closer to the dimension down to which the Archangels are, or were, able to descend. So I was quite convinced the recording was genuine. Archangel Michael had stated he was fond of music so I expected it might be him, but it turned out it was not him. As soon as I raised my thought to this Singer in my mind, I had a reply. I heard a silent reply in my mind. A voice stated it was him who was the Solo Singer on the recording. I asked who he was and he said ‘Archangel Uriel.’ I knew about Archangel Uriel and called him now and again as he is mentioned in the Decrees that I use. His Ray is that of the Enlightenment and he works with the Ascended Master Jesus Christ on the Ray of Ministration and Service, as well as Resurrection, which is the Sixth. His Divine Complement is Archeia Aurora and the chakra corresponding to the Sixth Ray is that of the Solar Plexus. The Chohan of this Ray is Lady Nada.


Archangel Uriel has returned three times since, and has given me some details which will follow, as well as a dictation on this matter, today, March 3. But when he spoke to me on that day he first told me that the recording was indeed one of angels singing, and that it was arranged to stir up something. He told me about a connection we had in a past age, and then he sang in my heart at the same time as I was listening to the song on the tape which is on a video on YouTube on the Internet. This is very special because we have never been able to hear the voice of an angel directly before, and what I hear with this system of communication is not an audible sound. It’s like a thought. It will apparently change. By channeling you get impressions of the character of the Archangel and the voice may change because of the intonations and the power, but the vocal cords are those of the channeler.


Archangel Uriel returned to me twice, including once in the presence of André, and another time, two nights ago, in the middle of the night on March 1, to ask me to do some prayers for an emergency, and this morning he explained that the song was electro-magnetically irradiated, or transposed, upon the fabric of the tape in the church in Kansas. You will find more details of the circumstances in which it was believed the recording took place on the video for which I will provide a link at the end of this message. Archangel Uriel said that he chose that church in Kansas because he had a soul extension of himself living there 75 years ago who went to that church. The name he gave me is John Mayhard. He is telling me right now that some people may be able to trace him.


The Archangels have incarnated on various other worlds including the planet Venus and in Lemurian days on Earth. They can have soul extensions, or not, as some may have been recalled, or ascended, and they incarnate for a mission. They are higher beings who lower their consciousness to the lower dimensions to reach us, work with us through our feelings, and bring to us the blueprint of the Will of God that we should manifest in the world. They are sent from the high Councils of heaven, the Blue Lodge, by the highest aspects of Divinity from the Great Central Sun, and they are present in the Sun behind the sun. They send aspects of themselves, emissaries, so to speak, and then they seem to leave to do something, although they are capable of bilocation.


On March 2, Archeia Faith confirmed to me in the evening that Archangel Uriel was indeed the phantom Solo Singer of the mysterious recording in that church in Kansas. André was also present and their presence was an unprecedented experience in terms of the vibrations I was able to sense. I am sharing this to inform you that this kind of occurrence is but a prelude to what you are going to experience.  A time of great encounters is coming. However, they are already there and when you have developed the telepathic ability they will speak to you and your teachers will talk to you from within. Our bodies are natural instruments comparable to radio transmitters and receivers.


What follows is Archangel Uriel’s dictation given to me this evening:


ARCHANGEL URIEL: I would like to pass on this message through Christine that I am Archangel Uriel, and that I am the Solo Singer on the tape upon which the singing of a choir composed of many angelic voices was recorded in a church in Kansas, USA, a few years ago. It was not by accident as we, the Archangels residing upon the higher dimensions of this planet Earth, have caused this recording by projecting upon the magnetic band an electro-magnetic impression of our actual singing upon our realm. We have used two musical instruments that don’t exist yet in the human kingdom. One is a trumpet made of higher dimensional wood which we produce in our factories on our dimension, of course. These instruments are replicated with a technology which doesn’t yet exist on Earth but will be brought to mankind when our Galactic ships are able to land. For this we have to wait the time when there will be no fear in the hearts of you, people, and for this there is need to go through a time of disclosure and of shifting to a more peaceful attitude that will eradicate the wars that are being waged on your dimension. Some seem to have become necessary to get rid of this monstrous terrorism which threatens to invade the European countries which were previously not burdened with the kind of situation that  have developed in those countries such as Syria and Lebanon, and previously in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now which are spreading to Turkey and Yemen. I would like to disclose, however, that the occasional attacks such as in Paris last year, which are attributed to terrorism, or extremism, are not from people based in the Middle or Near-East, nor from terrorists that are organizing themselves from these remote areas, but that, although the claim has been made that the attacker was ISIL, it was a deception. The attackers were not, and are not those who would take proud in taking the credit for the attack. The extremists themselves were lured into believing that the credit taken for the attacks came from their superiors at the top of a chain, or pyramid, about which they know little or nothing. There are dark forces operating from the astral plane. They are satanic in nature and follow suit following a legacy they have passed on centuries after centuries, and they have continued in their subsistence from the days of the Atlantean empire. They are able to influence the groups of people who are made of individuals with a very disturbed character. There is much more to say about this subject and I realize that the subject of the influence that forces residing upon the astral plane have upon the psyche of the souls of the people, is difficult, but it may become important for the heads of States to come to understand that massacres, such as the one in Paris, were not master minded by ignorant extremist factions causing devastation in countries such as Syria. The real terrorism is a centralized operation from satanic Illuminati forces that tend to operate in what they see as significantly occult. These beliefs of theirs have been accumulated over millennia of servitude to Reptilian forces that set themselves as the opponent to Christ, as well as the plan of Ascension, or of manifestation of the Will of God. They are not being removed yet because some souls have an entanglement in the mind-set of these dark forces. We have to proceed with care to disentangle their psyche from these overlords of darkness. It is something of this nature that is going on in Europe. The problem has been more acute in Europe where the cultures don’t use the English language. Those who use it have been more easily liberated by the voice of reason. When I came to Christine in the middle of the night to ask her to make some calls, I said it was for a problem that was more sociological in nature than political. It is in regards a captivity from which the people in Belgium and Europe need to be liberated from. The problem was in connection with a materialist outlook on life. The depression of the people I asked her to pray for is the result of a perception of gloom and doom which attracts that same reality to them. The calls I have requested have been used to free the population from the influence of those dark powers that I have been speaking about. They will eventually bring about a resurrection in better circumstances.


I want to renew my promise that I will multiply by ten your Calls and prayers when you ask to establish an arc of contact with the Archangel of Enlightenment that I am, for the turning of worlds and the healing of the nations. Call me with the following invocation or one of this type, and then recite the prayer or one of your choice 3 to 33 times. I love you with all my heart.



O Archangel Uriel, I am calling to you to place with me the blessed radiance of your electronic presence so I can be a magnet, by the sacred fire of your heart, for you to sweep into the world the enlightenment of your Ray and a great ILLUMINATION. I am grateful for your intervention.



I now pray to the beloved Mighty Presence of God in me, to the Light of far off worlds from every system and galaxy and Star, to send forth now thy legions of Light from your cosmic heights to descend in numberless numbers by the millions. Beloved Father Supreme, may the Light of Cosmic Illumination, the Light of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s love, the Great Cosmic Light and the Light of Cosmic Victory be poured in from cosmic sources like the power of a million Niagara falls, ceaselessly descending to permeate the atmosphere of earth, eradicate all entities, all illusion, deception, and karma, and replace them all by the Great Cosmic Light!







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