Wave X 2 by Trevyn Ohare March 18, 2016

WAVE X 2, Sent from the Pleiadian Light Ships
March, 18th, 2016, by Trevyn Ohare

Some of you may be aware of this, some of you may not. This next week is going to be a very energetically charged week. On the 20th of this month the 2nd waive of gamma rays and mass ascension will hit us full force. Many many people will now be able to ride this wave into 5th Dimensional consciousness. Thanks to all of you, as you were part of The first wave back in September, who the last 6 months or so have been spreading so much divine light and wisdom. Preparing many others for this next wave. Even though you have already passed through back in September, think of this wave as a baptism of your energy as well. Only shooting you farther up the ascension ladder as well. So many people are going to finally shift along with you ascended ones. You are here to help the masses to navigate their ways through the new 5th dimensional consciousness. Make sure to rest your body as much as you can, rest your mind, eat and drink properly this next few weeks, and this will only intensify the divine effects of wave x 2. Soon after the next wave, hopefully a great number of people will pass through. If enough people ride with the energy and allow it to heighten their states of awareness, the sooner that we can finally have first contact, as we have said many many times, a good majority of the population must be opened to the fifth Dimension before we can land our ships and fly freely in your skies. The time has come, Renewed by the sun, to count our blessings one by one. Keep your vibrations high and you will fly through this gateway easily. The word we have for your meditations this week is ‘BE’.
Yes, be means that you remain present and aware of the now, not the future or past. If you wish to get this wave’s full potential, we highly are also suggesting a 3 to 5 day fast. This will clear your body of any and all toxins, and will allow the energy to penetrate deeper. Also do your best to avoid meat, as the vibrations in meat are very low, and can effect your energy fields as well.
There are many 2nd wavers that need your guidance now. You can probably by now feel another’s energy and know when to step in and help, or give them the helping hand they need, in order to make their ascension a smoother transition than if they have no idea what is happening. Be prepared loved ones, Your purpose is now, this is the duties of all of the original first wavers, and is why you all had to work as hard as you did. In order to help the rest of humanity to transition more gracefully. As the mass numbers of ascension continue to grow, so does the time of first contact and our mass landings. So very soon my friends. We are just excited as you! Namaste

Trevyn- Hello again everyone, its been a while since my last channeling. If you do not already know of this, both I and a friend of mine have a facebook page called Ascended readings. We offer affordable readings, reiki, divination, guidance and also we are offering some one on one psychic development tutoring. In celebration of Wave X number 2, I am offering 15 dollar 6 card tarot readings to all who need clarity and a push in the right direction. We hope to hear from you all very soon. There are links in the description to our readings page and personal facebook. Thankyou for taking the initiative to be a part of this no matter how difficult it may have been. Your rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams. Peace https://www.facebook.com/readingsbytrev/ https://www.facebook.com/trevyn.ohare

Wave X 2 by Trevyn Ohare March 18, 2016

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