REPORT ON 3.20.2016 WAVE

by Christine Preston

ALLELUIAH! After I woke up this morniing I felt the Wave and said to Andre ‘Wow! what’s this?’. He said ‘you know what it is!’. He said we are 20% higher in the resonance, and that’s different for any individual, and he mentioned being properly in the 5th dimension. I started noticing in our conversation that I was getting mental images of beings around him and of an environment very much like you would see in a sci-fi – a vague perception – vague images of what they were wearing. It’s happened before but seems to have increased. When I had a message from Mother Mary and Saint Germain (when I felt he touched my hand) I had images of them sitting next to me. I was hearing what other beings were saying or their comments. I have had a communication with Ashtar Command too. Our world is being raised up. They were studying, testing, my reactions in term of resonance or something for which I don’t have the terminology. They tried another system of communication but I could only hear part of the sentences. Monka apparently spoke to me. At one stage I was almost crying and the next second laughing, finding something funny, the way a crew member alerted them that I was beginning to be hungry. They told me to remember that Andre is not on a sort of cloud but works with Ashtar Command, and that I am there, – then I forget it when I am back in this body. Above them in the way I understand it, are the higher selves, and we have a direct link to the I AM Presence and those Higher Selves. Andre also told me that the I AM Presences have come down with us or in us, and I think he meant particularly since March 20. Yesterday evening a neighbour I know for many years came for instruction for the first time and we went through the whole thing, about 12 videos, not just my messages (only about 5 of them and part of them) but also a lot of other sources which have been posted here during the last 6 months. And I came across the video which I ‘shared’ so it’s posted in the box below. I had seen that statement about Ashtar Command on CmderAleon’s website somewhere (I think) and thought this one was excellent. So we even talked about cloudships because of the image. I was amazed because this person, called Cheryl, absorbed tons of information. She was a teacher in religion and is interested in Theology and interpretation of scriptures and Atlantean history, and in music. So we listened to Archangel Uriel’s song. She also heard a bird singing in it just like Angel Leah said she did. We were dooing this till 4 am. It was as if she was totally ready for the whole revelation, even the ‘Wake Up Call’ video from the Pleiadeans. She said it all fitted together. She had the whole package on the Ascension. Information is light,so it was a good start to absorb the Wave. More messages on the way. I had forgotten, I have been told by Ashtar Command they want to give me a message for the World. I asked from who and they said Ashtar. And I don’t know when yet. I go and get some food, it’s 3 pm. Can’t live on just light yet. Love, christine

Re my reference to Archangel Uriel’s song, see ARCHANGEL URIEL: ON ANGELIC VOICES RECORDED IN KANSAS/Update
MARCH 3, 2016 published by Matt Muckleroy. Please go to my Facebook page Christine Preston Swansea University for the original videos with the actual recording, roll down to March 3.

REPORT ON 3.20.2016 WAVE

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