by Christine Preston


CHRISTINE: This morning André has told me he is glad I reached to him in my mind to communicate with him, as he is causing everything. He meant he is causing my ascension, he is causing me to raise my vibrations, to rise upon what I call the ladder of consciousness. When he states we could easily be beamed up, it’s because he works with Ashtar Command. They would use technology for that.


ASCENDED TWIN FLAME ANDRE: I said I could easily take you up, and you would vanish, and this is true for a huge amount of light workers. We would not do this because we are working on keeping the physicality. Your Christ Self represents the image that you mirror, and you are an extension of your Higher Self. The Lightworkers and Star seeds also are extensions in embodiment of Archangels, Galactic or Angelic beings, for there are many divisions among the beings of the Angelic Kingdom and beings on higher realms. They are organized to provide many functions. There are incarnations of Elohim and Galactic beings. Such incarnations were recorded in the past as ‘Sons’ or ‘Daughters’ of God, or semi-divine beings in Greek and Sumerian mythology, for instance Hercules and Gilgamesh. The Elohim Hercules works on the First Ray of the Will of God and his divine complement is Amazonia. The I AM Presence is a divine spark from the Elohim of Creation that is Father and Mother. The light workers have a connection with the I AM Presence in the threefold flame in the sacred chamber of the heart chakra. This is why we use the term Light bearer. However, some life waves that existed on Earth did not possess this link.


You wanted a clarification in relation to those souls cast on Earth from Maldek, following the explanations provided by Mother Mary and Saint Germain, and in particular with regard to the matter of the genetic upgrading carried out for the souls of Maldek. In those late days of Lemuria, Archangel Michael approached the Priests of the Temple to start a Mystery School. There was a need to teach the souls who would be incarnating as the progeny of inter-marriages between the divine Initiators and the daughters that were slaves to some Anunnaki. Souls from Maldek, the planet that had been destroyed, had incarnated in that race, and the story has been told by Mother Mary, but there is more to it. This slavery was not what you might expect.  The creators of the slave race conspired to access the Sacred Fire, and as stated before, there is a connection between the misuse of power by the Atlanteans and technology which was controlled by mind. The evil forces that had a connection with the Reptilians and invaded Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago, attempted to access the divine power, or Light, through the DNA for a sinister agenda which resulted with a misuse of the Light. They manipulated genetics as a stratagem for this purpose.


To come back to the explanations given previously by Mother Mary and Saint Germain on the incarnation of the souls of Maldek, you wondered whether the idea of the genetic upgrading of a slave race is in conflict with that of the Anunnaki downgrading mankind’s DNA about 13,000 years ago. The answer is No because the story relates to a more ancient period. It was before the Atlantean renegades separated from the Motherland. The progeny of the inter-marriages recreated the corruption of their former civilization and caused the downfall of the Atlantean civilization. It was despite the precautions that had been taken.
So you now understand that there is no contradiction here with what has been taught concerning what the Anunnaki did in more recent times.


As said before, the Cain of Genesis represents that progeny that were the souls of Maldek in reincarnation. He first kills his brother Abel who appears to represent the Lemurians. The characters of Genesis are symbolic of groups of people. Some Galactic beings who had colonized the Solar System were also around during the Lemurian days. Genesis states that Adam and Eve were given another son called Seth after Abel was killed by his brother Cain. Seth represents the righteous root from which Noah descended, and from which humanity would have been restarted after the flood. Those like Noah who survived cataclysms lived longer than the following generations. Their lifetime was shortened because the spectrum of their consciousness was reduced. The Anunnaki tampered with mankind’s DNA and in addition, some measures were taken in order to avoid a premature appearance of psychic powers to ensure these could not be misused.


In the state you have reached in the Ascension we could easily ‘beam’ you up out of manifestation up to our higher dimension by now, but we aim to preserve physicality as it was designed for Archangels and other beings to experience it before it went wrong. We are returning to an immaculate design and it is a slow process. We are with you in love and light, dear ones, with great intensity.


CHRISTINE: Thank you André for these explanations.


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