Value by Dayne Francis March 24, 2016

In truth, what is of true value is knowing that of which benefits the all, however value in the eyes of some is based upon morals that serves only individual self. We can define value as subjective, simply because two different types of mind states to what is of value differs. The root source that determines what is of value in relation to any subject is ones’ morals of which is built upon their belief system. As a belief is only a thought we keep thinking, we know where we can reprogram our belief system, thus changing our morals and what we may hold as value in its truest form of harmony with life.
When looking at what changes your mood from moment to moment, to what is of value to self is known without even words being whispered. In self emotions, like the sea, moves in currents only you are the master of thy winds. When being honest with self, one can always recognize hate, jealousy, confusion, rage, ignorance, fearful based states of being in general and decide to not be these things anymore, but rather let go the thoughts that anchor these feelings in self, so that the new self can be born. What is of value to one creates the ego, the identity of a person. Sound judgment can always be felt in the places it can’t be seen, for balance within self as in harmony with all emotions that dwell within the body, brings peace, understanding, clarity and joy, a level of Godliness is experienced, thus a new understanding of life helps to mold the old way of thinking into one of harmony with life. This shall be life’s experience for to perceive is to know and to know is experience, for only through the experience of knowing, one can uptake a new way of thinking, not just by theory but by experiencing a new way of life that transcends the old.
We are what we think, and forever eternally,
we create our own experiences in life, our own reality, amongst all the other possibilities and realities that is also present in the moment, right before it is brought to us from our creational capabilities that is natural with humanity. Within value balance is known. Balance is not only to objects on a balancing scale, but also it is the everything as in space, time and the people that exist in given environment. existing in harmony with each other or at least, in self there is harmony, regardless of if, the environment suits your external comforts or not. For where you find peace is from not things outside yourself as in circumstances, but in-self as in your guidance system that is your emotion and thoughts working in harmony, receiving wisdom in each moment that follow, for wisdom grows on to wisdom, and continue to evolve into different forms of understanding of which the divine mind is formed. From an understanding of life onto life, the illusion of death is lifted, for death is understood as a part of life and fear has no claims on one, when it comes to the acceptance of death, of the physical as a part of life in general, or even the possibilities of a long life, choosing when to move on to life from life.
However as we are on the topic of true value, we touch into deep mysteries of understandings, because what is of value to the soul may at times differ from what is of value to your fleshly wants, and way of thinking. Always a soul that is reaching out for peace shall strive for that of which brings forth peace, and that of which is a meal for such a soul is unconditional love for life on all the levels of reality that exists. Yet conditional love to some it seems like the only type of love they understand, until new forms of thought is allowed by themselves to enter into their domain of truth. What is truth shall always remain truth regardless of if an individual can perceive such truth or not, so that a true truth seeker shall always be able to change their way of thinking if truth was to shine on their misunderstandings.
Still however it remains that some can’t see beyond what they know, simply because they have found comfort in their misunderstanding of how they are connected to God. Doctrines twisted to which allow laziness gives away ones responsibilities for their own salvation, for Jesus and other masters that walked this land can only lead a person so far. In the end, only a person can choose their walk and path, regardless of if being showed by Christ himself. To choose the ladder is sometimes uncomfortable yet in doing so, knowledge of self can be received. The soul when faced with experiencing the same experience for many years may at some point wish to experience something new that transcends the old experience, in other cases some individuals only complain of their circumstances, yet never took the ladder simply because even though there may be issues in their life they are comfortable in their world, of which they have created for themselves by their short sited vision of reality.
By taking the ladder, one will find what they held as value a moment ago, may not be held in the same regard, thus a change in mind set is achieved. There can be no price one can put on life, for life’s value is priceless. When putting life as priority, in harmony one shall move and balance with all of life in relation to your existence is known. As individuals we must first love ourselves unconditionally to understand how to love others in the same way. By this shift of loving yourself unconditionally, what you may have seen as value, changes to suite life’s continued survival in peace, understanding and balance. As we find balance in self, we flow free within this space, and time operating in a state of reasonable optimistic thinking and in this type of thinking we create well, for in the mind thought is formed an in the heart passion is fuel for thy will to be done. Balance is operating in universal understanding of harmony from the unseen world to the seen.
Taking responsibility for how you feel and choosing to love every aspect of yourself, at some point what you shall find is value in your neighbor’s existence, or even a stranger on the street, for your heart can reach out to them in compassion, understanding and hope, for it is known that we cannot do it all alone individually and lack of love always puts to pause change that serves.
Only when what is of value is understood at a soul level there can be complete balance, for we are parts of the puzzle that is us. Know value for life and the experience and knowledge this carry, is as like water on a patched land ready for life.
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Fingers Of Dayne Francis,

Value by Dayne Francis March 24, 2016

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