by Christine Preston and her Ascended Twin Flame André


CHRISTINE: THIS IS A MESSAGE ABOUT THE LAW OF THE ONE. It’s in the form of a Call, prayer, or visualization TO MANIFEST DISCLOSURE ACCORDING TO DIVINE WILL, AND IT’S TO DO WITH SAINT GERMAIN AND THE VIOLET FLAME. IT’S a VISUALIZATION THAT YOU CAN USE AS A TOOL, AND IT’S a TEACHING THAT was given in previous decades and that THE MASTERS WANT TO BRING BACK to the Lightworker’s REMEMBRANCE.  MY ASCENDED TWIN FLAME André HAS RE-USED a few STATEMENTS MADE BY SAINT GERMAIN IN 1983 but corrected them for our needs today. THE MAGIC OF THE VIOLET FLAME CAN BRING SOLUTIONS FOR personal as well as global problems. BY THE LAW OF THE ONE you can invoke the Violet Flame and PRECIPITATE THE GREAT EVENT OF DISCLOSURE THAT is inevitable in the process of Ascension, and from which should manifest THE NEW ERA OF TRANSITION that leads TO THE CREATION OF NEW GAIA, as well as to an existence free of hardship, disease, and death, for the inhabitants.


ASCENDED TWIN FLAME ANDRE: This is a Call and Visualization that I have composed on the basis of a dictation by Saint Germain through the Messenger E. C. Prophet, in 1983. It was entitled ‘I AM THE ONE, BY SAINT GERMAIN’. I have adapted it to present day needs, in particular the matter of disclosure to take place according to Divine Will and not in a partial way, nor over a longer period of time which is what the forces that have suppressed truths have conspired to do. Pray so this is not permitted. Here it is:


I AM THE ONE! I am opening my heart and reaching to the Master Saint Germain. O Saint Germain, do come again. Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, Come and take dominion. Nothing that I can do on my own can bring heaven on Earth, and the hordes of darkness are causing chaos down below, attacking the Light in the sons and daughters of God. What can I do? I know I have the key. God is in me, in the Law of the One.


Therefore, I call by the authority of Saint Germain, I AM THAT I AM in the center of this temple of my body, and I declare in the fullness of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood that those, who practice the black magic arts against the children of the Light, are bound by the hosts of the Lord, and those who have dodged karma do now receive the full return, multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ, of the nefarious deeds which they have practiced since the very incarnation of the Word.


Through that ME God will change the world, will turn things around, and will bring the New Day. I can hold the balance. I AM with the World Mother and I AM in the flame. I fulfill the Word of God. The Word will act through me. The Christ will work through me. Full Disclosure will manifest and come in God’s Way. This will be according to the Divine Will that the Archangels and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Solar System, are bringing to our hearts and minds. That blueprint, that image, is being reflected, is taking shape first descending from the etheric realms, through the mental realms and the emotional one, manifesting in the material world.


I take my Vow in the alchemy of my souls’ union to the living Spirit. I AM the invincible bride of Christ in my soul because I have called for the Solar Ring. I am standing as a child of God in the earth clothed upon with the Sun of Righteousness. I come with healing in my wings. I have descended from the heart of God from the heart of my own Mighty I AM Presence. I am a soul extension of the Higher Self who is taking hold in me. I stand in my own Christ Self, and by the flame within my heart, I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield as the foundation of my life, and around the members of my family and friends, as well as all lightworkers, Star seeds, and all beings in incarnation who have a connection with the Divine Father-Mother of All. I do now call for my invincible Tube of Light to be established upon the platform of my Solar Ring for the sealing of my identity, my heart and my mind, within this Mighty Tube of Light by the power of the Solar Ring.


The I AM in me is using the power of Seraphim for the protection of the Nations and the earth body. And I have established my Tube of Light for the sealing of the Collective that has to be lifted in its vibration upon a higher level of consciousness and density. This Tube of Light, that NOW seals all of us, is a great Pillar of Light from the loving I AM PRESENCE, the light of God above us, whose radiance forms a circle of fire before each of us to light the way. The Mighty I AM Presence keeps this Tube of Light intact through every passing moment, as a shimmering shower of beautiful Light through whichnothing of the human effluvia can ever pass, or through whichnothing directed from the lower astral or physical planes – using technology, whether holographic or psychotronic, whether known or unknown – in order to affect the wellbeing or the spirituality of the Lightworkers, can ever pass.


Into the electro-magnetic circle of divinely charged energy of this Pillar of Light is directed a swift upsurge of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. This Violet Flame is expanding right now, as Saint Germain is projecting it all around each one of us, and within the Tube of Light. The Violet Flame of Saint Germain is changing all of our human energies, as well as all negative conditions, within each forcefield, into the positive polarity of our Great God Self. The magic of this Flame purifies our world with Light, so all – whom we shall come into contact with – will experience the blessed effects of the fragrance of the Violet Fire of God’s own heartand this power will consume all discord, cause, effect, and even wipe from the record and memory of Life, in a flash, all that was never intended to be.


The Violet Flame of Saint Germain is magical and has the power to forever transform all conditions in our material world, as well as manifest the Peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ that Archangel Michael, all Elohim and other Archangels, are assisting us to bring into manifestation. The Light of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, theGreat Cosmic Light and the Light of Cosmic Victory, are pouring in from cosmic sources, like the power of ten million Niagara Falls, and are descending to permeate the atmosphere of earth, its lands and oceans, and are even penetrating its core. This power is being intensified more and more and negativities are being removed at the Lord’s command. ILLUSION and corruption is being replaced by the Great Cosmic Light that brings Saint Germain’s great Golden Age into manifestation. This Great Cosmic Fire comes with Cosmic Victory, the Light of Cosmic ILLUMINATION and Enlightenment of Archangel Uriel, that can turn a world around in a flash, and forever change it for the fulfilment of Archangel Michael’s Ancient Prophecy that will forever lift creation out of the grip of Darkness.


I was saying: What can I do? I know I have the key. God is in me, inthe Law of the One. I have NOW called for the full power and manifestation of this fiat of Light and as the call compels the answer, a sacred release of assistance from God’s own heart in the Great Central Sun is being accelerated without limit until all of mankind is ascended and free in the Light that never, never, never fails!


I embody the Spirit of Freedom that will liberate the world from all opposition and conspiracies because I AM in the One and the One is in me, and through that ‘I’ in me, God can change the world and bring solution, enlightenment, and cause the manifestation of a DISCLOSURE concerning the truths that have been suppressed, concerning the secret space program and the technologies that are known but that the Elite has deprived mankind of. But let this be according to God’s Holy Will.


A world can be turned around and be illumined. The Flame of Forgiveness can bring the New Day without negative reactions on the part of those who have been deprived. A golden Age will come and a New Gaia will be built. Is it not time for Full Disclosure to appear and in the hearts and the psyche of the collective of mankind? I NOW call for the fears inspired from the lies and disinformation of the Dark to be no more.


Archangel Michael is wielding his Sword of Blue Flame and is now cutting all souls free and disentangling them from the shackles of their own creations. He is blazing God-power and protection into all of us, to purify our vision, our perception of Reality for the Awakening. His transcendent Blue Lightning power is now flashing through all souls to make them more radiant and whole. With his great Faith he is imbuing all souls. His legions of Blue are descending and coming to seal mankind, to keep it faithful and true. Now by the power of the I AM, we are fully charged and blessed. By his blue flame we are armor-dressed. Therefore, there is no more fear from the conditioning of science-fiction movies that suggest an alien invasion, or a threat to mankind. We have already lived with those forces of darkness that opposed the Light for thousands of year. They have been in our midst for centuries and millennia but this fact was hidden from mankind.



Through the ‘Law of the One in me’ the I AM is God in me. I am in the garment of Ascension to ascend. I am in the golden garment of Ascension that the angels have weaved for me, or my soul, because I have  lifted my thoughts to heaven and aspired to that contact with that force above me, the one that is the Consciousness Divine in me. I have wished for the Truth that makes us free. That One is now descending in the Violet Flame and is coming for ever to reign. As the Violet Flame keeps blazing through, all of Earth will be ascending. Saint Germain has said that Heaven can manifest the solution to every problem that we have, whether this problem requires an individual or global solution. We are opening our hearts to receive them now.


These solutions in the heart of Sanat Kumara are descending. Christ Consciousness is descending and is awakening the whole world. The Maha Chohan breathes the breath of Life to revive the fire of the heart for freedom to increase. He is blazing forth his breath into all hearts to turn the world around. You will see how this world will turn to the right action, and therefore, the swings of political manipulations will cease. There will be one Law, and one Will in alignment with the Divine Will.


Saint Germain is tearing the veil of confusion, of chaos, and is NOW revealing the Christ who rules in the heart. Out of the LAW of the ONE, he SEALS us in the heart of the LORD of Righteousness. We are pronounced ONE forevermore in Spirit, in matter, in body, and in soul. It is a meeting of worlds, not only for the victory of a planet, but the VICTORY of galaxies beyond galaxies, and its beginning is in the victory of single individuals as a result of their Armageddon in the psyche. Saint Germain has proclaimed:




CHRISTINE: Thank you André for this teaching in the form of a call and visualization.


ANDRE: It is with pleasure that I have given it and with Archangel Michael I remain with you ALWAYS.


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