I Am, El Morya: Announcement, Celebrations, Part 1 & 2,

April 17, 2016, by Christine Preston,

Part One, Announcement for mankind,
Earth at 51%,

March 29, 2016


April 17, 2016: A video with a message from Sanat Kumara to Lady Master Venus on the theme of Christ Consciousness, published on 11 Jan 2016, has just come to my attention, because it tells us that the transmutation of the overall planetary karma is now over 50%, but this was in January of this year. It is validation for myself as I have received a message from my I Am Presence about this and was a bit bewildered with this announcement that I have entitled Earth at 51%, March 29. I also received a dictation from Archangel Michael on that same date, and this one has been published on video as Archangel Michael: Disclosure – God’s Way, March 29, 2016.

I have received a message on March 29. It is from my I Am Presence and is an Announcement for mankind. I had been meditating and sent a call mentally and received the following message, and it came in a fast way and with authority. My I Am Presence waited so I could grab a pen and take his dictation word for word, which was as follows:

I am: I am your I Am Presence. This morning the world has reached an elimination of karma to 50% of the totality that has to be balanced, and there was but 1% left to consume for the Collective to be able to ascend.

Speaking to the listeners, I am declaring now that this last 1% has just been balanced by an invocation done by this messenger, for the election of the new presidency in the USA to manifest according to Divine Will. So it will be the one who will work in service to manifest the Will of God, will be elected. There will be peace on Earth. I would like to say that in a coming era the Earth will be returned to the state that She was in during Lemuria. There will be a separation of the dark forces taking place in a very near future as promised. The dark forces that are plotting as I speak, to cause destructions will be removed from the seat of their power on the astral and physical worlds.

The study on Serapis Bey that has been posted on Facebook contains details relating to Ascension as it used to be performed in antiquity and up to recently. It is to do with Resurrection from the human self. It is what Jesus Christ, the real one, accomplished after a long period of initiation in Egypt. It was not after death on a cross, and Joseph of Arimathea who was his Uncle took him to the British Isles when he was a child. Jesus was instructed by the Druids there and at Glastonbury. He was elevated to a high rank of Druidism himself. There was a connection between the Druids and the Schools of Egypt that had inherited the sciences of Hermes or Thoth. Those schools were also connected with the Zoroastrianism of the nations in the East and Middle-East. All of the followers of this Wisdom were subjected to persecution as the forces of darkness began ruling the world, effectively, through the growing influence of religion that was exoteric and the fanaticism of its doctrine of sacrifice. It was the creed of the Romans which continued influencing the world and its politics, despite the claim of secularization. Factions have been set against each other in a myriad of conflicts. The light workers are tired and now comes one who has the strength to put order in this chaos. It will be like a ripple in the waters. He has the power and the drive to accomplish the great feats that will bring peace and solve all problems. The wrong will be exposed and a long process of disclosure will awaken the nation upon the initiative of the president who will be elected. This is my prediction.

The significance of this message is that the world as a whole, or collective, has attained an elimination of karma measured at 51%. This includes the presence of the dark forces, so a large amount of souls are providing enough light in the balance to create this balancing of karma at 51%. It is the figure that permits a soul to ascend by Law. Mankind is permitted to ascend as the population of a planet, or as a Collective. However, there are elements in this population that may not pass. We shall keep you informed of any changes relating to this situation as the events unfold this year.

Part Two: Celebrations,
André and Master El Morya,

March 30, 2016,

On March 30, I posted on Facebook: A baby boy has been born in my family, today March 30, and I think it was in December 12 messages from Archangel Michael and El Morya, entitled ‘Ascension, Recreation of Civilization’, that there was an announcement about that from the Master El Morya. And it is a boy!

Before the phone rang and I was told that the mother was resting and that the baby was a boy, after I woke up in the morning of March 30 I had a very strange experience. The minute I reached for my I Am Presence for the practice of the Tube of Light, I heard the voice of my I Am Presence who had given me the message the day before, and I found myself in an environment of celebration, as if a party had been prepared. At that stage I was not aware that the baby had been born but had received messages that were personal. One was about the completion of an initiation, or training, that had lasted since 2013, earlier than I thought because my ability with telepathic communication only appeared in 2014, but I was having vivid dreams. The second was about being accepted officially to work within the ranks of the Great White Brotherhood. It had been said two or three times before, that I was accepted as a messenger, so I already knew that part of it but the announcement about being part of the Order seems to be more than that. Then I was also told the amount of karma transmutation I had achieved which was cause for celebration. They had also given me more details insisting that my twin flame André will appear in a body created by will. All of this is quite strange. I am going by my notes and not memory as I write down everything and I often find out I have forgotten what was said when I browse my notes. So I had an incredible and very strange experience early in the morning which is in my notes, because my ascended twin flame also gave me a dictation about it in the afternoon. While I was having this experience of being at a party and in celebration, the phone rang, and I learned about the birth of my grand-son Alex or Alexander.

I posted this comment on Facebook on March 30: This morning when I woke up and started my exercise with the Tube of Light, reaching for my I Am Presence, straight away I heard ‘Him’ speak to me and it was as if a party, or celebration, had been prepared. Many things were explained. I didn’t know about the baby yet and they didn’t tell me. The celebration was about something else. We went in ‘rooms’ and in each one I was told something which explained something significant about what has been happening during the last 3 years, or something about an attainment.

I could hear the music that I particularly like which is on a video about the awakening of the Angels in the background ,in the room where I was in the presence of a group of beings, as well as of my I Am Presence who spoke to me with authority and in a warm way, and my ascended twin flame. I could not really see the I Am, but perceived his presence, and also that of André, a bit further, like 2 meters away from me at first and we were facing each other. He was standing at the front of an audience of beings, and I was focusing on what was being said. I also was in that very special and pleasant feeling which is typical when one is risen higher upon the ladder of consciousness or in a higher vibration. I think it was bilocation and later André dictated:


All this is true and so were the experiences in 2014. You have presented a view to the world that there is an Armageddon of the psyche taking place, which is true, for the world, but you were in a circle of highly protected souls undergoing initiation. Today we have celebrated, you were taken to a party and your I Am Presence spoke, congratulating you for having completed the initiation and eliminated karma, which you were told last evening, and the baby was also born some time before we celebrated. We celebrated this morning and there was music, that of the video on human angels which starts with a reference to the Grail. You saw me, I was in front of you for a while and then by your side when we went to another room. We renewed our vows of marriage. This is why we went into a second room before the phone rang. I have told you many times we are married though not in physicality. You were told what will happen to you physically. It will take some time to manifest. You will still go through portals of Ascension. You are still to be taken to Light chambers later.


Then we were interrupted as the phone rang. On March 30, I noted: About the birth which occurred at 5 am, I recorded on Facebook the following: I have got news this morning. A baby boy has been born in my family as was prophesied. I have had a message from the Master El Morya this morning. I felt he wanted to be born in March, but the previous time I had a message from him, he said the birth would take place 3 weeks later. I had calculated it could happen this coming Friday but it did today (Wednesday).
Aries is the sign of Abraham, who was an incarnation of the Master El Morya. So much is happening at the moment.  I thought I should share this.  After I learned that the baby had been born I received a message from his Higher Self, the Master El Morya:

El Morya’s:

March 30 is when I was born again into the world, as I have remained in an etheric body for a long time at Shamballah, which is the place from which I represent the Earth in the Galactic Federation of Light, in an etheric body. I had various incarnations, one of which as the Abraham of Genesis, one of the wise men who travelled to see Jesus in a manger, Melchior, and Thomas Beckhett, and others. The Star which the wise men followed by the way was actually a spaceship, but we had astrological calculations for the birth of the one who was going to achieve Ascension in his life. He was initiated in Egypt in the East, and also by Druids in Britain, which was called Albion. The three wise men were the Master Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, and myself. And now, Christine, you will do the same using satellite technology to travel with your daughter by car to that home of your son in the middle of nowhere, as you say, in the country where there is nothing except sheep and horses. It will be quite a sanctuary by comparison to the hussle of busy towns. I was the one who founded the Summit Lighthouse through Mark and Elisabeth C. Prophet. Your family has a DNA that goes back to the daughter that the Master Jesus had with Mary Magdelene. Mother Mary has told you that you were her grand child so this is not new to you. Not only does your family descend from that daughter called Melissa, but you were her. This was an episode of life that took place in the South of France and you have felt an attraction to Carnac in Brittany because you actually studied the ancient stones or megatliths there, even in that life. Souls always reincarnate within the family DNA as they have formed karmic ties with its members and they are reunited. André, your twin flame, and yourself, were incarnated again in that Belgian root of this family and you have cousins in France. And now the connection is being made with a family in Britain from which the mother of the newborn child descends. It is an ancient family descending from the ancestors who moved to Glastonbury, who were given land there, who had connections with the Druids and Mary’s ancient family. For she was of British origin. Later, Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’s Uncle, had a descendance which is known as the early kings of Britain, about whom the authors Geoffrey of Monmouth attempted to record a history. As I said I was King Arthur who attempted to rebuild civilization after the world was liberated from the Atlantean despotism. Your son, who now is my father is the reincarnation of L.A. Waddell. His interest in horses is due to the years he spent traveling in the East with the army. He didn’t want any more of the academic world as he was badly treated by it. I am El Morya, the Spirit of the one who has just been born and has not been named yet.


I also received a communication from Mother Mary, on April 10, as I had been looking at some scenes in the movie ‘The King of Kings’. She confirmed that Jesus, or Ieshouah, was blond with curly hair and blue eyes. It has been assumed that he was Jewish and therefore he is often represented with dark hair, but this is also built upon the erroneous notion that the children who were the descendants of the Israelites were semitic. They descended from Noah and were of the 5th root race, or Aryan, the meaning of which is ‘Indo-European’. In Hinduism and Brahmanism the counterpart of Noah is Manu. The archeologists of the 19th century discovered evidence that the first dynasty of the Sumerians and their language were not Semitic. This was in the 1850s and led to heated debates up to the 1920s, and the evidence is in the museums of the world as it is obvious from some statues and sculptures that these people had blue eyes. Lapis lazuli stones were used in their eyes to represent this fact. The early Greeks were blond and this has been forgotten. Jesus was blond because his mother, Mary, was from a genealogical branch of family that originated from the British Isles. Britain was called Albion. This is why there are legends and historical records in relation to Avalon and Jesus in Britain.

André also dictated on March 31:


We have celebrated the completion of the initiation. You were taken to a party and your I Am Presence spoke to you and congratulated you for having completed the course and in the process, balanced some karma. You were told this as well as the fact that the balance of karma, as far as mankind is concerned, now amounts to 51%. That means that the lightworkers have achieved a very high individual transmutation of karma, and are holding a balance for the weight of negative karma incurred by the darkest forces that form part of mankind. Some time before we were informing you of this fact, another event had taken place. It was the birth of your grand-son on March 30. This as we have said before, also represents the appearance in the material world of a great light, the incarnation of the Master El Morya of the Darjeeling Council of Shamballah, who has founded the Summit Lighthouse and the HeartsCentre in Montana, which are beacons of light, teaching mankind as their Messengers have acted as emissaries for the instruction of the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and Archangels, as well as other Cosmic sources. The Master El Morya was the real King Arthur, who lived at an earlier period of history than is estimated by the academic world, by those who are certain he was more than a legendary character. The party was to celebrate your confirmed admission in the Great White Brotherhood as a messenger, and it was said that you made your own contribution in this repayment of karma, that is now at 51% for mankind as a whole. It was by the completion of these 3 years of initiation. We celebrated and you heard music.


So this is my report of what you might call my Celestial Communications with the announcement, regarding the karmic transmutation achieved by mankind, but it doesn’t change the personal requirements for any individuals in the process of Ascension. With regard to the baby’s name the parents decided it would be ‘Alexander’. I have been told that there is a significance in the name chosen. ‘Ander’ in the name relates to ‘André’ and ‘Al’ to Albion, the name for Britain about 2,000 years ago. But this is unknown to the parents.
I have shared these messages and communications although some are of a personal nature because they contain details that may help the lightworkers to understand the nature of that other world to which we are being lifted up to. What happens in respect of the telepathic communications should also be of interest because they are related to an ability which is developing for every one. Soon you will all have your personal telephone line to your I Am Presence, the Archangels or Ascended Masters, or the Galactic beings, if you don’t already have it. We sometimes have experiences and don’t understand what they are about, so perhaps this may hold a key to elucidate a mystery. Namaste! Christine

I Am, El Morya: Announcement, Celebrations, Part 1 & 2,

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