Ascended Twin Flame André, Ascension Update, Elections

Ascended Twin Flame André, Ascension Update, Elections,
April 23, 2016, by Christine Preston


I have recorded in my note book that I had a conversation with my Ascended Twin Flame André on April 16 after he stated:

‘it’s moving on’.

I asked: What do you mean?


The energies are high and are transporting you and the lightworkers to uncharted seas of experiences. We have not experienced the height of such wave, where they are taking us, even we on the higher realms are feeling the effects of the photonic Light that the solar system is traversing. It’s quite electrifying in a psychic way. The diplomats are thinking very hard, searching for solutions to the problems of the world, including issues such as how their decisions will affect the evolution of humanity. They are beginning to show a sense of responsibility, realizing how they can make destiny go one way or the other. Everything is in a state of flux. It always is and we observe what is taking place and we see energies that move and coagulate to form situations in a way that woud be difficult to describe. My view of your physical world is not the same as yours. I don’t mean we disagree on points of view intellectually, but we see from where I am how the energies come together to materialize and you only see the end result which also is holographic.


André has also said that he is above the Astral plane, in the Etheric world. Being ascended he is in Christ consciousness. He is working for the Great White Brotherhood and Ashtar Command, and has been assigned to my protection and instruction. We are family because we are twin flames, and I knew him until he passed away in 1972. He was my cousin. He is actually descending, now, preparing to reappear, but not as a baby. He will be coming down to physicality when we are properly in a higher place in the fifth dimension, by the method of creating a body by will, which was known in antiquity as being ‘self-begotten’ and which Saint Germain used in the 1700s to return after he had ascended. Andre has specified that when he returns it will not be by passing through the Astral plane. According to tradition the Solar System is made up of seven planes, or dimensions of reality, and the physical one is the densest. The Astral has been classified as the emotional plane, and there is a lower and a higher mental plane. The higher one forms part of the level of Christ consciousness. At the latter there is no change or karma, and there is no time. Above the mental plane is that of intuition, or Buddhic plane, which also is that of the Christ consciousness which represents a blueprint of what the soul is to become as we mirror it and express it. Above that is the spiritual plane, or Atma, and beyond the latter is the monadic plane upon which dwells the I Am Presence. ‘Monad’ is the old terminology for the divine presence, or Spirit Within. Our Higher Selves are anchored in the Buddhic plane, that of Intuition. The soul extension, or personality, which we are, is anchored in the four elements of matter, fire, air, water, and earth, which form our physical world. There also are subplanes and Cosmic planes. I have taken this information from Joshua David Stone who received teachings from the Master Djwhal Khul in past decades. André also says:
André :

The Ascended Masters are masters of the cosmic physical plane and they are integrating the Cosmic higher intelligences of which they are extensions of. In most cases this movement upward is due to having descended on a special mission in Lemurian time, such as that of the 144,000 to rescue Earth and create a timeline of Ascension. Even after re-ascending, these Masters have descended again on a mission and achieved their ascension again. For the Ascension after death, and therefore, out of the body, it is necessary to have attained a transmutation of karma at 51%. It was thanks to a dispensation obtained from the Karmic Board by Saint Germain that the requirement of 100% was reduced. Before this dispensation, souls had a difficulty to ascend and they were constantly sent back to physical incarnation, to attempt to balance that karma and gain freedom from the Wheel of reincarnation. It was even more difficult to ascend during one’s lifetime, which is what the Master Jesus did, and I believe, also his twin flame Lady Magdalena. Yes, she did ascend with her physical body in that life recorded in gnostic literature. This achievement counted to avoid a number of great disasters and provide an extension so that mankind could continue in their footsteps. And you have just heard the announcement that the global transmutation of karma has now reached 51% in the message published last week.
I am angelic in origin but after my last life I had to ascend. This was relatively easy without having to convert the physical body as Jesus Christ did. I had already ascended previously so the karma of other lives had been cleared. What is taking place today is called Ascension, but it is more exactly an upliftment in the vibrations or resonance of the soul in the physical structure, corresponding to righteousness and spirituality. The physical world is being transformed, and even the physical form that you inhabit is slowly being transfigured as a result of the divine plan that has been master-minded as part of what we call the Ascension. You build a kingdom and create New Gaia from a response to Light. There are initiations that you undergo on this path, and along it you first merge or integrate with Christ consciousness, and this also consists in merging with one’s higher self. Another way to express this is to say that the Higher Self descends and exercises a greater control, without impeding upon your freewill. It is so because your own freewill is aligned with the Divine Will, and later you merge with the Monad, the I Am Presence. After the Fifth Initiation, the ascended Masters can manifest a body if they have not preserved the one in which they took the fifth initiation.
In the past when the Monad merged with the person, the latter turned into light, and the physical body disappeared. The persona found itself in the lightbody. But in this present age the Lightbody has been descending with Christ consciousness and causing DNA changes, which even are the reason that certain psychic abilities such as that required for telepathic communication are appearing. This is due to the photonic light that the solar system is being irradiated with. Souls do not pass on to the spiritual world anymore, if they can survive or if it is their destiny to take part in this physical ascension to the end. They remain in physicality and at one stage they are freed of karma as they have individually balanced it to a full 100%, although in past decades it was difficult to even attain 51%. This gives you an insight of how much progress has been achieved during the last decade. You were instructed on March 30 that we had been celebrating because mankind has reached the 51% transmutation of karma. This figure represents an average balance between light and dark on Earth. There are dark minds in physicality, as you can observe from your News on TV, for instance, those who are causing chaos and wars, those manipulators of political strategies that destabilize countries, and large Corporations which seek to gain wealth and control, as well as to diminish the overall population of the world, by all sorts of means, one of which is the spraying of poisonous chemical trails. This average of 51% means that the lightworkers have a very high level of transmutation of karma, closing to 100% if this is not yet accomplished. They are holding a balance of Light against that of the dark, and among them are the 144,000 sent for this mission. There are millions of Galactic beings who had no karma when they incarnated as well, they are the Star seeds and were not part of the human evolution but have come for a reinforcement, to change the timelines and to bring about the manifestation of Divine Will for the victory of the Light in this Galaxy, as well as the fulfillment of Archangel Michael’s Prophecy, the one he made millions of years ago, concerning the special role the Earth would play in the great Plan of lifting up physicality up to a higher dimension.
However, the actual Ascension is the merging of the personality with the I Am Presence, and as the ascending souls that you are, remain in physicality on Earth, your physical bodies are slowly being transfigured into glorified spiritual bodies of crystalline-base molecular structure. The physical world in which you exist, though, also has to be transformed gradually. You ascend in waves and remain on Earth in service. A certain quotient of light is necessary for the actual Ascension and highest initiation, and the quotient is different for the lower initiations. The quotient relates to an absorbtion of Light in the soul. There are ways to increase this Light quotient, one of which is to improve one’s character and acquire the virtues of Christ consciousness. You can use the spiritual tools the masters have taught in past decades to call for the Rays, the flames, as well as the intervention of the Archangels and Elohim in order to transform you. There are various techniques.


Could you tell me about the situation with the Elections?

In the US the situation is an incredible fiasco. I mean there are dark forces at the bottom of the control and conspiracies, and some evil ‘goings on’ like Satanic rites. That part of it is all true. There is a group on the astral that is exercising control over minds, those of politicians and people in position of authority such as in Congress. There still are people in families that have a legacy of power and have had links with Reptilians some years ago. They believe in dark forces and practice black magic rituals. They seek guidance from their former masters who have abandoned them, and it is true that the latter sought to make deals with the Forces of the Light to save themselves out of this Solar system by selling, betraying, those pawns of theirs. They thought that the Ascension is only taking place on Earth, or may be even just in the Solar System, and wanted an Alternative 3 kind of escape to another Constellation. About the Presidential Elections we are still saying that Donald Trump is going to win them. Of course, it’s a very delicate matter to make such a prediction where you stand, but we have seen the certainties in the timelines. The Hierarchy is also backing him because his Corporation stands apart from the evil doings of the others. He has the genuine intention to change America for the better. There is a situation with who is pulling the strings in the political scenes of the world. The rich families are still pulling them and creating scenarios of destruction, and it’s not just for their own gain and wealth. They use the bankers as their servants but there is more than that. It’s a war. They simply oppose the Light and seek to prevent the Ascension, and they won’t accept that it is cosmic and that some forces beyond their control are causing it. They want to reverse the tide to their advantage. They are obstinate. And it could cost their existence. If they do not capitulate they could end up going through the second death which is that of the soul when it is recycled. This is what happened to Lucifer on the date given in the message entitled ‘Vials of Karma’. This is a difficult statement to pass on after the enormous amount of disinformation that has taken place concerning this matter. But we shall leave it to that for the time being.
So, with regard to Donald Trump, we see that there is a need for a candidate to possess great strength and stamina in present circumstances, and we see that the next President will have a fight with the Establishment and need to oppose it so that Disclosure can occur. If the dark ones, the Illuminati, or Cabal, attempt to control him by threats, black mails, or anything of the kind, we will be intervening with Ash-tar Command, the air division of the Great White Brotherhood. The Cabal is being given a chance to turn to the Light. There are individuals in connection with it who are being disentangled and this is a war of a psychic nature, the Armageddon of the Psyche, which is not something the Lightworkers have understood up to recently. We have given some teachings in past messages on that matter.
The root of the Evil of terrorism is on the Astral Plane in those forces which have exercised a control from there for thousands of years. It’s all to do with the Reptilian presence on the lower astral plane which is part of the 4th dimension, but a great clearing up has been done for decades by the angelic kingdom. The Reptilians are an ancient group of beings who have destroyed many worlds in this Galaxy. For this story, refer to The Prophecy. They interfered with the evolutions on the planet Maldek, which exploded as a result.


Have they been offered to be taken to that world that will remain in the third dimension?
That’s a question which is outside my jurisdiction. You know that I can’t probe into other people’s akashic records and have permission to search for details mostly to do with what relates to you and your family, or things that could affect you, or general knowledge relating to the Ascension. And I could tell you, for instance, if your daughter was still on her way, or had arrived in your town, or if something was done or not. I was able to inform you that the Master El Morya was going to incarnate in your family, and we had informed you some six months before the pregnancy was known to the parents. We, myself and Archangel Michael, gave you some details about family DNA and past incarnations. The objective was to bring back to your memory certain details ahead of your recovery of full consciousness. I have been assigned to looking after you like a guardian angel, and also to accomplish a mission of protection as you crossed a time of encounters and a level of dimension in which you could be at the mercy of some dark forces, as part of your path of initiation and ascension, and because in a physical way you and many lightbearers have moved through the 4th dimension, a part of which is the astral plane. You were conscious of being at the corresponding level of the astral plane as you physically crossed it, some two to three years ago. You wondered whether it was the reason that you were experiencing what used to be called ‘paranormal encounters’. It started before the experiences of 2014 when you perceived the dog that had died going upon your bed, or jumping off it.
After you developed the telepathic ability you experienced the scenarios of contacts with those forces that carried out impostures of the spiritual Hierarchy, then as time went by it seemed you were being elevated out of the reach of those forces, then there were but voices that were irritating, but you did not react in that way, and you continued, feeling strong in the protection. You knew you were receiving from Archangel Michael and his legions of the first Ray, as well as myself, as I am constantly there for you, you have but to reach, lifting your thoughts and attune your mind to my frequency.


In Reference to the scenarios in 2014, what were those forces? Did they have permission to do what they did. Was it controlled.

They were an attack but controlled and part of an initiation. All experiences can be said to be part of initiation and controlled, because your protection is continued at all times. But in this case there were real attacks, and interventions against them had to follow certain rules due to deals made between the Light and the Dark, and also strategies, so the Dark would learn and change without realizing it. As we have implied it many times, the Dark has been abusive and take any opportunity to use tricks and manipulations, so we had a real battle and were on stand-by and alert. If the situation had deteriorated drastically we would have intervened, using some technology and powers at our disposal, but we won in the end and a group of dark entities were apprehended and sent to trial on the Saturnian Courts. They were given a chance and broke rules. These forces were astral and interfering. They use technology that create holographic images in people’s minds and permit them to communicate telepathically. They create images with the result that they appear as paranormal encounters, or almost ghostly. You have learned in a fast and intensive way about the rules of the games they play, the laws relating to all of these interactions at that level of communication. So it was an initiation. You have been told that you have been trained to be of service to the Great White Brotherhood, and that you now are officially a messenger to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System. You are now part of it in physicality. Many lightworkers have gone through portals of ascension and have returned with a seed of healing in their soul, that will blossom and transfigure them in the physical world.
I think you can release this text, although it contains some personal details as they may cast light on some of the lightworkers own experiences, for the time being, until they can receive the teachings of their own inner Self, and develop the ability to receive Celestial communications.
So I shall say, In Light and Love, and Namma-stay everyone! Awn-dray

Thank you André, for this information,

Ascended Twin Flame André, Ascension Update, Elections

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