Lords Michael/Sanat Kumara: Leap & Woes,

April 24, 2016 by Christine Preston


Christine: This morning, after waking-up, my experience could be described as ‘being held in the power’. I sensed something like a ‘click’ that was a little electric discharge from Archangel Michael and all of a sudden I was feeling higher. He had lifted me up to a higher place than where I was. Archangel Michael wanted to show me what people are going to experience as Adronis has announced that a shift to 4th density would take place at the end of this year. I am not saying that I experienced a physical shift in which one apparently remains in physical density but a comparable sensation.


We have heard about the Wave of photon light the solar system has encountered on September 28, 2015, as well as the second one on March 20, 2016, and we are expecting a third encounter of this kind with a high concentration of Light between the Fall and Winter of this year, 2016. The process of Disclosure will reach a critical stage before this.


I have asked a question to Archangel Michael about this leap which is said to be to the 4th density, as it appears to be in contradiction with the idea conveyed through different channelers, that the portions of mankind that were part of Wave 1 and Wave 2 have been lifted up upon the 5th dimension.


Also to be noted is the fact that Lord Sanat Kumara has given me a statement containing a warning for the Dark forces on Sunday April 24, which will be reproduced at the end of this message.


Lord Sanat Kumara has also told me before this statement that He will bring Earth and humanity to the 5th dimension earlier, or in a shorter time than it was previously planned, and I cannot stress enough that there must be a very interesting story in relation to the reasons for such a change.


With regard to the announcement concerning the shift to the 4th density, he explained that in soul, or spirituality, we already are in the 5th Dimension and above, as far as the first two waves are concerned, and that in consciousness or mind, we rise up and down above the 5th dimension and upto the 12th. But in body we are in the 3rd Dimension. The higher dimensions are super-imposed upon the physical, or material, 3rd dimension, and, as we are multi-dimensional beings, when leaving the body at night until a few years ago, most souls used to find themselves upon the astral plane which is part of the 4th dimension, but now they rise higher up onto the etheric plane which corresponds to the 5th dimension if they have magnetized light and vibrate in unison with that level.


I did ask Archangel Michael the following question: Is Adronis’ announcement about a shift to 4th density Earth a different concept from the idea of an ascension to the 5th dimension? Some people are even of the opinion that we already are on our way to the 6th dimension. He answered:


Archangel Michael: There is a problem in the fact that there are different approaches and views to this phenomenon. It has been explained that you are in a 3 D world with a super-imposition of higher dimensions over it and that you physically vibrate as if you were on 5 D. At the same time you are able to experience the feelings of higher states of consciousness when being lifted up, by the effect of these moments of meditation, love attunements, prayers or communication. It’s been described as going up the ladder of the dimensions up to the 12th dimension.


I also accelerate your vibrations and you feel as if you are going up and you experience a higher state of being and the same as if you existed upon a higher dimension. You have even experienced states of beingness that you could not normally experience without such help in physicality. The souls that have crossed over to the 5th dimension at the peak of irradiation and that continue to absorb it, as well as integrate the Lightbody, are in an insulated capsule that separate them from the effects of karma and negativities generated by the other ones who are still in the 3rd or 4th dimensions. They are in their own world. In a way you have your feet on the 3rd dimension and the rest of you is on the 5th. You are still anchored, so to speak in 3 D.


I have stated before that with the occurrence of a quantum leap you would not suddenly find yourselves in a totally different world as if, for instance, you would wake up and find that all the concrete in the world had disappeared and you were in a paradise-like environment. No, changes will still have to be carried out by mankind, but you will benefit from being in a world with different laws, and will find that you are able to manifest, or precipitate, what you want faster, even a better health, as well as your own physical regeneration, and later you will be getting help when you are in that time of transition with new technologies and light chambers.


You will be creating New Gaia in following years and will be bringing about positive changes, especially after the Election of a President in the US who will have opposed the Establishment. At the same time as this struggle takes place, behind the curtains of the astral plane, a dissolution of the powers of darkness is, and will be, taking place. We are still saying that the one we see winning this battle on the timelines, is Donald Trump and that is mainly because we have been forming a plan for decades and set things in place so that a liberation of mankind from the captivity to the Dark forces can take place at this time. He has got this far because the Dark ones did not believe in the beginning that he was more than a joke. So do not be deluded by appearanes and the attempts of a controlled media to carry out personality assassination.


The changes coming up at the end of this year can be compared to a dissolution that will entail having your feet upon the 4th density. And yet there will still be some people in 3 D, and it will be as if there was a window of separation between the two. This will happen at the same time as a Third Wave of souls joins the first and second ones. You will all have your feet on the 4th density level and will continue experiencing changes in following years. There should eventually be a separation of realities. That has been said before. Your world is being raised to the level at which you will be able to experience communication and contact with your family of the Stars. They have been dwelling upon superior dimensions relative to your own. You are coming up and they have been descending to some extent, especially for contacts and communication. Contact will be made easier when you are higher.


The shift announced by Adronis of Sirius is but a beginning of separation of realities relating to your actual physicality. The dark is being taken away. Mankind is being disentangled from it in the process of what appears to be an end of world to those who don’t understand. The Masters and a myriad of Star Seeds, as well as higher beings, have already taken up embodiment during the last few years. They will be helping with the transition to a higher existence on beautiful Gaia.


The 4th Density is the Astral world but it has been cleared and purged and the lower astral world has been prepared to be separated. You will experience freedom from the interference of the Dark as predicted by SaLuSa.


Christine: On April 24, I received a communication from Lord Sanat Kumara in the Sun, that is a warning to the Dark ones, when I called to my I Am Presence to establish my Tube of Light upon the platform of the Solar Ring using the name I Am that I Am. I almost immediately heard his say:


Sanat Kumara: I can hear you my daughter!

Christine: Do not be surprised if he calls you his Son or Daughter if your hear him. Lord Sanat Kumara called himself I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara in the Sun of this Solar System. I think he has taken his position there due to the energies of Ascension, Photon light, etc, which come through the sun as a portal, though they are diffused by what might be called ultra-terrestrial technology. He came to Earth 18 million years ago to direct the evolution of mankind and has been in the office of Logos but it has been known for a few years, even decades, that Lord Buddha has taken his position. However, Sanat Kumara has not left the Solar System. About this dilemma of 4th Density and 5th dimension, he said:

Sanat Kumara:  In soul or spirituality your are in 5D, in body you are in 3 D and in consciousness, you are above as you rise up and down above the 5th dimension and up to the 12th dimension.

Christine: Sanat Kumara asked me to channel a statement to the dark forces as they are still carrying out some attacks, although not as seriously as before. I had to speak his warning in the spoken word, so I channeled. He did this because of an interference during the time we were in conversation. André, my ascended twin flame, who is constantly connected and on stand-by, said:

André: Wait, there is an interference!

Christine: then Sanat Kumara asked me to repeat with him or channel a statement to whoever they were. He declared to them that they will be taken to another world to continue their evolution and are not allowed to interfere with the children of the Sun, ‘from this day on’ and that ‘from this day on’ if they attempt to do so they will be sent to Saturn, for judgment, and will be made to lose their very existence in the sacred fires, and will be no more. He also said he will bring mankind, and the Earth, to the 5th dimension in a shorter time than previously stated!

Sanat Kumara’s tone is very warm, friendly and paternel, but really authoritative. I noted he used expressions such as ‘from this day on’ and ‘Sanat Kumara of the Great White Brotherhood of the Star’ but I could not remember the whole content. André has, however, dictated to me the message I was asked to channel so the dark forces would  hear it on the spot, and it is as follows:

Sanat Kumara: This is Sanat Kumara. I Am that I Am and I now declare through this messenger that you will be no more if you continue in your belligerent ways. I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara, who is stating that from this day on, you will obey, you will not be interferring with the forces of the Light embodied in these, my children, doing my work upon the Earth. From this day on I will prevent interferences from you, forces of darkness that have polluted the Earth and the consciousness of my children of Light born of the Great Central Sun. I will not allow it for they have awakened and turned the world around. They are pure in hearts. They have transmuted karma. By the Law of the One that they are invoking, I declare that this day there will occur an instant wrath to descend upon the head of you, dark ones, if you dare lifting a finger to attack my children of the Light. You will be taken to another world to continue your existence and your evolution now very soon, but if you continue attempting to interfere with them and the affairs of their world, there will be an instant reaction, you will be no more as you will be taken and your life, your very existence, if you can call it a soul, will be thrown in the sacred fires that are on the Planet Saturn, the sacred fires, not to endure eternal hell, because you will be no more, you will lose your very existence. The life of your soul will be taken if you lift a finger against these, my children. You will be no more and you will not pass! I Am Sanat Kumara of the Sun with Helios and Vesta in the Sun of this Solar System. We continue moving in space on our way towards the God Star Sirius where we shall take our place as the 8th system orbiting the Sun systems of this Constellation and we shall take our position planned many millions of years ago.

Christine: So these are the conversations I have had with Archangel Michael and Sanat Kumara, in the presence of my ascended twin flame. I am grateful I can pass their content on to you, thanks to Matt publishing them as videos. Blessings and Namaste to all! Christine.

Lords Michael/Sanat Kumara: Leap & Woes,

One thought on “Lords Michael/Sanat Kumara: Leap & Woes,

  1. Rune says:


    Thanks forv very inspiring information!
    One of the things that are puzzling many these days is the reported total Magnetopause reversal around Earth on April 23rd, at 0600-0800 European time, as reported in the link below.

    May you address this mystery?

    Love & Light


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