Archeia Faith: Worlds pulled apart, April 17-May 1, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: Mankind is in transition. Our chakra system is being developed, and some chakras that are for Galactic communication, with far off worlds, are being added to our existing system in our aura. This is on the etheric plane close to the physical one. Apparently a lot of work has been carried out upon our physical structure, as well, and the souls that have been ascending and going through portals at different times, but especially after September 28, 2015, have 100% of their molecular structure converted to crystalline, or silicon, now. They have been prepared for the quantum leap to physical existence upon the actual Fifth dimension and are still progressing further towards the 6th dimension. That leap will only happen after humanity has been prepared and given a complete teaching that will disclose the colossal suppression of truth that has been going on in recent times, together with the forgery of a false history, and this will take place after Disclosure has reached full force and the world has changed as a result. This is what I have been made to understand.
With regard to the preparation work that is being carried out on us by the angels, it is as though it is being done up to a point, and then a certain connection is left undone for a later time, as for instance a connection between chakras, or in the DNA. This is why we come back to our bodies and do not have full memory of who we are, or what we have done while out of them, or where we went while out of the body. The problem is in the brain, or the antakharana is not fully connected. The photonic light and high energies that the Earth and Solar System are traversing are causing the Awakening. They cause an activation and acceleration in consciousness leading to many changes because of the descent of the Lightbody, which also results from our magnetizing light to ourselves. We are integrating it together with Christ consciousness.
After the cataclysms and decimation of the mankind of the Atlantean age, when souls started being sent back to rebuild an embryon of civilization, this was done with some modifications, including a reduction in the spectrum of consciousness, in the new generation of beings, and their lifespan, or longevity, was recorded to have decreased gradually. When the ancient scriptures were first written it was from the recollection of stories which had been memorised. The texts were altered many times. But among the facts that were not removed is the mention that a paradise was lost. It was the golden age of Atlantis, and it was at that time, when entering the third dimension that human beings started reproducing as today and giving birth. This was not necessary previously as they did not die. Their existence was comparable to that of the Ascended Masters. The descent into the lower dimension caused a reduction of their longevity. Abraham for instance lived a longer life than his own children. This happened because of a reduction in the size of the silver cord. The height of the human bodies was also shrunk. And you may have noticed that, during the last decades, children have grown taller than their parents. It is because of spirituality and evolution. During the Atlantean age all beings, as well as the fauna and the animals, were gigantic by comparison to today. Some specimens of these giants survived into the new period that followed the Atlantean cataclysms, and then gradually disappeared.
Mankind’s DNA was tampered with by Atlantean scientists for control, and in relation to this is the idea that Earth was conquered, taken over, by negative forces, more than 400,000 years ago, gradually. In association with this is the matter of the decline of the planet Maldek, followed by the reincarnation of souls upon Earth that were given a second chance in spiritual evolution, but having risen to power these souls recreated their civilization and what they knew upon Earth. They also introduced to more innocent souls a corruption which led to the downfall of the Atlantean civilization. The Earth herself was wounded by what the Reptilian Anunnaki rulers of those days did to her, due to their Agenda of control, their folly, insanity, and designs of conquest. They opposed the divine plan of Ascension that was intended in those days, and it had to be aborted.
Heaven had a Plan of Ascension, not only to raise souls to a higher dimension, but to lift the whole planet up to a higher level of vibration and existence. The whole solar system is being elevated to a higher dimensional state of existence. Mankind can take part in this project by absorbing light. A soul that is full of darkness would disintegrate if it was suddenly placed in higher Light, as Light consumes darkness. This is why the Light has to be absorbed by drips or trickle, as well as diffused when it is distributed to mankind.
Since the Atlantean days, and because they had knowledge that some cosmic changes would take place in the future, these dark powers conspired to sabotage the plan of Ascension. However, it seems that they didn’t have an understanding of the changes that were to take place as the Solar System would be crossing the Photon Belt from the time of the great Galactic Alignment prophesied to occur from December 21, 2012. Some of those changes only took place from September 28, 2015, in order to permit a larger portion of mankind to benefit from the cosmic influences.

Conversation with Archeia Faith

Christine: In the middle of the night the Master Jesus told me that this planet was terra-formed by Angelic and other beings who remained and lowered themselves into a higher form of incarnation than our physical bodies. Who did they become?

Archeia Faith: During the Lemurian period, they represented the innocent mankind that had the divine connection and were then influenced by the very dark forces that were much older, who were scheming and devious, very materialist, scientific, and technological, but corrupt.
Angelic beings of primordial times have incarnated to lead the way. They are known as the 144,000 saints from the book of Revelation, and they were joined by Star seeds. Their mission was to rescue the Earth as well as the lost sheep. They are to be distinguished from those beings who cut themselves off from divine consciousness, among whom there are dark satanic entities on the Astral plane that cannot be saved.
The Forces of the Light have to operate according to the Divine Plan, and this includes a psychic disentanglement that takes place as Archangel Michael, for instance, goes into action with his armies of the First Ray, with his Sword of Blue Flame, or other beings, such as the Elohim Hercules, or Astrea, intervene with a similar system of circles and swords of light that raise souls to a state of higher purity. Saint Germain also intervenes with the violet flame. Archangels, such as Uriel, Mother Mary, Chamuel and Charity, as well as the Buddhas of the Ruby Ray, intervene with their own tools.
The Rays are being used and absorbed by mankind to create what has been referred to as the great Awakening. Souls are being freed from the psychological conditions, as well as erroneous views, which enslave them. Mankind has been in captivity without suspecting it and is being freed and healed by Light and its attributes. Qualities, virtues, and a higher state of consciousness, are appearing gradually. Christ consciousness is being integrated. The Dark and all its aspects cannot pass into the higher world. If it does not submit, or surrender to the Light to be taken to undergo re-education, it will be annihilated, not by attack, but because it cannot survive in an environment of Spiritual Light. The Light causes the removal of evil. It strips souls from their veils, so if a being that is made up of darkness, rather than light, passes through into a world of higher dimension or light, what will be left of this being may not permit its survival.

Christine: Archangel Michael used to descend into the Astral world wearing a diamond armour of Light. But I have been informed yesterday that the lower Astral plane does not exist at all any more. He is confirming this again as I am writing. The lower astral world has been dismantled. Souls are still being disentangled from the shackles of their own creation, but a great clearance has been achieved during the last decades. He can be in a myriad of places at the same time and saves souls, not only on Earth and in different dimensions, but also throughout the Galaxy. He sends a minute part of himself to us, as for instance to provide protection, and can send his emissaries, his legions, his angels, as well as order those other legions of Heaven. He passes through matter on the physical plane and works with Ashtar Command, the airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood, which by the way, is called ‘White’ for a contrast with ‘black magic’ as the Dark powers, which opposed it, rose to power and infiltrated the high priesthood during the Atlantean period, and they corrupted their spiritual practice to the extent that it became ‘black magic’. We will work on a definition for the Great White Brotherhood for another video. It has been called by this name since the 19th century and has been called the Brotherhood of the Star by Cobra.

Archeia Faith: Worlds pulled apart, April 17-May 1, 2016

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