by Christine Preston

Christine: I am a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood [the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Solar System – ‘white’ by the way, is in relation to Righteousness in contrast with the dark, or black magic, of the satanic forces that have been operating on Earth since the Atlantean era]. I have acquired an ability for telepathic communication and receive tele-thought transmissions mainly from Archangel Michael and my Ascended Twin Flame, but also from the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and Galactic Beings. I have been told by my sources that I have been trained by them and they have declared me to officialy be a Messenger as far as they are concerned. I have recorded my logs of celestial communications in a book entitled ‘TERRA, TRANSITION & TELEPATHY’ which is not yet published. Telepathy is a psychic ability which many people are developing now due to DNA change, see my audio Introduction for this using the link I provide at the end of this article. Channeling is a phenomenon which is becoming common. The messages end in the book in about February 2016 and cover most of my daily communications for 2015. These messages are published by Matt Muckleroy in the form of audio messages on videos. Their total is 37 so far. The latest are not in the book. I have also received messages from Adronis of Sirius who normally channels through Brad Johnson, and have had communications from Ashtar Command, the airborne division of the Great White Brotherhood for our Solar System [I am working on a definition and historical background for the latter which will be available on my Facebook page christine Preston, Swansea University], and my ascended twin flame works with Ashtar Command. I have received messages from Lord Sanat Kumara, who came to Earth 18 milion years ago in an etheric body to direct evolutions upon the Earth, and who has been in the office of Logos of the Earth until recently as his position has been taken by Lord Gautama Buddha, and Sanat Kumara is now in the esoteric Sun behind our sun. I have received a message in relation to that matter too.

I would like to inform you that on February 28, 2016 I received a message from Mother Mary saying that Donald Trump will be the elected president. I didn’t hesitate to post the message on my Facebook page and to have it published as a video although predictions are a bit tricky because – as they say – prophecies are not set in stone, and that is because they depend on mankind’s actions, and there are many timelines. Some new events can change the prophecy. However in this case I was assured that there was a certainty about this. They looked at the timelines and saw the future. Normally they see the possibilities, or probabilities, as well as what is certain. In this case, my daily contacts, which are constant where my ascended twin flame is concerned, were adamant and kept on saying day after day, week after week: ‘we are still saying that Donald Trump will make it’ or something of the kind. They have explained that the forces of the Light are supporting him because of the need to oppose the Establishment.

This has not just happened by coincidence, i.e. they are not supporting him because he happens to be aligned with the Divine Will. No, it’s like he has incarnated for this mission and there has been manipulations to get to this point. It is in relation to the Ascension and the fact that the Earth and Solar System are in a galactic alignment, and crossing an area in space that is intense in photonic light. This is having an influence upon mankind. It is causing an awakening and a liberation from the forces of darkness that have been controling it.

Light transmutes darkness. We are in the prophesied time of liberation of the book of Revelation which has been misunderstood. There is no coming ‘end of the world’ as many Christians understand it. It is the end of evil, as well of its conspiracies. They have suppressed truth and been keeping humanity ignorant so we have no knowledge of their presence. Those, who claim that antichrist has to appear before this happens, have cotton wool over their eyes. There has been plenty enough evil visible around us for at least 2000 years.

A pocket of shadow leadership of the dark overlords, who have enslaved mankind with their civilization and suppression of truths, have been operating in the West. There has to be a resurrection of the ideals of the founding fathers of the American Constitution which was meant to make America an example for other nations. It has to be restored and I have received a message telling us that the dark interference, the objective of which is to prevent peace to reign on earth, will be removed this summer. This was in the more recent message from Archangel Michael informing us that the galactic mafia has been abolished recently. That doesn’t mean that there is no war at all in the Galaxy, but that the Reptilian problem has been eradicated.

I have received a message from Archangel Michael entitled ‘The Prophecy’ and it’s about the fact that devastating wars have been waged in this Galaxy, especially in the Constellation of Orion, for at least 25 millions years, because the Reptilians have destroyed many worlds. He gave his prophecy in that remote time that a planet would play a key role in the final outcome of these wars. This planet is the Earth.

We have descended to a lower dimension than where we were before a decline, and loss of a golden age, during the Atlantean era. We have a celestial counterpart that could not descend into the 3rd dimension with us and which represents our own identity. As we are being raised up, we are being reunited and that is the reason that we are developing psychic abilities, as well as having surreal, or supernatural, experiences. Now is the time of the Ascension.

The higher dimension is what the Bible calls paradise, and even higher are the higher dimensions upon which there still is physicality, but in etheric bodies. We are being raised up, lifted up to a higher state of existence by the photonic light. In the way we view the world, we already are in the 5th dimension, but in density we are still on the 3rd dimension. We have received news that there will be a quantum leap to the 4th density at the end of this year. This relates to a change in respect of our physical bodies. Our healing will be intensified after this. In consciousness we move up and down upon the ladder of consciousness when we meditate, we pray, we study, and we may come down depending on our intellectual activities. We can experience states of beingness between the 5th and 12th dimension.

A group of people are still dealing with the control of their emotions and there is a battle going on that is in the psyche. This third group of souls will receive an impetus at the end of 2016, in the save way as previous waves did, and are presently benefitting from the achievements of the previous two waves which can be said to be on the 5th dimension since September 28, 2015 and March 20, 2016, and this relates to their consciousness or mind-set. They are not in the duality of the 3rd dimension. They are in love, peace and calm. They are in alignement with their Galactic family.

We have entered a period of Disclosure and the elite are losing control they have had over the mainstream media. The new governance will play a key role in disclosure – including the suppression of truth concerning the existence of higher beings, and of humans on the other planets of our solar system in relation to a secret space program, as well as the presence of millions of Galactic and extraterrestrial beings who are here to assist us with the Ascension.

The new President will play a key role in establishing the conditions which will result with the creation of a better civilization and a better world.

Mother Mary confirmed what Archangel Gabriel had stated with regard to the candidate who would be elected, without giving a name, in a previous message. It is time for mankind to be liberated. The message that was published as a video by Matt Muckleroy, is entitled MOTHER MARY: TRUTH, PRECIPITATION, FEBRUARY 28, 2016.

Here is the extract relating to the prediction with regard to Donald Trump:

Mother Mary: A replacement in governance of that Nation – which was destined to be an example of democracy, and instead has been infiltrated down to its core and leadership by the forces of darkness – is shortly to take place. Following this, a phase of disclosure will begin with the scandalous matter of betrayal related to 9/11.

I am Mother Mary, confirming to Christine that this notion is correct. She takes dictations and doesn’t know what is coming next. But while listening to one of Donald Trump’s speeches recently, something he said made her suspect that Archangel Gabriel’s last announcement concerning a disclosure may have been related to that subject of 9/11. Some ideas concerning a disclosure on that subject have spread many years ago, but in the mainstream media this is still regarded as a conspiracy theory. However, of course, if a new President – one who, by the way, needs to be extremely resilient, dynamic and vigorous, to be able to oppose the Establishment – if that one told you that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ to create an enemy, create the idea of terrorism, to serve the mechanism of the war industries, the number of doubting Thomas would drop sharply. And I am now revealing, as Christine is noting word for word, in this method of dictation, that Archangel Gabriel’s announcement alluded to this particular topic.

We are entering a phase of Disclosure entailing a complete dismantling of the various systems of thought created by the powers of darkness in recent decades. These were also built upon the legacy inherited during thousands of years of slavery under the Anunnaki. I am referring to the system that has kept you in ignorance and darkness. It is a system that allowed academics and researchers to accumulate a wealth of data and knowledge but within the box of the exoteric confines. I will leave you to a study concerning the connection between your third eye vision and the creation of your Reality, as well as the precipitation of abundance, which does tie in with the unfoldment, on this timeline, of revelations and disclosure that will change you, that will heal and restore your physical bodies, that will bring you enlightenment, and abundance for a period of transition in which you are recreating a golden Age civilization, a new Gaia. You can start working with this and later you will benefit from being taken to light chambers in physicality. This is already happening but when you are out of the body. During this time you will continue to rise in consciousness upon a spiritual path that give you the pleasures of a relationship with your Higher Selves and your Elder brothers and sisters of the Stars. You are spiritualizing the world. What follows is also about my Immaculate Heart. From my heart now flows the love of the Mother to your own. Namaste my children!


5 thoughts on “PROPHECY REGARDING ELECTIONS, May 5, 2016

  1. Jason says:

    Hi caroline, I live in Swansea and started researching mankind’s history and this ultimately has led me to you, am not on Facebook but would love to chat with you to explore new ideas, don’t have anyone else to do this with, bit of a niche (but growing) belief system


  2. Mar Vonjoh says:

    Thank you for all. Yes 911 was an inside job. Was there when mechanically checked to work. Buildings were closed. FBI had note to be on vacation. The planes were unmanned , controlled by radio control next to tower by two Iraqi speaking fun loving males. Saw and heard manipulation. Had to flee.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tino says:

    I am a new reader of your message, as of this date, October, 2016, Is Trump still have the chance to win? With all the media hype, it’s very discouraging. We need change in this country and in the whole world.


    1. Oh yes! They are over sampling democrats for polls. The media that the Clinton cartel bought off are making it look as if she is ahead to make voters give up. There is a name for that technique where they pretend to be ahead. There are fake crowds pasted in the background of her videos using green screen. People are not showing up to her ralleys. I don’t see any problem with Trump winning the election.


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