Archangel Michael Ultimatum to the Dark

May 1, 2016, by Christine Preston


After the video on colonialism was published, I searched the net for videos on the same subject and found a few that are disseminating the ideologies that I have opposed. Many Belgian people have commented under the videos saying they didn’t know a genocide had taken place, but they don’t realize the allegations are a scam. My ascended twin flame was horrified. He said the situation is catastrophic. On the following day, May 1, I received a message from Archangel Michael. He said:

Archangel Michael:
A deal has been done today as a result of your work yesterday. You didn’t realise that as you were going through the videos and posting some comments under them, we were actually electronically tracing their origin to their source and examining the motives of the people who formulated the ideologies carried in these videos. We are going to the root of the problem. Today we have arrived at a deal with the forces of darkness after we made something clear to them. We are in the process of implementing a project to rid the world of the oppression that it has been subjected to, for thousands of years, and especially during this last decade, as it is during the latter that the forces of darkness have succeeded in developing a conspiracy that affects the human spirit, either by a feeling of culpability, or of hate in respect of the white colonial of the years 1900s, or in relation to Belgian colonialism.

We have met with the forces behind the falsification of history which are the same as the forces behind the agenda of political dissemination of that concept that has created a condemnation of the Belgian colonials. It is affecting the present generation of Belgians with a burden of guilt and the Africans with hate, or a complex of persecution, as they think of their forefathers as having been victims of the colonial regime. The falsification of history created a division and is at the root of many conflicts.

We, the Archangels, have presented those Dark ones with an ultimatum. They are to cease these activities, stop bending minds, stop influencing the world and mankind into ways of thinking with a false history which is the basis that motivates people into reactions of violence, genocide, as well as wars. Those dark forces have worked to keep these people from the path of righteousness.

We have told them that they must bend the knee to the Light and accept defeat in the battle of the Armageddon of the psyche for the Earth, or they will be bound and taken to the Saturnian tribunals for their final judgment, where a decision will be taken by the Council whether they should, or not, be given another chance of evolution on another 3rd dimensional world. If they do not obey right now, it may lead to the taking of their very existence in the Sacred Fires prepared for the Devil and his fallen associates who have conspired to oppose the Divine Plan for time immemorial and attempted to sabotage the Process of Ascension. They have done this by corrupting the world to an extent that is much greater than what they did during the Atlantean decline, its downfall, and finally a cataclysm that they did not expect would be unleashed as a result of their irresponsible and foolish sciencitific manoeuvres. They were deluded in thinking they could go on and fool manind for ever, and had illusions about their power.
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Update May 1
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Mankind, the one connected in the heart with the Spirit Within, has been rising in consciousness upon the ladder of the dimensions, in its frequency vibrations, or spirituality, to such a degree, despite the external appearances of chaos in the world, that it now has been lifted up above the reach of the dark ones. A separation of the world of realities and of souls is taking place in the process of this upliftment, and a great canyon between those of the Light and those of the dark of the astral plane, exists now between the two camps.

The Light is getting stronger in the upper world which is still rising and the lower world is falling apart. Their foundations are crumbling away, as promised. It was indeed said that the lower astral plane would be dismantled. This means that their grids, or matrix, have been removed. However there still is a reaction to this state of affairs upon the physical realm. It is one of despair and even panic, and one comparable to a wild beast being wounded, cornered between a rock and the deep blue sea, as you say. This is when it can even get more dangerous. It lashes out again. So it is a time when the lightworkers should call for their protection, call for its reinforcement. It is constantly there, but there are moments and situations in which they can still be affected by an attack when the dark ones find a way, or a crack in the shield.

At the same time, there is a feeling that the air has been cleared and Disclosure is taking place in the mainstream media. This is but a beginning. The dominoes are being made to fall upon the screen of life, one by one, one after the other. So much knowledge is being brought forth that you all have a difficulty to keep up with the information that is being made available, by the boots on the ground, and you have the feeling that there are less hours in the day than there used to be. You continue working too late and we take you out of the body to regenerate you at the level of the soul, so your physical body does not get depleted by the lack of sleep. However, you don’t need as much sleep as you did in those days when you were at a lower point on that ladder of the dimensions.

In soul your world is the 5th dimension, which you have entered on September 28, 2015, or on March 20, 2016. That is despite the fact that in physicality you still exist or have your feet on the holographic construct of a 3rd dimension. Scientists have said that the 4th dimension is time, but their concept of time in a linear fashion is not correct. There is but a ‘Now’ for the immortal souls and a movement of planetary bodies in the great body of the Mother that is the Galaxy and the Universe. The Now is the eternal Higher Realms of a collective that is divine in the Great Central sun. However, there are levels of consciousness, 12 of them, and the 12th has a ceiling that you can perceive with your mind’s eyes. It is a barrier, or void, that separates the 12th dimension from the 13th.

Your body is not your self. It is but a vehicle of transportation in the physical density, so what matters is the dimensions of consciousness that you are experiencing. You go up and down these levels during your wake hours. When you leave your body at night, you travel out of the body at the etheric level because you have risen to a higher place in consciousness, or purity of heart. When portals open, you cross over beyond the 12th dimension into the 13th if you are ready for it. It is an Ascension and you return to your body. If you crossed to the 13th dimension in your body, it would be an Ascension which would produce the transfiguration of your body into light, an Ascension in which the body would be taken up to the higher realm, but also vanish from human sight. This summer, at Solstice time, the portals will be opening once again for such a process of Ascension to take place. You have already gone through portals many times. This is apart from the effect of the Stargate and photonic light which caused powerful waves of Light to be distributed and diffused by the technology of the Blue Avians, and that resulted with two groups of souls to be anchored in the 5th dimension, despite your density and reality still appearing to be three dimensional. This is because you are remaining in physicality. Those of you, who have already crossed over last September and in March of this year, can be said to be upon the 5th dimension because you exist in a higher mind set.

The idea of the 4th dimension is the equivalent of an Astral level, which is still a place inhabited by discarnate souls that have not magnetized enough light, or are not advanced enough to go higher into the Etheric level inhabited by souls that are higher in consciousness. The higher level of the Etheric Realm is the level of Christ consciousness and spiritual attainment. It is inhabited by souls that have gained their Ascension and passed 6 initiations when they were alive and then ascended after their death. It is also the home of your celestial counterparts which could not accompany you when you descended into the 3rd dimension, and therefore you continued descending but as a result, lost a certain range of your spectrum of consciousness. You visit this celestial counterpart when you leave your body at night, if you have access to the etheric realms, but when you return to your body, you have no memory of what you experienced, or little. This is due to the limitations affecting your DNA. However, you will be restored so that you will retain memory of who you are at soul level when you wake up in your physical structure. The work is in process a bit at a time in regards to this aspect.

Your Higher Selves are not those celestial counterparts that remained in heaven, but there is something comparable to an umbilical chord between them and your celestial counterparts. Along this connection are communicated the aspects of identity that you manifest in incarnation. Your Higher Selves are bringing to you Christ consciousness. You are integrating it and are in greater alignment with the Divine Will. The soul mirrors the blueprint and eventually manifests it in the kingdom of creation and physicality. You are on your way to transfiguration and to being christed beings walking in the Earth, and even more than this, due to your amalgamation of the I Am Presence. Healing takes place slowly due to these supernatural occurences, and the process is activated tenfold by the presence of the Solar system in photonic light. It is activated and accelerated.

You are being uplifted in consciousness and there is a change taking place as a result in your physical structure. It is slow but leads to an existence without diseases and free of death, with the help of advanced technology. But note, I am referring to the technology of the higher dimensions to which you are being lifted up. In the overall process you create a new kingdom, or world, around you. It starts with a precipitation of changes in respect of your own self. Then the ripples continue and some changes manifest in the world around you. Finally you will have rated a higher civilization as well as a new Gaia.

There are various plans that will bring this about. Those of the Master Saint Germain, as well as the Chohan El Morya of the First Ray, are multiple. So this is how the process of Ascension works. I hope I have provided you with images and details that will help you to understand better what is taking place.

I Am Archangel Michael. I am with you always. This can be said for various reasons one of which is that we are part of an enormous family. But call me for yourselves and the world. I am grateful for your allegiance to the Light and your faith in the Victory of the Light.

Archangel Michael Ultimatum to the Dark

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