Master Jesus, Broadcast Love

by Christine Preston


The following are tele-thought transmissions I have received from the Master Jesus this morning in meditation. I have memorized our conversation, then received some thought forms and telepathic transmissions as I was recalling and writing down this message. It will be followed by an actual dictation from the Master Jesus, word for word, that I have taken down as he was transmitting it by telepathic communication, just a few minutes ago. Normally my ascended twin flame Andre gives me a dictation in this kind of circumstance but he is not always available now, due to preparing for what I call his descent, which will be a time of Reunion with our higher-dimensional family which will take place in the not too far distant future, any time after the end of 2016. So here are the notions that the Master Jesus has passed on to me this morning:

Master Jesus:

In the USA, as well as many other nations, people are in a battle which has been called the Armageddon of the psyche and in this psychological conflict, what is becoming apparent is that condemnations are being used as a weapon for criticism in reaction to the debates in which the candidates for the Elections of 2016 are taking part. Then, when people don’t resonate with something that has been stated, the strategy of claiming that one candidate in particular is ‘being divisive and is spreading hate’ has been used.
However, in reality, hate can only be projected by the person who feels it or experiences it. And people should not allow themselves to hate or have feelings of hate. When there is disagreement they should draw a line and not involve the feeling world in those arguments relating to political issues and policies, or even culture or religion, or national security matters, they should deal with the issues in an intellectual way as they are accountable for their feelings in the same way as they are for their actions or deeds. There is a problem because people create turmoil and chaos when they are not able to control their feelings and deal with what they regard as controversial matters. Negative and violent feelings such as hate can lead to violent actions, or reactions, which people may allow themselves to have because of their beliefs. Leaving the matter of the latter, as well as the question of extremism and fanaticism, let your attention be drawn to the contrast in which an analyst and journalist can approach controversial ideas and issues with calm in discussions, although at the same time, some shows are purposely devised to discredit the opponent and they end up in heated arguments.
However, it is up to you to only generate love and separate intellectual arguments from the realm of feelings. So ‘Broadcast Love, not hate’ should be the motto today, just as decades ago, in the sixties, in that era of sexual liberation, people said ‘Make love, not war.’ Today you are experiencing a different kind of liberation, one from a secretive anarchy that has controlled mankind, and indoctrinated it with erroneous notions. A revolution in spirit and consciousness is taking place. The liberation comes from the 7th Ray of Saint Germain and the impulse of cosmic energies projected to Earth in this Age of Aquarius, the Hierarchy of which is Saint Germain who has been known for centuries as the Count of Saint Germain, and has a reputation as the ‘man who never dies’. The Violet Transmuting Flame also is the energy of forgiveness that erases the records, their causes and cores and memory. Its liberating effects will also cause the restoration of the Rights relating to every human being in the time of Transition to a Quantum Leap to the Fifth Dimension in some years to come, in terms of coming changes to your physicality. The true Democracy of the founding fathers will be resurrected and America is still promised to function as an example to other nations, when corruption is abolished and righteousness is resurrected in the land. Its truth and values have been desecrated because of the infiltration of dark powers in the government to its core, and therefore the Divine representatives have not ruled over men. ‘God over men’ is what government is supposed to be but has not been for many decades. Now is the time for that descent, externalization, or manifestation. A revolution is taking place but as people are trying to work out who to follow, who is telling the truth, there is a whirlpool of negative reactions as well as an attempt of control on the part of those forces that have had a dark agenda and fear to lose control. However, you can recognize truth when you hear it, if you already know it because you have magnetized the Light of Christ consciousness.


These are the basic notions that the Master Jesus has given me this morning after I called for assistance to pinpoint the cause of the turmoil in the crowds. He also gave me the following ones:

Master Jesus:

Mankind has to let go of the dweller on the threshold, that phantom that is the not-self, and is a perversion in the psychological make-up of the qualities and virtues present in Christ consciousness. So when you hate you manifest an Antichrist. It is a miscreation that has prevented souls to ascend after death and to escape the wheel of Incarnations. Life on Earth is a classroom for the revolutions that have been sent here to evolve. There are others, Star seeds and angelic ones who have been veiled but have come for another purpose, and also have a karma to balance, or sometime don’t, and have come to provide a service in the project of Ascension. The ego, and whatever is keeping you from the path of righteousness, has to be surrendered. Not only is this related to your deeds but to your thoughts and feelings. The Buddhists know that you can hurt another being by your thoughts and feelings. So they abstain from any wrong thoughts and feelings. These notions were taught by Jesus the Christ 2,000 years ago, but may have been lost in the systems of belief that some people follow in the West. Not many people seem to realize that their own thoughts and feelings can have an effect.
I would advise to choose to control your feelings even in reaction to a notion that you feel is outrageous. There is nothing wrong with criticizing and condemning an idea or something that has been done, but, in respect of another soul, when it becomes a personal attack upon another soul, criticism is like arrows of black magic that affect the auras and well-being of the soul towards which this criticism or condemnation is being projected. All energies of feelings are substances and as the only source of energy is God, if you turn them into hate you have created a misqualification of the Light which you will have to balance or repay. It will come back to you. It will do so because of the Law of Action and Reaction. All energies are substances that are perceivable and tangible beyond your spectrum of consciousness, or of your senses.

Now is the time to let go of these negative feelings and emotions, of criticism and condemnation, as we have a cosmic window for a graduation which is your only opportunity in these end-days when evil has to be removed, and when it closes, it will be for many thousands of years. Now is the time for graduation for as many souls as possible among the great mass of mankind. A lot of help is being dispensed at the moment for mankind’s progression upon the path of initiation, as well as a phase during which the souls that are not anchored in consciousness upon the 5th dimension yet. They are being stripped of a veil that they have created and that is also the result of the ancient tampering of their genetic make-up. This psychic cleaning up and disentanglement has to occur before they can receive enlightenment. Disclosure is in itself a catalyst for the surfacing of feelings in reaction to many intellectual notions. So, therefore, ‘broadcast love and not hate’ should perhaps be the new motto.

The souls that are not able to graduate will eventually be relocated to another earth-like planet, where they will continue their evolution in the 3rd dimension of duality. Mother Earth is moving on and if you want to remain on her, allow the waves and tsunamis of love to change you. The projection of hate upon another being is particularly generated in systems of beliefs that are extremist or in any sort of fanaticism. There are some that are the result of misinterpretation of the records made many thousands of years ago, which we call Biblical Scripture, but have in some cases been edited and compiled about 300 years after the original teachings were written down. A conspiracy has been at work to suppress truth and mankind is therefore excused to some extent for its ignorance. It has been the victim of indoctrination, and information has been controlled from Education to Science and in respect of all the fields of life. This is why the project of Disclosure is so important.

You see the call to ‘go after evil’ was a quest to eradicate the evil within as well as in the external world, but this admonication has been misinterpreted or forgotten, and the loss of this esoteric teaching is in itself the cause of some radical beliefs in connection with Islam. The great problems of the world relate to the fact that the esoteric understanding of the teachings given in the past has been eradicated to carry out a suppression of truth. There is an esoteric interpretation as well as a mystical path in all religions.

The spiritual net of the Fishers of man, the Net of Entry into the waters of rebirth and into spiritual Life, charged with symbolic meaning, is presently being thrown out to catch the souls that have not yet been converted to righteousness. In the New Testament is found the statement that ‘the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net,’ and that heaven is the 5th dimension. This is the time for that 3rd wave of souls to be removed from the duality of consciousness that tips the scales of karma in an unfavorable way, when the weight of miscreation is greater than the Light that can be magnetized by walking the path of righteousness. Now is the time for a shift and all it takes is a conscious decision. I am referring to souls that are still in the grip of the powers of darkness as they let themselves have feelings of hate. You don’t have to love your enemy is that is more difficult, but feelings can be controlled by maintaining a neutral position, where the perceived enemy is concerned. All are interconnected at the higher, or inner level, so the enemy is but an illusion.

There, however, is something called ‘righteous outrage’ because it is an outrage that one is justified to feel. It is felt when you are awakened and have the third eye vision of what is going on, and you see the manipulations and conspiracies carried out upon the political scene of the world for an agenda of control and of destruction, then it is right to feel an outrage and it is devoid of hate projection towards those who are causing chaos. Judgment should be left to the Christ and the Almighty. However, human beings are entitled to having an opinion and use their analytical abilities together with spiritual discernment to cast light upon the path that they are walking and that is becoming one of Light. The Masters and the Archangels have given the light workers tools and a teaching to make this time of transition easier. These tools are the Calls for their intervention in the world, as well as to free mankind from the conditions that could represent obstacles in the process of Ascension. The control of feelings is something some people may find difficult to achieve, but if they surrender to the action of the Light and request assistance, for instance from Archangel Michael with his sword of blue flame, or from Saint Germain with his Violet Flame, it’s an easier task. They can change you and accelerate your upliftment upon the Path. All you have to do is to maintain your connection, and a call for the Tube of Light will achieve this.


These are the thoughts that the Master Jesus transmitted to me this morning when I was in meditation, as well as tele-thought transmissions as I was recalling them and putting them to writing. He has also just given me a word for word dictation. By this I mean a message received by telepathic communication, or channeled, that I have been able to write down at the same time as I received it, and it is as follows:

Master Jesus:

The group of souls that has not yet been anchored upon the 5th dimension, but will be elevated to join the other two groups that have already reached that status, is presently being affected by the waves of photonic light, the peak of which will be experienced and produce its result, towards the end of this year. It’s being shaken to the core. So the motto now is ‘Broadcast Love, not hate’ or ‘Feel love, control your feelings’. Pass on this teachings with regard to the control of hate, lightworkers, faithful to the Light, who have already found calm, peace and love, and are bringing new paradigms to this world, as well as are transforming it by the way you are. You are being loved back by the forces of Heaven, with which you have a personal inner connection, as well as by your Galactic family. And you feel it within yourself. You feel that divine presence and it is gowing and descending. It is manifesting in your world. It is Christ consciousness, the Light body, transcending all conditions till you have the manifestation of the 5th world known to the Hopi Indians, the 5th Kingdom of the Master Djwhal Khul, the 5th dimension of the physical angels in embodiment, or of Heaven upon Earth. So dear ones, I will part on this note. I leave you enfolded in my love and it will be for eternity. Jesus Yesouah.
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With gratitude, love and thanks for this message Master Jesus.

Master Jesus, Broadcast Love

Master Jesus and Ascended Twin Flame: The Broad Vision and Update,

by Christine Preston

Christine: Greetings! I have had a telepathic communication with the Master Jesus this morning. With regard to an article saying that a Pindar of the Cabal who worked for MI6 surrendered to the Forces of the Light, the Master Jesus said that it is true and he is not the only one, but this is not the global removal of the interference from the forces of darkness that has been forecasted for this summer. The Master Jesus gave me an nderstanding that the battle that has been going on between the forces of the Light and Darkness has produced results of this kind, gradually, over some decades and particularly recently, for we are in a period of great achievements though the planet is being shaken to its core.

There still are interferences taking place that are being initiated from the Astral plane. The dreams that have been mentioned in previous messages which the dark ones create artificially, or synthetically, and insert into the minds of people to disturb them psychically, have not ceased totally, but the degree of their nastiness has been lessened. These forces of the Dark seem to act to the degree that they think they are allowed to by the Laws that the Forces of the Light impose upon them. They seem to devise ways by which they think they can still cause harm without a transgression. They have a long history of karma or Law dodging, but the answer to that is that mankind has to gain a momentum of light so the scales tip in its favour to allow further intervention, or so this kind of thing is prohibited to the point that, if it is done, it will bring about the Judgment and removal of those beings. It has been prophesied for this summer but there is hope that some dark beings can be changed. In the meantime, a certain disentanglement is being carried out by the Forces of the Light to liberate some beings on the astral plane, as well as in embodiment, from their tie to the dark forces, or whatever represents a psychic imprisonment that may be the result of their own doings in the past, and in the case that they are souls with the threefold flame connection, even if almost extinguished, the Almighty has the merciful desire to liberate them, to make them change their views so they turn around and surrender.

The Master Jesus also gave me a vision when I said it would be nice if we could dwell in a world that is made of love and of the feelings I experience when in communication with him or the other Masters, or Archangels. He reminded me that the Cosmic Plan was formed 25 million years ago for the Divine Will to manifest and it is to lift up the souls of this world and beyond, to a higher level of physicality. He said the figure of 25 million years is correct because I had wondered if I had it right previously. It was when some wars started in the Galaxy due to the destruction of worlds by the Reptilian forces and when Archangel Michael took the initiative to create what might be called a Resistance Movement. It was not welcome by all of his contemporary forces, and at one time an Alliance of 250 nations was first formed, and it was what preceded the founding of the Galactic Federation of Light 4 million and a half years ago. This is the time given for it by Sheldan Nidle in his work ‘Your First Contact’ published in 2000. It was when I was reading it that Archangel Michael came to me in 2015 and gave me a dictation that I took down in writing, just as most of the others I have received so far. Archangel Michael confirmed to me the story regarding the Prophecy that the Earth was the planet which would play a key role in the Great Plan, or Divine Will, to bring the ancient war between Light and Dark to an end. However, in those primordial days, no one, except the Angelic kingdom, knew where this planet was, or even in which System it was in this Galaxy.

Furthermore, Archangel Michael gave me an understanding of the greater context of the story, of the Divine Will, to raise the entire material universe to a higher octave, or dimension, at the same time as preserving the aspect of physicality, in the grand Armageddon of the psyche that would most of all overcome the Dark, and this is because there is no equality between Good and Evil. Evil appeared as a result of a degradation, loss of vision, or separation from Source or Spirit, or the I Almighty I Am. We are now recovering this vision. We are being raised up. Having won the battle through the overcoming of the Dark and Armageddon of the psyche, we become Christed beings. We integrate Christ consciousness and this is an achievement that will make it impossible for us to ever be subject to a fall into the ways of darkness as a collective, or as an individual. This is the experience that we gain, but the forces that consciously oppose the Light have to bend the knee and surrender to it, otherwise when their time is up, when it is the time for the biblical symbolic Harvest, they will be taken and removed, and sent for Judgment to the Judicial Court of Saturn, and there, the scales will reveal what is to be their fate, whether they can continue upon another material world, or whether their darkness is too great, in which case they will have to undergo the recycling of their psyche which is called ‘the second death’ because it is that of the soul. For the message relating to the Prophecy and our Galactic History, please hear the video entitled ‘The Prophecy’ which is a message from Archangel Michael and is very important to appreciate what is really happening at the present time.

Master Jesus reminded me of the greater context for what is going on today and which reveals that the political battles for the American Elections are but the top of an iceberg that are supposed to result with a first step towards mankind’s liberation from the Dark Cabal’s anarchy. They have caused an outrageous decline in the quality of life on the planet. They have infiltrated the governance and their Establishment is the temporal power of the forces of darkness. Their agenda is to exercise a complete tyranny and control over mankind and to sabotage the plan of Ascension as well as all projects relating to the Divine Will. This sinister force has reached out from the Astral plane, through their embodiments upon the physical plane, to exercise their dominion. In Britain there is a movement campaigning for the nation to divorce itself from the European Union because it has awakened to the fact that it appears to seek total control. This dark web actually is the Old Black Magician Atlantean Order that has risen again. By these terms I mean an Order that practiced black magic during the Atlantean era. Names and faces are but masks for the same evil, as David Icke has stated, and its origin was explained by Mother Mary in the message on why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame at the time the souls of Maldek were cast on earth. The project of Ascension had to be aborted during the Atlantean Age and the Atlantean Illuminati Order opposed the Melchizedek, or Righteousness, movement. The Cabal of the Atlantean Age caused the downfall of civilization as well as the cataclysms which resulted with the sinking of the last large Atlantean Island, Poseidonis. Following these last events which took place in about 10,500 BC, the souls of mankind reincarnated in bodies with a smaller spectrum of consciousness, so that the psychic abilities which had been misused during the Atlantean age would not reappear prematurely, or before the final days. The so-called ‘End Times’ in biblical prophecy only allude to the end of evil. We have come to them and this is why what appears to be going on upon the stage of the world looks so bad.

The forces of darkness are however fighting a battle for supremacy and domininion which they cannot win. It is important to remember that we are living in the period of the biblical Harvest, which is one of the separation of realities. The finishing line is in sight, so is the light at the end of the tunnel, because the evil interference has been prophesied for this summer, and the third wave of souls that is to ascend to the 5th dimension, in terms of how they are able to resonate with the Light and in terms of their perception, points of view, and the reality they can experience. They will be reaching that level of consciousness which a first group of souls attained as they rode the crest of the wave of Light of September 28, 2015, and a second group in March 2016. Please refer to the video that was published on September 23, 2015 and contained an announcement with regard to the significance of September 28.

As I am taking note in hand-writing and remembering what the Master Jesus told me this morning, I am wondering about the status of events in relation to the American Elections because I have been told they are of great significance in relation to mankind’s liberation from the grip of the Cabal. This is because the Establishment, this evil web, as well as its counterpart upon the Astral plane, formulated perverse policies to create chaos. It was because America had the destiny of being the example of Democracy to other Nations that it has been targeted by the dark forces and its Laws and Institutions perverted. They have attacked the light in every lightbearer and at government level they created notions to justify policies, such as the one of the existence of an enemy, as well as created conflicts with their War Industries in order to achieve their dark agenda of control. However these dark ones have discovered that a power stronger than their own prevented them from starting a nuclear war, and upon the Astral plane, within the higher ranks of these evil doers’ counterfeit hierarchy, they have been taken one by one. The lower Astral plane has now been dismantled, and work is in progress on the Astral realms. As to the Elections, they are a battle which brings to the surface and exposes a lot of secrets and suppressed truths. They are a catalyst for change and awakening, and what my ascended twin flame is telling me right now is as follows:


André: Greetings dear ones. We are still saying, as we have before since February 28, that despite enormous difficulties at the moment, Donald Trump is the candidate who will eventually be elected President of the United States as a result of the present Elections and nominations. There is an enormous turn around of opinions as a result of light being cast upon the abominations and deceptions carried out by the Institutions and there is increased awareness concerning the activities of the major Corporations which are acting as the hands of this shadow government upon the Astral plane. The Archons ruled in Atlantis and rose to power again in the 1980s. Everything they have done was allowed as their judgment has been and will be based upon their deeds. Those who were given a second chance could not have been judged before they had committed their crime. So this is the status. Donald Trump will be President by destiny. He is a soul extension of Saint Germain, who is an expert in creating wealth and has a momentum of Light that permits him to win any battle or confrontation with the Dark ones. Keep in mind that extensions, or incarnations of great beings such as Masters, Archangels and Star seeds, are still veiled and do not possess memory of who they are. I have permission to release this information at this time as we know there is no need to keep this a secret from the Lightworkers any more. Saint Germain is the Master who is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age who is involved with a Project of Peace, Prosperity and recreation of civilization, which will propulse mankind and this planet in a golden age era. He was the one who shouted ‘Sign that document!’ when the Founding Fathers hesitated and were about to introduce the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. in 1776. He appeared and then disappeared in a room within locked doors and this miracle remained a mystery. The Constitution is not in effect any more. Many perversions have been introduced in politics, and Donald Trump has enough strength and abilities for this battle against the power that are keeping mankind captive. A lot has still to happen between now and November 2016. This broad vision of what has happened up to now will help you to keep faith.

You also have a shift in density to look forward to at the end of this year. You have heard about the fact that some work has been carried out upon your molecular structure to change it from carbon-base to crystalline (or silicon). Work has also been carried out upon your chakras, but note this is in preparation for the final quantum leap to the 5th dimension in terms of your density and physicality, and even your Reality, in many years to come. You know you are already dwelling upon the 5th dimension but this is to do with the reality that you live in, your ability to love, your views, your spirituality. The shift to the 4th density will bring your physically up an octave at which you will gain magical abilities. You will find that you are able to manifest changes for yourselves much faster than you were before, especially if you use the tools that the Ascended Masters have provided in their teachings. You will be walking the path of the Ascension from a spiritual point of view at an accelerated pace. We are shortly to enter a Time of Transition. As we have said it before, the time ahead is one of Disclosure and then of Transition, with healing and teachings, as well as contacts and great encounters of the inner and outer types. The inner type will be esoteric and to do with your Higher Selves, the I Am Presence, the Ascended Masters, as well as the Angelic Kingdom. However, these, as well as those beings of your Galactic family whom you may regard as extraterrestrial, will also appear within your reality in an external and tangible way. We presently exist upon higher dimensions than your own and are descending at the same time as you are ascending. We will be able to meet when you have reached a higher level than the present one upon which you dwell. Ahead and beyond 2016 is a time of reconstruction, of enlightenment, of teaching, of the creation of new Gaia, a time of Great Disclosure to continue unveiling suppressed truths and discovering a new spiritual Science, a time of using new technologies. It’s a time when many will be busy with their sacred labors and a time of great discoveries in preparation for a destiny greater and more wonderful than you can yet imagine. It is one of Reunion of twin flames and of other relationships too, of Peace, and of growth, one of Great encounters and of supernatural experiences as you are all progressing upon the path of Ascension, and are discovering the wonders of your inner Selves. Everyone will be learning and working to prepare the collective and the population for that next quantum leap years later, when the human will have conquered illnesses and death and will be Galactic. So, I will end on this note, having given you this vision, hold on to it dear friends! Namaste to all.


Christine: Yes, thank you André for this dictation giving us a broad vision of what is happening, and Namaste to all.

Master Jesus and Ascended Twin Flame: The Broad Vision and Update,

 Saint Germain: Call for Elections against Interference, June 5, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: I have received a short message from the Ascended Master Saint Germain. It was like a short conversation by telepathic communication. He has told me how he will be able to give us financial assistance in the not too distant future, and said that we are in the middle of a final battle against those dark forces which control the world. In a previous message I have indeed been informed that the dark ones’ interference will be removed this summer.  I have received symbolic images that carry the meaning that the American Elections and Brexit in Britain are like the top of the iceberg of what is going on, and in one of them this dark force was a Dragon that will be wounded when Britain chooses to leave the European Union. It needs to be slain in the sense that we have to overcome it, and perhaps that is what will happen as a great turmoil seems to be created in the process of the American Elections. A great awakening is however resulting from it. A great many people are changing their opinion as so many notions are coming out in the open.

Saint Germain conveyed to me the idea that the individuals opposing and fighting the Establishment in the process of the American Elections are having a hard time and are taking a hard beating. Certain Ascended Masters are closely connected with this struggle. So Saint Germain has asked me to make calls for those who are fighting a battle for Freedom and to see if a video with some prayers can be produced. He is the Hierarch of this New Age of Aquarius and of Freedom. He has asked me to make some calls for his Violet Flame as it magnetizes solutions for all problems. The Violet Flame of Saint Germain is magical and has the power to forever transform all conditions in our material world, as well as manifest the Peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ that Archangel Michael, all Elohim and other Archangels, are assisting us to bring into manifestation. The Call needs to start with an invocation for the Tube of Light and the Solar Ring as a platform for it. Saint Germain said that the warning to the dark forces that Lord Sanat Kumara has channeled through me can be used as a decree just as the Summit Lighthouse’s Judgment decrees which originally were dictations.  It needs to be said in the power of the spoken word, or loud, and to be repeated at least three times.  Sanat Kumara’s Warning to the Forces of Darkness on the Astral plane was part of the April 24 video: Lords Michael and Sanat Kumara, Leap and Woes. The following calls have been formatted in the way requested by Saint Germain, with a preamble, a body, the Judgment Call, and a closing that seals the action of precipitation that causes light from Spirit to descend into matter. Some of the invocations have been modified under the supervision of my Ascended Twin Flame from some decrees in the ‘Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees for Personal and World transformation Decree book’ published by the Summit Lighthouse.  First we are calling to the God within, and we name some Ascended Masters as well as Archangels. Then we give the command for a particular light action and situation, or a problem needing a solution. One section will be repeated three times for the power of the three times three. And for closing we will be sealing the action of precipitation by saying that we accept, or believe, that the call will be answered.


Solar Ring and Tube of Light


I AM the invincible bride of Christ as I am calling for the Solar Ring. I am standing as a child of God in the earth clothed upon with the Sun of Righteousness. I come with healing in my wings. I have descended from the heart of God from the heart of my own Mighty I AM Presence. I am a soul extension of my very own Higher Self who is descending and taking hold in me. I stand in my own Christ Self, and by the flame within my heart, I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield as the foundation of my life, and around the members of my family and friends, as well as all lightworkers, Star seeds, and all beings in incarnation who have a connection with the Divine Father-Mother of All.


I call for my invincible Tube of Light to be established upon the platform of my Solar Ring for the sealing of my identity, my heart and my mind, within this Mighty Tube of Light by the power of the Solar Ring. I draw the solar ring to magnetize the manifestation of God’s Will, heaven upon Earth, as well as the purpose of the Ascended Masters’ activities.


I am establishing my Tube of Light for the sealing of the Collective that has to be lifted in its vibration upon a higher level of consciousness and density. This Tube of Light, that now seals us, is a great Pillar of Light from the loving I Am Presence, the light of God above us whose radiance forms a circle of fire before us to light our way. The Mighty I Am Presence keeps this Tube of Light intact through every passing moment, as a shimmering shower of beautiful Light through which nothing of the human effluvia can ever pass, or through which nothing directed from the lower astral can ever pass.


Into the electro-magnetic circle of divinely charged energy of this Pillar of Light I am requesting Saint Germain to project a swift upsurge of his Violet Fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. The Violet Flame of Saint Germain has the power to change all of our human energies, into the positive polarity of our Great God Self. The magic of this Flame will consume all discord, cause, effect, record and memory of Life, in a flash, and all that was never intended to be. May the Light of the Violet Fire of Freedom’s Love, the Great Cosmic Light and the Light of Cosmic Victory, pour in from cosmic sources, like the power of ten million Niagara Falls, and permeate the atmosphere of earth, its lands and oceans. May it remove all negativities, and together with the Enlightenment of Archangel Uriel, turn this world around in a flash, and bring Saint Germain’s great Golden Age into manifestation, as well as change it for the fulfilment of Archangel Michael’s Ancient Prophecy that will forever lift creation out of the grip of Darkness.


The Invocation


Beloved glorious I AM Presence, beloved Father Supreme, I am calling to Alpha and Omega, beloved Sanat Kumara in the Sun with Helios and Vesta, beloved Surya, Lord Gautama, Jesus the Christ, Morya El, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, the Great Divine Director, the mighty Elohim, Archangels, and Chohans of the Rays, the Messengers from the Sun, the cosmic beings of higher dimensions, powers, activities, and legions of Light, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, or Brotherhood of the Star, the great hosts of Ascended Masters, the Melchizedek Cosmic Order, and the World Mother, elemental life, fire, air, water and earth.


In the name of my loving I Am Presence, the Light of God above me whose radiance forms a circle of fire before me to light my way, I am calling for the restoration of cosmic justice and peace in all nations and especially in connection with the forthcoming American elections. See that the one elected respects the Constitution and spirit of the Magna Charta, as well as every instrument of Freedom, Law and Divine Justice, and is imbued with a spirit of enlightenment. See that nothing interferes with the divine plan and that it is fulfilled with full power. I pray for the protection of the representatives of the people from any attacks of the fallen ones and astral hordes. May the one who will be elected have been tained by the Ascended Masters in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. May the opposition through the media be transmuted, encircled, dissolved and consumed with the power of the seven mighty Elohim, and a concentrated release of the sacred fire. I am calling for the binding of all Illuminati interference and their attempt to control the elections.



Invocation of the Circle-and-Sword Patterns for the Elections


Beloved Mighty I AM Presence, beloved Mighty Astrea, Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, World Mother, lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the nomination and election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold fame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Beloved Archangel Michael, all the Archangels, and legions of Light, Come, come, come in your visible, tangible, supernatural bodies, and strike, strike, strike your mighty cosmic swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun, Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the nomination and election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold fame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Archangel Michael wield your Sword of Blue Flame and now cut all souls free from the shackles of their own creations. Blaze God-power and protection into all of us, to purify our vision for the Awakening. Flash your transcendent Blue Lightning power through all souls to make them more radiant and whole. With your legions of Blue descend to keep us faithful and true. Now by the power of the I AM, we are fully charged and blessed. By your blue flame we are armor-dressed.


Beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ and the seven mighty Elohim, come, come, come in your ascended Master bodies and strike, strike, strike your mighty cosmic swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun in through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will in the process of the nomination and election of a candidate to become the President of the United States of America, as well as any misrepresentation in media coverage, with their causes and cores. Expose the wolves in sheep clothing.


Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, cause, effect, record, and memory – before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand, and the full power of the thousandfold fame of the sacred love of the sacred fire in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free.


Sanat Kumara’s Warning to the Forces of Darkness on the Astral plane

From LORDS MICHAEL and SANAT KUMARA, Leap and Woes, April 24,

Sanat Kumara: This is Sanat Kumara. I Am that I Am and I now declare through this messenger that you will be no more if you continue in your belligerent ways. I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara, who is stating that from this day on, you will obey, you will not be interferring with the forces of the Light embodied in these, my children, doing my work upon the Earth. From this day on I will prevent interferences from you, forces of darkness that have polluted the Earth and the consciousness of my children of Light born of the Great Central Sun. I will not allow it for they have awakened and turned the world around. They are pure in hearts. They have transmuted karma. By the Law of the One that they are invoking, I declare that this day there will occur an instant wrath to descend upon the head of you, dark ones, if you dare lifting a finger to attack my children of the Light. You will be taken to another world to continue your existence and your evolution now very soon, but if you continue attempting to interfere with them and the affairs of their world, there will be an instant reaction, you will be no more as you will be taken and your life, your very existence, if you can call it a soul, will be thrown in the sacred fires that are on the Planet Saturn, the sacred fires, not to endure eternal hell, because you will be no more, you will lose your very existence. The life of your soul will be taken if you lift a finger against these, my children. You will be no more and you will not pass! I Am Sanat Kumara of the Sun with Helios and Vesta in the Sun of this Solar System. We continue moving in space on our way towards the God Star Sirius where we shall take our place as the 8th system orbiting the Sun systems of this Constellation and we shall take our position planned many millions of years ago.


Christine: These solutions in the heart of Sanat Kumara are descending. Christ Consciousness is descending and is awakening the whole world. The Maha Chohan breathes the breath of Life to revive the fire of the heart for freedom to increase. He is blazing forth his breath into all hearts to turn the world around. You will see how this world will turn to the right action, and therefore, the swings of political manipulations will cease. There will be one Law, and one Will in alignment with the Divine Will.


Law of One for all to affirm


Christine: Saint Germain, nothing that I can do on my own can bring heaven on Earth, and the hordes of darkness are causing chaos down below, but I know that with God in me, the key is in the Law of the One. I embody the Spirit of Freedom that will liberate the world from all opposition and conspiracies because I Am in the One and the One is in me, and through that ‘I’ in me, God can change the world but let this be according to His Holy Will.


Saint Germain raise us higher with the pulsation of your Violet Flame! You said that the solution lies in the heart of the Word, in the heart of Sanat Kumara, and you did say that the solution to world problems is the Christ consciousness. Let it be awakened in all in whom there is a divine spark!


Saint Germain, tear the veil of confusion and chaos and reveal the one living Christ who rules. You once said that the victory of worlds is for the victory not alone of a single planet but of galaxies beyond galaxies. You said that every cosmic victory begins with the single individual. As America, other nations, and the world is being challenged may the promise of the ‘I Am He’ consciousness be manifested in us, so that the dark powers of this world will have to give answer to our declaration of identity in you.


Saint Germain is tearing the veil of confusion, of chaos, and is now revealing the Christ who rules in the heart. Out of the Law of the One, he seals us in the heart of the Lord of Righteousness. We are pronounced One forevermore in Spirit, in matter, in body, and in soul. It is a meeting of worlds, not only for the victory of a planet, but the Victory of galaxies beyond galaxies, and its beginning is in the victory of single individuals as a result of their Armageddon in the psyche.


The Closing


And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest, right here and now, with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!


As the call compels the answer, I know that a sacred release of assistance from God’s own heart in the Great Central Sun is being accelerated without limit and that it will be so until all of mankind is ascended and free in the Light that never, never, never fails!


 Saint Germain: Call for Elections against Interference, June 5, 2016

Archeia Faith, Twin Flame André, Removal of Evil forces on Astral this summer, June 3, 2016

by Christine Preston


Christine: As I woke up this morning Archangel Michael started irradiating me in a way that I felt as if I was being pulled up gradually, as usual. I wonder whether other lightworkers are having similar experiences but don’t understand what is causing them because they are not in communication with the Angelic kingdom, the Ascended Masters, or are not receiving tele-thought transmissions from them or the Galactic beings we call ‘our Star family,’ those higher-dimensional beings with whom we share a genetic DNA. We were in a conversation for an hour.


After a while I noticed the electronic presence I was perceiving was of a feminine character and I realized it was the divine complement of Archangel Michael, Archeia Faith, who had taken his place and was activating something in my aura, and was speaking to me. They had switched over in an instant. This is a mystical, supernatural experience, the kind of which the lightworkers and lightbearers are going to experience, if they have not yet, and increasingly so, as we are progressing upon the path of Ascension.


After some time in the conversation we were having and which was an instruction, Archeia Faith who had descended as my higher Self, explained that the method used for the transmission of thoughts can be called ‘transcendental communication’ because in order to receive these tele-thought transmissions I am elevated upon the ladder of consciousness and have to maintain a focus with my mind, just as in ‘transcendental meditation.’ I have taken her word for granted as I have never known what it was. I have heard it was taught by a certain Eastern movement back decades ago. It is not the same method as in the case of channelers who leave their body and it is then taken over to some degree or totally. The method used in psychic channeling is apparently not the same as the one that the Spiritual Order of Masters use to transmit messages through their messengers. In that state I could however speak the words, or ideas, that I receive and they would be spoken simultaneously as they are being received. But the focus required is so intense when communication takes place in that elevated state that the action of speaking the words could disturb the fine balance of the focus, and the use of the intellect is also detrimental to it. I sometime fall asleep when it takes place if I am tired when a telepathic communication of this type is taking place. I normally have to use my intellectual mind to some extent in order to make sure I memorize what has been said. But it’s difficult to remember every detail and the way the message was worded. This is why my Ascended Twin Flame André then gives me a dictation that I write down. I think that the transcendental communication is part of something that is being done, like an exercise, to get used to a rising of vibrations in preparation for the final Ascension. They use this time to communicate because it is clearer than during the day time after the intellectual capacities have been used.


However, I have received dictations from other sources that have taken place as I was writing them down. For instance Mother Mary and Saint Germain, the Master Jesus, Archangel Uriel and Archangel Gabriel, as well as Lord Sanat Kumara. Mother Mary asked me to take a pen and take note when she gave the dictation on the Souls of Maldek. She speaks in what I would describe as a uniformed rhythmic way. I have noticed that characteristic in one of her dictations through the Messenger E. C. Prophet too. I felt their presence outside of me, next to me, particularly in the case of Mother Mary and Saint Germain. He touched my hand and I felt it (please refer to his message entitled Knighthood). Lord Sanat Kumara and my I Am Presence have spoken to me many times from inside the Tube of Light as André, Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith do when in that transcendental state. They have said to me that they do come as the consciousness that is descending within it. The Tube of Light is a protective substance of Light that cannot be penetrated by anything human or dark effluvia.  The transcendental state in question can be brought about by the visualization of the Tube of Light built upon the platform of the Solar Ring and the invocation for the twinned consciousness that is universal and personal, that of Alpha and Omega, of all the Elohim, all Archangels, the Ascended Masters, as well as well as the invocation for the presence, or descent, of the spirit of your own twin flame, your higher self, and divine complement, and the Christ Self which is the blueprint of the Christ consciousness that you are to integrate and externalize upon the Path of Ascension.


The Removal of Dark Interference


I will tell you what I remember first. Then my Ascended twin flame will dictate.


Archeia Faith told me something about what is to happen this summer as it has been announced in another message that the interference of the Dark ones is going to be removed. She said that the core of the evil which is a Sinister force and is, or has been, reaching out from the Astral plane, to affect life and the souls of Light, in a direct way, or through their physical agents, is going to be removed at the Solstices this summer. The Astral plane has been raided by the Angelic Forces of the Light for centuries and decades, and has been cleared to a point. There were millions of dark entities. The Lower Astral plane was first cleared by the Angelic forces and finally dismantled recently. But the Astral level has still been used by these fallen ones. The work has been in progress and it has been explained in previous messages that some souls were being disentangled from the grip of either these forces, or the shackles of their own creation. The forces of the Light have had to operate in ways that don’t violate freewill. And they have relied on the Calls and prayers of the lightworkers for decades to accomplish a clearing because of the Law of non interference, and it is the reason that some souls have incarnated to serve in that way, whereas others function as ‘system busters’. In the 1990s the situation deteriorated on Earth in a way that had not been envisioned and what Archeia Faith told me, this morning, is that a deception was introduced about five years ago in channeled teachings because the dark forces thought that by portraying a scenario of victory of the light and liberation, at that stage, they would gain two or three years during which the lightworkers would be off their guard and more prone to distraction so they would not involve themselves so much in spiritual work. It was one of their strategies of darkness and they had many ways of operation for deception.  What they knew would take place at a later stage they portrayed falsely and incorporated many erroneous concepts as well.


The Forces of the Light involved in the battle of the Armageddon of the psyche are the legions of the Blue Ray of the Light of God. I feel that my ascended twin flame André is now sending me a stream of thought as I am writing. These are his own words now. He says:


André:  There are various forces. For instance, those that work with the Ruby Ray and various forces of the light have pronounced the judgment of the dark forces in past decades, such as for instance Helios’ ratification of the judgment of the dark forces, and just recently, Lord Sanat Kumara has issued his warning to the dark forces that interfere with the sons and daughers of God, and said their interference would result with their being taken and sent to the Courts of Saturn for judgment ‘from this day on’ if they continued with their interferences. These interferences have considerably decreased after this warning, especially in relation to the synthetic dreams they manufactured like movies that they inserted into the minds of people when they were asleep, in order to affect them psychologically, disturb them, worry them, confuse them, or torment them with fears. The Sons and daughters of God are the body of Christ, the true Church in the material world. They are called the Lightbearers because they have the connection to the I Am Presence in the threefold flame in the heart. They are the humanity of this world. The psychopathic parasitic beings of darkness don’t have it. They don’t have the ability for compassion. They have been given a chance and their time is up.


The forces of darkness have their counterfeit hierarchy meant to copy the one of the Light and they have impersonated the Masters. They have their pawns and incarnations as well, and they knew they had but a short time as the scriptures said it, or prophesied it. They were allowed to reappear some thousands of years ago and the Atlantean dark magicians who caused the plan of Ascension to be aborted in their days, also reappeared in embodiment, making Edgar Cayce’s prophecy of the second rise of Atlantis to be fulfilled, but perhaps not as some of his followers expected it, because they interpreted it in the sense of the land being raised up again out of the Atlantic ocean. The Atlantean civilization was recreated as well in many ways in modern time.


So what is to happen this summer is not so much a new event but the culmination, the peak, of a long period of purification, of clearing up the astral levels. Purification was indeed prophesied by the Hopi Indians. A separation of Reality is going to occur because the vision and concepts of these dark fallen beings, who are to be removed, clash with that of the humanity that desires peace and to build a refined spiritual civilization on Earth, or Gaia.


Mother Mary and Saint Germain have released two messages in which they explain the origin of the sinister force, where the souls of Maldek are concerned. Their incarnation on Earth was the reason that Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame. It was because he knew that there would be an Armageddon of the Psyche taking place as a result of their coming. It was to give those souls a chance of evolution, and Mystery schools were set up to instruct them and attempt to turn them into beings of Light during the Atlantean age.


The souls that did not manage to ascend during the Atlantean age are the lost sheep of the scripture. However, the Atlantean and Maldekian downfalls were also engineered by what the Lords Sanat Kumara and Michael have called the Galactic mafia: it was the Reptilian presence in this Galaxy. Archangel Michael has provided an insight on our galactic history in the long comment that he made in a dictation in relation to a revelation that Sheldan Nidle made in his work ‘First Contact’ published in the year 2000. It was also in relation to the Prophecy millions of years ago with regard to the key role the Earth would play in these so-called ‘End Days,’ ‘Last Days’ or ‘End times.’ These expressions have their origin in a sentence in the book of Enoch ‘the days of the last generation’ and the Essences of Qumran did believe in that End time. However this was, and is, in relation to the End of Evil, and should not be interpreted in the sense of an end of the world, although it seems that this is just what the dark conspiracies, that create anarchy upon the Earth, as well as corruption, would like to manifest. This force has not abandoned its position of opposition to the Light. It is reacting with rebellion, hate, and vengeance. The ‘end,’ as in the book of Revelation, is in relation to the removal of the Dark forces from planet Earth as their time is up. It’s the Harvest.


It also was in the sense of a completion of a cosmic cycle of approximately 26,000 years at the end of which karma should be balanced. It has been announced quite recently that it has been cancelled to the level of 51% and this was the goal thanks to a dispensation obtained by Saint Germain that permits ascension with a transmutation of karma and of the substances magnetized by the soul, amounting to 51%. This cosmic cycle of 26,000 years is on the basis of the duration of the Astrological Ages charted on the Cosmic Clock of the Zodiac.


We are now in the Aquarian Age the Hierarch of which is the Master Saint Germain and the Earth is to be freed from those dark powers that have held the strings of their manipulations in order to serve an Agenda opposing the fulfillment of Archangel Michaels’ Prophecy of the Victory of the Light, as it is the Archangels who bring to mankind, or any beings for that matter, the vision of the Divine Will that is to be manifested in the material Universe, in their reality or physicality, and so this Vision was understood millions of years ago as a Prophecy.


The dark powers that remained after Lucifer received his final Judgment [please refer to the Video ‘Vials of Karma’] hoped to sabotage the plans of Liberation and Ascension that were to lift up physicality above the reach of these evil ones.


You are seeing the Apocalypse taking place in the sense of the true meaning of the word, the etymology of which is ancient Greek, and which means the unveiling of what is hidden as ‘calypso’ means ‘to hide’. This is the Disclosure that you have been waiting for because you realize that truth has been suppressed for thousands of years, and particularly in this day and age with the fall of society into materialism and the manipulation of political concepts, political events, such as those that sought to make you believe in an enemy. Many conditions and enemies were created as a means to create a perpetual state of war and chaos upon the world. The removal of the astral cause of what has led to the present disastrous global situation is going to produce the liberation that mankind desires. Disclosure is taking place now and is increasing especially as the media is now beginning to experience a liberation from the control of the evil Lords. The latter were tricked and lashed out on Donald Trump. He is taking a beating and retaliation from the forces of the Establishment that has never been seen before. They have been the core of many deceptions and conspiracies designed as part of a dark Agenda but the forces of the Light have prevented a good many of them from manifesting. Nuclear missiles and weapons have been deactivated. They have not been able to start a third world war.


The suppression of truth has been greater than any one of you can conceive. It was designed by the Anunnaki in the first place in order to keep mankind ignorant of their potential. If this is new to you, please do seek the stories and videos from various sources that can provide an insight about the great historical drama that is about to come to an end now. We are on the verge of a new beginning and of the restoration of a planet. We are about to enter the great age of Transition when, following Disclosure, the work will continue with a teaching and a true spiritual Science as a result of contacts, both esoteric and external with extraterrestrial, Galactic and higher dimensional beings, who have been assisting this Solar System with the work of Ascension.


You are entering a period of Transition in which life will be easier and interesting, and in which you will have the opportunity of contributing a service, and in which healing and rejuvenation will be taking place. There will be financial assistance and prosperity. The Transition with new technologies will be in preparation for the Quantum Leap in many years to come to a state of physicality that will be beyond the impact of disease and death. It will truly be a condition of paradise upon a higher dimension, and it will open up new possibilities of involvement in work in collaboration with the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Kingdom in service to the Divine Will.


There also is a leap up the ladder of your Density to be looked forward to at the end of this year of 2016, that will permit your visualizations to precipitate faster, so healing and similar changes will also manifest faster. So this is a vision of what is coming.


Remain steadfast, dear ones, it’s the finishing line in sight. Thankful for your interest and your work. With Love and Light from Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael and André.


Christine: With gratitude for this message as well as to Matt for its publication as video.

Archeia Faith, Twin Flame André, Removal of Evil forces on Astral this summer, June 3, 2016