Archangels & an Arcturian: A ‘Lazarus’ miracle

June 24, 2016 by Christine Preston

Christine: Hi Lightworkers! A friend of mine who is studying the videos I send her by email, as she doesn’t have Facebook yet, has been fighting a battle of life and death for her father who is in hospital, in a coma, and with a machine supporting his breathing. Three Archangels have come at various times to me from Thursday June 16 to say her father was going to live following what was believed to be a heart attack. On Friday June 17 the doctors said that his heart is strong but he had been without oxygen for 15 minutes after collapsing in town and the scan showed some damage to the brain.

Archangel Michael said to me categoricaly that he has no brain damage because the angels have protected him from that. At first the soul didn’t want to come back as is usual when they discover ‘heaven’. On June 17 it seemed he was able to breathe unaided, although he had not regained consciousness. On that day the police contacted the hospital to say that his house had caught fire and my friend wondered whether all of this happened to save him from dying in the fire. The fire had started when he was in hospital and it’s a mystery how it did. My friend and her brother have been staying day and night at their father’s bedside, speaking to him, and holding his hand.

On one day I did some calls and decrees for 3 hours and they have an effect 24 hours later as the energy starts at the top and manifests in the physical form gradually. On Saturday 18 my friend texted me that she had a good feeling about her father, but was afraid to be too optimistic. Then the consultant spoke to them and said they wanted to remove the breathing machine and expected her father would die over the next few days. But my friend was convinced he would improve.

While texting her on the following Monday I heard Archangel Michael saying:

Archangel Michael:  ‘he is ok, he won’t die’

Christine: and he gave me the idea that the family should be stalling for time so their father would heal before the machine was removed. On Monday afternoon there was no change, but no deterioration. My friend demanded a second opinion from another neurologist. Her father was then found to be drawing his own air and it was just as oxygenated as with the machine, but he was fighting hard for it so the machine was put back on. My friend checked EU laws to prevent the doctors to turn the machine off before her father could breathe more easily on his own.

The next day the neurologists repeated the same thing. They thought that from the medical evidence it was not looking good and expected him to die over the next few days, although he was mostly breathing of his own accord. They consulted the legal team to find out where they stood. My friend decided to get a lawyer too. The doctors were relying on previous cases and textbook writings. She asked me whether Archangel Michael was saying something. I explained to my friend we have to accept God’s Will, but I already had received many messages saying her father would live and was finding it strange. Archangel Uriel came while I was at a café texting her. He said:

Archangel Uriel: ‘He will survive. I am Archangel Uriel. We are not giving you this prophecy to make you feel better and her father will make it just as much as Donald Trump is going to be President and you, in Britain, are going to have Brexit.’

Christine: I said: if these things don’t happen I am discredited. If they do, I am a prophet! But I never wanted this responsibility. However I am a messenger and working for the Great White Brotherhood so I will deliver the messages as they want them. I also told my friend she could call for the Violet Flame as well as for the Arcturians’ intervention with healing. Months ago I had some healing from them and could hear them talking with Archangel Michael and they gave me a diagnostic for myself. They said they were shape shifters and could take the size or dimension they required when visiting us. They were present upon the etheric plane but I could perceive what they were doing to me at that level and hear them. Archangel Uriel had recommended we call for the Violet Flame to bring about a solution to the situation and he said:

Archangel Uriel:  ‘We are working on the body and it will help gaining time. We have looked into the timeline and he will survive’.

Christine: Archangel Michael had also said that my friend’s father would be coming back with a project that he accepted. This was a new project and there also was one that he had not accomplished in his life, so he would be coming back to do this, and he would come back with a change of view, just as people do after a Near Death experience.

By Wednesday the doctors were trying to get my friend to agree to end her father’s life peacefully but she said she didn’t feel he would be dying. Before leaving the hospital for a rest, leaving her brother to take her place, my friend spoke to her father and he gently gripped her hand. She said she didn’t know whether it would be enough for the doctors to change their minds. They seemed to have preconceived ideas.

On the same day I did a lot of decrees including to Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary who are on the Emerald Ray of healing, also to the Master Hilarion, and for the violet Flame to Saint Germain, as well as to Archangel Michael. Archangel Raphael then came and said:

Archangel Raphael:  ‘This is Archangel Raphael. We will try and bring him back to life now. I will do this because of the decrees as it is necessary for him to come back to life to accomplish something he didn’t do and was supposed to do. He will have a sense of what he has to do. His views will be changed when he comes back. He was sorry he missed his opportunity and the battle has been hard to recover it. His daughter and son fought hard. I will make the Command for his return just as my brother Jesus called Lazarus to return from the dead. ‘

Christine: I received that message by telepathic communication on Tuesday at 7.20 pm. Then Archangel Michael said:

Archangel Michael: ‘I, Archangel Michael am saying that he will come back to the realm of the living as I am commanding he does to allow him to manifest the Will of God in his life as per the contract he accepted before he incarnated. It cannot be done on this side of the River of Life as it is to o with karma and an accomplishment in the physical world that will benefit other souls. I am cutting him free with my sword of blue flame from the shackles causing a hard approach or view from these doctors.’

Christine: That was on Tuesday at 7.38 pm. On Wednesday, yesterday, my friend texted me and said:

Friend:  ‘Archangel Michael has done what he promised! On my return to the hospital yesterday evening, my father’s eyes were open slightly and I felt that he was looking at me! This is in addition to him gently gripping my hand earlier in the afternoon! I saw him earlier today and the gripping was stronger and more purposeful. However, we have just seen the doctor who hasn’t personally seen this occur, and he has just told us that he wants to remove the breathing machine so that my father can die peacefully. He confirmed that my father is comfortable and in no pain and that, apart from the brain damage, everything else is fine. He’s predicting that if he keeps my father on the breathing machine longer he will be strong enough to breathe on his own and survive. However, he doesn’t want this to happen as he said that the brain damage is too much for him to enjoy life! We fought hard because now I have no doubt whatsoever that he’s being protected by above. The doctor has agreed to give us until Friday morning before removing the breathing machine. So we are going to employ a solicitor tomorrow to try to get more time. The doctor said he has checked with his solicitors and that he is able to remove the breathing machine. I know that what Archangel Michael says is true but I don’t know what to do next. I know my father saw me when he looked at me yesterday.

Christine: That was yesterday, Wednesday at 6 pm. Later, at 9.20 pm, my friend texted me that she had been praying and talking to her father for the last few hours, and that there were improvements as he was now squeezing her hand with both hands, as well as opening and closing his mouth. He also tried to talk. He seemed to be slowly getting stronger. My friend said:

Friend:  ‘I trust and believe Archangel Michael!’

Christine: At 4.50 in the morning she texted that she thought everything was going to be okay and that she heard a voice in her mind as in telepathic communication. It was the first time she recognised it as such and she texted:

Friend:  ‘I’m hearing something about us being a ”good team”!

Christine: Later my friend texted that she was not having much luck phoning around for a solicitor and that she was not sure if they could stop the doctors from removing the breathing machine the next day, tomorrow Friday June 24.

It may be significant that this battle is going on at the same time as Britain has been voting to either remain, or exit, the European Union. I have noticed on a show yesterday that on one side of a panel of six people who were campaigning for the last time before the Elections, that those of the opinion that Britain should leave the EU were calm, although sometime enthusiastic, and offered intelligent arguments. The campaigners who want to remain in the EU, and support David Cameron, responded with arguments tainted by fears and with personal attacks such as the claim that the opponent team which wanted to leave the EU, was racist. It was a reaction to the fears they experienced on hearing the 5th dimensional view, whereas they were themselves still anchored in the third dimension in consciousness, or perspective. In my understanding the EU has been infiltrated and is controlled from the astral realm by the dark forces that are in connection with the dark cabal, the Elite, the Establishment and those powers that have been conspiring to cause chaos in Europe as well as wars elsewhere, as part of their agenda of control.

But to come back to the story, my friend then texted that, according to her brother, her father was looking stronger and had been squeezing his hand purposefully. She was still feeling positive. Then an Ascended Master who replaced my ascended twin flame André while he was busy with something else, told me:

Ascended Master: ‘The medicals can be so wrong’.

Christine: He told me we have a connection as although he is under the same Elohim, or I Am Presence, as my twin flame and I are, he doesn’t have the same Higher Self as my twin flame’s – his Higher Self is not Archangel Michael. It’s a sort of connection and that is why he was attending to me, guarding me. His background is, however, Arcturian and he is on a Starship. The Archangels who are the Higher Selves of their soul extensions, those emanated from them long ago, can have these extensions, or incarnations, on different worlds and they usually dwell upon higher dimensions than we do, because we have descended into the third dimension by accident, and due to the ancient reptilian interference that caused the galactic wars in the first place (please refer to the video The Prophecy which is a message from Archangel Michael, and also to the teaching concerning the number 144, i.e. the I Am created 12 Higher Selves (divine complements) and the latter created 12 soul extensions, total 144, but these 12 are twinned so in incarnation on Earth you would not expect more than 6 males and 6 females, and they might be incarnated upon another planet or may have ascended, therefore there sometime are but one or two of these remaining in the physical world). This Ascended Master has not yet given me his name and said I would not recognize it. He also said that this was happening to prove how wrong the doctors can be, then he added:

Ascended Master: ‘We will be at his side.’

Christine: I asked him whether getting a solicitor would help and he replied ‘it will give a new impetus.’ He also repeated he was 100% sure my friend’s father would live. I thought at the end of this year we are shifting to the 4th density and our magic will be getting faster and more powerful, so even if he was brain damaged he could be healed.

Later in the afternoon my friend texted:

Friend: ‘I think we are now winning! I have just spoken to someone high up in the management of the hospital who went to the ward and spoke to another doctor who we have not yet met. He wants to meet with us tomorrow and has assured me that the breathing machine will not be removed tomorrow!

Christine: I then texted back to say it was amazing – What a story and a battle for life! It’s possible that the hospital management decided to be careful in case my friend employed a solicitor. The last I have heard at 8 pm this evening is that my friend’s father was sleepy. They were going back to talk to him and couldn’t wait to see the improvements tomorrow. We will have to see what the future brings. I have had to take a leap in faith! It would be quite discrediting, indeed, if the prophecies didn’t come true, but so far they have. André has told me this evening that there is a reason why I am being given some prophecies. We will be going into some new messages very soon. So, blessings to you all, love and Namaste! Christine

Archangels & an Arcturian: A ‘Lazarus’ miracle

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