Sanat Kumara, Shifting as a Pyramid of Light, July 26, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Sanat Kumara, Shifting as a Pyramid of Light, July 26, 2016
Christine: With André, my ascended twin flame, assisting me by sending thought forms and sentences by telepathic communication, I am trying to recall the communication I have received from Lord Sanat Kumara this morning, as I raised my heart, soul and mind in prayer to the Father, or Father-Mother, not only in heaven, but at the top of the Summit of Being, that emblematic mountain in the shape of a Pyramid which is composed of lightbearers, star seeds and light workers, wo have the connection with the Divine I Am Presence. All of these souls in incarnation, and also those that are ‘discarnate’ awaiting embodiment as they have not ascended, symbolically are the ‘Bride of Christ’, the real Church, and they are giving birth to Christ consciousness. They are souls which are not defiled or whose robes have been washed clean in the sacred fires and the Violet Flame of forgiveness. They have, or have recovered, the Divine blueprint that is an immaculate concept or Design in their outlook and perception of Reality. They are like virgins giving birth by the power of the Holy Spirit to the second coming of Christ, and the descent of the light body is awakening the masses.
Our Father, Sanat Kumara, is in the higher dimensional Sun behind the physical one of our Solar System. He is in the driving seat taking it in the Stargate that reduces the distance between us and the God Star Sirius, or Kachina, the blue Star of the Hopi Indian legends. Some have called it the Dog Star as the Dogons also have knowledge of it. But Sirius is the God Star or Constellation that we are approaching. I raised my mind to Sanat Kumara who personifies our heavenly Father, whose flame within our heart connects us to our loving I Am Presence, the top figure in the chart of our divine Self, who irradiates a great pillar of Light all around us and through us to light our way. It is a divinely charged substance of Light described as a Tube of Light that protects the souls of Light from all negative human or artificially created waves that have been known to be irradiated from the astral plane to affect our psyche, or bend minds, and within this electrically charged circle of Light, is a violet flame performing a miracle of transmutation of all that is less than Christ consciousness for progression upon the Path of Ascension.
I called to our Father in heaven, Sanat Kumara, and by the power of his divine Name, speaking as a representative of mankind, asked that we may be uplifted in our vibrations and given resolutions to problems worldwide.
I asked for that connection with the higher dimension that is an energy circulating from the heavenly realms down to our heart upon a path in the shape of the sacred number eight. I received the idea that this word Eight (spelled EIGHT) becomes the word Height when the letter H is added in front of it (spelled HEIGHT). The vertical lines of the H letter represent the Twin Fames connected by a bar that is horizontal in this letter. So with the action of the energies going from our higher selves in higher dimensions, to our hearts, in a movement in the shape of the number 8, Eight becomes Height, we are being lifted up and become higher-dimensional. I felt a message was coming and heard a voice answering:
Sanat Kumara: My daughter and all loved souls of the Great Central sun, I am declaring that all of mankind will shortly be lifted to a higher dimensional level in the coming shift to a higher denity. You will be uplifted beyond the density that has so far been experienced. You are being taken higher and this is occurring in the shape of a spiritual pyramid that is composed of the souls of Light. This pyramid is transposed over the evil pyramid of the fallen ones and is making it fade away. Your pyramid is one of Light that consumes the shadows of that pyramid of unrighteousness and corruption. The pyramid of spiritual evolution has its base in the four quadrants of matter where reside your density, as well as what you perceive as your reality. Only the base of that pyramid represents your material world, and its sides are the elements of the material world: fire, air, water and earth. In that connection you have in the flame within your heart you are immortal and have existed without any beginning, in the now of a spiritual existence without time, deterioration, or change. The paradoxical element to this matter simply is that at one time you were born in the higher etheric dimensions as twin flames that are inseparable in that moment you penetrated the world of form, the body of the World Mother. In that birth you were still in existence beyond the limitation of time and change that have been affecting your existence on earth. Christ consciousness now descends as your saviour, with its resurrecting effects. Its freeing action will liberate you from mortality as well as the consciousness of this mortality. Hence, beyond this time of Transition close at hands there will be a liberation from captivity through the wonders of Ascension and a recreation of Gaia with your great service and sacred labours.
Christine: Sanat Kumara ended his communication in a way that I have heard before by saying ‘Communication Ended’. André has helped me to recall and recover most of this telepathic communication with Lord Sanat Kumara, our Father in Heaven, the Ancient of Days of the Bible, who was said in the Ageless Wisdom to be the Logos of the Earth, to have been with us for 18 million of years, and to have originated from the planet Venus. Lord Sanat Kumara, who has recently been replaced by Lord Gautama in his office as Lord of the World, has moved on to some vital sacred duties in the sun behind the Sun of our Solar System. The evil pyramid of control is a counterfeit creation created in the material world by the fallen ones who created mock-up perversions of the prototypical models in order to pervert them. All of the replicas of the Evil Lords rulers were perversions of God’s creations because they never had the power of creation. They could only desecrate, corrupt and pervert existing creations. They inverted all life on Earth but this is being turned around now. The missing pyramidion at the top of their symbolic evil pyramid of control on their dollar bill represents the missing Christ consciousness that they have represented as remaining disconnected. But the truths that they have suppressed are being restored. The world is awakening and integrating Christ consciousness by the method that was exemplified by the Master Jesus 2,000 years ago.
With love and light to all, Namaste, Christine

Sanat Kumara, Shifting as a Pyramid of Light, July 26, 2016

Ascended Twin Flame, Update, Renewed Prophecy and Hope, July 21, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: This morning I was informed that I would be given a dictation by thought transmission, later on this afternoon, but it was given after I did some routine decrees, including some calls for Archangel Michael to go into action in relation to the armageddon the psyche, as there is still a great need for it. Then my ascended twin flame André, who is an aspect, or extension, of Archangel Michael and is commissioned to function as my tutor, and also works with the Galactic Federation of Light, told me to take a pen and paper and started dictating the following message which is word for word, as in most cases where these messages are concerned. He said:
André: Dear ones, this is André. The video ‘the Evil Pyramid of Control’ seems to be attracting a lot of interest. There is much going on in the world, so much to talk about. I would like to pass on a message of hope with regard to the Elections in America. The vote has been cast and Donald Trump has been elected as a nominee for the Republican Party, and what will follow from this is a nasty battle of wits and words coming from the opposition, removing the possibility of an agreement between the forces of the Light and those of the dark. By this I mean that, in the past, some of the fallen ones on the dark side of the struggle between Right and Wrong, have surrendered or entered with us into some agreements to at least abandon their agenda of destruction and conquest, or their conspiracies of gaining power, and to stop interfering with mankind as well as the affairs of this world. But those that the Republicans, who want a resurrection of the original Constitution of 1776, because it garantees Freedom, are going to have to confront some forces of a very nasty nature acting through their physical representatives. They have a connection with the last core of evil that needs to be overcome before the golden age of Gaia can appear.
As we have said it before, in prophetical messages that have been published in February and then May this year, it will be Donald Trump who will be elected President of the United States of America, and he was the only one who had enough strength for the coming confrontation that will bring deliverance as well as to oppose the Establishment. His appointment is part of a divine Plan to restore order upon earth and release mankind from its captivity to the dark forces. It also forms part of the project of Ascension as it will bring peace to the world, as well as permit Disclosure to take place concerning all the truths that have been suppressed, and with them the knowledge concerning the fact that the beings of Light, spoken of in the traditions and the holy scriptures of the world, exist, and dwell upon the higher dimensions of the solar system, as well as in the Milky Way galaxy, and the entire Universe. And these higher dimensions have been called heaven. There are Ascended Masters, Archangels and Galactic Beings upon the cities of Light and Spaceships all over your Solar System and the physical vibrations of your world are being raised in the process of Ascension. You also are being lifted up upon the ladder of consciousness and are constantly shedding density as a result of the presence of the earth and solar system in the Photon belt. Understand that the distance that separated you from the higher realms in previous centuries has been reduced. It is for this reason that the time of great Reunion is approaching. There also are human beings in space in connection with the secret space program that you have heard of. Those are not of a higher dimensional nature but are like you, in a corresponding reality and density.
The time close at hand is one we have decided to call a time of Transition because it will still be one of great changes and shocks due to the process of disclosure that is to take place. It will bring the introduction of new technologies that have been kept secret and that will solve many problems upon the surface of the planet. It will also be one of preparation for a glorious quantum shift in spirit that will bring even more physical transformations and a golden age. This time of transition will be one of learning and of teaching that will be scientific due to the infuences of the Aquarian age, the Hierarch of whom is Saint Germain. So rejoice, and this is my message of hope for today.
All is relatively well and progressing according to divine Will despite a few geo-physical and political upheavals. All of this will soon settle down.
This was André and this message was delivered with love and light. Namaste to all.

Ascended Twin Flame, Update, Renewed Prophecy and Hope, July 21, 2016

The Tower of Babel Mystery, July 18, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: I have discussed the Tower of Babel Mystery in the Sixth Chapter of my book ‘From the Words of Angels and Ancient Book of Jika’ published in 2012, and have used some extracts from this chapter as well as Chapter Two for this video.

The story concerning the Tower of Babel can be found in Chapter Eleven of Genesis which states that before they arrived in Babylon, the people who built the tower ‘had journeyed in the East’ or ‘jouneyed eastward’. Decipherers were not sure of the sense. Also note the repetition ‘one kind of speech’ after ‘one language’ which is adressed at the end of this video. In the quote also note that the Lord makes a statement of ‘Let us go down’ as if He is speaking to other gods. Verses 1 to 9 of Chapter Eleven read as follows:

Genesis: The whole earth had one language and one kind of speech. When they journeyed eastward, they found a plain in the country of Shinar and they settled there. They said to each other, ‘Come, let us make bricks and bake them thoroughy.’ So they had bricks for stone and asphalt for mortar. Then they said, ‘Come, let us build for ourselves a city and a tower with its top in the sky to make for ourselves a name, lest we are scattered over the face of the whole earth.’ Then the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which mankind had built. The Lord said, ‘since they are one people and they all have one language and this is the beginning of their activity, now lest nothing they plot to do be beyond them, come, let us go down and mix up their language there so that they cannot understand each other’s language.’ Then the Lord scattered them from there over the face of the whole earth and they stopped building the city. Therefore its name was called Babel, because there the Lord mixed up the language of the whole earth and from there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

The story relating to the tower of Babel in Genesis Eleven is placed after that of the Flood. I think it is likely that the people who built the tower journeyed Eastward (therefore from the West), and this will become apparent later. In Genesis they are an unnamed people who discover a plain in Shinar. Scholars regard this term Shinar as meaning Sumer. These people decide to settle there. They are united and speak the same language. They start building a city and tower. This could be an account concerning the arrival of the Sumerians in the Edenic plain of Mesopotamia, but before they established themselves as the Sumerians and created some kind of civilization. The city they started building could have been ancient Babylon since the tower is called Babel. One of the reasons for which they wanted to build the tower is stated as being to ‘avoid being scattered all over the earth’ but this is strange as it turns out to be the punishment for having attempted to build it. Scholars comment the text stresses the folly of the early Babylonians who attempted to build ‘a ciy with a tower’ with ‘its top in the sky or heavens’. It is represented as an arrogant undertaking and triggers a judgment: a confusion of the original language that existed on the ‘whole earth’. This has a scattering effect and it’s as if cause and effect have been reversed as it normally happens the other way around, for instance it is by being separated that people develop a different dialect and after a few decades, or hundreds of years, their language become so different that communication becomes impossible.

In the sentence ‘For God spared not the angels, the Watchers, who sinned, and spared not the old world but saved Noah, bringing the Flood upon mankind’ in the Second Epistle of Peter 2, the ‘old world’ is a reference to the antediluvian civilization of the Atlanteans. The Old World is the Atlantean empire as it was before it collapsed due to the cataclysms that occurred sometime before the date that Plato provided for the submersion of Atlantis, i.e. 9,654 BC. A new world was reborn after that, and souls reincarnated in different conditions, notably with a reduced spectrum of consciousness.

Many alternative researchers agree that the Flood of Genesis and the Atlantean submersion would have been precipitated by a chain of cataclysms in about 10,500 BC. Some geologists and authors have theorized that the melting of ice sheets in the Northern hemisphere, at the end of the last Ice Age, drastically rose the level of the oceans and caused much flooding all over the world. The biblical view is that the Flood was universal, but the original sense may have been that it was universally known though land could have been flooded in many parts of the world due to a rise in the level of the oceans. The chief exponent of the idea that we may find evidence for a civilization, that existed before flooding changed the world’s geography, seems to be Graham Hancock. It would not be possible to deny the antiquity of underwater structures as geologists and experts, such as Glenn Milne, have established their date of flooding by computerized reconstruction. If the Garden of Eden was situated in the region of Edessa in Anatolia, flood waters could have come from an overflow of the Black Sea when sea level changed. According to geologists, this sea, which used to be called the Euxine, was a fresh water lake 12,000 years ago, before sea water rushed into it, causing it to overflow over land that was inhabited. This could have been the flood of Genesis. Edessa is commonly known as Urfa, a town near Sanliurfa in Turkey, on the edge of the rainy area of the Taurus Mountain. It is situated fifteen kilometres from Gobekle Tepe – spelled G O B E K L I T E P E – a site where circular temples estimated to be 12,000 years old have been excavated. They are forcing scholars to reconsider ancient history, because these megalithic constructions are the oldest in the world and seem to belong to an unknown civilization. Researchers have had a nagging suspicion that modern day eastern Turkey was the land of Eden. In the light of Ignatius Donnelly’s theory that the gods of many nations were Atlantean rulers, and that they founded Athens and Sais, as well as other towns, it would not be surprising if the Gobekle Tepe temples were built by Atlantean colonisers who settled in that region. The temples were circular and is it by coincidence that the tower of Babel was always represented as circular?

The Flood story appears to have been shared by the Sumerians and also the Hebrews who are increasingly viewed as having separated at one time from the Sumerians because the creation and flood tales of the Old Testament seem dependent upon those of the Sumerians but they were reworked by the Jewish Monotheist Reform of the 7th century BC. In ‘Atlantis: the Antediluvian World’ published in 1882, Donnelly revives the notion of Atlantis that Plato presented in his dialogues and maintains it has an historical basis. He reasons that if the Atlanteans colonized the antediluvian world and its inhabitants migrated to the ends of the Earth, their Island was the cradle of the civilizations that appeared in Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, Europe, and even the Americas. Then after dreadful cataclysms caused Atlantis to vanish from the Atlantic deep sea, the Atlantean rulers were deified in the colonies. Zeus for instance, the Ruler of the Greek pantheon, known to the Romans as Jupiter, was the deified Zakh of the Sumerians, who preceded the Phoenicians, Babylonians, Greeks and Romans. Ancient Athens would have been created before the submersion since, according to Plato, it resisted the Atlanteans’ effort to subjugate the ancient or proto-Greeks. The root ‘At’ that is in the term Atlantis is also present in place names such as Attica and Athens. Plato recorded that a large island vanished in a cataclysmic convulsion of nature in his dialogues in Timaeus and Critias in the 4th century BC. He is not the only classical author to have preserved this tradition. Classical literature is packed with references to Atlantis. Well before Solon, Dionysus of Miletus wrote ‘A Voyage to Atlantis’ in 550 BC. The model that Plato gives his students as part of a discussion in philosophy, is on the basis of a tradition that Solon heard from the Egyptian priests of Sais in about 600 BC. The legend includes some details about the Ancient State of Athens, the homeland of Doric Greeks, about 9,000 years before his time. It is not Atlantis that Plato represents as a perfect state, but Athens. A scholar of Alexandria by the name of Krantor travelled to Sais in about 260 BC and read some ancient Egyptian tablets enshrined in the Temple dedicated to the goddess Neith. Its priests told him that Ancient Athens had defeated a powerful nation that had made an expedition against the whole of Europe and Asia and had designs of expansion. This power situated beyond the Pillars of Hercules in the Atlantic Ocean was called the civilization of Atlantis. It was after they had invaded Egypt that the Atlanteans were defeated by these Ancient Athenians or Proto-Athenians. The common patron protector and educator of Ancient Athens and Sais mentioned in Plato’s Timaeus 2, 617, was named as Neith, spelled as N E I T H, and was an Atlantean Ruler. She had founded Athens and Sais and had built Athens one thousand years before the Egyptian town of Sais which became the first Egyptian capital by 3,100 BC.

To return to the mystery of the construction of the Tower of Babel, if the people who attempted to build it had travelled Eastward from a place in the West, they could have journeyed from the Island of Atlantis, or Egypt.

The translation of the term ‘Shem’ as ‘name’ or ‘make for ourselves a name’ has rendered the objective of building the tower unintelligible in the biblical story of the tower of Babel. The most cryptic statement is that the people want to build a tower with its top in the sky, or heaven, to ‘make a name’ for themselves. The key words are ‘Sem’ or ‘Shem’ which scholars have translated as ‘name’ and ‘Samayim’ translated as ‘heaven’. The main temple in Babylon was called the Esagil meaning the house with the raised head. This head was a pyramidion, or Shem, called by Archaeologists Benben. But the translators who deciphered the chapter concerning the Tower of Babel don’t seem to have known that. Some researchers have speculated that by building megalithic structures along the network of the planet’s magnetic ley lines, it was possible for their ancient architects to access, magnify, or intensify the magnetic energies that could be released from the flow of these natural forces. The term pyramid originates from the Greek language and means ‘shape of fire’. The claim has been made that pyramids are oscillators, and are orgone energy accumulators. Pyramidion would have been made of solid gold for certain functions and operations. Gold is indeed the top conductor for technological uses including the generation of electricity. The raised head could have been a pyramidion or Shem. The term Shem has been linked to the representation of the benben stone and place of Sep Tepi or First Time, a Golden Age, prior to the Egyptian mortal dynasties when, according to the Heliopolitan tradition, an initial group of nine Netjeru gods, called the Great Ennead, ruled at Heliopolis. Those divine dynasties were succeeded by the Shemsu Hor, who kept records of the time when these Initiators walked the Earth. And here the Term Shemsu Hor – which also includes Shem – has been translated as ‘those who follow the Path of Horus’. Horus’ father was Osiris, one of the divine beings who was restored to spiritual life in the heavens after having fulfilled his mission on Earth. The First Time, that golden age, was the golden age of Lemuria. The Path of Horus may have been the equivalent of the Way of Ascension. In Heliopolis, where the oldest of the Pyramid texts were compiled, a Benben stone was enshrined in the Mansion of the Bennu, or Phoenix Bird of resurrection. Their temple employed as many as 12,000 priests who used the power of sound and practiced magical utterances in the manner that the lamas of Tibet recite mantras.

Should the story of the Shem be linked to Memphite theology, the Heliopolitan Path of Resurrection, the obsession for immortality in antiquity, as well as the Ascension? Graham Hancock has questioned the function of the pyramids and the role payed by obelisks in the high initiates’ pursuit associated with Thoth’s teachings. Thot was known to the Greeks as Hermes Trismegistus. Did the scientists of Giza and Heliopolis seek a spiritual outcome and nothing less ambitious than a phoenix-like renewal and transfiguration of the soul? The pharaoh attempting to cross over also needed Thoth’s knowledge for the journey of his soul towards immortality. A book written by Thoth was said to contain spells capable of granting immortality. It was discovered in a tomb in a burial site of Memphis. The weighing words that scholars believe to be related to the Judgment Scene may have been to do with the ‘tongue’ and ‘magical utterances’ practiced as part of the rituals that can transform the soul and consciousness for the purpose of the Ascension on the path of spiritual rebirth.

There are variations for the term Shem but not in Egypt. These are Kem, Kemet, Sham as in Shamballah and Kumar or Kumara.They are related to a sacred Island, perhaps the Sacred Island in the sea of Gobi that is now a desert. The Gobi Island has always been known as the legendary and fabulous Shamballah. They also are in connection with the departure of Elder gods at the time of the universal deluge. Interestingly, Sanat Kumara is called a Silent Watcher and the Kumaras were World Teachers.

Translation of the term Shem as ‘word’ instead of ‘name’ in the Tower of Babel story:

Christine: As previously stated, the translation of the term ‘Shem’ as ‘name’ or ‘make for ourselves a name’ in Genesis has rendered the objective of building the tower unintelligible in the biblical story of the tower of Babel. The most cryptic statement is that the people want to build a city including a tower with its top in the sky, or heaven, to ‘make a name’ for themselves. The key words are ‘Sem’ or ‘Shem’ which scholars have translated as ‘name’ and ‘Samayim’ translated as ‘heaven’.

It is strange that the confusion of the original language in the biblical tale takes place before the scattering over the face of the whole earth in verse 8 as the people’s language would have evolved into different dialects if they had parted and migrated away from each other. However, Chapter Eleven also mentions ‘one kind of speech’ that appears as an abnormal repetition of the fact that all the people had but ‘one language’. Could it be because that ‘kind of speech’ had nothing to do with the original language of the area, and is in relation to the magic of the spoken word that the ancient Egyptians called ‘tongue’ or ‘magical utterances’? They were used for creation. In the early Memphite theology of Egypt, ‘heart’ and ‘tongue’ were indeed regarded as the instruments that created the world, and the ideas of the god Ptah – spelled P T A H – were said to have been ‘objectified by being pronounced by his tongue’ or materialized by his ‘Hu’ spelled H U. ‘Hu’ is a term for ‘magical words’ or ‘magical utterances’ and that is why we are called Human. These magical utterances were like Tibetan mantras.

With ‘Shem’ – spelled S H E M – translated as ‘word’ in the sense of ‘magical utterance’ as in ‘sounding a word’ or ‘decreeing’ instead of its decipherment as ‘making a name’, the sense can emerge that the newcomers, these invaders who became rulers of ancient Babylon, wanted to build a megalithic structure to increase the effect of their magical utterances, and make them resonate. The tower may have been a ‘Stairway to heaven’ in the sense that it could have activated the kundalini, or it could have been a technology unknown today. The spoken word is more effective than prayer and energizes the body and the aura. Magical words could have been used to amplify energy to produce a phoenix effect. The tower was intended to be ‘with a top in the sky’, an allegory like the ‘stairway to heaven’ that is tied to the obsession of the Egyptians, Babylonians and Sumerians, for immortality. So instead of ‘Let us build a tower to make for ourselves a name’ the suggested substitution for the term Shem can reveal the sense of ‘Let us build a tower and raise on top of it a pyramidion to amplify the power of the magical word’.

In the Book of Jika, the translation of which has been published as video by Matt Muckleroy, the statement in relation to the fact that Adam was born of the alteration of the divine tongue carries a concept that could help us conceive how the confusion of the original tongue came to be incorporated in the Babel legend of Genesis. The sense in Jika is that the human race declined from its original nature because the sounds they uttered were gradualy subjected to a deterioration. Jika also stated that his careless words created in form. The alteration of the divine tongue could also have made magic less powerful.

The term Shem is also present in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and the reason that Gilgamesh wants to raise a Shem is in relation to his quest, as he is only semi-divine and seeks full status of divinity in order to be immortal. He fails in his quest but eventually obtains an elixir of life or plant of youth from Utnapishtim, the Noah of the Sumerian version of the Flood story who resides in heaven. Gilgamesh has managed to communicate with him. Zecharia Sitchin suggest in his work ‘The 12th Planet’ that Shem should be translated as spacecraft, but this is on the assumption that Gilgamesh believed his divine forefathers resided on another planet and could have become immortal by reaching them.

Genesis Eleven indicates that these builders’ activities, as well as their unity, becomes a threat to the Lord God of Genesis. Verse 6 states ‘nothing they plot is beyond them’. The top of the tower will be in the sky. The purpose of the ‘tower’ is obscure, but the fact that the story is critical of the ‘human effort to become like God’ could be a clue concerning its original function.

In Enuma Elish, the Semi-divine Anunnake (spelled ANUNNAKI) said to be gods, also build a lofty ziggurat of the Apsu. This means a pyramid of Heaven. The lost sense of this construction could have been a tower supporting something in heaven, such as the firmament in the sense that it was some kind of technology mentioned by Sheldan Nidle in his work ‘First Contact’. The story that mentions the Anunnake is the same event as the Babel one but reported by the Sumerians. It mentions the fact that the Anunnake were workers or builder gods. Berossos wrote in his ‘History of Mankind’ that the first inhabitants of the land undertook to ‘raise a sky scrapper’ but that the project was overturned by the gods, possibly the powers of good. In the 1st century BC, the historian Alexander Polyhistor also narrated the story that a people undertook to erect a large and lofty tower, so they might climb up to heaven, but the chief god confounded their design by sending a whirlwind, and each tribe was given a different language.

The newcomers who built the tower of Babel settled in Mesopotamia and seem to have attempted to ‘take heaven by force’ as Isaiah recalls the Babel story when he says of the Kings of Babylon:

Isaiah: ‘You said in your heart, I will ascend to heaven, but you are brought down to Sheol, to the depth of the pit.’

Christine, July 18: Isaiah seems to have known something that was not recorded in Genesis. He must have associated the builders of the tower with the Nephilim as the ‘pit’ is the ‘bottomless pit’ into which the Watchers are imprisoned in the Book of Enoch, and this expression is also applied to the Sons of Darkness in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Anunnake who built the tower seem therefore to be associated with the Sons of Darkness of the Dead Sea Scrolls, or fallen ones. They settle down in Mesopotamia and become rulers, those known as the Archons. The builders of the tower of Babel could therefore have come from Atlantis and practiced black magic with technology.

We should also remember that the Jewish Reformers made some corrections to the original texts that were attached together to produce Genesis. So the roles played by many gods in those original stories are attributed in the revised version to the one God of the Monotheist Reform of the 7th century BC.

André, my ascended twin flame, has dictated a message this morning on this mystery to cast some light on it and so there should be a part 2 to this video. However, he stresses that we may not be able to elucidate the mystery completely as the biblical records were imperfect recollections of past events and in addition to difficulties with decipherment or translations, the stories were originally written down from oral stories that circulated in the ancient Near-East. We should place our trust in the teachings of the Ascended Masters which have been released to us during the last decades as they are more reliable than the ancient records. Wishing you joy with this food for thought. Namaste, Christine.

The Tower of Babel Mystery, July 18, 2016

Ascended Master André, Magical Time Approaching, July 19, 2016

by Christine Preston


Christine: André, my ascended twin flame, tells me, by the method of telepathic communication, how important it is to him that we reunite. This is true for other ascended and galactic, as well as angelic beings. This is about a reunion without interference where existing relationships are concerned, and in which freewill is preserved, and it’s all part of a development and fulfilment within the divine Plan.

Because of the situation that will be explained in a minute, many ascended beings will have to create bodies. I mean in the sense of creating a lower vehicle by Will to come among us. They will slip into them, then while we carry out our sacred labor of the recreation of Gaia, some of us will have 400 years to live in physicality before we reintegrate with our Higher Selves. This coming together should start occurring within two years at the same time as what has been called ‘First Contact’. It’s at that time that we will be given healing in Light chambers and can also undergo rejuvenation and transformations. Before that André stresses that we should focus on healing, as well as going to bed before midnight, so there is time for the angelic hosts to lift us up to the etheric retreats out of the body when we sleep at night.  We can then be taken to healing chambers and receive treatment upon our finer bodies which will trickle down to the physical level. I have experienced healing lately. Three minor conditions which I have been suffering from and which have persisted for year, are on the way out. However one of my problems is that I don’t go to bed early enough and that’s why André has insisted in our communication this morning that I realize that it’s important. After I started taking note of what I remembered of our telepathic conversation he dictated to me the following message by tele-thought transmission:

André: Dear ones, many beings are experiencing love as if they were the polarized extremities of a flame, and it’s because it’s their nature, it’s how they were created and they are the magnetic mirror version of each other, like one being that was split in two in incarnation. And sometime one is in embodiment and the other is not, and the other can be ascended. It is when you are ascended that you realize most of all the magnitude of the importance of the reunion I am talking about. At the deepest place of soul level we are one and yet we remain incomplete without that reunion if one’s other half is in physicality.  In order for many of you to reach that time of reunion it’s important for you to have enough sleep and be healed. Many old souls, Galactic ones, Ascended Masters and Angelic beings, have sent an extension of themselves into embodiment to carry out a sacred labor or mission for the recreation of civilization and of Gaia, and although you may think that 8 billion people or inhabitants is a lot, there are still souls in need of physicality that are unable to incarnate, and some do but not for long due to the high rate of mortality on earth at this time. Many have been aborted as fetuses and many people lose their life because of the atrocious conditions prevalent on earth today. For this reason I do recommend you all do your best to survive to reach that time of Transition which is getting closer because of the importance of achieving an ascent in physicality, of lifting up the place of vibration of the material world. This results with a ripple that reaches the extremities of the Universe and when you ascend you do so for your Galaxy.

Having said this nothing is not lost when souls have lost their lives and are classed as discarnate as they are sent to the Mystery schools upon the Higher Realms in order to achieve their ascension from that side of the great River of Life. They can ascend without their bodies then they can create one by Will at a later time. The Ascended masters can do this and walk upon the physical Earth among mankind without having gone through the process of birth, of being a child, and of growing up to the adult state. It’s all part of the divine Plan at this time. All souls including those that are in embodiment can also attend the Mystery Schools upon the higher realms in their finer bodies when they sleep at night. You can make the request before you go to sleep of being taken to those Schools, as well as the etheric Retreats of the Ascended Masters and the Archangels. Many tutors are on their way to help the souls of Light to ascend in consciousness, rise in vibration, as well as to create a golden age. The shift to 4th density, at the end of this year of 2016, is one that will place the souls dwelling in the consciousness of the 5th dimension in conditions in which new Laws will apply to their Lives. Effects will be created faster out of causes, and prayers, visualizations, will have their results faster. The calls will compel the answers at a faster and more potent way. There however will be a need for control. This power cannot be given to mankind unless peace and calm rule their hearts and minds, and they are in the process of integrating Christ consciousness. So the bulk of mankind that does not dwell in the consciousness of the 5th dimension will not pass, will not enter the kingdom. This crossing over to a magical kingdom is not yet, will not yet be the kingdom of heaven on Earth, nor the 5th kingdom, as this will follow later. This is just the decompression chamber, the decontamination one, in which purification is still taking place. It will be a time of Transition to another jump, a quantum leap to higher life, to the 5th dimension for your physicality. But before that can happen, there is much work to be done, much healing to take place and teaching must be given, alongside disclosure, and must be received in the company of saints, and Galactic beings who are assisting and also will be involved because of their sacred connection and relationship with you, the incarnated ones.

You who are in embodiment have to take your bodies and lives very seriously as well as remember the value of other lives, not only because lives matter, as they say, or because the rights of every human being should be respected. This respect for life derives from the Love that the Universal Mother and the Great Central sun have for all beings. The value of your incarnation and of your bodies should also be appreciated because millions of souls are unable to enter physicality due to the rate at which lives are lost on Earth. We are coming to put things right upon the surface of this world and help you to restore righteousness in those matters in which you are powerless in the face of the conspiracies of the dark powers which have oppressed mankind. This planet is able to sustain billions more inhabitants. It has certain resources as yet undisclosed or undiscovered. With better organization and new technologies, and when solutions are introduced to eliminate garbage and recycle waste, and produce food, as well as create housing, the population will be increased. There will not be any financial problem. There will be prosperity and every one will be cared for and will contribute to society in the way that suits them, and freewill will be preserved. You will not have to worry about repaying a mortgage, nor whether your pension will be sufficient in your old age because you will not be ageing and the process of rejuvenation, as well as healing, has already started.

Healing doesn’t take place directly at the physical level yet but is given when you are out of the body at night. You are taken to healing chambers while you sleep. So survive, and look after yourselves, and do not work too late if you can avoid it. If you feel a vibration surging up your body you are being given healing even while you are awake. You should be getting used to paranormal experiences of this type. Have a good night sleep and attune with your I Am Presence daily especially first thing in the morning if possible, before you get out of bed, and before closing your eyes to sleep after you have gone to bed. Have a thought for your Ascended Masters and your Gardian Angels, as well as the Archangels. Call to be bathed in the Light of your I Am Presence, or for the violet flame which provides solutions to personal and global problems. Remain in Archangel Michael’s protection as well as his legions of the First Ray so you are not affected by the human effluvia of those who are broadcasting hate or negative energies because something in their psychology has not yet been resolved. Pray that they may be cut free from all that does not represent Christ consciousness and according to God’s Will. It just takes a few seconds to raise your heart and mind to the powers that can send you healing, Illumination, the Resurrection flame and to guide you upon the path of the Ascension. Make those calls lengthier if you are in a situation that permits it. Remain protected in the Tube of Light that keeps you free from the negative energie that are still being generated in your psychic and physical world. You will be more protected from all of these 3rd dimensional creations after you have crossed over to 4th density. You are multi-dimensional, so you exist upon a number of levels and dimensions at the same time. Towards the end of this year of 2016, when you are taken up one notch higher upon the ladder of these levels, you will have access to grounds which you could only previously reach for fleeting moments, and you will forever be unable to sink down to the base that previously constituted the bottom of your spectrum. You will not disappear from the sight of those ones who will be able to partake of this fruit of the esoteric Tree of Life, this divine consciousness, and you will still be moving in the world as usual in physicality, but in a higher form than the one you have experienced so far. You will soon notice that miracles are taking place. The Time of Transition will be one of disclosure, of great Encounters, of Teaching, of Learning, of Discoveries, of new Technologies and transformatons, but also of healing, rejuvenation, enlightenment and great achievements. It will be magical, a time when dreams come true, a time of happiness, of resurrection, or reunion, of love, and of great celebrations as the ancient prophecy concerning the role that the Earth was to play in the end days, this time of Ascension, when physicality was to be lifted up to a higher frequency of vibrations, will have been fulfilled. As Lord Sanat Kumara has stated it, the Solar System is presently in a Stargate that it penetrated on September 28, 2015. Its destination is the Sirius Constellation and the Star that the Hopi Indians have called Kachina.

This was transmitted by André with love and light.


Ascended Master André, Magical Time Approaching, July 19, 2016

Archangel Michael and Twin Flame: On Fallen Angels, July 16, 2016

by Christine Preston,


Christine: Here are two messages dictated by telepathic communication as part of a conversation we had on the subject of the origin of the concept of Fallen Angels in the early days of Christianity. One is from André, my Ascended Twin Flame, dictated on April 23 of this year, and the other bfrom Archangel Michael, today, July 16.


Dictated on April 23, 2016

André: You have to get ready to receive the announcement that what you accept as your recent history is totally wrong. I am not even referring to a falsified chronicity such as coming from the Russian academic Fomenko who claims that the historian overlords have duplicated some events within the period of 600 to 1600 AD and as a result have created extra years. In the year following 600 AD, they introduced the Gregorian calendar but told the people that they were in the year 1600 AD. So Fomenko’s theory is that the present date is not 2016 but the year 1016! But we shall come back to this revelation in another message.

You are familiar with the idea that political events have been manipulated by the Powers that wanted to be, those dark Lords who have pulled the strings from the Astral plane, or astral realm, and whose subjects, the Elite or human Cabal, do their bidding upon the physical plane, assisted by the Bankers. Those on the Astral level were satanic forces, also called Nephilim, or Reptilians. The idea they were ‘fallen angels’ came from theologians, such as Origen of Alexandria, who was a gnostic theologian. There were heated debates before Constantine imposed his doctrine of sacrifice, and the early theologians identified two falls of angels. One was by lust and the other by pride. The fall by lust was their conclusion for Genesis 6 which explains the origins of evil by the inter-marriages between the Sons who were said to be divine and angelic, together with the daughters of man. The theologians did not understand that it was the progeny of these daughters, not the Sons of God who caused the fall, yet it is clearly stated.  They speculated that the Sons of God were the same as the Watchers of the book of Enoch who had been condemned and actually were the Nephilim. There were heated debates in which the theologians tried to explain how the angels of heaven, these Sons of God, or Bene Haelohim, could create a progeny with human women. In the book of Enoch the Watchers were condemned because they corrupted the world. Another group was said to have been corrupted. There actually is a distinction in the book of Enoch about these two kind of entities: those who corrupted the world and those who were corrupted because they had entered into the marriages. Theologians regarded this second group as one that had fallen by lust. And this is the origin of the term ‘fallen angel’. But in reality no good angel ‘fell’ from heaven, because they lowered themselves down into physicality by divine dispensation. Now, as regards the fall by pride, it was that in relation to Lucifer who was compared to a Dragon with a tail composed of his cohorts, and this relates to those who destroyed many worlds during the galactic wars, therefore the Reptilian race.  In this case the fall was from another world.

And so we are in the period of the Harvest when one is taken and the other is left. Gaia is moving on to a higher place in the scheme of the dimensional realities.  This is happening now. You are being lifted up and transformed. You are being taken up the levels of consciousness. And where your density and physicality is concerned, your DNA is changing and your bodies are becoming more crystalline. The changes are constant and follow a scientific systematic process calculated by higher dimensional minds, those that have master minded the great plan of Ascension. Those waves of energies related to the photonic belt, that the Solar System is crossing, are powerful winds that are electro-magnetic. Their impact is diffused by technology. A peak of these waves was encountered on September 28, 2015, then March 20, 2016. Their effect is continuing and you are integrating higher consciousness as you have adapted to the intake of the energies and resonated to a higher intensity of light. The first wave of souls that responded in this way was joined by a second group on March 20. So there is a growing awareness and spirituality in the bulk of mankind. We have also told you that the 51% karmic transmutation has been reached for mankind as a colletive. A great significance is hidden in this achievement because the planetary body has just crossed the minimum requirement for being regarded as a planet of Light. This is in preparation for acceptance within the close circle of nations which are represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. So far this representation has been held by the Darjeeling Council which is in connection with the etheric Shamballah where the Master El Morya has been holding his office as a Chohan of the First Ray. The fact that he was King Arthur, whose return was promised in his legend, and that he has now reincarnated, is also significant in this matter of the Round Table, that close circle of membership in the Brotherhood and Sisterhood organization, which also is a Knighthood of Cosmic proprtions, the Galactic Federation of Light.

Christine: On April 24, Lord Sanat Kumara gave a warning to the dark forces which has already been published. Before this he explained that in body we are in the third dimension. In soul, spirituality, or perspective, we are in the fifth. And we rise up and down in our vibrations above the fifth and up to the twelth dimension, or in some circumstances beyond. André has explained that when a shift occurs at the end of this yearof 2016, when our physicality is moved up to a higher place, we will be observing a faster transformation of our bodies away from diseases, upon a pathway that will eventually lead to an increased longevity. It will be a quantum leap. Before the latter we will be sent many teachers and will develop many abilities such as for telepathic communication in order to receive the teachings from our own I Am Presence. Contact will also be possible with Ashtar Command and they communicate through tele-thought transmissions, or telepathic impression. Their transmissions may sound, or be perceived, like our own thoughts.  They also communicate by images, or symbols, which we then need to interpret. Those lightcodes manifest in our mind like instant knowledge.


Dictated by Archangel Michael July 16, 2016


Archange Michael: ‘Fallen Angels’ is just a term used by early theologians such as the Gnostic Origen of Alexandria in the early centuries of Christianity (about 250 AD) when they attempted to interpret the mysterious reference to the intermarriages between the Sons of God and the daughters of man in Genesis 6. These theologians did not know the Sons of God were Initiators from the higher realms who had descended into the physical forms they had created by an act of will. This process was known in antiquity as being ‘self-begotten’. This meant that they had not incarnated, or had not been born from a woman. The theologians speculated this descent was a fall by lust and they were wrong as it was part of a genetic dispensation and they came as Initiators to the Atlanteans. Mystery schools were created in those last days of the Lemurian period and their teachings were symbolised in genesis as the ‘Tree of Life’, whereas what the black magicians of Atlantis professed was represented as the ‘forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil’.

Christine: Please refer to the messages given by Mother Mary and Saint Germain on the matter of the souls of Maldek for more details on this subject.


Archangel Michael and Twin Flame: On Fallen Angels, July 16, 2016

Archangel Michael, Evil Pyramid of Control, July 16, 2016

by Christine Preston

 Christine: This was a conversation with Archangel Michael in meditation and by telepathic communication. He wanted to help us gain an understanding of what is happening in the world beyond what is being reported to us by the Media. He said:


Archangel Michael: I have to inform you that at the present time the human Cabal is doubling its efforts in its unconscious opposition to the Light. I am saying ‘unconscious’ because I am now referring to the human cabal, not the forces of darkness upon the Astral realm. In its error, the human cabal is using strategies of darkness and dishonest methods to maintain power and achieve an agenda which was that of its overlords, but the people in various positions on the evil pyramid of control are unaware of the ultimate agenda. This is my first point. We are talking about the cabal in incarnation that came from Maldek, have recreated their supremacy in the previous Atlantean era and are now representing ‘Atlantis Rising’. You are thinking of some governmental leaders but these are not at the top of the evil pyramid of control and they do not have the knowledge that you suppose they might have, such as concerning the presence of Galactic beings in the Solar System who operate as a Spiritual Hierarchy upon the Higher Realms, or that of the Archangels. As to secret research and secret technology, some individuals at the top of the Evil Pyramid have access to more information. A group with an agenda of self-service has policies and philosophies to justify their ends and methods. They are tyrannical and have inherited a system that has existed for thousands of years. They are making the effort and doubling it, as I said, and are engaged in a scheme to make mankind believe it is plagued by terrorism. It’s an enemy they have created. You have studied what Carol Rosin has disclosed. At the top of the Evil Pyramid there were individuals who planned a long-term scenario of introducing the idea of various enemies over a certain period of time, in fact decades. They played a first card by presenting some Communist countries as a first enemy. But Russia was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Mother Mary and was reborn. The other enemies were to cause fears and chaos following the staging of a scenario with 9/11 though it was an inside job. It was used as an excuse for war. The idea of the enemy served the War Industries. The threat of Asteroids also was on the list to justify the weaponization of space. At the top of the Evil Pyramid someone entertained the dream of opposing the Forces of the Light without appreciation that their technology is a million time more powerful than the secret one the Elite, or Cabal, possesses. With their last card the Conspirators planned a scenario which they hoped would fool human kind with their semi secret Blue Beam Hollographic technology. They woud claim aliens are hostile and stage attacks from outer space with UFOs, the existence of which they have suppressed for decades. They would create fear and chaos and it would be an excuse for the weaponization of space. They would present ETs as hostile and for those at the top of the pyramid, it may be part and parcel of their antichrist agenda, and of their sabotage of the Ascension process, although they have little understanding of it. Those beings who were waging a battle against the Forces of the Light were dwelling upon the Lower Astral level of the planet. This realm has been raided by our Forces and been completely cleared and the Lower Astral Realm has been dismantled. As to the Astral level, it is still being worked on, and recently, as announced as a Major Event, a negative force has been removed, although there are still pockets here and there that remain.


What is happening is that some individuals in position upon the Evil Pyramid are being changed and awakened and are beginning to break into new paradigms. They might be politicians or in other fields. They find themselves in disagreement with other individuals upon the Pyramid of control, none of whom has full knowledge of what is going on, and are being ruled and influenced from the top. A disintegration is therefore eating the system from within.


The actual Secret ‘Run Away Society’ that functions upon the colonies of the other planets of the Solar System, with their various Organizations and Alliances, is disconnected from the Earthly Pyramid of control which is the last power to hold mankind captive. This earthly cabal realizes they are losing power. They are in a panic and disarray. As I have said it earlier on, they are doubling their effort to stage terrorist attacks to cause the nations to decide to go to war, as well as for various schemes of control. They are also presently working on the dissemination of animosities between the West and the Russians. However, there also is local violence because the creation of an enemy, or its amplification, has resulted with hate where there is a potential for the apparition of extremist views. Some individuals have achieved the peace and calm of the 5th dimensional perspective, or consciousness. Others lack the ability to love or broadcast love. Feelings projected unto other beings do affect them, but fortunately negative energies, which are a misqualification of God’s Light, can be transmuted by the Violet Flame. Some things may seem right to some individuals on the Pyramid of Control but are the ways of darkness. The Light is however penetrating the darkest places. They are doubling their efforts but do not suspect their false scenarios are going to become obvious as many people have gained a perception of higher consciousness and will see beyond their lies. Brexist has started a chain of reactions and the liberation of many nations from the forces of darkness is being played out. Disclosure will continue and we will soon enter a time of Transition when mankind can pick up the pieces, as well as start a work of recreation. I mean ‘bring into being’ the creation of New Gaia. Do rejoice as we, of the Higher Realms, Archangels, Masters, and Galactic beings, are with you always. We love you and are getting closer, and we assist mankind with love and light. Your Defender in battle, Archangel Michael.


Christine: Thank you for this information, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael, Evil Pyramid of Control, July 16, 2016

Archangel Raphael, Divine Design for Healing

July 7, 2016, by Christine Preston


In 2014 I developed the ability to receive tele-thought transmissions by telepathic communication. Following a testing time and tuition I was told in 2015 that I had passed the tests to be accepted and function as a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood and Archangels. So far, on July 7, 2016, more than 50 videos of the messages I have received from the Archangels and Ascended Masters have been published by Matt Muckleroy. On the morning of May, 30th, 2016, I had a conversation with the Master Jesus, and he has given me a project which consists in the re-use of extracts from previous messages relating to his doctrine and how it was altered by the Nicene Creed, as well as what Mother Mary said about his life, the Bible fraud or his lost years and lost teachings in the gospels. The difference between Christianity and the teachings of the Ascended Masters is to do with the fact that Christianity is exoteric.

The understanding of the esoteric truth makes all the difference. Gnostic beliefs were esoteric and their notion of the Spirit Within is well known in Theology. In her message of February 28, 2016, ‘Truth, Precipitation’, Mother Mary asked me to include my research on the introduction of the Nicene creed by Constantine in 325 AD, in which I stated that Catholics, as well as other Christian denominations, derive their faith from a doctrine which was devised by the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great. He convoked some bishops from the movement, which had taken shape during the previous two centuries, to attend a Council at Nicaea in 325 AD. Prior to this there had been debates between a group called ‘Apologists’ and the Gnostics, as well as another group with a theological interpretation called ‘Arianism’. It has been claimed in academic circles that Christianity was chosen to be Constantine’s State Religion, but it did not exist yet because the bishops who were invited to attend the Council of Nicaea were all Gnostics! The fact that these bishops refused to accept Constantine’s doctrine has been recorded because they were threatened with exile to an island called Illarya. This is recorded in the ‘Pre and Post-Nicene Records’, large volumes which are available to the public. Two bishops were actually exiled there. Some texts were copied from existing records and attached together. They were included in the gospels. Some were called apocryphal and were not included in the official canon of scriptures. Many of the original records of the messianic movement were destroyed. The Old Testament had already been translated from Hebrew into Greek nearly three centuries before Jesus incarnated. The texts are called the Septuagint. In the Christian era, translators, such as Jerome, were entrusted with their translation into Latin, as well. Then a millennia later, after the invention of the press, or printing machine, those texts were printed and distributed in Latin, and closing up to the Renaissance period, the people who translated those texts in their own languages such as German and English, risked being burned at the stake. However, the stories were tampered with in the early days of the Roman Empire and some scholars have found evidence that the Gospels were the literary creation of the Flavian Emperors using the skills of Flavius Josephus. The manipulation was directed from the astral plane. It was to keep mankind enslaved with a Vision and knowledge that avoided the esoteric interpretation at all cost. Yet the fiery bush of Exodus had stated to Moses he was I Am That I Am. This meant I Am that core of being in you, and therefore you are divine sons and daughters. It was a conspiracy of the dark forces to prevent the lightbearers from knowing who they were. Some odd expressions, such as the ‘immaculate conception’ or the ‘Virgin Mary’ were not removed. These expressions led to a misinterpretation or literal interpretation within the framework of the exoteric teachings. But if there existed a notion in connection with Mother Mary and an ‘Immaculate Conception’ in Gnosticism or the messianic movement, what was it? Was she known to have possessed something which Christianity then claimed that she was unique in possessing? We already know that the problem with Christianity is that it has claimed that Jesus Christ was unique in being a Son of God because Constantine’s doctrine does not provide an understanding concerning the fact that the ‘Only’ Son of God is the Universal Christ Consciousness at the level of the higher octaves at which all life is interconnected and one. That is why it was said there only was One Christ. It has not provided the understanding that Jesus had integrated this Christ consciousness and that it is something we need to do to progress upon the path of Ascension.

The immaculate concept is the Blueprint, or Christ consciousness, which we should mirror in the material world. You may pray that this image, this blueprint, may be traced upon the fabric of your soul, though you are that soul, that being. You may pray that it descends within you and refines the being that you are. And pray that Michael and his sword of blue, Mighty power of perfection too, may mold your being with his great love, and raise you to that Immaculate Self above!

We need to reestablish a contact with the Immaculate Conception, the original Divine Design and to integrate Christ consciousness. On March 28, 1964, Archangel Raphael released a healing thoughtform which he called ‘The Crystalline Star of Understanding’ through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a trained Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, who with her husband Mark Prophet, had been committed to illuminating the pathway of the soul since 1958, when they founded the Summit Lighthouse. She had worked diligently to publish the books the Masters dictated in serialized form as Pearls of Wisdom after the funding of Summit University Press in the 1970s to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters. The Archangels and Masters communicated with these messengers in the same manner as they had with Saint John the Divine as well as the prophets of Israel. Instruction was also passed on by similar methods now called ‘channeling’ to Enoch and Hermes and a few decades before the 1950s, they channeled teachings through Alice Bailey and before her, H.P. Blavatsky.

Mark Prophet was messenger from 1958 and until his transition in 1973. The role of the messengers during the eighteen years of their ministry was to help spiritual seekers to make direct contact with their Real Self and to master the energies of the cosmos. Mark ascended under the name of Lanello. Elizabeth called ‘Guru Ma’ or ‘Mother’ by her followers, has, according to channeled teachings through David Christopher Lewis, ascended as Lady Clare de Lys. The sound ‘Lys’ is prominent in her names because she was incarnated as Saint Therese of Lisieux.

The dictations that the Masters have released through the messengers Mark and Elizabeth contain the keys necessary to solve personal and planetary problems at an hour of earth’s history that preceded the Golden Age of Aquarius and the time of the biblical judgment which is upon us. They regarded the latter as an effect set in motion by mankind’s incorrect use of the energies of Life. The keys are instructions on how to use the creative power of sound to generate spiritual energy and bring about changes in our life, as well as the world. The power of sound is a tool which was known by the ancient mystics of East and West but has been lost. It can bring bout the transcendence of the self by a process of alchemical transformation by the scientific use of the seventh Ray of Saint Germain for instance, and his high frequency spiritual energy known as the violet flame. The aim of the hierarchy is to bring about a golden age of enlightenment according to Saint Germain’s plan. The teachings include an interpretation of the sacred scriptures of East and West, instructions on self-mastery, the chakras and auras, with the Masters Ku-thumi and Djwal Kul, studies in spiritual alchemy, the charting of the cycles of karma and dharma on the Cosmic Clock by Mother Mary. These subjects prepare the student to enter a guru-chela relationship on the path of Initiation or Ascension.

With regard to the healing thoughtform I have mentioned which was part of Archangel Raphael’s instruction in 1964, and which we can visualize to obtain healing, it was a triad of healing significance with a pure central white-fire globular core of quivering divine light, like a sphere within another sphere of tangible blue sheath of light denoting the Will of God, which always is the most perfect manifestation for mankind, and then around it, another mighty sphere of green, or emerald, healing radiance to restore the well being of the earth and her evolutions. We can ask for this thoughtform to manifest around people who are ill, or around the whole Earth. We should remember that the Call compels the Answer from the Octaves of Light and that we should ask for God’s Will and surrender the human will. If the individual who needs healing can make the call himself or herself, an intense action can manifest with the manifestation of the image that is in heaven, upon earth or within the physical body. However you can also send this thoughtform to another person. Disease is the result of matter and substance having become distorted by some misuse of energy by ourselves in present or past lives, as well as the ancient creation of this kingdom we have been born into, and have inherited. Our world of physicality does not outpicture the original immaculate blueprint of being, but we have the power to restore it and that is how we create New Gaia.

Archangel Raphael explained that all we need to do is make the command ‘Stop that action, for there to be a dissolving action, whereby the wrong thought pattern will be dissolved and the Immaculate Conception of the original Design wil be recovered. <volume level=”60″>He said that this radiant, pure, archetypal Perfection, this Immaculate Concept, abides within the Higher Mental Body as well as the I Am Presence. <volume level=”60″>The Higher Mental Body is the Christ Consciousness or Blueprint which remained in heaven when we descended into the realm of imperfections, with its time, change, disease and death. <volume level=”60″>I summarize what Archangel Raphael said:

Archangel Raphael:

All of you have the power, if you will take it, and the scepter of authority and dominion in your own world to say unto your own mighty I Am Presence: Beloved God Presence of me, take command of my four lower bodies and of my being and world. I spell an end to the death knell of human creation which would give power to disease and I invoke your dominion in my being and world. Establish forever the patterns of the Divine Design in the temple immaculate which I affirm I am. Remove all distortions in my flesh form and mental body. Re-establish the wonderous purity of God as you descend within me. Confer upon me the eternal vestments of God which shall be without end with the ageless perfection of my being. Circling me now is the angelic power of Light, the magnetization, the magnification and the extenuation of Light over the entire planetary body.


This was the Star of Understanding, but really about the Immaculate concept and the Christ consciousness that we are integrating.

On the Initiations upon the Path of Ascension
The initiations are stages of attainment and when you receive the first Initiation it signifies admission upon the spiritual Path. It’s when you are beginning to be controled by Christ consciousness, with responsibility, unconditional love and service. The second initiation is to do with your attainment or mastery of the emotional body. It’s the hardest. It’s to do with the sacrifice and death of human desire in the sense of non-alignment with God’s Will, so it means you have aligned with the greater Will. The lower nature and emotions, as for instance those revolving around doubts and fear, human questioning, emotional instability, are brought under control. Freedom is the keynote, and the Hierarch who can help with this is Saint Germain and his angelic hosts of Light.
At the 3rd initiation there is the development of self-mastery over the mental body and personality. The persona merges with the Higher Self of which you are an extension of, or ‘soul extension’. You are free from the lower mind and desires. The disciple receives guidance from the Monad, another term for the I Am Presence.
At the 4th initiation you have achieved freedom from self interest and a personal life and you devote it in the interest of a larger whole. There can still be sacrifice and suffering. The initiate has laid his, or her, personality upon the altar, is uninterested in money, reputation, character, world, etc. but is devoted to live in service, to fulfil a mission, though has achieved liberation from incarnation. The I Am increases as a source of guidance.
There is a 5th and 6th Initiation before the Ascension to the 5th density. At the end of this year we shall be entering a time of Transition during which we will be prepared and given teachings, not only in order that civilization can be rebuilt and we can be freed from the captivity of a tyrannic financial system, but to be given instruction as well as a teaching that will change us and heal our psyche. This will prepare us for the quantum leap. But before this we have but a few months during which the turmoil will be increasing as the forces of the Light are opposing those of darkness which control the world through the political establishment.
My divine I Am Presence spoke to me this morning after I received a communication with my ascended twin flame, André. The following summary is being written with a guardian angel watching over me and guiding me as he does when André is temporarily absent. He has duties in relation to the time of transition coming up next year:
This morning, my ‘I Am’ said that the solar system is now accelerating into the void in the Stargate that takes us closer to the Blue Star Sirius A. It is the Kachina of the Hopi Indians’ well known prophecy. The stripping action of being in the Void causes an unveiling concerning all the truths that have been suppressed. It is what is partly causing Disclosure. The Bexit Victory of Great Britain has been quickly followed by the release of the Chilcot report concerning the War in Iraq in 2003 and ex Prime Minister Tony Blair promising to George Bush to ‘being with him’ whatever. The next thing we can expect is that the public will pay attention to the matter of 9/11, the purpose of which was the creation of an enemy to justify the Iraq War. There is so much going on that this may not happen till September. Elections are taking place in Britain for a Prime Minister and they continue as prophesied in the United States of America [please refer to the video ‘Prophecy regarding the Elections’ published on May 5]. The battle going on is to do with mankind’s liberation from the captivity of the dark forces that are now being removed. Some leaders are following their conscience and asking questions with genuine concerns about the future.
Towards the end of this year we will experience another change which has been called the shift into 4th density. More among us will also be lifted to the 5th dimension in terms of their perspective and consciousness. We will be able to obtain healing results by calls, prayers and visualizations such as the one that was central to this message in a more potent way due to this shift into 4th density as explained in the previous video. We can also look forward to the technology of the higher realms at a later stage and the disclosure concerning our Galactic family as well as the teachings which the mentors will release in coming years.
With love and light, Christine

Archangel Raphael, Divine Design for Healing