Archangel Raphael, Divine Design for Healing

July 7, 2016, by Christine Preston


In 2014 I developed the ability to receive tele-thought transmissions by telepathic communication. Following a testing time and tuition I was told in 2015 that I had passed the tests to be accepted and function as a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood and Archangels. So far, on July 7, 2016, more than 50 videos of the messages I have received from the Archangels and Ascended Masters have been published by Matt Muckleroy. On the morning of May, 30th, 2016, I had a conversation with the Master Jesus, and he has given me a project which consists in the re-use of extracts from previous messages relating to his doctrine and how it was altered by the Nicene Creed, as well as what Mother Mary said about his life, the Bible fraud or his lost years and lost teachings in the gospels. The difference between Christianity and the teachings of the Ascended Masters is to do with the fact that Christianity is exoteric.

The understanding of the esoteric truth makes all the difference. Gnostic beliefs were esoteric and their notion of the Spirit Within is well known in Theology. In her message of February 28, 2016, ‘Truth, Precipitation’, Mother Mary asked me to include my research on the introduction of the Nicene creed by Constantine in 325 AD, in which I stated that Catholics, as well as other Christian denominations, derive their faith from a doctrine which was devised by the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great. He convoked some bishops from the movement, which had taken shape during the previous two centuries, to attend a Council at Nicaea in 325 AD. Prior to this there had been debates between a group called ‘Apologists’ and the Gnostics, as well as another group with a theological interpretation called ‘Arianism’. It has been claimed in academic circles that Christianity was chosen to be Constantine’s State Religion, but it did not exist yet because the bishops who were invited to attend the Council of Nicaea were all Gnostics! The fact that these bishops refused to accept Constantine’s doctrine has been recorded because they were threatened with exile to an island called Illarya. This is recorded in the ‘Pre and Post-Nicene Records’, large volumes which are available to the public. Two bishops were actually exiled there. Some texts were copied from existing records and attached together. They were included in the gospels. Some were called apocryphal and were not included in the official canon of scriptures. Many of the original records of the messianic movement were destroyed. The Old Testament had already been translated from Hebrew into Greek nearly three centuries before Jesus incarnated. The texts are called the Septuagint. In the Christian era, translators, such as Jerome, were entrusted with their translation into Latin, as well. Then a millennia later, after the invention of the press, or printing machine, those texts were printed and distributed in Latin, and closing up to the Renaissance period, the people who translated those texts in their own languages such as German and English, risked being burned at the stake. However, the stories were tampered with in the early days of the Roman Empire and some scholars have found evidence that the Gospels were the literary creation of the Flavian Emperors using the skills of Flavius Josephus. The manipulation was directed from the astral plane. It was to keep mankind enslaved with a Vision and knowledge that avoided the esoteric interpretation at all cost. Yet the fiery bush of Exodus had stated to Moses he was I Am That I Am. This meant I Am that core of being in you, and therefore you are divine sons and daughters. It was a conspiracy of the dark forces to prevent the lightbearers from knowing who they were. Some odd expressions, such as the ‘immaculate conception’ or the ‘Virgin Mary’ were not removed. These expressions led to a misinterpretation or literal interpretation within the framework of the exoteric teachings. But if there existed a notion in connection with Mother Mary and an ‘Immaculate Conception’ in Gnosticism or the messianic movement, what was it? Was she known to have possessed something which Christianity then claimed that she was unique in possessing? We already know that the problem with Christianity is that it has claimed that Jesus Christ was unique in being a Son of God because Constantine’s doctrine does not provide an understanding concerning the fact that the ‘Only’ Son of God is the Universal Christ Consciousness at the level of the higher octaves at which all life is interconnected and one. That is why it was said there only was One Christ. It has not provided the understanding that Jesus had integrated this Christ consciousness and that it is something we need to do to progress upon the path of Ascension.

The immaculate concept is the Blueprint, or Christ consciousness, which we should mirror in the material world. You may pray that this image, this blueprint, may be traced upon the fabric of your soul, though you are that soul, that being. You may pray that it descends within you and refines the being that you are. And pray that Michael and his sword of blue, Mighty power of perfection too, may mold your being with his great love, and raise you to that Immaculate Self above!

We need to reestablish a contact with the Immaculate Conception, the original Divine Design and to integrate Christ consciousness. On March 28, 1964, Archangel Raphael released a healing thoughtform which he called ‘The Crystalline Star of Understanding’ through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a trained Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, who with her husband Mark Prophet, had been committed to illuminating the pathway of the soul since 1958, when they founded the Summit Lighthouse. She had worked diligently to publish the books the Masters dictated in serialized form as Pearls of Wisdom after the funding of Summit University Press in the 1970s to spread the teachings of the Ascended Masters. The Archangels and Masters communicated with these messengers in the same manner as they had with Saint John the Divine as well as the prophets of Israel. Instruction was also passed on by similar methods now called ‘channeling’ to Enoch and Hermes and a few decades before the 1950s, they channeled teachings through Alice Bailey and before her, H.P. Blavatsky.

Mark Prophet was messenger from 1958 and until his transition in 1973. The role of the messengers during the eighteen years of their ministry was to help spiritual seekers to make direct contact with their Real Self and to master the energies of the cosmos. Mark ascended under the name of Lanello. Elizabeth called ‘Guru Ma’ or ‘Mother’ by her followers, has, according to channeled teachings through David Christopher Lewis, ascended as Lady Clare de Lys. The sound ‘Lys’ is prominent in her names because she was incarnated as Saint Therese of Lisieux.

The dictations that the Masters have released through the messengers Mark and Elizabeth contain the keys necessary to solve personal and planetary problems at an hour of earth’s history that preceded the Golden Age of Aquarius and the time of the biblical judgment which is upon us. They regarded the latter as an effect set in motion by mankind’s incorrect use of the energies of Life. The keys are instructions on how to use the creative power of sound to generate spiritual energy and bring about changes in our life, as well as the world. The power of sound is a tool which was known by the ancient mystics of East and West but has been lost. It can bring bout the transcendence of the self by a process of alchemical transformation by the scientific use of the seventh Ray of Saint Germain for instance, and his high frequency spiritual energy known as the violet flame. The aim of the hierarchy is to bring about a golden age of enlightenment according to Saint Germain’s plan. The teachings include an interpretation of the sacred scriptures of East and West, instructions on self-mastery, the chakras and auras, with the Masters Ku-thumi and Djwal Kul, studies in spiritual alchemy, the charting of the cycles of karma and dharma on the Cosmic Clock by Mother Mary. These subjects prepare the student to enter a guru-chela relationship on the path of Initiation or Ascension.

With regard to the healing thoughtform I have mentioned which was part of Archangel Raphael’s instruction in 1964, and which we can visualize to obtain healing, it was a triad of healing significance with a pure central white-fire globular core of quivering divine light, like a sphere within another sphere of tangible blue sheath of light denoting the Will of God, which always is the most perfect manifestation for mankind, and then around it, another mighty sphere of green, or emerald, healing radiance to restore the well being of the earth and her evolutions. We can ask for this thoughtform to manifest around people who are ill, or around the whole Earth. We should remember that the Call compels the Answer from the Octaves of Light and that we should ask for God’s Will and surrender the human will. If the individual who needs healing can make the call himself or herself, an intense action can manifest with the manifestation of the image that is in heaven, upon earth or within the physical body. However you can also send this thoughtform to another person. Disease is the result of matter and substance having become distorted by some misuse of energy by ourselves in present or past lives, as well as the ancient creation of this kingdom we have been born into, and have inherited. Our world of physicality does not outpicture the original immaculate blueprint of being, but we have the power to restore it and that is how we create New Gaia.

Archangel Raphael explained that all we need to do is make the command ‘Stop that action, for there to be a dissolving action, whereby the wrong thought pattern will be dissolved and the Immaculate Conception of the original Design wil be recovered. <volume level=”60″>He said that this radiant, pure, archetypal Perfection, this Immaculate Concept, abides within the Higher Mental Body as well as the I Am Presence. <volume level=”60″>The Higher Mental Body is the Christ Consciousness or Blueprint which remained in heaven when we descended into the realm of imperfections, with its time, change, disease and death. <volume level=”60″>I summarize what Archangel Raphael said:

Archangel Raphael:

All of you have the power, if you will take it, and the scepter of authority and dominion in your own world to say unto your own mighty I Am Presence: Beloved God Presence of me, take command of my four lower bodies and of my being and world. I spell an end to the death knell of human creation which would give power to disease and I invoke your dominion in my being and world. Establish forever the patterns of the Divine Design in the temple immaculate which I affirm I am. Remove all distortions in my flesh form and mental body. Re-establish the wonderous purity of God as you descend within me. Confer upon me the eternal vestments of God which shall be without end with the ageless perfection of my being. Circling me now is the angelic power of Light, the magnetization, the magnification and the extenuation of Light over the entire planetary body.


This was the Star of Understanding, but really about the Immaculate concept and the Christ consciousness that we are integrating.

On the Initiations upon the Path of Ascension
The initiations are stages of attainment and when you receive the first Initiation it signifies admission upon the spiritual Path. It’s when you are beginning to be controled by Christ consciousness, with responsibility, unconditional love and service. The second initiation is to do with your attainment or mastery of the emotional body. It’s the hardest. It’s to do with the sacrifice and death of human desire in the sense of non-alignment with God’s Will, so it means you have aligned with the greater Will. The lower nature and emotions, as for instance those revolving around doubts and fear, human questioning, emotional instability, are brought under control. Freedom is the keynote, and the Hierarch who can help with this is Saint Germain and his angelic hosts of Light.
At the 3rd initiation there is the development of self-mastery over the mental body and personality. The persona merges with the Higher Self of which you are an extension of, or ‘soul extension’. You are free from the lower mind and desires. The disciple receives guidance from the Monad, another term for the I Am Presence.
At the 4th initiation you have achieved freedom from self interest and a personal life and you devote it in the interest of a larger whole. There can still be sacrifice and suffering. The initiate has laid his, or her, personality upon the altar, is uninterested in money, reputation, character, world, etc. but is devoted to live in service, to fulfil a mission, though has achieved liberation from incarnation. The I Am increases as a source of guidance.
There is a 5th and 6th Initiation before the Ascension to the 5th density. At the end of this year we shall be entering a time of Transition during which we will be prepared and given teachings, not only in order that civilization can be rebuilt and we can be freed from the captivity of a tyrannic financial system, but to be given instruction as well as a teaching that will change us and heal our psyche. This will prepare us for the quantum leap. But before this we have but a few months during which the turmoil will be increasing as the forces of the Light are opposing those of darkness which control the world through the political establishment.
My divine I Am Presence spoke to me this morning after I received a communication with my ascended twin flame, André. The following summary is being written with a guardian angel watching over me and guiding me as he does when André is temporarily absent. He has duties in relation to the time of transition coming up next year:
This morning, my ‘I Am’ said that the solar system is now accelerating into the void in the Stargate that takes us closer to the Blue Star Sirius A. It is the Kachina of the Hopi Indians’ well known prophecy. The stripping action of being in the Void causes an unveiling concerning all the truths that have been suppressed. It is what is partly causing Disclosure. The Bexit Victory of Great Britain has been quickly followed by the release of the Chilcot report concerning the War in Iraq in 2003 and ex Prime Minister Tony Blair promising to George Bush to ‘being with him’ whatever. The next thing we can expect is that the public will pay attention to the matter of 9/11, the purpose of which was the creation of an enemy to justify the Iraq War. There is so much going on that this may not happen till September. Elections are taking place in Britain for a Prime Minister and they continue as prophesied in the United States of America [please refer to the video ‘Prophecy regarding the Elections’ published on May 5]. The battle going on is to do with mankind’s liberation from the captivity of the dark forces that are now being removed. Some leaders are following their conscience and asking questions with genuine concerns about the future.
Towards the end of this year we will experience another change which has been called the shift into 4th density. More among us will also be lifted to the 5th dimension in terms of their perspective and consciousness. We will be able to obtain healing results by calls, prayers and visualizations such as the one that was central to this message in a more potent way due to this shift into 4th density as explained in the previous video. We can also look forward to the technology of the higher realms at a later stage and the disclosure concerning our Galactic family as well as the teachings which the mentors will release in coming years.
With love and light, Christine

Archangel Raphael, Divine Design for Healing

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