Archangel Michael and Twin Flame: On Fallen Angels, July 16, 2016

by Christine Preston,


Christine: Here are two messages dictated by telepathic communication as part of a conversation we had on the subject of the origin of the concept of Fallen Angels in the early days of Christianity. One is from André, my Ascended Twin Flame, dictated on April 23 of this year, and the other bfrom Archangel Michael, today, July 16.


Dictated on April 23, 2016

André: You have to get ready to receive the announcement that what you accept as your recent history is totally wrong. I am not even referring to a falsified chronicity such as coming from the Russian academic Fomenko who claims that the historian overlords have duplicated some events within the period of 600 to 1600 AD and as a result have created extra years. In the year following 600 AD, they introduced the Gregorian calendar but told the people that they were in the year 1600 AD. So Fomenko’s theory is that the present date is not 2016 but the year 1016! But we shall come back to this revelation in another message.

You are familiar with the idea that political events have been manipulated by the Powers that wanted to be, those dark Lords who have pulled the strings from the Astral plane, or astral realm, and whose subjects, the Elite or human Cabal, do their bidding upon the physical plane, assisted by the Bankers. Those on the Astral level were satanic forces, also called Nephilim, or Reptilians. The idea they were ‘fallen angels’ came from theologians, such as Origen of Alexandria, who was a gnostic theologian. There were heated debates before Constantine imposed his doctrine of sacrifice, and the early theologians identified two falls of angels. One was by lust and the other by pride. The fall by lust was their conclusion for Genesis 6 which explains the origins of evil by the inter-marriages between the Sons who were said to be divine and angelic, together with the daughters of man. The theologians did not understand that it was the progeny of these daughters, not the Sons of God who caused the fall, yet it is clearly stated.  They speculated that the Sons of God were the same as the Watchers of the book of Enoch who had been condemned and actually were the Nephilim. There were heated debates in which the theologians tried to explain how the angels of heaven, these Sons of God, or Bene Haelohim, could create a progeny with human women. In the book of Enoch the Watchers were condemned because they corrupted the world. Another group was said to have been corrupted. There actually is a distinction in the book of Enoch about these two kind of entities: those who corrupted the world and those who were corrupted because they had entered into the marriages. Theologians regarded this second group as one that had fallen by lust. And this is the origin of the term ‘fallen angel’. But in reality no good angel ‘fell’ from heaven, because they lowered themselves down into physicality by divine dispensation. Now, as regards the fall by pride, it was that in relation to Lucifer who was compared to a Dragon with a tail composed of his cohorts, and this relates to those who destroyed many worlds during the galactic wars, therefore the Reptilian race.  In this case the fall was from another world.

And so we are in the period of the Harvest when one is taken and the other is left. Gaia is moving on to a higher place in the scheme of the dimensional realities.  This is happening now. You are being lifted up and transformed. You are being taken up the levels of consciousness. And where your density and physicality is concerned, your DNA is changing and your bodies are becoming more crystalline. The changes are constant and follow a scientific systematic process calculated by higher dimensional minds, those that have master minded the great plan of Ascension. Those waves of energies related to the photonic belt, that the Solar System is crossing, are powerful winds that are electro-magnetic. Their impact is diffused by technology. A peak of these waves was encountered on September 28, 2015, then March 20, 2016. Their effect is continuing and you are integrating higher consciousness as you have adapted to the intake of the energies and resonated to a higher intensity of light. The first wave of souls that responded in this way was joined by a second group on March 20. So there is a growing awareness and spirituality in the bulk of mankind. We have also told you that the 51% karmic transmutation has been reached for mankind as a colletive. A great significance is hidden in this achievement because the planetary body has just crossed the minimum requirement for being regarded as a planet of Light. This is in preparation for acceptance within the close circle of nations which are represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. So far this representation has been held by the Darjeeling Council which is in connection with the etheric Shamballah where the Master El Morya has been holding his office as a Chohan of the First Ray. The fact that he was King Arthur, whose return was promised in his legend, and that he has now reincarnated, is also significant in this matter of the Round Table, that close circle of membership in the Brotherhood and Sisterhood organization, which also is a Knighthood of Cosmic proprtions, the Galactic Federation of Light.

Christine: On April 24, Lord Sanat Kumara gave a warning to the dark forces which has already been published. Before this he explained that in body we are in the third dimension. In soul, spirituality, or perspective, we are in the fifth. And we rise up and down in our vibrations above the fifth and up to the twelth dimension, or in some circumstances beyond. André has explained that when a shift occurs at the end of this yearof 2016, when our physicality is moved up to a higher place, we will be observing a faster transformation of our bodies away from diseases, upon a pathway that will eventually lead to an increased longevity. It will be a quantum leap. Before the latter we will be sent many teachers and will develop many abilities such as for telepathic communication in order to receive the teachings from our own I Am Presence. Contact will also be possible with Ashtar Command and they communicate through tele-thought transmissions, or telepathic impression. Their transmissions may sound, or be perceived, like our own thoughts.  They also communicate by images, or symbols, which we then need to interpret. Those lightcodes manifest in our mind like instant knowledge.


Dictated by Archangel Michael July 16, 2016


Archange Michael: ‘Fallen Angels’ is just a term used by early theologians such as the Gnostic Origen of Alexandria in the early centuries of Christianity (about 250 AD) when they attempted to interpret the mysterious reference to the intermarriages between the Sons of God and the daughters of man in Genesis 6. These theologians did not know the Sons of God were Initiators from the higher realms who had descended into the physical forms they had created by an act of will. This process was known in antiquity as being ‘self-begotten’. This meant that they had not incarnated, or had not been born from a woman. The theologians speculated this descent was a fall by lust and they were wrong as it was part of a genetic dispensation and they came as Initiators to the Atlanteans. Mystery schools were created in those last days of the Lemurian period and their teachings were symbolised in genesis as the ‘Tree of Life’, whereas what the black magicians of Atlantis professed was represented as the ‘forbidden tree of knowledge of good and evil’.

Christine: Please refer to the messages given by Mother Mary and Saint Germain on the matter of the souls of Maldek for more details on this subject.


Archangel Michael and Twin Flame: On Fallen Angels, July 16, 2016

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