Update, Lazarus 3, July 21, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: Please refer to the previous two videos under the title of Lazarus. Now we are continuing with the story. On July 17 we thought it would be easy to obtain a transfer of my friend’s father to the care of the Consultant who proposed he could be gradually weaned off from the breathing machine instead of having it removed abruptly with the objective of causing his death, as what normally results when doing this, is that the patient struggles to breathe and it justifies the use of morphine as an anaesthetic for the pain, but it leads to death. Morphine also is what actually causes death as it reduces the functions of the body. However, we have recently found out that there is a list, or queue, of applications for transfer to the hospital where doctors follow the policies that give patients a better chance of survival. We thought that if my friend’s father could be transferred under the care of the Consultant who stated it would be possible to wean him off the breathing machine, that it would avoid having to find a lawyer or solicitor to defend the case in Court which she was told would cost at least £50,000.

The Health Board in connection with the hospital, where my friend’s father is presently being cared for, is intending to hold a meeting at which a decision will be taken to start a Court procedure to allow them to remove the breathing machine which normally leads to death, but this meeting has been postponed for various reasons, and furthermore, the doctors have now started removing the machine for half an hour at a time and they say that the patient is coping very well. So they actually are weaning him off the breathing machine but are still intending to take my friend to Court. It doesn’t seem to make sense.

We are suspecting that the reason he is still unabe to wake up, except for a few moments up to an hour, a few times during the evenings, is that he is recovering from having had his ribs broken when he was given CPR. A proper scan of the brain has not been done, so there is no real solid medical ground to argue that brain damage is the reason the patient doesn’t wake up properly from his coma. The Consultant who is a specialist in brain damage seemed to differ in opinion from the hospital doctor as she was the one to suggest the patient should be weaned off from the breathing machine to give him a chance of survival. He has continued responding to his daughter when she talks to him, and he attempts to open his eyes when asked to do so. He coughs, moves his arms, as well as squeezes her hand when talked to. All his readings are good and he seems to be growing stronger. The Health Board has apparently noted at the meeting that after five weeks in bed there is no explanation as why he has not developed bed sores. It has also been discovered that he probably collapsed when he did in town because he is diabetic, and until a few days before, for a period of forty years, he had been on medication that his general practitioner had suddenly stopped. The shock to his system could have caused his heart to stop. This would explain why the readings for his heart are good.

My friend has tried to contact the Consultant who has been fighting a battle to get the public aware that she is concerned about the fact that the hospitals in the UK have different policies with regard to this kind of situation.  The matter has been discussed on some BBC programs about which information can be obtained by searching google.  This Consultant is absent for about three weeks but my friend has now been in contact with lawyers in London, who are said to be the best in the country and charge a fee that she can afford, and not the £50,000 which a solicitor had quoted. She and her brother are now happy and relieved and said it is important to use a skilled lawyer because the skill of a barrister often is a factor in a Court’s decision. All the details concerning the sequence of events, all the way back to June 17, have been recorded in a report that I made using our texts exchanges, with my friend being the primary source. Thanks to our communication by mobile phone we had her father’s responses, as well as his progress recorded with the exact dates.  I have received a message from Archangel Michael this morning. He said that she would have a pleasant surprise today. I think it’s about her father showing more signs of consciousness or perhaps waking up from his coma. Whatever it is we feel a relief as the situation is in control thanks to having the services of the lawyer in question.

Namaste, Christine.

Update, Lazarus 3, July 21, 2016

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