Ascended Twin Flame, Mechanics of a Golden Age, August 8, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: As you know I receive celestial and galactic tele-thought transmissions and am in telepathic communication with my Ascended twin flame André. I said to him:
‘Barbara Marciniak, or the Pleiadean Voice that she channels, has stated that if elected President, Hillary Clinton will carry out the Anunnaki, or Bilderberg and Rothchild, Agenda to destroy the power of the people of the USA. Could you comment on this?’
He replied:
André: The people’s power is the Constitution of 1776 which was Saint Germain’s project of establishing a golden age on Earth representing a resurrection of the Lemurian golden age. This Constitution, as political and lawyers experts will agree, outlines the basic rules for the protection of any and all individual human beings, whatever their race, colour or allegiances. It’s a fundamental Law that becomes a platform for the building of a good civilization. America was intended to be an example for all nations and this has been called Democracy. And it was even for that purpose that Columbus had to discover the new Continent. However, the American government was infiltrated by the dark forces which corrupted the work of the founding fathers. They were individuals who followed a dark philosopy, an antichrist one, individuals who have for an agenda the sabotage of the Divine Plan. They have succeeded in removing the power from the hands of the people to place it with the Big Corporations and the Elite, and the 13 families, such as the Rothchilds and Bilderbergs mentioned by Marciniak, as well as the Bankers that they control. One of their tools is the media. They control it in order to make people believe what they want, or what suits them. They also have secret weapons that are psychotronic which affect minds and the psyche, and literally bend minds. However, do not be too concerned, beloved lightworkers, as the Forces of the Light have provided a general magnetic field of protection for you, and in recent months, in particular, you have been lifted up in your vibrations to that higher place of being upon the ladder of consciousness upon the fifth dimension which is sufficiently high enough so you are safe from the grip of these fallen forces that seek to drive you mad, as well as cause chaos in your lives, by causing instability in political, financial, as well as other means. The Media has fallen into the trap of discussing Russia as an enemy because of the idea that Donald Trump can be criticised for being capable of a good relationship with its President Putin. But what is the source of this idea that Russia is a threat? They are not the Soviet Union and the Cold War is over? Will the people awaken to the fact that the Establishment is in the habit of creating the idea of an enemy to justify going to war, or spending on armament, and so that the world is kept in a perpetual state of war. Peace is the last thing the dark power in control wants. Donald Trump’s destiny to restore America to prosperity is to fulfill the Plan of the Founding Fathers, as well as Saint Germain’s project of a golden Age of civilization.
Christine: Today, on August 8, I can say that I haven’t had any bad dreams recently but for two weeks, up to about July 26, I had some dreams that worried me, not seriously bad ones like nightmares, but some that had a pattern as if they were those programs that the dark ones used to insert in our mind when we sleep, a pattern creating emotional or mental disturbances.
André: These dreams are a sign that the dark forces are still able to insert synthetic dreams into the minds of the people when asleep and the cracks in the system of protection can be caused by the electromagnetic systems of communication that you all have to use, such as your computers, and TVs, and mobile phones, as well as the effects of sugar in your food which cause your chakras to not be able to hold the Light. Do practice the visualization of the Tube of Light and Violet Flame as well as that of the Blue Flame of Archangel Michael for protection, for a shield of armour to remedy as much as possible to this situation. The dark ones were prevented from creating serious disturbances with dreams that they prepare like a film, or movie, and then insert in your mind, while you sleep. So when out of the body you did not experience what the dreams suggest. You were not there at all. Lord Sanat Kumara had given his warning. However, the dark ones have been on the attack recently because they know they are losing power and that their interference is being taken or removed. They have been told their time is up.
The cabal that is human is of ancient alien origin in embodiment. They want to keep control of the world and its events. They manipulate the financial markets, create false flag scenarios and situations to create panic and fear. There are videos that analyse this in detail, provide photographic evidence, such as when dummies are used. They had hoped to achieve chaos all over the world but all of their plans of destruction have so far failed. The Elite members of those certain rich families have looked for star gates in order to escape the Earth and even the Solar System. It is true that the Van Allen belts cannot be crossed without a certain alien technology, and there also are barriers of this kind around the Solar system that did not exist before.
The humanly embodied Cabal has been dodging karma for thousands of years and their time is up. However, it is not without mercy. They have but to bend the knee to be helped with a re-education program to remove what affects their erroneous perception of reality. They don’t understand what the process of Ascension is and that certain changes in the Galaxy are not something that can be opposed.
For a reminder, the historical Galactic background to the Ascension is given in a message entitled The Prophecy that explains the key role the Earth would play in the end days. It reveals the fact that this role had already been prophesised by Archangel Michael millions of years ago. The Solar System was supposed to penetrate the giant nebulous Stargate to be taken closer to the Star Sirius A and to become the 8th system orbiting that Star. With the original plan if a soul had not magnetized enough light it could not pass through to the higher dimension because it would have experienced a stripping off of its veils and darkness that would have been rather sudden. To exist upon the 5th dimension you need to have integrated a sufficient quotient of Light because only light can pass through. You need to have acquired the consciousness that has broken free from the 3rd dimensional mind-set, or perspective. You need to have awakened and photonic light is what the Solar System is being irradiated with to cause the awakening. The plan to penetrate the Stargate on December 21, 2012, was aborted and as explained in a number of other videos, there were two phases of ascension on September 28, 2015 and March 20, 2016 when the waves of light, diffused with the technology of the blue Avians, raised some groups of souls to a higher vibration as well as anchored them firmly upon the 5th dimension in the way they perceive life and reality. They are loving beings with spiritual aspirations and good intentions. They are good stewards, love the world and are concerned as they are beginning to see with their 3rd eye vision what takes place beyond the veil of secrecy and of suppression of truth. This is what being on the 5th dimension in consciousness means. You were lifted up to a place of safety from the interferences that the cabal carry out with secret technology as they can create synthetic telepathic communication, paranormal effects, holographic delusions, and artificial dreams. They seek to bend minds and this holographic and psychotronic technology is basically a weapon. They seek to control but have found they are losing power and are constantly being forbidden to cause destruction, or to act in a certain way. As mankind increases in light they lose more and more.
The end time prophecies are not about an end of the world, of course, but to do with the eradication and elimination of evil and the dark forces on Earth. It was necessary for the forces of the Light to tackle evil in space, in the first place, and then deal with the presence of the dark ones on Earth. If it had been done the other way round, what was achieved on earth would have been destroyed by the evil ones in space. So it is significant that Archangel Michael has recently confirmed that the mafia in space has been abolished. Then the dark interference was tackled on earth. It was confirmed recently that the lower astral plane was dismantled. The Forces of the Light, including the angels of the First Ray, have been raiding the Astral plane for many decades to disentangle certain souls from their captivity in those lower dimensions.
Instead of a sudden stripping off of the veils on December 21, 2012, what we saw was a gradual effect that permitted a greater amount of souls to be saved. But it is true that this also is a time of Harvest with those remaining on earth because they are being lifted up, and those souls that cannot withstand the energies of the Photon light, and do not want to change their ways, those will be taken and relocated upon another world. This world, Gaia, has chosen to become a higher dimensional one and change is the order of the day because the 3rd dimension will vanish. In that sense it is the end of the world indeed! And this is the reason that the Elite now is in a state of panic.
When chakras have been purified by spiritual practices they can hold more light. The rituals taught by the Ascended Masters are tools that have been preparing the lightbearers for this time. It is a time of great awakening in which the descent of Christ consciousness also has an effect upon your DNA and causes psychic abilities to appear. But they should not be sought, rather seek spirituality and the relationship with your higher selves, the I Am Presence, as well as the Ascended Masters and Archangels, or the Galactic Beings of higher dimensions who also are Christed beings. There are wonders of technologies within the various Secret Space Program elements, but they are human as you are, and the difference is only that they have not been subjected to as much suppression of truth as people have on Earth. For instance they are the life on other planets and some people on earth still wonder whether they are alone.
The period of time immediately ahead is a little bit difficult with a battle going on against the Establishment. It is being fought following the rules of the Presidential elections. Donald Trump forms part of the Divine Plan. He plays the most important role in the restoration of the destiny of America which was that of the founding fathers before an infiltration occurred of dark forces at the core of the government. The destiny of America was Saint Germain’s project, one close to his heart to recreate a golden age similar to that of Lemuria. His Violet Flame is a Freedom transmuting power of forgiveness, and he realised that the financial system created by the dark ones is a power that holds mankind captive. So his mission is to restore prosperity and abundance. It will eventually bring peace to the world as America will be the example to other nations that it was intended to be. There is a difficult period immediately ahead but the world will start receiving the effects of the 4th density energies by late September. The shift to 4th density will bring changes of a physical nature and lead to the period of Transition which will also be a time of Reunion.
I will stop here. We are with you. We share your concerns. The arc of contact is established between your hearts and ours. We are with you always. With love and light, I am André, an aspect of Archangel Michael.

Ascended Twin Flame, Mechanics of a Golden Age, August 8, 2016

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