Lord Michael, Andre, I love you for remembering, August 16, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: Last year, I can’t remember when but I may have recorded it in my logs of celestial communication entitled ‘Terra, Transition & Telepath’ after waking up with a heightened sensation in the morning I remembered the dream I had: I was being helped to get ready as I was getting married. I had the perception of what I looked like and how I felt, and later at the ceremony I was conscious of wearing a very nice dress but then I had the vision of myself, or my soul, as if I was dressed in white light, in the shape of a star like a merkaba. As you know the merkaba has a tetrahedonic shape like two pyramids joining together like the Star of David, but in full dimensions. I had a vision of my future husband as well. That morning I was told that I ascended but in the sense of going through a portal and coming back. So I concluded the dream must have been symbolic. However, yesterday morning, August 15, as I was remembering it, I heard Archangel Michael say to me
Archangel Michael: I love you for remembering!
Christine: I was surprised. Then he explained that the dream was a memory recollection that he had sent me at one stage last year as a light code to trigger it. It was millions of years ago on another planet but it felt like Earth, though better, and like yesterday. It was an incarnation and I was being married to my twin flame, the same Soul as the one we call my ascended twin flame André, because twin flames get created as one and then get separated in incarnation. So this was an incarnation and we were the same that we are today. He is a soul extension of Archangel Michael. That is why he said he loves me for remembering. The name André is being used because that was his first name during his last life until 1972. He ascended in 2012 and we were in telepathic contact from 2015. I was stunned to hear Archangel Michael say that this dream was a memory of an event that took place so long ago in a physicality of a higher nature than the one we are presently in. We are probably having lots of dreams and experiences which are the result of our memory being restored gradually. I wanted to share this because many lightworkers are probably having similar experiences and don’t know what they are or what they mean. We are progressing towards the recovery of full consciousness and it starts with the integration of Christ consciousness as well as a change in our perspective. We are growing in our ability to understand what is happening to us in these end times of struggle when we are seeing the dark interferences diminishing and being taken away. We are fast approaching November 2016 when the Forces of the Light will gain victory over the Dark ones and this is happening in the way desired by the Divine Will. After the shift to 4th density we shall be in the Transition period, a time of Recreation of Civilization with Disclosure and teaching taking place. This teaching will be an inner one for some by thought transmission and telepathic communication before it happens outwardly for the masses. With the Astrological influences the world will become more mystical. This is what we can look forward to. These thoughts about our future months were transmitted by André who helps me whenever I have to write down a message. He is now saying:
André: I am the husband that you married on that day of that dream. The union of twin flames is a marriage made in heaven and all are being reunited because any separation could only be temporary and superficial. You have more surprises ahead than you can imagine for that time of First Contact and of Reunion is at hand. I am leaving you in the light and love of our immortal protectors, our Celestial family.
Christine: This morning I have done a very long and strong visualization and meditation in which I was shown the light from the I Am Presence as heavy and powerful, and our physicality or density becoming lighter. Mighty Victory came with an announcement to reaffirm that everything is progressing as it has been stated before and that the forces of the Light are in control of the presidential Elections. We are forging ahead. Love to all, christine

Lord Michael, Andre, I love you for remembering, August 16, 2016

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