Lord Michael, Saint Germain, André: Chrétien de Troyes & Arthurian legends, August 12, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: My ascended twin flame, André, revealed to me he had been the medieval author Chrétien de Troyes in a telepathic conversation that took place on October 25, 2015. I have recorded my celestial communications in a log that I now call ‘Terra, Transition and Telepathy’. It’s Book One of what now appears to be a trilogy. On that day he said:
André: I am here. Archangel Michael is not coming for a while. Yes, I was Chrétien de Troyes and you are quite fascinated with this fact. I used to read books that are now lost because of a religious inquisition in the 15th and 16th centuries, the invasion of the Spanish conquistadors, etc… and the Catholic Church has never stopped confiscating documents and artefacts of all sorts throughout the ages and centuries. They who worked within the Vatican were under the false impression they were being loyal to God by eliminating objects which contradicted their religion. They are a powerful force as they have enormous wealth and access to funds which are not the same as those that will eventually be released by Saint Germain as these have been kept for centuries by the Underground Forces sometimes referred to as the ‘boots on the ground’ and they are mainly situated in the East.
Chrétien de Troyes wrote romantic stories of the Arthurian legends depicting knights in a quest for the Grail which represented the Light of the Christ Self or Christ consciousness in a chalice representing the physical body. He was a spiritual person with esoteric knowledge. The ladies that the knights fell in love were their twin flames or soul mates. The knights of these Arthurian stories sought perfection and fought with dragons, the personification of evil. Archangel Michael has also been depicted as a slayer of dragons and Chrétien de Troyes used that symbology. This knighthood, or chivalric military organization, was upon the model of an earlier time, one very close to that of Jesus Christ, before the Romans attempted to invade the British Isles and before the Roman Church sent missionaries. It was before the Anglo-Saxon also entered from the North. It was a time when there were Druids in the British Isles and Christ’s religion was taught in Glastonbury. The Druids were depicted wearing white tunics just as Jesus was because he was educated by them. Joseph of Arimathea had visited various parts of the country with Jesus when he was a child. The first kings of Britain were descended from Arimathea.
Christine: Chretien’s narrative romances are believed to have been composed between 1170 and 1185 AD in octosyllabic rhymed couplets, and among other titles include Lancelot, Perceval and the Count of the Grail.
Chrétien de Troyes frequented the court of Countess Marie, daughter of Eleanor of Aquitaine, who later became queen to England’s Henry II. He would have translated Ovid’s ‘Art of Love’ and a version of the Tristan legend. He then turned to the Arthurian theme with the story of an Arthurian knight who overcomes trials for the love of his lady. He mainly wrote romances taking place round Arthur’s Court and portrayed it as a romantic, chivalrous place, in a place called Cardigan. One of his characters, called Yvain kills the knight of the fountain, then falls in love with Laudine, his widow. However he decides to join Arthur’s court, and doesn’t return on the date he promised. She then rejects him, and after a series of adventures, including nearly killing his best friend in combat, and rescuing a lion which then follows him everwhere, the lovers are eventually reconciled. Lancelot is the central character in The Knight of the Cart in which he rescues Guinevere. Perceval is the main character in The Count of the Grail which depicts the spiritual side of knightly quests. Perceval knows nothing of chivalry as he has been brought up by his mother deliberatly in ignorance of such things. One day he meets five knights by chance and joins them. He falls in love with a lady whom he rescues from her enemies. Perceval’s main adventure happens when he fails to ask what a ceremony means. It’s related to a Fisher King surviving with a wafer served to him each day in the grail. His stories were imbued with mysticism.
In his message on Knighthood of January 17, 2016, Saint Germain stated:
Saint Germain: Now about the song ‘C’est Moi’ [it’s me!] by Franco in the movie ‘Camelot’: it represents the general idea about knighthood, not only in the past Order of Chivalry in connection with the Arthurian legends and the Round Table, but today, and I am the Knight Commander on the spiritual plane for the souls that have reached the level of desiring to be part of the Order that champions the cause of soul perfection, of the embodiment of Christ consciousness. You know how the song goes: ‘the soul of a knight is something remarkable. A knight should be invincible, his soul should be pure’ etc.
So the song sumarises pretty well what this is about. In the film, Lancelot is represented as being very excited about joining King Arthur’s Order to serve at his Court and as a Knight of the Round Table. In the song is asked who is the knight that has all the virtues that are listed, and he answers ‘C’est Moi’ which means ‘It’s me’. It was Mark Prophet, the founder of the Summit Lighthouse, who incarnated as Lancelot. He is now the Ascended Master Lanello.
Christine: Saint Germain reminded me he is the Knight Commander of the Order of Knighthood on the higher realm. He said that in King Arthur’s time he was Merlin and was not at his Court in physicality as depicted in stories, but they conversed telepathically, and he was behind the inspiration concerning the Round Table and a Mystery School in connection with the Holy Grail and Knighthood. It was an Order incorporating a high idealism. Closer to our time Saint Germain moved about the Courts of some nations and when his life was filed with the feeling of wealth and abundane. It was balanced by the dsire to serve and only manifest the Divine Will. He wants us to experience that feeling and all of mankind to live in prosperity. He is of course the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, and the Chohan of the 7th Ray. He gives us the Violet Flame that liberates us. He is the Master of Freedom and Transmutation. It was him who invented the American Dream. He said that the next big change for America and the world is the presidential change over as it will present the opportunity to provide some disclosure on the truths that have been suppressed, as well as to eradicate the past policies of secrecy.
In Ascension and Recreation of Civilization published as a video on December 12, 2015, Archangel Michael stated:
Archangel Michael: With regard to André, he is a soul extension of mine and has ascended. He will reintegrate with me in a few hundred years. Much will have happened by that time, including the reunion of twin flames. André was incarnated as Chrétien de Troyes, the French Medieval author who wrote fiction about what has been called the Arthurian legends. These stories were to do with knighthood and a quest for the Grail that was spiritual as it was symbolic of the Christ Light and its appearance in man as Christ consciousness. The knights were educated with a mystical perspective of life and learned all they needed to function as good cavaliers in a time when the horse was a way of transport. They encountered obstacles that also were symbolic and the dark powers that have enslaved mankind were depicted as Dragons, just as they also were in the Book of Revelation. The symbol originates from Atlantean days. The Round Table of the Arthurian legends symbolized a government, or Council, and King Arthur was a real Monarch as well as an incarnation of the Master El Morya. However he lived in the Blessed Isles now called Britain in a time far more remote than has been suggested by researchers who believe he actually existed. King Arthur was involved in a struggle to save civilization when it was being corrupted and Atlanteans designed a plan of control for the entire Earth. Just as Abraham, in the life that he lived later, the Master El Morya’s lifespan as King Arthur was much longer than the present average lifetime. The Magician Merlin who was represented at his side in the legends was not incarnated. His identity was Saint Germain and the communication was telepathic. The Arthurian legends are distorted recollections from a former time recovered in literature thousands of years later. A parallel is for instance Greek Mythology.
I have also been represented as a winged figure slaying a dragon. You can see there is a connection between this symbology and that of the Knights of the Round Table who were depicted as slaying dragons as part of the obstacles they encountered in their quest for the Grail, or in search of their twin flames. You can see that the legend originates from a Mystery Scool of the Ascended Masters.
Towards the conclusion of the Atlantean cataclysms, I, Archangel Michael, did bind some members of the sinister force in what the Book of Revelation calls the bottomless pit. These dark ones were called the Dragon in Revelation 12 and identified in Revelation 20 as the Old Serpent, the Devil, and Satan. These forces were the ones that were deceitful and corrupted the Atlantean culture. They were prevented from reincarnating for a few thousand years but were released some time before the known incarnation of the Christ. The light of the Master Jesus provided a balance in matter that counteracted their darkness, just as is the case of the lightworkers today. After they were allowed to reappear, in a more recent time, these dark ones eventually had their way recreating the global conditions that caused the downfall of Atlantis. They were determined in the agenda to sabotage the divine plan of Ascension which is to lift up life beyond their grip. When they realised their plan had failed, they played their last card to create chaos. But you know they will not pass! And they have no power! I will not allow mankind to suffer any futher calamities! We will soon emerge from the situation as the phase of disclosure intensifies.
Christine: Archangel Michael also stated that there would be a quantum shift to 5D from the point of view of physicality after the reconstruction of civilization, or of New Gaia, has been carried out. There are many changes to take place before this, including a shift to 4th density, followed by a period of Transition.
Love and Light to all, Christine

Lord Michael, Saint Germain, André: Chrétien de Troyes & Arthurian legends, August 12, 2016

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