Saint Germain, a Call for Freedom, August 22, 2016

by Christine Preston

What follows is a Call, or Decree, and it has been composed and structured following the model and pattern of those in the Decree Book ‘Prayers, Meditations, and Dynamic Decrees’ published by the Summit Lighthouse, Gardiner, Montana, in 1984. It has been written using the same terminology and expressions, for the purpose of being effective as this is a teaching and a tool given by the Ascended Masters. My ascended twin flame André has supervised this message.
Christine: Dear friends, Saint Germain has impressed upon me the need for the lightworkers to invoke freedom in the sense of mankind’s liberation from the anarchy of the Sinister force, the Illuminati, their evil pyramid of control, their false hierarchy, the Elite, and the Establishment through which they control the political system, the banking Institutions and the media. We need to ask to be cut free from their conspiracies as they would like to be able to delay the manifestation of Saint Germain’s great golden age, as part of their plot to sabotage the Divine Plan of Ascension. They would like to deny the Mystical Body of God on earth of its freedoms and human rights, as well as its right to the pursuit of happiness, but much more than this, it’s been alleged the Elite has conspired to reduce the masses to enslavement by bending minds, transhumanism, and total control if not global annihilation, leaving but 500,000 human beings.
Saint Germain has sent me a message, or telepathic thought transmission, saying that he would be delighted to hear the lightworkers recite this call at this time, as it is one of great difficulties due to the American Elections. A battle is going on to oppose the Establishment and in the message ‘It’s not as you think’ of August 19, 2016, referring to this battle, Archangel Michael states:
Archangel Michael: What you see of it in the physical world is like the top of the iceberg showing on the surface, and there is a great mass hiding below the surface of the waters, in the invisible world because it goes on beyond your spectrum of consciousness. There is nothing wrong with studying the agenda and strategies of the forces of darkness, as well as the reasons why they are suppressing truth. You will gain a Perception of Reality and you know how to use the spiritual tools the Ascended Masters have provided in past decades. Once you know what is wrong you can make the calls to us, the Archangels, and ask for dispensations so these conditions may be resolved.
Christine: We will first ask for a Solar Ring to be drawn around our forcefield, around our families and loved ones, as well as all lightworkers deemed by the angels to be eligible to keep the flame for their cities, so the hosts of heaven may work through them for an alchemy that will manifest the Cosmic Christ in them and in their environment. It is a circle of fire of protection that will consume darkness and it comes with the twin pillars of the polarities of Alpha and Omega. It is like two shafts of light that you visualize with your third eye of ceremonial magic.
Short Call for the Solar Ring and Tube of Light
In the name and invincible Word of the Logos, I Am that I Am, I do now draw an electronic Fire Ring around myself, the members of my family, my loved ones, and around those lightworkers that the angels will chose. I call forth this Solar Ring with the twin pillars of Alpha and Omega, the Mighty Elohim and Archangels, my own twin flame, and in the name of Jesus Christ I call for the invincible protection of the legions of the first ray around this solar ring that is like a wedding ring and, in fact, is the Magnet to bind all of Earth to the Great Central Sun. May it consume, through the power of seraphim, the momentums of Antichrist, and may it keep the mystical body of God on Earth safe and secure in the Ascended Masters’ Light. O my constant loving I Am Presence, seal me now within your Tube of Light, through which nothing of the human effluvia, or of a psychotronic nature, can ever pass. Within this electric circle of divinely charged energy, direct a quick upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s forgiving, transmuting flame! And I also call for the protection of Archangel Michael and his Legions of the Blue Ray. Transcendent Blue Lightning now flash through our souls, Archangel Michael, and may we be in your blue Flame protected and blessed!
Call for the Eradication of the fallen strategies that would delay the manifestation of Saint Germain’s Great Golden Age.
In the name of the Mighty Victorious Presence of God I Am in me from the Great Central Sun, the beloved Holy Christ Selves of all the Lightbearers, and the power of Freedom from the heart of the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, Saint Germain, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, the World Mother, elemental life – fire, air, water and earth, I decree:
Ascended Master Jesus Christ, the Mighty Elohim, Archangel Michael, all the Archangels and your legions of Light, and Mighty Astrea, come, come, come, in all your power, and in your visible, tangible, Ascended Master bodies, and strike, strike, strike your mighty cosmic swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun in, through and around all opposition to the fulfillment of God’s Will, all political deceit and intrigue, such as to create or make the people believe in a threat or enemy, to justify going to war, all plots of terrorist attacks, staged or real, Luciferianism, Satanism, and other anti-Christ philosophies, the International Capitalist conspiracies, Illuminati manipulations and insane policies such as Agenda 21, or any Elite strategies of darkness seeking to delay the manifestation of Saint Germain’s Great golden age, following a time of Transition with disclosure about the Elite’s, or Establishment’s, Program of Indoctrination, control, assassinations and suppression of truth, at least since the end of World War 2, which has resulted with corruption, chaos, and could lead to a repeat of the Atlantean downfall of civilization. Much more is at stake than just a loss of the right to Freedom and the pursuit of happiness, and we understand that those beings who pull the strings of the Establishment have entertained the aberration of sabotaging the Divine Plan of Ascension. Cut us loose and set us free! Cut us loose and set us free! Cut us loose and set us free!
Turn them back! Turn them back! Turn them back. Contain them! Contain them! Contain them! Close in upon it all and transmute, transmute, transmute it all, before it can act, approach, or encroach upon life any longer. Replace it all right now by the cosmic threefold flame in the full power of the three times three, in the full power of the ten thousand times ten thousand and the full power of the thousand fold flame of the sacred love of the sacred fire, in overcoming cosmic power, tripled each instant of each hour, until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free!
Mighty I Am Presence, anchor your Blue Ray in America, the heart of freedom for the Earth!
Mighty I Am Presence, anchor your Blue Ray in America, the heart of freedom for the Earth!
Mighty I Am Presence, anchor your Blue Ray in America, the heart of freedom for the Earth!
Keep us safe and secure in the Light and Love of the Ascended Masters’ Light!
Do it today, do it to stay, do it God’s way. And in full faith, and in Saint Germain’s love and name, I accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! Right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free! Beloved I Am! Beloved I Am! Beloved I Am!

Saint Germain, a Call for Freedom, August 22, 2016

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