Saint Germain, Mother dethrones Babylon, August 1, 2016

by Christine Preston

Saint Germain, Mother dethrones Babylon, August 1, 201
Christine: Dear friends, Saint Germain visited me for a few minutes yesterday evening, then at 7.30 am this morning I did my usual visualization of the Tube of Light for protection from the present attacks from a core of darkness. When absorbed into the aura and one’s being, the Light substance of the Tube of Light is analogous to the body of Christ which Christianity fails to understand as Cosmic, Universal, and esoteric. I called for the electronic presence of Jesus Christ to repeat the Judgement Call, especially as a friend has informed me that her channeling has been suspended due to a wave of attacks from the dark forces that have been causing interferences for many years and decades. Saint Germain then talked to me by telepathic transmission, as words that I hear in my mind. He informed me that I am relatively safe from these interferences due to being out of their reach as a result of the spiritual practices which the Ascended Masters have provided through the Messenger Elizabeth C. Prophet as tools for progress upon the path of Ascension. Saint Germain then gave me more details and explanations about the statement made by the World Mother about her coming with the Ruby Ray in her message yesterday. I am recalling what Saint Germain said with the help of my Ascended Twin Flame, André.
Saint Germain confirmed that the World Mother is coming to dissolve the core of darkness on the physical plane of the planet and that the latter originated, as stated by Cobra, from the Draco Constellation, and that it contributed to the fall of the planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter that was destroyed and that was called Maldek, as I suspected. They were also actively involved in the decline and downfall of Atlantis. He said that the female counterparts of these fallen beings were ‘the source of the concept of prostitution and all manners of debauchery.’ They invented it to cause corruption and mankind’s perdition, to create a distance between mankind and the Divine. He said they are the backbone of the general corruption on Earth. The World Mother is here with her white fire core and Ruby Ray to dissolve and consume this power on earth and restore the planet to righteousness.
Before I further disclose what Saint Germain revealed to me about the identity of the Leader of those demonic females who was represented as the Whore in the Book of Revelation, and a ‘whore sitting upon the throne of Babylon’ is exactly what he mentioned, I should tell you he also confirmed he has more than one incarnation at the moment and one of these extensions of himself is indeed Donald Trump whose work it is to oppose the Establishment and lead Earth in to an era of transition and golden age, or the New Age of Aquarius of which he is the Hierarch.
Saint Germain goes back longer than his reputation as ‘the man who would never die’ and his presence in France a few centuries ago would lead us to believe. He has a deep connection with mankind and his plan including the release of prosperity funds will play a key role in the Age of Transition that will apparently start in a few months. He was with us as a Leader in the land of Egypt but at the time of a decline from the Golden Age of Lemuria. He said that Donald Trump is in a fight against this evil force that has caused an abominable decadence in history and that Hillary Clinton is in the leading position of that conspiracy to pervert all life, and specifically those demonic females who plotted to cause a downfall of civilization with debauchery. They hoped to sabotage the Divine Plan of Ascension and preserve their own power. They have targeted the sacredness of the relationship between man and woman and are seeking to destroy that of twin flames.
Saint Germain also said that the Presidential Elections reflect the battle going on behind the scene and that there is a vicious reaction on the part of the dark force in the physical and political scenarios of the world. The victory is assured but I did not find out whether it is known how long the battle will last. Accusations and lies are used to attack and in defence it is necessary to expose the truth. Many strategies have been used by the dark powers, especially the idea that there is an enemy or that another Nation constitutes a threat, or that Donald Trump himself is a threat. The creation of an enemy usually is a means to justify going to war, or spending on weapons. We are, however, in those end days of the Book of Revelation which have sometime been misinterpreted as an end of the world. But it is not the end of the world which is coming. It is the end of evil which close at hand. The end of evil will bring disclosure and the Truth will make you free in the sense that it will deliver mankind from captivity to the Babylonian financial system of their invention and that is corrupt. The connection for Babylon is the Anunnaki, the builder gods of Enuma Elish who were geneticists and tampered with mankind’s DNA to reduce the spectrum of consciousness. Saint Germain also confirmed that they were on Maldek. They were given a chance and were allowed to reincarnate on earth as he told us in his message entitled ‘Souls Cast on Earth’ and this morning he said ‘they first appeared as monkeys’ but I knew he meant in the sense of some kind of ape-men genetically engineered as a slave race by the Anunnaki in an early period of time. The story has been told before by Mother Mary as well, to explain why Archangel Michael fashioned his sword of blue flame in the Lemurian age of decline and why he approached the priests in the temples to prepare for the coming of these souls, and so they created schools hoping to lead these laggards and corrupt fallen ones upon a path of righteousness. Those souls came when a progeny was prepared but it was first necessary for some Sons of God to intermarry with the Atlantean daughters of the slave race who may have been quite mindless. The donation of a genetic inheritance produced the progeny which then misused the power they had inherited from their fathers. They worked their way into the Lemurian society then broke away from the Lemurian motherland creating the civilization of Atlantis and caused it to be decadent. Then, according to scripture, all hell broke loose! This is the drama resting in the background of the mysterious sentence of Genesis 6: 1 to 4. Those souls originally were from the constellation of Draco. Hence the analogy to the Dragon being cast on Earth in the Book of Revelation. Saint Germain has also told me that after all this drama, very few of these lost souls, or lost sheep, were saved or converted to the Light. Furthermore, the experience that the souls of Light acquired by incarnating on Earth to hold the balance against the darkness, was not necessary for them, but it will be an invaluable accumulation of data to eradicate similar situations on other worlds.
I have recalled the main points that Saint Germain has given me and the terms he has used. He said he could see that I was getting tired with the concentration required for the focus to hear the telepathic communication. Today the World Mother is here and She has said ‘I come with the Ruby Ray’. It is for the taking and consummation of these dark ones and they have to surrender. Lord Sanat Kumara has said it many times, they are not allowed to affect the children of the Great Central Sun any more. They will be taken, and those left will create the new Gaia, or golden age of Saint Germain. This work is to start soon when the Earth is liberated from those abominable powers that have corrupted all life and destroyed the environment. We will rejoice as soon as we have been able to wrap our mind around the enormity of what is going on.
Love and Light, Christine

Saint Germain, Mother dethrones Babylon, August 1, 2016

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