Ascended Twin Flame André, Saint Germain’s Plan for Prosperity and Freedom, September 14, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: The Television Broadcasting Station called ‘Russia Today’ or RT, has interviewed an analyst called Lionel, who lives in New York, to ask him how he interprets President Obama’s remarks in which he compared President Putin to Saddam Hussein. Lionel said that it didn’t make sense, and that he didn’t know what to think of it, and why Obama made such a statement, and that it’s irrelevant because what people wanted to hear was what the situation is concerning Hillary Clinton’s health as it had been announced that she collapsed in New York at the commemoration of 9/11. Hillary had also attempted to tarnish Donald Trump’s image by the criticism that he had made some positive statements about Putin. This was when Clinton called Putin a dictator and obviously implied that Russia is an enemy.

Yesterday I posted a comment on RT’s Facebook page saying that I know why Obama compared Putin to Saddam Hussein, and that it is because the Establishment is implementing the policy of the creation of an enemy for the agenda that Carol Rosin, who worked for Von Braun, the head of NASA until he passed away, has disclosed. This is in relation to the Elite’s long term plan of creating an enemy to justify a weaponization of space, and it’s a development of their lucrative War Industries that aim at destabilizing countries and eventually create a one World Government to enslave all of mankind. Rosin speaks of the cards they have been playing and those they intend to play, and it’s a scenario that they are creating over a long-term period of many decades. One of their creations of an enemy was to present Russia as a threat, but perhaps it collapsed with the end of the cold war, so they are attempting to resurrect the program. Another card they were going to play is the danger of an Asteroid on a collision course with the Earth. Another is Terrorism and they have been successful with the latter. The card that Von Braun revealed to Carol Rosin as being their last, was in relation to the Extraterrestrial Presence, which they intend to present as a threat, saying that these advanced beings of higher dimensions are belligerent, or are aiming to invade us as the science fiction movies have portrayed, for example ‘Independence Day’. They have developed the technological Hollographic Project Blue Beam that they could use to stage a scenario of invasion, but our Galactic family has informed us that it won’t be allowed. In 2011 Michael Ellegion received a communication from Ashtar who gave some explanations and said this will not be permitted.

The American government has been infiltrated and there’s no real democracy. There is but one hope for peace in the world. It’s Donald Trump who has nothing to do with the big Corporations and the Establishment. Sone Christians who prophesy, such as Mark Taylor, believe he has been chosen by God for the fulfillment of prophecies. The opposition against him is fierce because those dark ones will lose power. He is fighting the battle against the Establishment. These attempts by Obama and Clinton to bend mind, or influence the public into thinking that the Russians are enemies betray who they really are. So this is my introduction to the message I have received from André who you know is my Ascended twin flame. We communicate telepathically. He passes on messages to me by dictation word for word, or by thought transmission and I write them down. It is as follows:

André: Hi lightbearers! My twin flame is not that much in politics except that she became interested in this field after we gave her some prophecies in regards the fact that Donald Trump will be the candidate that will win the votes in this Race of the Presidential Elections. He then became the nominee for the Republican movement and has continued gaining on Hillary Clinton. Saint Germain has asked Christine to produce a call, or decree, on video for Freedom and for God’s Will to manifest, or to be fulfilled. It was in February of this year of 2016 that we started indicating that the matter of 9 11 would be the first subject of a wave of disclosure. Archangel Gabriel made an allusion in a dictation, dated February 18, without giving a name, and Mother Mary let the cat out of the bag in a message dated February 28 saying that what has been regarded as a conspiracy theory would be given more credibility if disclosure regarding 9 11 came from Donald Trump after he had been elected President. Then in April and May we gave a more obvious prophecy concerning the fact that we can see on the Timeline that it will be Trump who will be elected President of the United States of America. I, as well as Archangel Michael, have reminded you of the story that it was the destiny of America to be an example to other nations with its Constitution of 1776 when Saint Germain shouted:

Saint Germain: ‘Sign that document!’

André: The creation of a golden age on the Earth through the destiny of America has always been Saint Germain’s special project and one close to his heart. He has worked on it and made an enormous amount of preparations over the last few centuries. He ascended from Europe, went to the Himalayas, and returned to France in a body created by Will, where he acquired the reputation of a man who never dies because he was recognized by people who had met him before. They had aged and he had not. You know the story and can find the details on Youtube videos, or consult the Summit Lighthouse’s archives. Saint Germain had previously incarnated as Christopher Columbus who was destined to discover the new Continent that would be called America. Are you familiar with the fact that this name ‘America’ means the I Am Race? It means the children of the I Am, or of the Monadic Presence. This history is related to a Master Plan for the Victory of the forces of the Light over the forces of darkness that have afflicted mankind, and kept them in captivity for thousands of years. Mankind has not had the knowledge that it was enslaved and it’s only in recent years that the situation became terribly aggravated. One of the means by which an Oligarchy has kept its grip of enslavement over mankind is by the financial system the forces of darkness devised, back many thousands of years ago. They have enriched themselves by depriving mankind using various methods. The financial system they devised can be traced back to Babylonia and what appears to you under the guise of a political Establishment, is a sinister force holding the strings of control from the astral plane, of the so-called elected government which was not really elected, year after year, because the system was rigged. A hierarchy that is invisible has been functioning and operating from the top of the evil pyramid of their dollar bill. They are a counterfeit creation of the Pyramid of the souls of Light which represents mankind on the path of Ascension. The illuminati hoped to keep the top pyramidion separated from the main body of the pyramid that represents the collective of mankind. This pyramidion that they represent as separated on their dollar bill can also be symbolic of Christ consciousness, but as said before, the reality is that it is now connected as Christ consciousness is being integrated and it is the bottom part of the pyramid that is now separated. The second coming is taking place as the Christ is appearing in consciousness. The Establishment has been able to control the media because the Broadcasting Corporations belong to them, but not all of them, and a new movement of journalists is working to expose the truth that they now perceive. They are contributing to the freeing of the nations by exposing the truths that have been suppressed.

Saint Germain has released the announcement that the World Mother has come with the Ruby Ray to dethrone Babylon the so-called Great, as well as the entity sitting upon its throne. This is why the Establishment is experiencing difficulties. Time is up for that Beast of the book of Revelation that works through the Capitalist system and its concepts and policies. Tied to it are the concepts relating to a falsified interpretation of the religious records that were preserved in the beginning of the Christian era. Among those records were the prophecies of John of Patmos which you know as the book of Revelation. They are about an eschatological time, the final days, but they have been misunderstood as a time of apocalypse and sometime have been interpreted as an end of world prophecy. And it is true that it seems as if the dark forces have been successful in creating atrocious conditions on the planet. They did have an agenda of destruction but what is really due to come to an end is not the world, but the forces of evil themselves. And the term ‘apocalypse’ comes from the Greek. Calypso means to hide, and the term is in relation to a revelation of what is hidden, or even occult, and so it means Disclosure. The time of the judgment of the forces of darkness is one of disclosure. I have said this before. I have digressed a bit but wanted to emphasize that the great destiny of America is Saint Germain’s cherished project for the manifestation of a golden age. Mankind has been enslaved by the means of a system devised long ago by the forces of darkness which have a connection with the Reptilian species, even before Babylon and the Sumerians who preceded it, and Saint Germain’s Plan is one of deliverance from this enslavement. The dark overlords who are incarnated in a minority have a connection with those forces that brought the Atlantean civilization to its downfall. The Atlanteans who had ideas of conquests and of a ‘one world government’ were renegades who had already experienced life on the planet Maldek. I am mentioning this so you realize that the history of mankind’s enslavement finds its origin far back in time. Those destructive beings were given a second chance during the Atlantean era, and after the cataclysms that caused the submersion of the island of Poseidonis, they were prevented from reincarnation for about 8,400 years, so civilization could be rebuilt upon the physical plane in preparation for the incoming of souls which would hold the balance of Light against those of darkness in the end days that you are living now. The enslavement through the financial system of the fallen ones was a strategy of darkness as it makes the lightbearers dependent upon it for their very existence. Do you know, dear ones, that there was a time before the downfall of Atlantis when the people were capable of precipitating, as if by magic, the food that they needed to sustain themselves? But this required certain practices and abstinences which they were influenced by the dark priesthood to rebel against and which they abandoned. It was the result of a plot designed to bring mankind into a state of dependence upon agriculture and all of the ways civilization appears to have been built upon. Then the monetary system was invented, or introduced, and it became a method of enslavement. The dark ones then conspired to lower mankind into a state of poverty. The burden was eventually placed upon the lower class. The measure of austerity was imposed upon many nations quite recently, and I don’t need to outline all of the problems experienced by people due to unemployment, wars, and environmental disasters. Now the remedy to all of this is opposition to the Establishment upon the physical plane. Behind the scene of course, the Armageddon of the psyche has been going on. Archangel Michael has been cutting free the souls of Light from the shackles of their own creation, and from their negative psychological traits, leaving them free for an awakening by the effects of a tsunami of light and love being irradiated to Earth as the solar system is traversing the photon belt. You have been rising upon the ladder of the dimensions and your ascension has been taking place in consciousness. You perception of reality has been altered and you have gained abilities which you will be able to apply after you shift to 4th density, the one due at the end of this year. Your molecular structure has been worked on for some time, and even for decades, in preparation for this shift and the one to the 5th dimension which will come after a period of Transition. I was referring to the remedy to Austerity and Poverty, and it is Prosperity, the one that Saint Germain will bring to the world. Work has been in progress behind the scene as well as by various means within your spectrum of consciousness. A work of opposition to the control of the forces of darkness has been ongoing, especially in the political field. The opposition to the Establishment is a battle that has been waging through a war of words, of policies, and it has caused some degree of awakening among the masses. We have stated in previous dictations that Donald Trump is a soul extension of Saint Germain. Are you able to see that the restoration that could come from trade and laws based on the original Constitution of America could lead the country to Prosperity, and that at some point the replacement of the financial system by one that has been prepared by the Ascended Masters, could be that Reset that you have been waiting for? Without the conspiracies of the dark overlords Peace could be establish upon Earth quite quickly because wars have been waged during the last decades due to the conspiracies of the illuminati forces of darkness. The whole Earth needs freedom from this enslavement. May it be shaken off from Gaia’s surface! The World Mother has come with the Ruby Ray for the judgment of these beings who have been given a second chance but continue to deceive you and to work to sabotage the plans of Ascension to preserve their own power and control. Freewill is involved, but some lightbearers who were most indoctrinated in the way they perceive the external scenes of the world are now awakening. There are astrological influences, or portents, that will prevent the dark ones to recreate their old ways, their policies, and what they call their ‘new order’. It is an old obsolete order now that would have precipitated chaos. And the Stars are taking Earth to its destiny in the Aquarian Age of which the Hierarch also is Saint Germain. It was the Master Jesus who was the Hierach of the Piscean Age and he incarnated to lead earth into his age of love and of a new way. However, his doctrine was altered in the 4th century AD under the dominion of the Roman Emperor Constantine, who thereby altered the timeline that was intended. Many Masters, Archangels and Galactic beings are incarnated at this time to lead Earth into an era of prosperity with a time of Transition in which the truths that have been suppressed will be disclosed. It’s a time of Transition when Prosperity will also be the result of a financial system that will replace the one that was designed to bring destruction to mankind with austerity, poverty, diseases, control and transhumanism. All of these things will be prevented from happening by a replacement of governance all over the world. Guidance will be provided. This coming period of Transition will also be one in which new technologies will appear, or will be introduced, as a result of contact with what is sometime referred to as the Extraterrestrial presence. Among the latter will be the higher realms’ intelligences that scriptures refer to as angelic. The people of this world are their family in more ways than one. At the end of this period of transition there will be a quantum leap to the 5th dimension in terms of density. Please refer to the other 79 videos of messages on this publisher’s play lists. The next few months leading to the end of this year of 2016 are going to be eventful and very dramatic. You will be recovering many of the paranormal abilities which were lost during the Atlantean decline from the previous Lemurian golden age. Telepathy will be one of the ways you will receive a direct teaching from your higher dimensional connections such as your Higher Selves, ascended twin flames, or your monadic Presences. You may also be contacted by extraterrestrial beings who have a connection with you and have the mission to contact you and instruct you. They may be soul extensions of your own Higher Selves that incarnated upon other worlds. Heaven is well organized and every detail forms part and parcel of a Master Plan created eons ago. The drama that is unfolding upon the world stage is but the mechanism by which Freedom will be appearing. Freedom is an aspect of the action of the Violet Flame of the Master Saint Germain. It is by its power that the Will of God will manifest in the world. The Will of God is brought to mankind from the highest Councils of Heaven by the Archangels. The statements solidify in the world as prophecy. They are manifested by your visions and your dreams, and all of your best desires. I will now leave you to dream of a better world and wish you to be kept safe and secure in the heavenly Light of your monadic Presence. This was a message brought to you by thought transmission. Andre
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Ascended Twin Flame André, Saint Germain’s Plan for Prosperity and Freedom, September 14, 2016

With André, Lord Michael, the Story of his Sword of blue flame, September 18, 2016

by Christine Preston

September 18, 2016

Christine: Archangel Michael’s sword of blue flame is said to cut you free from the shackles of your own creations. It takes away the negative aspects that affect you within your psychology. You can invoke its action by the science of the spoken word, which puts you in touch with your Higher Self and also permits you to draw from your inner Being, or God Within, all the things you require in life. Archangel Michael can cut you free from all that is less than Christ consciousness and from all those conditions that represent the antithesis of all virtues, and all that is good. The power of the spoken word, as taught by the Ascended Masters, is a tool for advancement upon the path of the Ascension and all you have to do is to surrender and call, pray, or request that Archangel Michael takes these negative traits from you, such as fears and doubts. My ascended twin flame, André, is communicating the following thought transmissions:

André: If the Light of God is misused because of certain negative traits, the substance that has been misqualified remains within your aura as a tainted substance, a contamination or defilement, and eventually becomes the sources of disease, as it solidifies into the material world and this takes place by the law of Action and Reaction, and the elementals have to use these negative energies, and create conditions upon the physical plane from all substances and energies that are being generated. It has been said that you need to resurrect from the human mortal consciousness. Purification from these substances also needs to be achieved, and many have already been purified, their symbolic robes washed clean, but an understanding of these mechanisms is necessary. Diseases and death are ultimately caused by a mentality, or consciousness, of the third dimension. It’s a ‘little you’ or constructed persona that needs to be transformed by purification and the effects of the descending Christ consciousness. An integration can take place and it will cause the great awakening.

At this time two waves of souls have been risen to a higher place as regards this consciousness, and are dwelling upon the 5th dimension, and a third wave of souls is being worked on, and they have a different perception of Reality as well as different attitudes by comparison to those which have leaped away from the realm of duality.

Christine: Archangel Michael can also take some pain away. There is a prayer that you may repeat that is general. It is as follows:

In the name of my Mighty I Am Presence I lovingly surrender all substance on all lines of my cosmic clock and I demand in the name of the Christ that every single cycle of every single cell and atom within my form that is not outpicturing the perfect cycles of the Christ consciousness, may now be dissolved, is now arrested and turned back by the authority of my God Presence.

In a general way the negative traits that human beings may manifest are as follows: criticism, condemnation, judgment, black magic, hatred, mild dislike, illusion, conceit, deceit, ego and mental arrogance, stubbornness, defiance of the law, mental rebellion, envy, jealousy, ignorance of the law, spiritual blindness, mental density, retardation, self-pity, self-justification and indecision, emotional instability, misuses of the sacred fire and perversions of the Mother Flame, feelings of ingratitude, thoughtlessness, spiritual blindness, emotional density and retardation, frustration, anxiety and injustice, emotional tyranny, dishonesty, intrigue, treachery, self-preservation and idolatry, resentment, revenge. It is all that is not of the Light and the list is not complete.

You may ask to Mighty Astrea to lock her cosmic circle and sword of blue flame of a thousand suns, and her cosmic circles and swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun, in and around these aspects and manifestations, as well as to blaze megatons of cosmic Light, blue-lightning rays, and violet fire in through, and around all that opposes, or attempts to interfere with, the fulfilment of your God Power, your God Love, your God Mastery, your God Control, God Obedience, God Wisdom, God Harmony, God Gratitude, God Justice, God Reality, God Vision, God Victory and God Power, as well as your divine plan ‘fulfilled in all cycles’. These are the opposites of the negative traits and are the Virtues or qualities that Christ consciousness brings in the second coming taking place within yourself. You may pray to your Father in Heaven as Jesus Christ showed you to, saying the following version which was adapted by the Summit Lighthouse to incorporate into it the power of the name of God, I Am :

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name I Am. I Am thy kingdom come. I Am thy Will being done. I Am on earth even as I Am in heaven. I Am giving this day daily bread to all. I Am forgiving all Life this day even as I Am also all Life forgiving me. I Am leading all men away from temptation. I Am delivering all men from every evil condition. I Am the Kingdom. I Am the Power and I Am the Glory of God in eternal, immortal manifestation. All this I Am.

You are using the Light of God from your I Am Presence every moment of your life and the choice is given to you to use it in the right way, or to use it as you please by your freewill. However its misuse is the way by which you incur a karmic debt. The decrees for the Violet Flame are for the transmutation of this karmic burden and the balancing of your karma. After invoking your Tube of Light which you may visualize as about 9 feet in diameter, and which establishes a powerful connection with the divine Monadic Presence, you may build a forcefield of protection around you and your loved ones, as well as all the lighbearers of the world, by calling to Archangel Michael.

According to the Summit Lighthouse there are global and terrestrial projections of negativity which manifest for instance as:

Religious fanaticism, hatred of the Mother and her seed, aggression, anger, arrogance, argumentation, accusation, agitation, apathy, atheism, annihilation, aggressive mental suggestion, anti-Christ, anti-Holy Spirit manifestations, malicious, ignorant sympathetic magnetism, opposition working through the illuminati and their international capitalist conspiracy with a control of the governments and of the economies of the nations, Luciferianism, Satanism, their robot creation and ritual incantations, laggards, fallen angels in embodiment, demons of fanaticism, computers of the dark forces, interplanetary black magicians [a reference to the Reptilian mafia which Archangel Michael has told us recently has been abolished], their rays, forcefields, mental and emotional manipulations by these dark beings which they carried out in, or out, of embodiment, in or from space vehicles, or in other ways. This interference has been carried out from the astral plane.

Saint Germain has told me in his message entitled ‘Knighthood’, that with regards to the interference I experienced particularly in 2014, it was from the astral plane. The interference consisting in an insertion of nightmarish dreams within the minds of people while they sleep is by the preparation of these synthetic dreams in a manner that is comparable to producing a movie. It is a form of psychotronics, a weapon, to bend, or influence, or disturb, the psyche. It is part of a warfare. The dark forces have been operating a program to bend minds for thousands of years, and in passing I will tell you that in 1989 Archangel Gabriel gave a dictation through the messenger E. C. Prophet concerning the method the dark forces used to pervert, corrupt, and invert life on Maldek, and he revealed that the Moon is hollow and that it contains instruments as well as a technology for such destruction and for the control of minds within its core. He spoke of psychotronics and holographic technology.

You may believe that the cause of certain bad dreams is a psychological problem that you have acquired because of some bad experience at a stage in your life and that you are reliving these bad episodes, or that your subconscious mind is attempting to heal itself by reliving these episodes, but these particular insertions have certain patterns to irritate you and leave you with a bad feeling in the morning.

The Story of Archangel Michael’s Sword of Blue Flame: Why he fashioned it, & his dictation through Geraldine Innocente in 1953.

Christine: Archangel Michael told the story of how he fashioned his sword of blue flame in a dictation through Geraldine Innocente, in 1953. He stated he approached a Priesthood in some temples, and it was Elizabeth C. Prophet, the mystic leader whose husband, Mark Prophet, founded the Summit Lighthouse, who stated decades later that this was the priesthood of Lemuria. She said Archangel Michael approached this priesthood because the souls of Maldek were going to incarnate on Earth. These laggards, represented as Cain in Genesis, recreated the civilization they had known on Maldek during the Atlantean period and they actually created the civilization of Atlantis by separating themselves from the mother culture of Lemuria. Maldek was a planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter and was destroyed due to wars. Archangel Michael knew the souls of Maldek would influence the Lemurian civilization, and as explained in the videos that will be listed at the end of this article, he has informed me that he approached the priesthood to prepare them and he founded the mystery schools that would impart teachings to keep the Lemurians upon the spiritual path. But later during the Atlantean era, a teaching promulgated by the forces of darkness appeared. In Genesis it was called the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge. Trees were symbolic of teachings and mystery schools. Those souls of Maldek were in pralaya waiting for incarnation after the planet was destroyed. Pralaya is an eastern term for a sort of state of suspension, so the fact that those souls were cast on earth during the Lemurian era does not indicate when the planet, which was also known as Tiamat, exploded or imploded.

Archangel Michael said through Geraldine Innocente:

Lord Michael: I remember well when the priests in the Temples were notified that the laggards of the other System were to be given habitation on the Earth and were told to make the application required to protect the evolution that had been living in the innocence of the ‘Garden of Eden’ from the effluvia and contagion of the thoughts and feeling of those who, on their own Planet, either did not, or could not, control the energies enough to proceed with their Planet into greater Light.

I remember well My Own contemplation, pondering on how I might best serve in the ages that were to come. It was then that I fashioned, out of thought the Sword of Flame which has been with Me all through the aeons since, and which has been constantly used to cut the souls of men free from the shackles of their own creation, and to release imprisoned life caught in the thought forms of the humanly created entities, that make up the astral and psychic realms, which is my self-chosen habitation for twenty hours out of every twenty-four.

Christine: That left just four hours for every twenty four for Archangel Michael to return to his etheric retreat at Lake Louise, Banff. But paradoxically he could be in many places at a time.

Lord Michael: I fashioned that Sword of Flame by thought, for I knew that there would come a time when the souls of men should require more than the energies of their own lifestreams to cut themselves free from the shackles and creations into which they would weave their energies. I charged into that Sword My Love of men – My Love of the heartbeat – My Love of God. It is not a Sword of which to be frightened – It is a Sword of Redemption, a Sword of Hope, a Sword of Freedom, and when the last soul has passed over the bridge into Eternal Light; when the last Book of Record has been closed and sealed; when the Ascension of the last lifestream is completed and every tiny electron that is presently functioning in distorted form is again redeemed and returned to the Sun – that Sword shall be no more – Then we shall sing our Hallelujahs together:

Glory to God in the highest, and Glory be to the Light in the hearts of free men!

Christine: The refrain in Song 283 entitled Michael’s sword of blue flame – by the Summit Lighthouse, states:

O sword of blue, in love so true
We ever invoke thy mighty stroke
That cuts away by love divine
All not of God’s own pure design
And in its place gives joy and peace
To bring to all love’s sweet release.

For more information on the reasons that the souls of Maldek were cast on Earth, please refer to the Messages from Mother Mary and Saint Germain who came to me to cast some light on the mysteries that remained after Archangel Michael made his statements through Geraldine Innocente in 1953. Please hear the following videos published by Matt Muckleroy:

Mother Mary: Sword of Blue Flame/Maldek, February 18,

Saint Germain: Cast on Earth, February 20

Ascended Master André, The Forefathers, March 14,

André: May you be kept safe and secure in the Ascended Masters’ Light.

With André, Lord Michael, the Story of his Sword of blue flame, September 18, 2016

Ascended Twin Flame André, Recall of communication & Update, September 6, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: During the previous night, at 1 am, I was raising my mind to my I Am Presence. I said ‘I would like to draw closer to His Being’. I heard him say ‘You certainly will!’ and he said that the dark forces have been trying to cause a delay on the timeline so the shift to 4th density takes place later but I heard the comment ‘We are working on changing that’. André then congratulated me for not having reacted badly to the problems of the world. He confirmed that the name Adamu is related to Monadic Pleiadean consciousness and reminded me that our Monadic Self is from Sirius. When a reference is made to a Universal or Cosmic consciousness it is not an individualized Spirit like the I Am Presence. A Monadic consciousness means a Spirit of the level of the Monad that is the I Am Presence, just as Lord Sanat Kumara and he is in an etheric body. That is why we say in our decrees ‘I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara’. My ascended twin flame André has helped me to recall my I Am’s communication and has given me the following messages:
André: Dear ones, we are working to get the shift to density occur in December. It’s the major one that relates to many things: body, environment, as a rise to a level at which natural laws operate in a different way will cause modifications as for instance when wishing and calling for healing with visualization, the reaction will occur faster and in a different way, so your magic and attempts to precipitate manifestations will occur in an easier way than when dwelling in the fourth dimension from the point of view of your density. Many changes will be brought about as a result of the opposition to the Establishment being successful. There is no going possibility of turning back due to the Astrological influences. I confirm that Donald Trump is not with any of the existing political powers referred as the Jade and Gold ones, and especially not with the Red one that is Luciferian. Yes he has a divine mission to lead America and the world to the golden age of Saint Germain. The Luciferian Cabal is finished. The suppression of truth will be lifted. The media that serves their purpose will be replaced. Disclosure will happen, will take place and increase in power. There will be many reforms. A time is approaching when all souls of Light are going to have contacts that are significant as they will develop the telepathic abilities to have that contact and contact will also happen in an external, physical way. We are approaching this time, but first we must get out of the way that last battle against the Establishment. Trump has to win in the West and the Divine Will is playing its part. All is in place for that Victory. We will not allow the Cabal to divise means to prevent this Victory. With regard to the shift in density, you have been shedding a lot of density and rising in consciousness, all of you, Lightworkers, and you are at the top of that third dimensional place in that physical material point of view, and in the 5th dimension from that consciousness point of view. The world is on the verge of enormous changes which will reflect that shift. And the Laws applying to Action and Reaction will in a sense be accelerated for your supernatural creations, visualizations, healing, your dreams that are good and to manifest the 5th kingdom of your being as physical angels in righteousness and desire to draw closer to your monadic Presence, love and light, as well as to manifest the golden age of Saint Germain. Some things of a lower nature have to be eradicated to recreate Gaia and a new civilization, but they are the bottom part of the pyramid of Soul evolution which has a separation right at the lower part of its body, now, instead of a pyramidion separated from its main body, as depicted on the dollar bill which is the way the dark ones, the Illuminati, wants the situation to be on Earth. But you see, dear ones, the Christ consciousness which is that symbolic pyramidion has descended and is pervading al of life in the pyramid that is no longer controlled by the dark forces since the Event of Brexit, or since the domino has fallen and has engendered a chain reaction. But those who are recalcitrant in their views with an obstination to continue with the dark agenda of domination, going against God’s Will, are dropping out. The bottom part of that symbolic pyramid representing the Body of God on Earth that is mystical, as well as the Bride of Christ in the sense of its belonging to the Light, the bottom part of that pyramid is detached by its own freewill and will be taken away to avoid being consumed as Light consumes darkness. When you shift higher in density you will be in that place that the Gnostics believed Jesus Christ was in his body. The dark ones will be relocated and their disappearance will in some case be a vanishing that will remain mysterious. In others it will seem like a natural progression due to the work of the people who want progress and a beautiful civilization. The shifting to a higher density is going to permit some chakras to be activated. You molecule structure has been prepared for a long time for the shifting and after a time of Transition with new technologies, as well as teaching from your mentors, both inner and external, by telepathy and from the ambassadors, respectively, after some time during which Gaia will be reconstructed, and new concepts appear, there will be contacts with your galactic family, and all of this will lead to another change for which mankind will be prepared over many years. It will become the objective and be part of your spiritual efforts to draw closer to your monadic presence as well as to recover full consciousness and knowledge of who you are. The twin flames will have done their work of attracting you upwards in a mystical way and will have made contact with you and will be walking among you. I am leaving you with this broad vision again, having repeated what I have said before. May you be kept safe and secure, in love and light, this was a message from André.

Ascended Twin Flame André, Recall of communication & Update, September 6, 2016