With Archangel Michael, Lazarus 4 of 5, September 3, 2016

by Christine Preston

With Archangel Michael, Lazarus 4 of 5, September 3, 2016
Christine: We are continuing with the story from Lazarus 3. On July 19, my friend was still wondering what to do next having made enquiries with regard to legal aid and having found it is not available if it involves public services like a Health Board. However, she had been given a room in hospital accommodation because she had been sleeping in a chair for four weeks to watch over her father in a coma. On that Tuesday she texted me that everything seemed hopeless despite the prophecies that her father would live. These had been given to me by Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Uriel, as well as my ascended twin flame André, by telepathic communication. An advocate had said that the Health Board would have to approve any transfer for her Father and if they felt it was not in the patient’s best interest, they may be able to refuse such a transfer. A ‘Best Interest Meeting’ was planned for the Thursday two days later. Their plan was to apply to the Court but later, an arrangement was reached so it would not be necessary to actually take the case to Court. By July 22, my friend’s brother had given his agreement to get a Solicitor even though his fees could be quite high. She texted:
Friend: I think the Health Board offered one to us but I have heard of many cases in which the skill of the barrister has been a factor in the Court’s decision.
Christine: The services of a Solicitor was obtained, one who knew the Consultant by the name of Jenny Thomas, the one who has expressed the concern that the hospitals in the UK have different policies in a BBC program. This solicitor consulted a barrister in London who could help with the case and an agreement was reached as regard the costs. At that stage the patient in coma was coping well with the reduction in the breathing machine. On July 23, the doctors changed the breathing tube which had been in the patient’s mouth for five weeks. My friend texted that they had learned there was to be a Court battle so may have thought it was best to change it. On Monday July 25 there was news that the solicitor arranged for a private Brain Injury Rehabilitation Consultant from Coventry to examine my friend’s father at the week-end. His evidence was to be used in Court and my friend was asked to send a report with the reasons she believed that her father should continue receiving care from the hospital. It was put together as a Witness’ statement. On July 25, my friend wrote she had visited her father and his face was red and hot, and yet his temperature was a little low. His readings were not as good as they had been. She worried in case the hospital did not look after her father as well as they should because they knew that if he passed away before the Court’s hearing there would not be any costs for the hospital.
On July 25 an angel was replacing André, my ascended twin flame, when I was walking in the street and felt too hot. I felt I needed to sleep right where I was! He descended upon me. As when Archangel Michael does this, I felt I was going up and down and floating with his electronic presence and a particular feeling of movement in my heart center. He said he had to do this to control my blood pressure. It took ten minutes and I felt better. So I realized the Archangels can do this. I told this to my friend at 20:37 and at 21:02 she texted me that her father may have had an infection because the tube that goes down his mouth and lungs was changed and that his face was hot. Archangel Michael then said to me they could easily give him healing to sort out whatever caused it. She also stated that he coughed quite strongly and opened his eyes slightly as well as moved the hand that she was holding. On July 26, my friend texted that tests had shown a bit of an infection in the chest, but that her father’s heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, were good, and that she felt he was being protected.
On July 27 the Solicitor had communicated with the Health Board Solicitor. My friend wrote to me:
Friend: I think you could be right about the angels healing my father. He seemed different today. He didn’t look red in the face and seemed to have more strength and purpose in his arms and hands. It’s hard to describe but I can feel the difference. However, he is trembling and twitching so the doctors want to do an EEG because they wonder whether it’s a fit.
Christine: I was then told a few times that the trembling was due to the reactivation of the nervous system. By this time the family had decided to go ahead with the Barrister and Court Case and the statements to be used in the defense had been sent to the Solicitor.
On July 27 a nurse asked if the patient had opened his eyes again and my friend texted me:
Friend: For the last six weeks we have been telling them that he has many times and they didn’t want to know! I am wondering if they can see an improvement but are not telling us. My father is having an EEG tomorrow. Our solicitor has not yet received the medical notes which have been requested from the hospital.
Christine: On July 28, the family’s private Consultant came to examine my friend’s father. The hospital had opposed it – possibly because of the reputation this Consultant has for saving lives – but the Barrister had confirmed to the Board and hospital solicitor that this should be allowed. I asked Archangel Michael to tell me in different ways what will happen with my friend’s father to make sure I was getting it right, and he did in three different ways, then in French as well! The Archangels do have a sense of humor. He asked if she would be with him the following evening and up to what time, and may be up to 1 am, but in the end it was at 9.40 pm that he opened his eyes. It was on July 29 at 21:57 that I received a text from my friend in which she said that her father had opened his eyes at 9.40 pm. And she said:
Friend: My father’s eyes were not glazed as they were when he previously opened them, and he was not so conscious when the consultant visited him.
Christine: On July 31 the family Consultant said he was concerned because the patient had not woken up but had found him stable and his readings were good, so his recommendation was that he would be weaned off the breathing machine and to have a tracheotomy, then to be sent to a nursing home. My friend had been soaked to the skin while walking her dogs and was worried to pass on something that could be caught, like flu. Her father was stable while she kept her distance from him. On August 4 and 5, her father opened his eyes a few times while he was being talked to and he looked straight into his daughter’s eyes. She felt he had recognized her.
On August 8, after keeping her young husky in a kennel for a few days, she had to think of all the options to keep him safe, as he had damaged the van whilst she was visiting her father. She was expecting the Health Board to tell her what their intention was. They had reviewed the situation since she and her brother got Solicitors involved. This was to remove the threat that the hospital would sign their father to stop feeding him, or care for him, and would give him morphine to die. They had not seen him opening his eyes and responding to their voices, and denied any improvements.
There also was a meeting with the Insurance Assessor for the fire at their father’s house and it went well. However, on August 9, my friend was confused and was losing track of what she had to do. The side door of her van had to be repaired at a garage so she could even get her large husky in it. A new lead made of chain, had to be purchase, as well as a muzzle to prevent him to chew the leather interior of the van. On August 12, she reported that the Health Board had not applied to the Courts. None of the Solicitors recommendations had been opposed removing the need to go to Court, and her father looked well considering being in a coma. She had left her husky with her brother for a few days and then he escaped from the property. The road was busy and after a long search the dog was located miles away at Port Talbot. He had to be collected two days later and a charge of a hundred pounds had to be paid. She kept him for one day but finally decided to return him to her brother as she could not manage looking after him as well as visiting her father in hospital. She could not leave the dog for too long in the van.
August 12 also was when I told my friend about the message I had received from my ascended twin flame in the morning because he, as well as those beings whom we call our Galactic family, had diverted an asteroid, or comet, that was on a collision course with Earth. Sometime later I received a dictation from Archangel Uriel who said that no celestial object will hit Earth, and that we are out of danger. He confirmed it’s the one of the Fatima prophecy received by some children at Fatima in 1917 that will be visible in December 2016. It is also in relation to the Red Kachena of Indians prophecies and would have hit Earth in 2017 as Mother Mary warned if no reform was achieved. Note there also is a prophecy concerning a Blue Kachena. The Vatican had kept the Fatima Prophecy a secret when they had promised to disclose it by 1960. Archangel Uriel explained that despite the external appearances of a decline in civilization, corruption, etc., progress has been achieved at spiritual level, so a dispensation was granted at the time that some adjustments were made for the diffusion of photonic light to the souls of mankind to permit more to rise to a required level of vibration and consciousness. The plan started with the penetration of the Solar System into the Stargate on September 28, 2015. I would like to attract the attention of the listeners to the fact that Archangel Uriel, nor myself in my introduction, have made the statement that the celestial object that is approaching is in relation to that so-called Nibiru of Sitchin’s speculations.
On August 12 my friend had a diabetic attack, or an attack with all of the hypoglycaemic symptoms. She had to have some tests in hospital but wrote on August 14 that she was feeling better. On August 17 she texted that she had visited her father and that he opened his eyes again, then coughed when asked to do so. The doctors had however decided not to give him any antibiotics for his slight chest infection as he had no temperature. On August 18 she had spoken to her Solicitor who said their Consultant’s recommendations were to give her father all the help he needs to get off the ventilator but that if he suffers a respiratory or cardiac arrest, not to resuscitate him. She hoped he could breathe but was getting worried. When she got to the Ward she saw him more alert and responsive than ever. It boosted her moral to keep going. She said she thought the angels knew she needed that bit of hope.
On August 24, my friend texted that her father was doing well with 24% oxygen as the normal room air is 21%. She was asked to visit the Barrister’s chamber in London. She had spoken to her solicitor who had to hold a conference call there to present the best report possible. On August 27, the Ward Sister told my friend she was not allowed to video her father otherwise a security and police would be called and this was with the view to protect her father’s rights. Three days later the consultant said he was surprised her father has not had an infection so far, but that if he should need antibiotics he was opposed to giving them and would deny him any treatment.
She attended the meeting in London and found the Barrister helpful. She was asked to film her father to obtain the evidence that he is displaying some movements from the higher brain, so it can’t be argued that they are unconscious reflexes. The proposal was for filming for two weeks and prepare the patient to breathe on his own. My friend texted me that if her father can’t breathe on his own it will indicate brain damage and they won’t resuscitate him. She texted me this information at 17:26 and had not noticed that I had texted at 6:50 in the morning that I had received a message from Archangel Michael. He had said twice that her father doesn’t have brain damage, and the second time he said this very categorically. She had not read her texts because she was travelling to London, and after the meeting, she texted me from Paddington Station when she was catching her train. It was thought that the Health Board would agree without going to Court.
On September 1, André pointed out:
André: I don’t think it will do any harm to do the tracheotomy. It’s done to patients on their way to recovery and may be medically right to do it at this stage. Furthermore, the tube may cause an infection.
Christine: This was because my friend had been called by her solicitor to inform her that the Chief Consultant wanted to do a tracheotomy as soon as possible and was not taking legal advice to wait for two weeks. On the 31st August her father was responding well again when she was holding his hand, as well as to loud noises.
My friend has had an out of body experience in which she was talking to her father. I have told her that I have heard André saying to him ‘We know you are 80 years old but you are not in your body right now!’ At one time he was wandering about and has been in and out of the body. She has also perceived the vibration of Archangel Michael and thought she could hear a sentence. I then explained to her what to do and behold! She did hear Archangel Michael speak to her. She asked who it was and he said he was Archangel Michael. Later she asked him ‘How do I know it’s you?’ and he told her something she knew and had not told anybody else about. So now, my friend is developing the ability to communicate by telepathy, or thought transmission. This is wonderful. We have so much to talk about, and the battle is not over, so we will have a Lazarus 5 of 5 in a few weeks.
Love and Light, everyone, and Namaste!

With Archangel Michael, Lazarus 4 of 5, September 3, 2016

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