Ascended Twin Flame André, Recall of communication & Update, September 6, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: During the previous night, at 1 am, I was raising my mind to my I Am Presence. I said ‘I would like to draw closer to His Being’. I heard him say ‘You certainly will!’ and he said that the dark forces have been trying to cause a delay on the timeline so the shift to 4th density takes place later but I heard the comment ‘We are working on changing that’. André then congratulated me for not having reacted badly to the problems of the world. He confirmed that the name Adamu is related to Monadic Pleiadean consciousness and reminded me that our Monadic Self is from Sirius. When a reference is made to a Universal or Cosmic consciousness it is not an individualized Spirit like the I Am Presence. A Monadic consciousness means a Spirit of the level of the Monad that is the I Am Presence, just as Lord Sanat Kumara and he is in an etheric body. That is why we say in our decrees ‘I Am that I Am Sanat Kumara’. My ascended twin flame André has helped me to recall my I Am’s communication and has given me the following messages:
André: Dear ones, we are working to get the shift to density occur in December. It’s the major one that relates to many things: body, environment, as a rise to a level at which natural laws operate in a different way will cause modifications as for instance when wishing and calling for healing with visualization, the reaction will occur faster and in a different way, so your magic and attempts to precipitate manifestations will occur in an easier way than when dwelling in the fourth dimension from the point of view of your density. Many changes will be brought about as a result of the opposition to the Establishment being successful. There is no going possibility of turning back due to the Astrological influences. I confirm that Donald Trump is not with any of the existing political powers referred as the Jade and Gold ones, and especially not with the Red one that is Luciferian. Yes he has a divine mission to lead America and the world to the golden age of Saint Germain. The Luciferian Cabal is finished. The suppression of truth will be lifted. The media that serves their purpose will be replaced. Disclosure will happen, will take place and increase in power. There will be many reforms. A time is approaching when all souls of Light are going to have contacts that are significant as they will develop the telepathic abilities to have that contact and contact will also happen in an external, physical way. We are approaching this time, but first we must get out of the way that last battle against the Establishment. Trump has to win in the West and the Divine Will is playing its part. All is in place for that Victory. We will not allow the Cabal to divise means to prevent this Victory. With regard to the shift in density, you have been shedding a lot of density and rising in consciousness, all of you, Lightworkers, and you are at the top of that third dimensional place in that physical material point of view, and in the 5th dimension from that consciousness point of view. The world is on the verge of enormous changes which will reflect that shift. And the Laws applying to Action and Reaction will in a sense be accelerated for your supernatural creations, visualizations, healing, your dreams that are good and to manifest the 5th kingdom of your being as physical angels in righteousness and desire to draw closer to your monadic Presence, love and light, as well as to manifest the golden age of Saint Germain. Some things of a lower nature have to be eradicated to recreate Gaia and a new civilization, but they are the bottom part of the pyramid of Soul evolution which has a separation right at the lower part of its body, now, instead of a pyramidion separated from its main body, as depicted on the dollar bill which is the way the dark ones, the Illuminati, wants the situation to be on Earth. But you see, dear ones, the Christ consciousness which is that symbolic pyramidion has descended and is pervading al of life in the pyramid that is no longer controlled by the dark forces since the Event of Brexit, or since the domino has fallen and has engendered a chain reaction. But those who are recalcitrant in their views with an obstination to continue with the dark agenda of domination, going against God’s Will, are dropping out. The bottom part of that symbolic pyramid representing the Body of God on Earth that is mystical, as well as the Bride of Christ in the sense of its belonging to the Light, the bottom part of that pyramid is detached by its own freewill and will be taken away to avoid being consumed as Light consumes darkness. When you shift higher in density you will be in that place that the Gnostics believed Jesus Christ was in his body. The dark ones will be relocated and their disappearance will in some case be a vanishing that will remain mysterious. In others it will seem like a natural progression due to the work of the people who want progress and a beautiful civilization. The shifting to a higher density is going to permit some chakras to be activated. You molecule structure has been prepared for a long time for the shifting and after a time of Transition with new technologies, as well as teaching from your mentors, both inner and external, by telepathy and from the ambassadors, respectively, after some time during which Gaia will be reconstructed, and new concepts appear, there will be contacts with your galactic family, and all of this will lead to another change for which mankind will be prepared over many years. It will become the objective and be part of your spiritual efforts to draw closer to your monadic presence as well as to recover full consciousness and knowledge of who you are. The twin flames will have done their work of attracting you upwards in a mystical way and will have made contact with you and will be walking among you. I am leaving you with this broad vision again, having repeated what I have said before. May you be kept safe and secure, in love and light, this was a message from André.

Ascended Twin Flame André, Recall of communication & Update, September 6, 2016

One thought on “Ascended Twin Flame André, Recall of communication & Update, September 6, 2016

  1. Patricia says:

    Hello Christine,
    Thank-you so very much for all the channeling you provide for so many of us… it is truly inspiring.

    Are there any further updates since Sept. 06/16 regarding the upcoming presidential election, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton?


    Kind regards,


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