Archangels & Ascended Masters: A Synthesis of Presidential Elections Prophecies, September 29, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: On February 18, 2016 Archangel Gabriel gave me the following message and at that time I didn’t have any expectation in regards the American elections and had little knowledge about them as I live in Britain. This is an extract from that message:
Archangel Gabriel:I have not mentioned a name to reveal who, at the top of the pyramid of great deceit, is going to be stripped of his credibility. I have sent a mental image of who it is to the emissary of this message. This is going to bring great turmoil in the political affairs but will be followed by a great renewal in relation to that mechanism in which those who preside over the people, in a certain nation in particular, are being replaced.
This turn of events will be deserved by those who have betrayed the trust of a Nation that was to be an example of democracy with a Constitution inspired by Saint Germain, and so dear to his heart. The time has arrived when there can no longer be any secret machinations and conspiracies of wars for economic gain and wealth that ends in the pockets of a few. Heaven has decreed ‘Enough is enough’. Now is the beginning of that Phase of Enlightenment that starts with a shaking up of the world. I am blowing my trumpet to announce to the world it is time to step upon that Path of the resurrection of civilization.
Mankind must be freed from its misconceptions, its mind set, and place its feet upon the path of enlightenment to recreate a civilization that will be represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. A new Gaia and golden age will then be recreated. We are all working together in unison, in a sacred relationship, to achieve this goal.
Christine: Then on February 28 Mother Mary made a revelation concerning the outcome of the presidential elections of 2016, as follows:
Mother Mary: A replacement in governance of that Nation – which was destined to be an example of democracy, and instead has been infiltrated down to its core and leadership by the forces of darkness – is shortly to take place. Of course, if a new President – one who, by the way, needs to be extremely resilient, dynamic and vigorous, to be able to oppose the Establishment – if that one told you that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ to create an enemy, create the idea of terrorism, to serve the mechanism of the war industries, the number of doubting Thomas would drop sharply. And I am now revealing that Archangel Gabriel’s announcement alluded to this particular topic. We are entering a phase of Disclosure entailing a complete dismantling of the various systems of thought created by the powers of darkness in recent decades. These were also built upon the legacy inherited during thousands of years of slavery under the Anunnaki. I am referring to the system that has kept you in ignorance and darkness.

Christine: On March 8, Archangel Michael stated:
Lord Michael: A battle is being waged in the psyche, but before explaining something about this I would like to mention that the forces of darkness, on the astral plane, are still attempting to sabotage the Ascension process and to influence political leaders, the Establishment, the military, and other groups in the financial and business sectors of the big Corporations, to avoid complying with the orders imposed upon them by the Forces of the Light to go ahead with a program of Disclosure concerning the truths that have been suppressed for more than a century. They are trying to avoid it with a number of excuses. They are fearful and reluctant to lose power. Assaults are still taking place upon the light in the lightbearers and there is not one nation without these spiritual beings who are on the path of the Ascension. This is taking place behind the scenes of the political scenarios and you may feel that they make no sense any more. A phase of transition with changes on the political front and financial system will also be initiated, and it will take place because of some events in the USA that will affect the whole world in the sense that as a result the adverse influence from the astral world will be greatly lessened.

Christine: Then on March 18, Archangel Michael spoke of something that would happen before it was called the shift to 4th density and explained that some of the events expected in 2012 had not taken place.

Lord Michael: we wanted to convert more souls to a higher frequency of vibration so they could continue to exist on Earth. This is a world in transition and it is being lifted up to a higher dimension in the sense that physicality will still exist but in an exalted way, much like what you think of a Garden of Eden, or Paradise. So on September 28, 2015, something that had been expected to take place in December 2012, finally happened.

Christine: Then on March 22, Ashtar Command stated:

Ashtar Command: Dear ones, this is an Alert from Ashtar Command. We are approaching a time of difficulty because of the planetary adjustment that will take place with the process of Disclosure. The Earth has entered a most dense area of the Ring of Light that is called a Photon Belt, and the entire Solar System is being buffeted by electro-magnetic waves. These waves are instrumental to the Great Awakening as the photonic light and gamma rays of these electro-magnetic surges are stripping the psyche of mankind of negative elements in much the same way as the circles and swords of Blue Flame of Archangel Michael, as well as of the Elohim Hercules and Astrea.

Christine: They said Earth was to play a key role in the manifestation of the Divine Will and we were close to the goal because the planetary body had been swept by a flux of energy that had impacted the Solar System on March 20, 2016, and that on March 22, this stream of light had gone round the world for a second time. They also stated:

Ashtar Command: Those at the top of their pyramid of control have made their move like in a game of chess, to go ahead with a scheme designed long ago. They have tried various tactics to create a global conflict and weaponize space. They did not understand that the process of Ascension is a cosmic one and that it is also affecting the planetary bodies of the Solar System. They discovered that they could not leave Earth, nor run away with their secret technology and spacecraft. They would love to declare ownership of the Solar System. They intended to use their holographic technology to stage an alien invasion such as the one of ‘Independence Day’ or ‘The War of the Worlds.’ They are being kept under surveillance of the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command which would not allow it. We are coming close to a time when some replacement in power, in just a few months from now, will also create a more favorable climate for disclosure. We can see that Victory is very close, and we rejoice. A new perception of Reality of the whole situation upon Earth is being received. Enlightenment is also playing a part in the whole process, and you will be looking forward to the progress of the Third Wave when the energies peak at the end of the year.

Christine: On March 29, Archangel Michael declared that Disclosure would take place God’s Way and there would not be any delays. He explained again that the forces of darkness have created scenarios to create wars and are still attempting to incite conflicts, but are failing. He also said that the two first Waves of souls functioning in a realm of awakened consciousness were influencing the Media and the political scene.

Christine: Then, on April 23, André stated:
André : About the Presidential Elections we are still saying that Donald Trump is going to win them. Of course, it’s a very delicate matter to make such a prediction where you stand, but we have seen the certainties in the timelines. There is a situation with who is pulling the strings in the political scenes of the world. With regard to Donald Trump, we see that there is a need for a candidate to possess great strength and stamina in present circumstances, and we see that the next President will have a fight with the Establishment and need to oppose it so that Disclosure can occur. If the dark ones, the Illuminati, or Cabal, attempt to control him by threat, blackmail, or anything of the kind, we will be intervening with Ashtar Command, the air division of the Great White Brotherhood. The Cabal is being given a chance to turn to the Light.
Christine: In Time of Transition and Reunion, published on May 27, 2016, my ascended twin flame, André, stated:
André: Back on February 18 and 28, 2016, when Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary first disclosed that it was Donald Trump who will be elected President, we gave you these prophecies and continued to inform you that he was still on track. He has now won the necessary delegates for this to become a reality and he is receiving a different kind of attention from the media. The Elections will play an important role in the changes that will not only transfigure the American Continent, but the whole world. The Earth is the planet that was to play a key role in the Ascension to bring physicality to a higher place.

Christine: On April 29, Archangel Michael stated:

Lord Michael: The world is emerging into a better reality in which America will become the example the founding Fathers wanted it to be. It was Saint Germain’s dream, and he is causing it to unfold at the moment, as the Dark is on the run.
Christine: On May 5th, Mother Mary gave me a message entitled ‘Prophecy regarding the Elections’. I had 35 videos published at the time and now the number is 83. So please listen to this one as well as the one entitled ‘Renewed Prophecy for the Elections’ published by Matt Muckleroy. An important part of the first video is where I have explained:
I would like to inform you that on February 28, 2016 I received a message from Mother Mary saying that Donald Trump will be the elected president. I didn’t hesitate to post the message on my Facebook page and to have it published as a video although predictions are a bit tricky because – as they say – prophecies are not set in stone, and that is because they depend on mankind’s actions, and there are many timelines. Some new events can change the prophecy. However in this case I was assured that there was a certainty about this. They looked at the timelines and saw the future. Normally they see the possibilities, or probabilities, as well as what is certain. In this case, my daily contacts [which are constant where my ascended twin flame is concerned] were adamant and kept on saying day after day, week after week: ‘we are still saying that Donald Trump will make it’ or something of the kind. They have explained that the forces of the Light are supporting him because of the need to oppose the Establishment. It’s not just happened by coincidence, i.e. they are not supporting him because he happens to be aligned with the Divine Will. No, it’s like he has incarnated for this mission and there has been manipulations to get to this point. It is in relation to the Ascension and the fact that the Earth and Solar System are in a galactic alignment, and crossing an area in space that is intense in photonic light. This is having an influence upon mankind. It is causing an awakening and a liberation from the forces of darkness that have been controlling mankind. Light transmutes darkness. After my explanations I repeated the statement Mother Mary made on February 28:
Mother Mary: A replacement in governance of that Nation – which was destined to be an example of democracy, and instead has been infiltrated down to its core and leadership by the forces of darkness – is shortly to take place. Following this a phase of disclosure will begin with the scandalous matter of betrayal related to 9/11. I am Mother Mary, confirming to Christine that this notion is correct. She takes my dictation and doesn’t know what is coming next. But while listening to one of Donald Trump’s speeches recently, something he said made her suspect that Archangel Gabriel’s last announcement concerning a disclosure may have been related to that subject of 9/11. Some ideas concerning a disclosure on that subject have spread many years ago, but in the mainstream media this is still regarded as a conspiracy theory. However, of course, if a new President – one who, by the way, needs to be extremely resilient, dynamic and vigorous, to be able to oppose the Establishment – if that one told you that 9/11 was an ‘inside job’ to create an enemy, create the idea of terrorism, to serve the mechanism of the war industries, the number of doubting Thomas would drop sharply. And I am now revealing, as Christine is noting word for word, in this method of dictation, that Archangel Gabriel’s announcement alluded to this particular topic.
Christine: After Donald Trump was nominated to represent the Republican Party, Nigel Farage was interviewed in the United States. And he has been interviewed again a few days ago after the first Debate had taken place. He also recognised the parallel between what is going on in the United States with that battle for Brexit in Britain, as being to do with an opposition to the Establishment. Archangel Michael made a comment that related to Mark Taylor’s Prophecy, given to him in 2011. I learned about it in May and Archangel Michael told me he was the one who revealed it to Mark Taylor, but being Christian, the latter speaks of the Spirit of the Lord. On May 11, Archangel Michael said to me:
Lord Michael: With regards to the video entitled ‘Prophecy regarding the Elections,’ it has caused some bewilderment. However, some people were already given such a prophecy many years ago. The prophesied election of Donald Trump is in relation to the need to oppose the Establishment and large Corporations. If some people see a division occurring, remember that you are now living in the predicted time of great tribulations called the Apocalypse.
Christine: In Time of Transition and Reunion, published on May 27, 2016, my ascended twin flame, André, stated:

André: Back on February 18 and 28, 2016, when Archangel Gabriel and Mother Mary first disclosed to you that it was Donald Trump who will be elected President, we gave you these prophecies and continued to inform you that he was still on track. He has now won the necessary delegates for this to become a reality and he is receiving a different kind of attention from the media. A battle has already been won in regards a certain dissemination of misrepresentation for a political agenda. Once the strings of control are totally severed the Leaders of the Nations will be freed to make changes to spread peace around the world. It will be freed from that captivity under the forces of darkness that sought to precipitate more and more chaos upon the surface of this globe to serve their own agenda. The Elections will play an important role in the changes that will, not only transfigure the American Continent, but the whole world, because it was the nefarious activities of the War Industries that caused the decline along the lines plotted for many decades by the Dark Forces.

Christine: In the video published on June 5, I explained that I had received a request from Saint Germain, as follows: I have received symbolic images that carry the meaning that the American Elections and Brexit in Britain are like the top of the iceberg of what is going on, and in one of them this dark force was a Dragon that will be wounded when Britain choses to leave the European Union. It needs to be slain in the sense that we have to overcome it, and perhaps that is what will happen as a great turmoil seems to be created in the process of the American Elections. A great awakening is however resulting from it. A great many people are changing their opinion as so many notions are coming out in the open. Saint Germain conveyed to me the idea that the individuals opposing and fighting the Establishment in the process of the American Elections are taking a hard beating. Certain Ascended Masters are closely connected with this struggle. So Saint Germain has asked me to make calls for those who are fighting a battle for Freedom and to see if a video with some prayers can be produced. He is the Hierarch of this New Age of Aquarius and of Freedom.
Christine: In ‘Broad Vision’, June 10, André, my Ascended Twin flame, a judgment is taking place behind the scene of the Elections and revealed that Donald Trump is a soul extension of the Master Saint Germain:
André: Greetings dear ones. We are still saying, as we have before since February 28, that despite enormous difficulties at the moment, Donald Trump is the candidate who will eventually be elected President of the United States as a result of the present Elections and nominations. There is an enormous ‘turn around’ of opinions as a result of light being cast upon the abominations and deceptions carried out by the Institutions, and there is increased awareness concerning the activities of the major Corporations which are acting as the hands of this shadow government upon the Astral plane. The Archons ruled in Atlantis and rose to power again in the 1980s. Everything they have done was allowed as their judgment has been, and will be, based upon their deeds. Those who were given a second chance could not have been judged before they had committed their crime. So this is the status. Donald Trump will be President by destiny. He is a soul extension of Saint Germain, who is an expert in creating wealth and has a momentum of Light that permits him to win any battle or confrontation with the Dark ones. Keep in mind that extensions, or incarnations of great beings such as Masters, Archangels and Star seeds, are still veiled and do not possess memory of who they are. I have permission to release this information at this time as we know there is no need to keep this a secret from the Lightworkers any more. Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age and is involved with the Project of Peace, Prosperity and recreation of civilization, which will propulse mankind, and this planet, in a golden age era. He was the one who shouted ‘Sign that document!’ when the Founding Fathers hesitated and were about to introduce the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. in 1776. He appeared and then disappeared in a room within locked doors and this miracle remained a mystery. The Constitution is not in effect any more. Many perversions have been introduced in politics, and Donald Trump has enough strength and abilities for this battle against the power that are keeping mankind captive. A lot has still to happen between now and November 2016. This broad vision of what has happened up to now will help you to keep faith.
You also have a shift in density to look forward to at the end of this year. We are shortly to enter a Time of Transition. As we have said it before, the time ahead is one of Disclosure and then of Transition, with healing and teachings, as well as contacts and great encounters of the inner and outer types. We will be able to meet when you have reached a higher level than the present one upon which you dwell. Ahead and beyond 2016 is a time of reconstruction, of enlightenment, of teaching, of the creation of new Gaia, a time of Great Disclosure to continue unveiling suppressed truths and discovering a new spiritual Science, a time of using new technologies. It’s a time when many will be busy with their sacred labors and a time of great discoveries in preparation for a destiny greater and more wonderful than you can yet imagine. It is one of Reunion of twin flames and of other relationships too, of Peace, and of growth, one of Great encounters and of supernatural experiences as you are all progressing upon the path of Ascension, and are discovering the wonders of your inner Selves. Everyone will be learning and working to prepare the collective and the population for that next quantum leap years later, when the human will have conquered illnesses and death and will be Galactic.
Christine: In the video ‘Broadcast Love’ of June 15, a message from the Master Jesus, I explained: We are having a revolution in spirit and consciousness. The liberation comes from the 7th Ray of Saint Germain, and the impulse of cosmic energies projected to Earth in this Age of Aquarius, the Hierarch of which is Saint Germain, who has been known for centuries as the Count of Saint Germain and has a reputation as the ‘man who never dies’. The Violet Transmuting Flame also is the energy of forgiveness that erases the records, their causes, cores and memory. Its liberating effects will also cause the restoration of the Rights relating to every human being in this time of Transition to a Quantum Leap to the Fifth Dimension in some years to come, in terms of changes to our physicality. The true Democracy of the founding fathers will be resurrected and America is still promised to function as an example to other nations when corruption is abolished and righteousness is resurrected in the land. Its truth and values have been desecrated because of the infiltration of dark powers in the government to its core, and therefore God has not ruled over men. ‘God over men’ is what government is supposed to be but has not been for many decades. A revolution is taking place but as people are trying to work out who to follow, who is telling the truth, there is a whirlpool of negative reactions as well as an attempt of control on the part of those forces that fear to lose control. However, you can recognize truth when you hear it, if you already know it because you have magnetized the Light of Christ consciousness. The Master Jesus explained that the group of souls which had not yet been anchored in the 5th dimension, as far as consciousness, perception, attitude, or spirituality, goes, would be fished in the net of the 5th dimension by the waves of the photonic light by the end of the year, and he asked our motto to be ‘Broadcast Love’.
Christine: In ‘From Liberation to New Gaia’ of July 2, 2016, my twin flame stated:
André: I will demonstrate to you what is happening. We are on the verge of an enormous amount of changes at a very speedy rate which will result with the promised disclosures, though some have already taken place and caused consternation. We, the Forces of the Light, who are opposing those of Darkness, have just had a great victory, as a majority of people in Britain have seen the Light, come to their senses, and rejected the side of the sinister ones, in the process of exercising their right to vote and of their own freewill, and have said ‘No’ to the European Union. These people who have voted ‘Out’ have been able to perceive the truth that the sinister forces have attempted to conceal behind the world dramas they fabricate. The dark forces counted on the peoples’ reduced spectrum of consciousness, but they had been awakened in the process of Ascension, and Campaigners had outlined the reasons and advantages to reject the European Union, especially as its leadership has never been elected. So a majority of people in Britain have taken their stand against an anti-democratic organization that is linked to the Obama administration as well as the neo—con policy makers governed by the Elite, the Cabal and its servants, the Bankers, who own 95% of the wealth of the world and yet obtained to be bailed out with the peoples’ tax monies some years ago. So you get the picture. It is scandalous. The present situation of the Solar System is that it is relentlessly moving within the Stargate towards its final destination, the Constellation of Sirius. It will take its place, as recently stated by Lord Sanat Kumara, as the 8th system that will orbit Sirius A. In the United States of America the battle that represents the other side of the same coin, so to speak, with the presidential Elections, also is one against the same Establishment that has one foot over the new continent and the other over Europe.
Christine: In ‘Renewed Prophecy and Hope’, published on July 21, André stated:
André: I would like to pass on a message of hope with regard to the Elections in America. The vote has been cast and Donald Trump has been elected as a nominee for the Republican Party, and what will follow from this is a nasty battle of wits and words coming from the opposition. As we have said it before, in prophetical messages that have been published in February and then May this year, it will be Donald Trump who will be elected President of the United States of America, and he was the only one who had enough strength for the coming confrontation that will bring deliverance as well as to oppose the Establishment. His appointment is part of a divine Plan to restore order upon earth and release mankind from its captivity to the dark forces.
Christine: On July 30, the World Mother declared ‘I come with the Ruby Ray’ stating:
World Mother: I come to intervene in the affairs of the world. I am coming to precipitate certain events in the arena of the world and its political scenes. The American people are about to overcome a great negative power that has held them in great suffering. There are great forces at work which will cause them to awaken to a new perception of Reality through the deliberations taking place for the Presidential Elections.
Christine: Then on August 1, Saint Germain confirmed that the World Mother is present to dissolve the core of darkness on the physical plane of the planet that originated from the Draco Constellation, and that contributed to the fall of the planet that existed between Mars and Jupiter that was destroyed and that was called Maldek. He revealed the fact he has more than one incarnation at the moment, and that one of these extensions of himself is indeed Donald Trump whose work it is to oppose the Establishment and lead Earth in to an era of transition and golden age, or the New Age of Aquarius of which he is the Hierarch.
Saint Germain has a deep connection with mankind and his plan including the release of prosperity funds will play a key role in the Age of Transition that will apparently start in a few months. He was with us as a Leader in the land of Egypt but at the time of a decline from the Golden Age of Lemuria. He said that Hillary Clinton is in the leading position of that conspiracy to cause a downfall of civilization.
May you all be kept safe and secure in the Ascended Masters’ Light, Christine

Archangels & Ascended Masters: A Synthesis of Presidential Elections Prophecies, September 29, 2016

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