Lord Michael, Captain Justinius, The battle Won & Coming Shifts, September 23, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: On October 10, 1994, the Master Saint Germain gave a dictation to the Messenger E. C. Prophet and said:
Saint Germain: Blessed hearts, the world is waiting for you! My beloved freedom fighters, I say to you: the whole world is waiting for you! It is so. It is waiting for you to tell the truth and liberate their souls.
Christine: Archangel Michael has given me the authority to make some comments concerning some information released in Lesson 32 of the ‘Keepers of the Flame Fraternity’ booklet, A Summit Publication published in 1999. It reveals, among other things, that the seeds of Sanat Kumara have been afflicted because the image of God in them, the Spirit within, or I Am Presence, has been marred. This injury is the reason that they were called ‘lost souls’ in the New Testament, and this affliction was in relation to losing their third eye vision, and right perception of Reality. It was the reason they went astray, that the golden age of Lemuria was lost, or that symbolically they were ousted out of paradise. Then the whole world was lowered into the third dimension, and after that the lightbearers were enslaved in a manner of speaking, as well as indoctrinated by dark overlords who continued their agenda of darkness and control.
Saint Germain said that with truth, the captives could be set free. This telling of the truth is related to the truths that have been suppressed, and disclosure about the fact that the financial system is designed to enslave mankind, to control it, and eventually destroy civilization by causing poverty and chaos. There are other aspects of disclosure that are necessary such as in regards mankind’s true history; spiritual notions, especially the esoteric ones, as well as the role the Earth plays in the Ascension; all questions in connection with this ascension; and the fact that mankind has been indoctrinated and kept in ignorance. It has been the victim of a conspiracy of control and its DNA was tampered with by the Atlanteans and Anunnaki as far back as 13,000 years ago. We have been deceived and lied to, and there also is the matter of the cover-up about the existence of technologies which are, or not, of non-terrestrial origin, which have been kept secret, which mankind has been deprived of, and which could solve the problems we have on Earth, such as those of the pollution of our elements affecting the environment, as well as vegetal, animal and human life globally.
However, we have cause to rejoice because Archangel Michael has informed me this morning that the great battle that has been waged for so long has been won by the Forces of the Light, and I will give you his message after a long story. To set this announcement in perspective and to do it justice, I need to explain that there used to be a place in cosmic space, which was the point of origin of all that is evil. It was a mass of energy and a vortex of darkness. It was death and hell. Then Alpha and Omega provided a dispensation that gave Lord Sanat Kumara the authorization of the Great Central Sun to encircle it and consume it in a conflagration of sacred fire. And this was done by Sanat Kumara who ignited this sacred fire when he was authorized to do so because some calls were made in the physical octave for a clearance of this vortex of evil. The six-winged seraphic angels have been standing guard with their own bodies around this conflagration that consumes the consciousness of evil. This sacred fires burned for some time and is continuing to draw into itself all unrealities, as well as all miscreations of the Matter world. It is where those beings who, for millions of years, opposed the Light of the Almighty, and who contaminated the Matter world, are sent. The process of the consuming of this vortex of evil represented a great hope for the lifestreams that emanated from the Great Central sun because evil could not have been removed from Earth while this vortex existed. The reason for this is that the cause of the existence of evil on earth was in that vortex in space. The evil on earth was but the effect of that evil which was its cause, therefore, the cause needed to be consumed first. If the effect had been eliminated the cause may have recreated the problem again and again. This was the original matrix of evil.
It was known that the laggards of Maldek who had reincarnated upon Earth, as well as the fallen ones, would one day fight to the death, and the lightbearers, were advised not to take sides, and not to be caught in the cross fire, but to keep the vigil with the power of the spoken word, the decrees and prayers.
Justinius, Captain of Seraphic bands, who works for Archangel Michael, stated through the Messenger that a certain containment of the Middle East would be necessary for the fulfillment of the divine plan, otherwise the prophecies of Nostradamus concerning a great darkness coming out of the East and moving in a fury across the European continent, would come true. Unfortunately it seems that the government was infiltrated by the dark ones and that some political manipulations were realized by them to destabilize many countries in the Middle East and stir up conflicts, for their war industries, instead of preventing wars there. We are in a timeline in which the European continent has seen a great darkness as a result of an influx of too many refugees. Many researchers are of the opinion that the dark overlords, the Establishment, have conspired to cause chaos in Europe and Justinius has stated that the cause is an ancient hatred of the laggards toward the lightbearers. He stated:
Justinius: Their deadly infighting is not native to earth but comes from other planets and evolutions, and Nephilim gods with their mechanization man who journeyed to this planet in their spacecraft aeons ago, even from distant galaxies. Beloved ones the records in this area of the Middle East are atrocious. They are soul-debasing. They are deathlike in their grip. They are vicious and they are bodthirsty. And the demons that are the carriers of the misqualified energy of the seed of the Wicked One absolutely require the power of the sacred fire and the full intensity of ring upon ring of light.
Christine: The ‘Nephilim gods’ is an expression for the fallen Reptilian species. And ‘mechanization man’ alludes to an artificial or robotized humanoid being, a technology which has been kept secret. Justinius also states that murderous hearts have come to roost in the Middle East and had no intention of ceasing their warfare until the last drop of human blood was spilled upon earth. He then explained that there were hordes of their legions of death upon the astral plane and that the warring factions of the physical plane were acting out their vendettas and murders of one another. They had destroyed the pristine purity of Lemuria as well as ancient golden ages on this and other planets of this solar system, and throughout the matter cosmos. So Justinius called for their judgment saying:
Justinius: I, Justinius, call for the judgment of the Nephilim and their laggard scientists and their mechanization man and also the Watchers who are their overlords.
Christine: The Watchers is also a term for Fallen Angels, thought it has been said before this is just a traditional term and they never were angels. Those Nephilim, meaning ‘fallen ones’ were of the Reptilian kind who caused destruction throughout this Galaxy. Please refer to the Video entitled ‘The Prophecy’ which is a dictation from Archangel Michael relating to our galactic history. I said earlier on that I have received good news and that it should be cause to rejoice. So here is what Archangel Michael has stated to me by thought transmission:
Lord Michael: I would like to inform you, dear Lightworkers, that the great battle between the forces of the Light and those of the Establishment of darkness upon the physical plane, to be precise, have culminated with a favourable outcome for us of the Light, as those forces of evil attempting to enslave mankind by causing the unfoldment of a plan, a program, devised a long time ago, after World War II, and in the 70s, these forces of the terrestrial illuminati have been defeated, but the battle of the American presidential elections will continue for a lawful election of a president who will restore prosperity to the country and establish peaceful relations with other nations, as well as find solutions for the problems related to the extremist ideologies and violence that are affecting all living beings, and are the cause of such a great loss of lives. Terrorism is an invention of those fallen ones and laggards which my Captain of Seraphic bands has mentioned.
We will be moving into the next phase of the Ascension towards the end of this month. The shift related to density will be a time when you may expect surprises. It will be a gradual process and not an overnight change. But this time, instead of being dependent upon your spiritual attainment, from an individual point of view, this shift is one that will occur because the whole Earth, the planet, will be raised upon the ladder of the dimensions. You are drawing nearer, or closer to us, as you are departing, or leaving behind, the third dimension to which you were artificially tied though a matrix of deceit, lies and indoctrination. A separation of realities is taking place. The Earth will progress with the souls of light which will remain upon her surface. Up to recently a dark cloud still hanged over mankind’s future but we have corrected the path, or trajectory, of the bringer of doom of the red Kachina prophecy, as well as that of the Fatima one. You know from a previous message that you are now in the clear. No celestial object will hit Earth. The object will however become visible and will seem to be heading for this planet at the end of this year. Do not fear then as it will pass in relative proximity of Earth but will not cause any damage. Discernment is necessary in the mechanics of the ‘Race for the Elections’ and a stripping of the veils of illusion has been at work which exposes the cover-ups. The astrological portents have made it impossible for the dark ones to perpetrate their agenda of deception and control for power. What has been taking place is an Armageddon of the psyche, and with the solar system in the Stargate and photon light, as well as the use of technology, so this light would not be too strong, great progression has been accomplished for the Ascension of mankind. Christ consciousness has appeared as that celestial counterpart of yourself, which remained in heaven while you descended into the third dimension, has drawn closer to you. You have been shedding density and you will be moving into conditions in which the Divine Laws operate differently than in the third dimension. For instance, your dreams, your visualizations, your calls for healing, your white magic, will precipitate faster. This will increase gradually and in the measure of your spiritual development. The bottom part of the symbolic pyramid of mankind, which is separated from the main body of this pyramid – which represents the mystical body of God – will drop out. Earth will not tolerate the dark ones any more. She will shake them off. A long period of Transition will follow the shift to 4th density. It will open the way for disclosure and teachings will be received, both telepathically, as well as in the spoken word, and many prodigious contacts will occur. Focus will increasingly be placed upon spirituality, the connection with your higher Self, as well as your I Am Presence, in preparation for the shift to the 5th dimension in physicality. It will be under the tutelage of the Ascended Masters, the Archangels, and your Galactic family. The creation of a galactic-like civilization will take place and it will be the fulfillment of Saint Germain’s dream of a golden age. Changes will take place as your create the fifth kingdom and become physical angels. The fourth kingdom is that of the human, the third that of the animals, and so on. It is the promised recovery of the state in which the Lemurians existed. Before the fall from paradise there existed no illness and no death. Let this be food for thought. I have come today with a vision of hope and happiness, and I am the Archangel of Peace who protects you.

Lord Michael, Captain Justinius, The battle Won & Coming Shifts, September 23, 2016

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