Saint Germain, Initiate a Last Thrust, October 12, 2016

by Christine Preston

Saint Germain: This is Saint Germain. I see that you are faithfully following the routine, Christine, before receiving a transmission. It is the routine that permits to channel a message without any risk of interference. It consists in calling for the Solar Ring and Tube of Light and you may add up a number of requests such as to Archangel Michael to cut the Lightbearers and all mankind free from the false perceptions which they are captives to, due to indoctrination and the controlled media’s narratives, as the latter are often a political propaganda from the Establishment forces. I would like to ask you, all lightbearers, to give Destiny a last push, or initiate a last thrust in the battle of the Elections, by calling and praying for Donald Trump’s safety and, as you have said it in one of your own prayers, Christine, to have some veils cut off from him by Archangel Michael, so he can be in greater alignment with his Higher Self. That is me, as he is connected with me by way of being an extension, or incarnation, of myself, but there are veils between us, so I am not able to influence him to the extent that I would like. Could you pray, or call, as you can create the reality you desire by giving authority to the forces of Heaven to intervene in the affairs of the world. Could you, therefore, pray, dear ones, who are collaborating with the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Beings and the Spiritual Hierarchy, so that he is freed from the captivity, as we call it, of the humanness that consists in being separate from that celestial counterpart in heaven that represents your own reality. You may also call for him to be empowered with the enlightenment that Archangel Uriel can bring to him after having received the freeing action of Archangel Michael’s sword of blue flame. He will not go against his own freewill, and your prayers will build up a great momentum. We will compel him to react in the best way possible to the questions and attacks he will be receiving during his next debate. He will feel compelled to react and speak the words that we will impress upon him or his mind. There is an analogy in this with channeling. We will be overlighting, or overshadowing, him as much as possible. At present the situation is excellent in regards the real polls. There is no reason to worry about, or have doubts about, his Victory. The Prophecy is going to be fulfilled because the time has arrived for the Earth to be freed from the forces of darkness and especially from the tyrannic financial system that they have programmed in such a way that it is doomed to collapse. As you know I have put an alternative system in place to replace this weapon of enslavement. The economies of the nations are in tatters. The Elite and Establishment have put in place a policy or Agenda, a long time ago, to create a scenario of apocalypse, or ‘end of the world’ for mankind. But we, in the higher realms, have implemented many means of resistance and opposition to their plans. They are now attempting to manifest one of those scenarios by stirring up in people, who are not yet awakened, the belief that Russia is an enemy nation. It is as if they are attempting to resurrect one buried in the sands of time, and it is so odd that the audiences of certain statements coming from Obama himself, or his secretary of State, appear to belong to the era of the Cold war, or that of the Soviet Union, or of the time when an invasion of Communist forces was feared for Europe. Apart from some contemporary politics, it had resulted from a misinterpretation of prophecies concerning Europe. It was rooted in one of Nostradamus’ prophecies which was interpreted as an invasion of Communist forces. The invasion of Europe has now taken place, indeed, but in the form of an influx of refugees that is having a destructive effect upon European countries, especially France, Germany and Belgium. This chaotic influx is affecting the economic situation in European countries as they are barely able to cope with the refugees seeking sanctuary from the wars in Syria and North Africa. These wars have been the result of a bad management indeed, in the political affairs, but more than this, as these wars have not just been the result of the belligerence of people in these nations, or as a result of their character, or their origin, as Captain Justinius explained many years ago through the messenger E. C. Prophet. These wars have been part of an agenda of the dark forces that have infiltrated the US government and led those who were not part of them in that government to follow misleading policies and because of their lack of vision, of fault in perception, because they had not yet awakened, and could be influenced, these were led to go along and support criminal policies driven from the concept that one must make war against this or that enemy. It was with an ultimate agenda of creating wealth for themselves out of a War Industry, as well as an ancient goal to sabotage the Plan of Ascension by creating chaos and the opposite of righteousness. That is corruption and an inversion of life that lowers it into lower dimensions, as well as eclipses the Christ consciousness that the Master Jesus came to the world to reveal. However, such revelations cannot be told in such terms to the masses that the followers of the original Constitution of 1776 want to convert to their way of perception so that they will vote for Donald Trump. No one is perfect, but this ‘son’ of mine is the one who is best placed to fight that battle against the forces that hold the White House, as well as the governance of the United States of America under their thumb. So a battle is going on to take the power away from this Establishment. It is one that originates in beings that invaded Earth many hundreds of thousands of years ago. The Solar System was in the hands of the Spiritual Hierarchy after we had regained control of it before that. The dark forces then infiltrated the physical plane as well as the astral one. The souls of Maldek were allowed to incarnate and they worked their way in position of authority, as well as misused the power they genetically inherited from their fathers. The latter, the sons of God, had descended from the higher realms to upgrade the DNA of what would be a progeny of their incarnation in the hope these laggards could learn, be given a second chance of evolution upon the path of righteousness. But all hell broke loose after some time as recorded in the mysterious reference of Genesis 6, which has been tampered with, but which tells you that the Reptilian Nephilim were around in those days when the Sons of God of the Higher realms descended and, together with the Atlanteans, engendered a progeny with a gigantic potential to progress upon the path of Light, but instead chose to misuse this power. This progeny created the Atlantean civilization by breaking away from the Lemurian motherland, and disregarded the teachings of the Mystery Schools that were created to avoid this turn of events. They also were influenced by the Reptilian species. They had designs of conquest as stated by Plato, and without realizing it, recreated the evil civilization of Maldek which had been the origin of their soul. They grew in evil ways and created corruption, as well as the downfall of civilization and it ended in the cataclysms that submerged their land. The civilization had spread its influence abroad in much the same way as the American one has had a global impact upon the world, including its political interventions in the affairs of other nations. By destiny America benefitted from more awakening and should have prevented conflicts abroad, especially in places such as Iraq and Syria, but because of the infiltration in government carried out by the dark forces, the illuminati, etc., and their globalist agenda that is anti-Christ, and anti-Light, interventions abroad have fueled more conflicts instead of imposing calm and having a pacifying effect. Some conspiracies have instigated a movement towards extremist views abroad. It is an enemy called an ideology that has awakened the dragon of terrorism. However, it is something that can be resolved as there are solutions available in the Violet Flame and the Sacred Fire that is irradiated from the Great Central Sun, as well as my Heart. So have no fears, beloved ones of my Sacred heart, as I am Saint Germain, the well-known Sanctus Germanus, and I will bring to you and the nations, even the whole world, the solutions required for progress during the coming time of Transition upon the path of Ascension which is one to the fifth dimension, or one to the shift to 5th density which will take place some considerable time after that to 4th density. Planet Earth is shifting to a higher position upon the measurement of these layers of the higher dimensions. At the same time, the darkness and violence that is presently roaming in the world, but that is of the mentality and duality of the third dimension, will not pass! So rest assured that the Plan of Ascension is unfolding well, and that the Divine Will is being fulfilled. You are approaching the end of a long battle and turmoil, as this opposition to the Establishment which is to the forces of darkness, has been an Armageddon of the psyche. It was necessary to free the lightbearers from the sleep they were being held into. The method that was used was an indoctrination brought about by decades of suppression of truths. So it is a time for the awakening and one for disclosure. Archangel Michael cuts you free from this entanglement in your perceptions which has had an impact of a psychological nature. This is why it is called an Armageddon of the psyche. Many analysts realize a battle is taking place and it is to do with the narratives of your media. The people are influenced by 3D narratives that indoctrinate the masses to believe what the dark ones want them to accept. This is so until they awaken as a result of some amount of Christ consciousness being born within them, or their psyche. With the perception of the 3rd eye brought to you by Mighty Elohim Cyclopea and the Emerald Ray, your vision is being enlarged. With this higher consciousness your perception is of the 5th dimension, and many of you are dwellers of that dimension in consciousness, but many souls are still awakening and are being captured in the nets of enlightenment of these great ‘fishers of man’ that the Ascended Masters, Archangels, and you lightworkers, are. Change is coming. It is a new dawn, one of an Age of which I, Saint Germain, is the Hierarch. The new age of Aquarius is my domain. I am leading it in more ways than one. With this play of words I bid you farewell, beloved ones, with gratitude for your attention. Aurevoir! And I am saying this with joy!
Christine: Thank you Saint Germain! This telepathy and thought transmission is so strange. In a sense it is strange to have words appearing in my mind like that! I never cease to marvel about that. Thank you for this information. Christine.

Saint Germain, Initiate a Last Thrust, October 12, 2016

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