With Ascended Twin Flame, Meditation for the Shift, September 16, 2017

by Christine Preston

Christine: Hi lightworkers! Let’s do a meditation with a visualization for the Tube of Light and attunement with our Monadic Presence to raise our vibrations and prepare for the coming shift to 4th density, as well as our perpetual progress upon the ladder of consciousness on the path of Ascension, to eventually be raised up to the 5th dimension. This Call will include images and descriptions which will serve as visualizations. I make these calls in the morning and evening and often they result with telepathic communications. Andre is the inspiration for this meditation, by telepathic communication as usual:
Andre: O my Mighty I Am Presence, I am raising my mind to you again to ask you to place your magnificent Tube of Light in and around me today. Let the divine dual polarity of your great God Self transform any negativity in myself into the positive polarity of your presence. In the I Am Name and by the power of the threefold flame anchored within my heart, keep this wonderful shower of your divine energies and light flowing through me eternally and keep it intact through every passing moment. Keep this pillar of divinely charged energies impenetrable. Reinforce it so nothing that is of human mortal consciousness or of psychotronic origin can ever penetrate it. Let the mercy of its divinely charged energies so purify my world that all whom I contact shall be blessed with the victory of Light and the peace of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. I therefore also call for the Solar Ring and I draw this solar ring as a fiery circle of white light all around me, as well as my loved ones and ask it may be placed around the lightbearers of the world whom the angels of the First Ray will find eligible for this responsibility. And so the solar ring that I visualize around myself becomes a platform for the Seraphim and Angels of the First Ray to build the tube of Light, and maintain it with the Blue Ray under the guidance of the Prince of the Archangels, Archangel Michael, who protects us within his blue flame and his sword of blue. Beloved I Am Presence, I Am your Presence in action in me now. I Am the Light. When I say I Am, it means ‘God in me’. So I Am your Resurrection and your Life descending within my being and taking action in me now. I Am, I Am, I Am shedding the density of the third dimension and its duality in my perceptions, my psychology, and my mentality. I Am, I Am, I Am God in action in me now through Archangel Michael of the Sun behind the sun coming into action within me now, using his sword of blue flame to heal me now and he delivers me from the shackles of my creations through the law of Action and Reaction, if any. He cuts me free with his sword of blue flame from anything less than Christ consciousness and the consciousness of God in me does raise me to the Christ I see, descending now in the violet flame of Saint Germain and of the Great Central Sun. So, within this Tube of Light I now see an upsurge of the Violet Transmuting Forgiving Flame that will bring solution to all of my problems and as the Violet flame becomes active within me now I Am a being of Violet fire and I am the purity that God desires. I also see the divine polarity of Alpha and Omega descending along the pillars of my Tube of Light. I Am, I Am, I Am in the divine polarity of my great God Self descending in the wholeness and presence of my Twin flame. May the Solar Ring and twin polarities be a magnet that ties me to Christ consciousness and for a blessing and a shimmering shower of light descending upon the mystical body of God on earth, so that all I contact will be blessed by the peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ. Saint Germain blaze your Violet purifying Flame within me now and within the tube of Light built upon the platform of the solar ring that I have drawn. Sweep it through my very core. I see it expanding and intensifying more and more. I see the threefold flame within my heart chakra being magnified. Its blue, pink and gold plumes are entwined in the pure radiance of the Light of my I Am Presence. In the name I am that I am, may the healing and prosperity of my treasures in heaven that are stored in the rings, or globes, of my Causa Body, be released to me when it is by divine Will for this to take place, and may this healing and supply be released in my hands be released to me from the ring of my Causal Body relating to the Emerald Ray. I therefore affirm that I Am, God in me, is the Resurrection and the Life becoming manifest in my life today to change my DNA and to permit the restitution of my memory of who I am, to permit me to regain full consciousness, according to the divine Plan. I Am, I Am, I Am the Resurrection and the Life of my four lower bodies. I Am divine consciousness in action in me now, resurrecting from the mentality of mortality. This which I call forth for myself, I also call for my family and loved ones, for all lightworkers and lightbearers who form part of the mystical body of God on Earth. The planet is giving birth to Christ consciousness and this is the second coming, and the great battle of the Armageddon of the psyche is still being waged but the evil of the world is being transcended. I Am, I Am, I Am the manifestation of prosperity upon Earth which is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof. By the power of the name of God I Am, God in me, I Am the Restoration of Peace in the world and the manifestation of the golden age of Saint Germain, which I call forth by being a magnet of the Great Central Sun, and I call for an intercession from the higher octaves, from the World Mother, as well as the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, and all Christed beings, for the great Archangels to be granted angelic armies from the higher realms to fulfill the divine Plan and deliver us from the anarchy of the sinister force that are still attempting to sabotage the awakening and impede our progress upon the path of Ascension. I call for mankind’s protection by the power of Archangel Michael’s, Mighty Astrea’s and Elohim Hercules’ swords and circles of blue flame. I Am Mighty Victory in action in me now declaring and ensuring that Earth is ascending now and nothing will prevent it, not the interference of those negative entities, which are being removed and taken right now. I invoke the presence of Jesus Christ and in the name of God, I Am that I Am, Sanat Kumara, the forces of the Light that are manifesting God’s Will are given a great might for the fulfillment of the prophecies, according to God’s Will, and for the deliverance of mankind from its captivity, its enslavement, by the systems of the sinister force and their counterfeit hierarchy of darkness that has indoctrinated and deceived the people of the world. I Am the Light being made manifest upon Earth by the Will and Power of the forces of the Blue Eagle of Sirius and the World Mother, and I faithfully accept this manifest, manifest, manifest, right here and now, in full power and knowledge that this is good and it will be done in God’s Way, and will be done to stay, for the manifestation of the kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the creation of the fifth Kingdom of the physical angels, having shed the density and duality of the third dimension. And this visualization will be all powerfully active, world enfolding, eternally sustained, until all are freed in the Light that never, never, fails.

With Ascended Twin Flame, Meditation for the Shift, September 16, 2017

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