Ascended Twin Flame André, The Path of Love, October 18, 2016

Christine: When announcing what message he would give me and what it would be about, my Ascended twin flame André communicated to me the following:
André: I can tell you that it will be about everyone’s path of discovery of the Self and for those who resonate with that path. It will be about the pittfalls on that path and how the negative entities have taken advantage of the lightbearers’ vulnerabilities, as well as plotted to create situations to bring their paths to a standstill, or to disaster. It will be about the idea that the Beings of Love and of Light sent to Earth extensions of themselves, called incarnations, or Star seeds, in the human veils of the third dimension.
Christine: André decided to continue and give me the entire message there and then.
André: Some among you, dear Lightworkers, were born decades ago when the collective was much less awakened than today, and much less alerted to the truths that have been suppressed. The members of the Elite were having their day and on the Astral plane there were entities with a dark nature and an Armageddon of the psyche was going on, as the Astral plane and the Lower Astral plane were being raided by angelic forces, but the Sinister force upon these lower regions had agents which were reaching out to influence the lives of the lightbearers and lightworkers to cause disasters in those lives. Relationships were broken, money and property were lost, and people were influenced in their ideologies, as well as their emotions, so everything started falling apart, and those satanic forces had an earth-shattering goal of destruction for those workers of the Light, even if the latter were not aware of their spiritual nature. The angels shielded these souls and prevented actual intrusion from these negative forces into their aura, and they mended the situations as they could as it is not permitted to them to go against human freewill. The dark forces however created havoc in relationships that were unequally yoked, such as for instance, a karmic relationship between a lightbearer and a person of a third dimensional materialistic mentality more susceptible to the dark influence, seeking self-gratification rather than the fulfilment of a romantic dream .
The Path of Love, or of a sacred romantic relationship, relates to an ageless search life after life for the reunion of Twin Flames which is not always possible physically as in some cases one half is in incarnation and the other half, the twin Flame, stands upon the shores of that life beyond the waters that separate life from death. It is sometime planned that way so that the ascended twin flame pulls up the other one upon the path of Ascension. One descends to carry out a mission and the other remains up in heaven, or in the higher dimensions, in an etheric form, to ensure the return of the loved on and to ensure victory is gained in the tasks appointed. In some case the twin flame can overlight a soul mate in a relationship such as a marital situation. The Twin Flame can also override a partner of work through this person as a surrogate in the relationship that should be a sacred union. However, due to the human nature’s pittfalls, and its imperfections, or a lack of virtues, many terrestrial relationships end up in battles, and divorce, and cause a devastation for the children who suffer as a result. The problem is that in many marriages, or simply untied relationships, the partners can hold different views. Some partners may possess a different level of perception related to the level of their awakening. Their aspirations may be more materialistic because they have not yet been freed from the bondages of materialism, and this is all related to the general indoctrination that mankind has received from the powers controlling the world and suppressing truths in order to do so. So beware, it is preferable to be in a relationship in which both partners hold and live by higher values. Destiny and karma, of course, play their part in the encounters. You grow up and look for love. This is natural. It is not because you are simply seeking sexual gratification. There are many forces involved here and there are a number of hidden truths concerning the force that is called ‘sexual’. It relates to the rise of kundalini as well, and mankind has been indoctrinated into a Science that is keeping quite a lot of secrets about that force. In the past it has been misused. Understand that in physicality the reunion of souls is played out through a relationship which is expressed in a physical manner, but energies are involved in the sexual act that have an importance and are part of a blending in spirit that will be understood in a future time. That time is not too distant!
I have mentioned this at this time to explain that there are forces involved that push individuals into a search and behavior sometime, because they are looking for something they don’t understand. There are individuals who consider themselves liberated and are not restricting themselves to the rules and one day they find the right partner and change their attitude to what some of you might regard as more in line with chastity, then they dedicate their lives to the well-being of their family, and that is because they have found what they wanted and what their higher Self wanted them to find. Often when an individual is seeking for his or her other half, the one who was created like a twin within the same whole at the time their higher Selves created this being with a mother-father polarity, these individuals go through a number of relationships and they end because they were placed on their path to repay karma. It may be by design or because at one time this soul has descended from a symbolic mountain and returning to that original state of consciousness involves difficulties. It usually is after you have given all of your energies to the search for Christ consciousness, or an ideal that the partner of the marriage made in heaven appears. You are an initiate and at one point in your life, you place your feet upon the path of Ascension and teachers appear. You are enfolded within a magnetic field so that the things going on in the third dimension can’t have much effect upon you. In that position you can form an opinion about the political events of this world, but you do it with kindness and knowledge, using the heart.
God is Mother and Father. All beings have a dual polarity corresponding to this image. Electricity also does. And so ancient beings such as the Archangels are dual in polarity or androgynous in a high level of expression. The Mother and Father aspects in them are divine complements. They do not switch over just as the Mother of the Universe remains the Mother for ever, and the Father remains Father. Twin flames don’t have a gender but have consolidated in a polarity that is expressed in physicality. They are the components of a being, or soul, created in the image of the Divine Mother and Father, as their higher selves also were. Twin flames were created in the Great Central Sun and were sent out to this Galaxy. Then later, they incarnated into etheric vehicles corresponding to their polarities where they experienced physicality. In the beginning, far back in time, this was for the experience of a beautiful existence incorporating an expression of love in their reunion in these vehicles. But, as you know, there was interference, galactic battles and the Fall into the third dimension was experienced. However, millions of years later, we find ourselves about to fulfill the ancient Prophecy of restoring physicality as it was intended to be, and that is upon the Path of Love and upon a higher dimension. What has been experienced in the 3rd dimension was never intended to be. You will be restored, dear friends, to that state of happiness with the creation of the golden age of Saint Germain, although that will just be the beginning of this restoration. All that was never intended to be, all of these timelines, will be erased. There will be victory and life will be once again joyful! Namaste everyone!

Ascended Twin Flame André, The Path of Love, October 18, 2016

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