Ascended Twin Flame André for Archangel Michael, Post-Election Victory Celestial Communication, November 10, 2016

by Christine Preston

Christine: It is quite a wonderful shock to one’s system to see that a prophecy channeled for many months has actually come true, or been fulfilled. This one was a whopping contention to maintain in the face of adversity, though I believed in it and had Archeia Faith at my side with the increasing hold she has in me, as well as my Ascended Twin Flame, and Archangel Michael giving me updates, and reaffirming that it was still standing throughout the months. But this was part of my inner world and I checked in case it represented an incongruity with what was going on in the external world as its media, with few exceptions, drew a different perspective. I realized the cause for this discrepancy was that the political propaganda influenced the narratives. During the early hours of November 9 [I live in Britain] I woke up a few times and at about 5 and also 6 am, Archangel Michael told me that the deal was done as Donald Trump had the votes he needed to be elected President. But at the time, and when I finally checked the reports using my Tablet, the final count was not yet known. It was at 244. I was a bit puzzled but realized later that the Archangels already knew the final count at the moment that everyone had voted. They also had been able to look at the future on the timeline. And furthermore, as will be explained by my Ascended twin flame, in the presence of Archeia Faith, Archangel Michael’s divine complement, these events are the results of a lot of work on the part of the Forces of the Light, as well as plans and dispensations for a great awakening and liberation on a path of Ascension. So André’s message is as follows:

André: Dear ones, dear lightbearers and lightworkers who have the threefold flame connection with your Divine Self, and only the dark ones don’t have it. Donald Trump is now the President Elect and it is important to remember that we have on our side some great masters such as Lord Sanat Kumara, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha and Saint Germain, as well as a multitude of Angelic Forces and Galactic beings, who are providing assistance to mankind and this beautiful planet called Earth, so it can gain the same status as the stars and worlds in the vast region of space that are now at peace because a great many battles have been fought in the past decades against the vortex of darkness that invaded our galaxy as well as our solar system. So there is but Earth and its inhabitants representing a problem in this galaxy at the moment and it was so just before the presidential elections took place. The world is presently in a state of shock because of the way the opposition has been proliferating deception. It was unrestrained. Not many, except the astute ones, who had noticed the difference in the levels of attendance at rallies, expected the final result but a great majority had faith that victory would be obtained. We will continue monitoring the reactions and inform you of developments in the future as we have for last year.

We have to be grateful to the Forces of the Light as they have been conducting operations of a liberating nature upon mankind and in the Armageddon of the psyche. By this I mean they have been working on mankind at soul level for many thousands of years, but particularly during the last 300 years or so, since Cromwell in Britain, as well as the Puritan and liberation movements which brought the settlers of the new Continent to the point of creating their Constitution in 1776. This was to give power to the people and so that the forces of darkness working through their rulers in embodiment, the monarchy or subsequent overlords, and eventually the Elite’s establishment, would one day be unable to pull the strings of control, and the golden age of Saint Germain could be created. The method of liberation has been fair and square, through laws, and the system of Election, so that the Collective, the people, elected a Leader by freewill. So that this could happen it was necessary for the angelic forces to cut souls free from the shackles of their own creation and instruct them for decades how to call for the Violet Flame and balance karma, and also to call for interventions from the higher realms. All souls were indoctrinated in the past by the systems, from Tradition and Religious education to Political propaganda and now by the use of the media. So for hundreds of years Heaven has been working on the elevation of consciousness in mankind as well as changing timelines by introducing liberating concepts and obtaining the lightworkers’ collaboration during the last decades, especially by using the system of communication that you now call ‘channeling’. Archangel Michael has cut souls free. Karma has been balanced. Souls have ascended as never before after death, in the sense of having been restored to the level of consciousness that we call ‘Ascended’. This is however an age of Ascension in which mankind’s vibratory frequencies are being raised and both the planet and its inhabitants are being lifted up in spirituality, as well as in consciousness, to higher levels upon the ladder of the dimensions, and the objective is an Ascension in physicality. It truly is an ascent you have been experiencing due to the action of the Light that you have been absorbing, and that has been changing you. Where it is most visible is in what we call your Perception of Reality, or how you understand what is going on. You have been enlightened and in short, it is to do with Vision, the 3rd Eye chakra, and Wisdom. It is the opposite of the ignorance that was the result of indoctrination or of all the tools that the dark forces have been using against you. The battle that has been going on for hundreds of years had the objective of freeing mankind from its bondage to the forces of darkness so this planet could be one of Light. Slavery has been a subtle one and those dark ones that your brothers of Christian denomination call Satan, were clever intellectually. In previous videos Mother Mary and Saint Germain have explained why these laggards were so. They had millions more years of experience in the material world. They are devious and manipulators of minds. They only were laggards from the point of view of their spiritual evolution. The true mankind is by comparison more naïve and of good will. Intellectual battles are difficult to them. If you ever thought you had freedom it was an illusion as you were invaded, but the dark forces, the adversary, was very crafty and kept you in ignorance. They would not have taken you over as in the scenario of the movie ‘Independence Day’. No, the Sinister Force did it without your knowledge and made sure that your DNA was tampered with 13,000 years ago so you would not be able to communicate with your higher Selves, nor remember who you really are. These fallen ones reached out from the lower Astral plane to cause corruption and disasters upon the physical plane, and they worked through their agents in embodiment on their agenda of conquest. They kept their technology secret. They made sure mankind remained ignorant. They prevented civilization to progress or your scientific discoveries to be used to make your life easier, and enslaved you through the financial system. The story has been told before and many details provided. Please refer to previous videos on the Playlist. There are more than 90 through this messenger of the Great White Brotherhood.

To return to the point I would like to make, the Victory that the Election of Donald Trump represents is due to his speeches, of course, as well as all his team’s work, but also to the progress achieved in terms of mankind’s perceptions, or vision, or the level of consciousness it has been risen to, because this is what permitted them to recognize they should vote for him. A great many souls have been raised by the effects of two particular waves of incoming energies and photonic light, as the Solar System is crossing a nebulous cloud that we have previously drawn your attention to. It’s been called the Photon Belt and NASA has published photos, as well as illustrations of this phenomenon. When the great beings of Light formed a Plan millions of years ago, and thousands of years ago, the presence of the Solar System in this luminous cloud at our time in galactic history, was viewed as a strategic advantage.
Following the last wave of Ascension we informed you we would be working on those souls that were still in the lower consciousness of the 3rd dimension, and the shift to 4th density was discussed, let’s not forget this is still in progress. The elections have been a catalyst to bring up to the surface of the conscious mind of people a multitude of aspects and issues that feel like bolts from the blue. They now realize that the narratives the media fed them were from sources that were out of touch with reality. It’s a shockwave and you can ask for more bolts of blue lightning and the action of the circles and swords of blue flame from Archangel Michael. We said those souls dwelling in the lower consciousness of the third dimension and duality were due to be caught in the net of higher consciousness towards the end of this year, and something quite remarkable has taken place as the disbelief over the Election of Donald Trump is forcing journalism to re-examine itself. The Cosmic Christ is likened to a great Fisherman casting out his net and the fishes that he is catching from the seas are the souls in all of the nations, these lost sheep of scripture. The souls needing liberation are those people in the grip of indoctrination or influence of the political propaganda that has been disseminated for the agenda of the dark forces. These people have adopted a criticism without hearing what academics call ‘primary sources’. The way in which the Forces of the Light have been operating has been in relation to the psyche and consciousness. An Awakening was essential so that a majority of souls, in this nation of America, cast a vote in favor of the one who has never been part of the Overlords of darkness. He was, in fact, placed in the position of being able to oppose the Establishment for a mission of liberation.
The financial system devised as a method of slavery by the Establishment goes back to the Babylonian days of scripture. The dark forces were able to bring about conditions of poverty and chaos upon all nations. This could not be avoided because of the law of Non Interference especially due to mankind’s karmic status. However, changes were made and dispensations were provided. And now there is a window of opportunity for freedom from this state of slavery to be obtained by Prosperity. America can be great again, indeed, as it can be an example to other nations as was intended. It was infiltrated at governmental level but the founding fathers had been inspired by the Great White Brotherhood, the spiritual hierarchy of the Solar System, and America was the project dear to Saint Germain’s heart. This project will lead to Peace in the world. The end that is written in the Book of Revelation is the end of evil, of corruption, and of a darkness imposed upon Earth by the overlords that have been judged. Lord Jesus Christ has proclaimed that these fallen ones, who have deceived a world to carry out their agenda of conquest, and have prevented the souls of Light to give birth to Christ consciousness for their ascension, will receive their Judgment. There are now many Ascended Masters, Archangels and Galactic beings in incarnation. They have come into embodiment without karma in order to hold a balance against darkness and to carry out missions of enlightenment or awakening. They also have their mentors. We are only just entering a period of Disclosure and of Transition which will lead to Contacts with your galactic family and the higher realms by telepathic communication as well as external encounters. More awakening will take place and the work is only just beginning. It is a labour of reconstruction, first to alleviate personal misery and then provide better conditions of existence. As prosperity is achieved there will occur a trickling down of benefits into all departments of life, even the animal kingdom and all of nature. Mother Earth is ascending and at the horizon of this timeline is a civilization of Light ascended to a higher level of existence, being represented at the Round Table of the Galactic Federation of Light in service for the manifestation of the Will of God. So let’s rejoice and may you be kept safe and secure in the light that never fails and the protection of Archangel Michael and his legions of Light who are with you Always. Namaste, André.

Ascended Twin Flame André for Archangel Michael, Post-Election Victory Celestial Communication, November 10, 2016

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