Lazarus 5, Master Hilarion’s intervention, November 21, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: I continue with the story of a battle against death which has been waged by a friend of mine for her father in hospital, which has been told in the videos Lazarus 1 to 4 so far, also published by Matt Muckleroy. My friend’s father collapsed in town in June 2016 because his doctor stopped the medication he had been prescribed for diabetes over a period of 40 years. His heart was good but some of his ribs were broken because someone did CPR on him in the wrong way. As told in the first Lazarus video I received prophecies about the situation. Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael stated that he would live, but my friend had to use a Lawyer in order to prevent the hospital and its health board to remove the breathing machine, as well as, as they say, help him to die, by starving him and giving him morphine. The hospital admitted there was an improvement in his condition and that he was in an early stage of regaining consciousness. My friend texted me the information that I am using for this story.

On September 20, 2016, my friend reported that her father’s readings were good and that his condition was stable. However, later, she texted she had an upsetting meeting with the doctors at the hospital. They had claimed her father was still dying and had a chest and urine infection and that they didn’t want to give him any drugs like antibiotics. They also mentioned they could give him diamorphine to help him pass easier and that she should keep a check on her phone for bad news. Archangel Michael had been adamant from the start that her father didn’t have any brain damage. So I made some calls and a feeling of scepticism came upon me. Then my ascended twin flame André informed me the doctors were trying to manipulate her. Archangel Michael and later, the Master Hilarion, came to me during the night, and on September 21, I texted:

Christine: ‘You won’t believe this! In the middle of the night Archangel Michael told me this and André repeated it to me in the morning: the Master Hilarion, who specialises in healing like Archangel Raphael and Mother Mary, went to your father and has reported to me that there is no urine infection and there wasn’t any in the first place.’

What is meant by this is that an infection anywhere in the body can be detected by a urine test, and the doctors had implied my friend’s father had a chest infection. The angels, as my friend calls them, had used my calls to intervene and said the consultant had lied. This may seem unbelievable but was proven later. My voices also said the patient needed a bit longer in coma to recover. My friend replied:

Friend: I will try and find out about the urinary infection. You are right about the doctors, they have lied to us in the past. Our solicitor says the hospital consultant is still trying to get us to give up.

Christine: Later my friend texted:

Friend: I am with my father now and the Angels are correct! There is no urinary infection. I asked the nurse this afternoon and she said that the tests taken proved there was no urinary infection. His readings are good today. He has opened his eyes quite widely but isn’t always able to focus. I am wondering if it depends how tired he is. Hopefully he will be able to focus better as time goes by. Malicious is an appropriate word for the way the doctor has been acting. It was very kind of the angels and Ascended Masters to visit my father last night. Thank you for your prayers. They are certainly helping with my father’s recovery!

Christine: During the following days my friend experienced a lot of problems. A car hit her van on a bridge and she could have been killed. Her husky dog escaped from her brother’s property, but was found and kept in a shelter for a few days as she could not collect him due to having a flat tyre. But on September 23 she had written that her father was really good and that she and her brother were starting to film him on the following Monday, as her lawyer had requested.
We were texting each other as the lawyer had asked for a list of responses to use at an initial Court hearing. On September 28 my friend received a phone call from the hospital and rushed there as they said her father was not well. However, when she got there she found the only problem was that his heart rate and blood pressure were slightly low. He was quite sleepy but a doctor said sarcastically:

The Doctor: We’ll give him morphine if we think that he’s uncomfortable!

Christine: On September 29 I texted that André informed me that the Master Hilarion had gone to my friend’s father again and that the situation was the same. Nothing that the doctor implied had happened. They had told her to keep an ear for her phone and for bad news, also mentioned the morphine, then gave her a call. She believed them but once at the hospital found that nothing was wrong. She replied her father was stable and that she would thank the Master Hilarion. On September 30, my friend texted her lawyer wanted her to start filming her father’s responses the same evening because the hospital planned to do a tracheotomy on the following Monday and without evidence the lawyer thought the hospital was not obligated to give her father the correct aftercare and could allow him to die. She wanted the operation to be postponed. But later she texted:

Friend: I have been at the hospital for a while but they won’t allow me to film! Without the video evidence we can’t protect my father and the doctors can justify giving him morphine. He’s been responding to me but I need to be able to prove it. The doctors are claiming my father has absolutely no response. That’s why we need it on film. They are telling their lawyers that we are making up the responses. We need to gather unquestionable proof. This is why they have been blocking the filming all along. After the tracheo they would move my father to a ward where he would have a much reduced standard of care. So if he was struggling with breathing, following the tracheotomy, they would be in a position to refuse to accept him back in the intensive care unit. The solicitor wants to guard against this and allow him all the assistance he needs to make a good recovery. The reason they want the tracheotomy to take place quickly is so that we don’t have time to video his responses, so that we have no evidence to prove them wrong if they don’t provide the aftercare he needs in case he struggles to recover. There is no good reason to prevent the filming other than we will then have undeniable evidence to prove the doctors wrong. Our solicitors say that filming is being done in hospitals up and down the country. It’s just this hospital that is causing problems for us. I dreamt last night that while I was visiting my father he sat up and tried to speak. I felt elated! If the doctors would only admit that he is slowly regaining consciousness, all our problems would be over. They just refuse to say their original prognosis was incorrect.

Christine: On October 3, my friend wrote that a meeting had been postponed and that she had a feeling while she was asleep during the night that whatever happens would make no difference to the final outcome as her father would survive. She understood it was a message from the angels telling her to let go of all the worrying, have faith and let them be in control of the situation. She texted she had asked the angels and Archangel Michael for help and woke up feeling fine on October 4. She thought it was amazing and they started filming. The hospital also asked her to leave the room they had provided for her. A date was set up for the tracheotomy on October 8 but it didn’t take place as the lawyer worked on obtaining a permanent protection for her father. My friend also reported that her brother filmed him blinking to command! On October 5 she had texted:

Friend: I am thinking of leaving my father shortly as he must be tired with all that commands I’m throwing at him! It’s been recorded on the video. I’ve got my father blinking, opening his eyes wide and squeezing my hand recorded! If they accept that it’s not a coincidence!

Christine: During the following four days my friend informed me that she was with her father praying the angels for help in getting a response. Then that she was getting some good footage but was running out of ideas. She could have had an excellent evidence of her father moving his head towards her, moving his mouth and squeezing her hand, all to command, on October 9. Unfortunately the nurse hadn’t pressed the record button properly. The nurses didn’t know what to do and could not leave their duty straight away. Between October 9 and 11 she explained:

Friend: The doctors won’t allow us to operate the camera. They say the nurses have to switch it on an off but they keep messing it up! But I’m so thankful to the Angels and Ascended Masters for helping my father. He’s improving in consciousness daily. We are grateful! I feel it’s a very exciting time of change. Not just for my father. We have had trouble all over the weekend with the filming. We think they now know that my father is starting to regain consciousness and are doing everything they can to stop us videoing him. Every time we try to video, the staff say they don’t know how to use the camera and make us wait for hours, by which time my father has become tired and fallen asleep again.

Christine: My friend texted on October 12 that her father seemed to have regained even more consciousness and that her brother had got some good video footage. Her father seemed to be doing well but they were informed that the Health Board were applying to the Courts to have the ventilator removed with no support, expecting that he would die, or with a tracheotomy with minimal aftercare. They had run out of money to have the case defended and didn’t know how it would progress at that stage, but had the feeling the angels were taking over because they were asked to, and that everything would be okay. Then her Lawyer informed her she had everything under control and that the Health Board would have to pay if they made this application. On October 12 my friend texted me the following:

Friend: Yes, I’m now surer than ever! I had that ‘wrapped in a warm blanket feeling’ a few evenings ago. It’s such a lovely feeling, a feeling of protection, love and kindness. That means Archangel Michael is present. Our solicitors just rang me to say that the Health Board have applied to the Court to have my father’s ventilator removed. She said that this is not good practice on their part as the Courts could be avoided if they were prepared to negotiate. It’s strange that I don’t feel in the least worried. I have asked the angels to take control of the situation last week and I feel that they’re doing so! If all goes to plan, Lazarus 5 will be a great revelation of what’s happening inside the Health Services!

Christine: From the text I received on October 13, it seems that the Consultant my friend spoke to on that day was discrediting the video footage. He said he had watched some of it but that if the patient was asked long enough to do something, he could eventually be caught doing it. He was not prepared to negotiate and the plan was still for an initial hearing the following week. However, now the hospital had decided they would not do a tracheotomy. They would take the ventilation away with no support. My friend’s brother was so upset he had to leave the meeting. The next day my friend texted she managed to film her father moving his hand on request twice. During the following three days they did not film very much because the patient seemed tired. They found out he had been given passive exercise involving moving his limbs around to keep them supple. On October 17 my friend dreamed she was having a sighting of a UFO and lots of smaller ones flying around it, and that they landed in the streets and she was meeting a galactic being called Malachi. On October 19, she wrote:

Friend: We’re almost at the end of the battle! I believe that we’ll win because the angels are helping us. Your help has been invaluable to us. I believe that my father will get well. It must be all for a reason.

Christine: On October 20 my friend reported that her father had a good night and appeared to be dreaming when she was with him. His blood pressure was good and the hearing took place the following day in London. They used some of my notes, those without references to angels and healing. On October 21 the hospital claimed that she had tried carrying out medical procedures on her father such as suctioning fluid from his lungs, but they withdraw it later. On October 21 she texted:

Friend: Things have been really hectic today because of the court hearing. We did well. Two of the consultants went with two lawyers and a barrister. The judge asked their barrister why he had all those people with him, which was good for us. We are starting videoing properly by Court Order, on Monday, for 7 days. This is also good for us because my father is improving almost daily. There will be a two day trial in London at the end of November and I will be able to give evidence. It’s looking good for us. We are very grateful to you for the very big part you have had in my father’s recovery.

Christine: On October 22 my friend was convinced her father recognised her. He woke up and stretched his hands towards her. And although he went back to sleep he woke up again when she said ‘good night’. When they started filming on October 24 they did not get much of a reaction again and it was because he was being given passive exercise again. He was too tired to respond. The doctors gave her brother a difficult time, making him wait for hours in the waiting room so he could not film. However by October 24 my friend had some filming saved on a DVD. She said she believed her dad was regaining consciousness and gaining physical strength slowly but surely. She continued filming and mentioned it on October 30. She also experienced a telepathic communication but could not remember what was said afterwards. On November 1, she said her father was doing well apart from a congestion on the chest probably due to the tube of the breathing machine, but that he was responsive. On November 2, I learned that her brother had been visiting his father every day to check how he was doing. He was looking around the room and was alert most of the time. However, the staff seemed to take no notice of it. On November 7 she said she had asked Archangel Michael and Raphael, as well as the master Hilarion for help and later informed me that the congestion on the chest had disappeared. They knew a tracheotomy would probably take place after the Court Hearing due to take place on November 23 and 24. They were planning to stay in London from the 22nd to give evidence. On November 9 my friend texted that she had watched the BBC coverage of the votes count for the American elections and commented that she could not understand why everyone was surprised when Donald Trump started taking the lead. Her cousin also hoped he would win and that enough good would outweigh the bad, she said. On November 13 her father’s heart rate was slightly too high. He may have been panicking as he was waking up. He may have been low on potassium. The problem was sorted out quickly and on November 15 he was better. On November 19, two days ago, I received the following message from my friend:

Friend: Our Lawyer spoke to us this evening and said that all the video footage has been examined by the expert consultant. He stated that not only is my father in a minimal consciousness state, but he’s at the high end of it. She’s offered the Health Board to withdraw their Court application in light of this evidence as she’s 100% certain that we will win! They haven’t replied yet but she said that they must be stunned by this news! I’m so excited and so thankful for your part in all this. I don’t think that we could have done it without your help.

Christine: I replied that this good news lifted up my spirit. Let’s hope my friend and her brother won’t have to go to Court in London to give evidence after this, because of the expenses, and that the hospital will accept to perform a tracheotomy if necessary and give their father the aftercare he needs. We will see what happens. There will be a Lazarus 6 in a few weeks.

May we all be kept safe and secure in Light and Love, Namaste, christine

Lazarus 5, Master Hilarion’s intervention, November 21, 2016

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