Archangel Michael, Hope for this Transition Period, November 29, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: I felt a power or grace coming upon me and Archangel Michael said:

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is the power that you have invoked in those prayers for the Armageddon of the psyche. I have come today to deliver a message of hope as we have entered the period of Transition that was mentioned many times in previous messages, and are penetrating deeper into 4th density, as you all know, dear ones. We will be crossing the negative area of the return of energies that have been generated with the elections again, due to the karmic law as it requires that the energies generated as a mis-qualification of the Light be balanced. For this balancing, or repayment, you may invoke the Violet Flame of Saint Germain and it will consume these negative creations. Apart from that there will be a regeneration coming forth as a result of the actions that the new President Trump will be taking as soon as he is in office behind his desk. As I said yesterday, his diplomatic power will prove to be beyond beliefs! My message of hope is about the fact that after the great accomplishments carried out by the forces of the Light, we are on a timeline of wondrous happenings upon which many of you will now be experiencing an acceleration upon your spiritual path, while the mundane world of physicality is just beginning to acquire a more elevated mind set, or consciousness. It is necessary for the third wave of earth dwellers to be caught into that giant Cosmic Net that causes an awakening and takes them upon the path that you, lightworkers, have already walked, some for decades, and some since September 28, 2015 or March 20, 2016, with the first or second wave that have caused you to raise your vibrations by an ever-increasing attunement with the Light of God that never fails! So, you have come up to a higher level upon the ladder of the dimensions in your consciousness, and that means that you have received the gift of discernment and of a perception of Reality using your third eye chakra, an ability that relates to the higher dimensions, whereas some souls continued in their indoctrinated perceptions of a restricted spectrum of consciousness in line with third dimensional dualities and in error, creating karmic imbalances, because of their reactions in the face of the controversial concepts generated by the elections narratives. So there is division in the population and it is not really due to opinion, and not even to the fact that the power Elite, or the Establishment, has continued to defend its position with fallacious notions of all sorts, the real reason, beloved ones, is the Awakening. Some dwell in the consciousness of the higher dimensions and want a better world. Others have not been caught in the Net of the Awakening and continue upholding concepts that are the tools of captivity. They have fallen into the hands of the powers of darkness and still need to be delivered from this bondage. Disclosure is the only power that will be their deliverance, and your prayers will cause it. We, the Archangels and Ascended Masters, together with the powers and Galactic fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light, continue working to bring to you the fulfilment of prophecies and the manifestation of the Divine Plan in our Solar System. The great suppressions of truth have locked Earth into conditions that you will be freed from. Many secrets will be disclosed in relation to the presence of humans on the other planets of your Solar System because a secret space program has been in operation, off planet, for many decades, as most of you know. Disclosure will be related to this fact but this is in relation to your physical realm. Do not forget that a more important suppression has been taking place in your materialist world, and that is with regard to the existence of us, your celestial and heavenly teachers, your progenitors and guides, your Archangels and Ascended Masters, as well as Galactic Beings of higher dimensions, which the Christian scripture situate in heaven. Heaven is a word for higher dimension! The dark forces have conspired for thousands of years to restrict your knowledge about our presence and this is why our ancient communications have been categorised under the sphere of Religion. This information should be regarded as real, not as a fanciful interest for those people with a more spiritual disposition than those who have been more successfully brainwashed and indoctrinated by the educational systems of the dark ones. So, my point was that Disclosure has been taking place and that it is but the beginning, as it will increase after the inauguration of Donald Trump has taken place in January 2017. We did tell you this time would be a period of Transition, and strangely enough, this is also what the media is now saying, but not in the same sense. From the day that the votes were counted we entered a period of Transition that is going to be one of many wonders and extraordinary encounters, as you will see that many of you, who have acquired an ability for telepathic communication, or will do soon, will be receiving teachings by this method after an initial contact with tutors that are of higher dimensions, are your higher selves, or have a connection with you. You have stepped upon a path or timeline, upon which your Ascended Masters and Galactic family are at last allowed to interact and intermingle with you, beloved. The objective will be a teaching in order to construct a better world, the new Gaia of spiritual tradition This will coincide with the prosperity that the new government will create and the world will see and understand the policies and notions that make it possible. At the moment there still is division in political circles in the countries that play an important part in the liberation from the Establishment, that old Order of powers that were. This division will dissipate as more souls are caught in the Great Net of Awakening due to the effects of the photonic Light which is being diffused to the whole earth, as well as the other planets of the Solar System. This is the third wave that we said before would be ascending toward the end of this year of 2016. What lies ahead, then, with the advent of 2017, is the greatest turn around ever seen in the history of this Galaxy. Donald Trump indeed came to his position of being able to oppose the political Establishment because he was put there in place for a mission. It is not that God has chosen him, but is working through him. It is the mission of Saint Germain to bring prosperity and peace to the world for the creation of his new golden Age, as prophesied, and known for decades, as the Ascended Masters did inform the lightbearers about his appearing in the world for this purpose in previous decades. This was done by dictations, or telepathic communication, or channeling, through the messengers such as Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Do consult the teachings of the Ascended Masters for information about this and the fact that Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius. You are now in this age and planet Earth is being changed. So is your physicality. You are progressing in the fourth density while being in fifth dimensional consciousness, and this is the Age of Transition to a shift to 5th density. There is a certain separation of Realities taking place as the souls of darkness, mainly the laggards of Maldek, that are rejecting the awakening energies, are literally dropping down and separating themselves from the pyramid of Light that this evolution of souls of Light forms, as the mystical body of God. This body of God on earth, this body of Lightbearers, whatever their beliefs, or association, is the true mystical Church of Almighty God, the true Bride of Christ in the Second Coming as the Awakening is through Light, and that Light is the Body of the Cosmic Christ. Take it as the body of the Universal Christ is indeed broken for you so you can integrate it in a personal way, as consciousness, and reflects its wonders in the world, as well as in physicality, as the better person that you are and are becoming. I remain with you Always as I am your Archangel Michael. Go in Peace and Love.

Archangel Michael, Hope for this Transition Period, November 29, 2016

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