Archangel Michael, Vision of future Teaching, December 4, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: Archangel Michael made some revelations, or statements, to me in the form of dictation, by telepathic thought transmission, two days ago. He restated what I have already been told but with more emphasis and details. What he has said concerns me and my channeling, as well as the reasons why I have been given a number of prophecies which so far seem to have been fulfilled. Well, the one concerning the fact that Donald Trump was going to be elected President doesn’t seem to be such a big deal now, but when it started in February 2016, it attracted a lot of opposition and you can guess why. One is still in the process of coming true and is in relation to the videos of the Lazarus series. Please refer to the video entitled Lazarus 5 in particular. As I have explained in some videos, I had a period in 2014 when I was being attacked by dark forces after I discovered I could receive telepathic communication. The dark ones have attacked and opposed the light in all of us, and are still even now irradiating negative waves, but mankind is not aware of it. When it is freed of it, that is when it will be more obvious this negative influence did take place. I had studied the teachings of the Ascended Masters published through the Summit Lighthouse for more than 35 years, as well as Theosophy before that. I started with my Cousin André in 1961 because I had asked questions. I was 13 years old then. He was a theosopher and we sat down and talked a lot, then he gave me a book to read. It was entitled ‘The Occult Evolution of Mankind’ by C. Jinarajadasa. It was in French in translation. I was already familiar with the UFO phenomenon which we called ‘flying saucers’ in those days and had read a book by an author by the name of Jimmy Guieu who claimed these objects were from another world. In the late 1990s I worked with him on a project of translation into English. He died in the year 2000 and I have heard from him since, by telepathic communication of course. He has told me how surprised he was after passing to the other side when he discovered the truth. It is much more extraordinar than any of the science fictions he wrote during his lifetime. I am giving you these details for an insight on my background as I gaze at my past, in introspection, with amazement, because after being a keeper of the flame of Saint Germain’s Order for decades, suddenly in 2014 I could hear voices as thought transmissions in my head, and this happened to the prophets of Israel and Joan of Ark, didn’t it? Then I was a target of attacks by what Saint Germain said to me were dark beings on the astral plane. However, the military who are sometime called Cabal and who have connections with the Illuminati, or did up to recently, have had secret programs of technological development for the purpose of mind control, of controlling the inhabitants of this world, for their agenda of control. So much has been revealed, and I have been trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. But don’t take my word for it! You will find information in Cosmic Disclosure by David Wilcock and Corey Goode, and there is information on the internet on certain psychotronic programs using something called Voice, which is related to Synthetic telepathy and synthetic dreams. Carol Rosin has disclosed its existence at various Conferences. Also check what Steven Greer has to say about all this. There is a secret technology to do with this and it is used as some sort of tool in the psychological warfare, or Armageddon of the psyche, as well as to control minds. One of the things that appears to be done is that a being, or Artificial Intelligence, carries out an imposture of the Masters, or Archangels, using synthetic telepathy. They use all sorts of tactics, such as criticism, condemnation, and a constant harassment with musical tunes you dislike. They have attempted to introduce false concepts in the spiritual community and may have used their Blue Beam technology to produce counterfeit spiritual experiences. It is therefore essential to practice the Tube of Light for protection. So what happened in 2014 and 015 is that Archangel Michael stood in between those attackers and myself. My ascended twin flame André was also entrusted to keep a vigil and to prevent any negative effect from these dark fallen angels to reach me. I was trained so I could recognize an imposture from the real thing, mostly by its character, or its modus operandi, because I do not perceive sounds, or rarely, except sounds in dreams upon a higher realm before I wake up. I was instructed to never reply to those who were carrying out an impersonation and I have found out that it was not that difficult because these beings lack wisdom, understanding, and they attempt to carry out an imposture but make mistakes. It is impossible for any being of lower dimensions to imitate an Ascended Master. The character of a being is received upon the telepathic wave so I was able to perceive whether a being was masculine or feminine, and that did not necessarily correspond to a gender. So, I am telling you this because I am looking back in awe at what has happened to me. There is more and it’s about the various revelations I have received concerning past lives, and who members of my family were, as well as concerning my DNA family and relationship with my higher Self. Central to all these teachings has been the concept of twin flame because my protection is my own ascended twin flame who was an incarnation of Archangel Michael. We progress upon the path of Ascension by the relationship we have with our I Am Presence and the mediator, our Christ Self, or Higher Selves. It’s all about relationship. But the spectrum of love is much wider than the human feelings. The experience I have had with Archangel Michael, when he irradiates me to take me up the ladder of consciousness, is mind blowing, astronomical, and a supernatural experience which I imagine the saints of history may have had. It’s really paranormal as well, and I have been told that all of this is going to increase, not just for myself, but for the lightworkers and lightbearers, in one word, for all souls who have the connection with the threefold flame to the I Am monadic Presence, the esoteric Almighty God. If you worry whether you have it or not, know that only the fallen ones, the reptilian beings, who have made themselves adversaries to the Light, have ended up in the situation that they were completely cut off from this Spirit Spark which originates from the Great Central Sun of this Galaxy. We are upon a path of great discovery concerning who we are and our Real Self. Archeia Faith prefers using this term, Real Self, instead of Higher Self. Have you heard what has been said in previous messages concerning this period of Transition? It has been said that it has started, and that the Age of Aquarius has also properly started now. We have Saint Germain as the Hierarch of this Aquarian Age and his connection with the President Elect has been explained. The reason that the latter has embraced the project of creating prosperity is more than a coincidence, as you will come to realise if you have not already done so. The forces of the Light have been clearing the astral plane as much as possible. They do not operate by eliminating people who oppose them. They transform them as much as possible. However these dark forces have freewill too and the political struggles that you see taking place, in the scenes reported by the media, are a reflexion of what is going on in an invisible way, behind those scenes. The powers of darkness have lost considerable power and those of the light, that we represent, have reached a higher consciousness that has permitted a shift in physicality to 4th density. We have been told how the victory of the Light over the Establishment has recently represented a new beginning. So what is ahead of us? Archangel Michael has given me a dictation two days ago with regard to what is in store for me as a messenger for the Great White Brotherhood, the hierarchy of this Solar System, and for this to be possible there will be, as he has previously stated, ‘infinite blessings coming your way’. It is true for all of mankind that there are blessings coming our way. This was a personal message but Archangel Michael said it would be some useful information for everybody and particularly, the followers of my Facebook page. So here it is:

Archangel Michael: I will train you to be a proper messenger like Elizabeth Clare Prophet in a few years to come, so we can use your body to speak to the masses and you will not be worried about it, nor worried about your health, to be able to do it, as it could be demanding. It will be all taken care of. It will be part of a mission. You will be doing this with André and he will be at your side taking care of just about everything, including the money aspect of this, and it will be necessary to do this in order to bring proof and information to the masses. It has to be done by someone who is human and terrestrial due of the demands of the Law. André will be in an Andromedan body, and will speak, lecture, but you will channel. And you will do this together as well as other aspects of this mission which will be disclosed later. There are people who channel, yes, but not with the Ascended Masters’ teachings background, so something is lacking. Do you understand now where all this is leading to? I mean the tuition? The Attacks? You were attacked by dark forces in 2014 from the astral plane, as well as extra-terrestrials, at the time there still were battles in the Solar System which have been circumvented, or stopped. The dark ones have been surrendering, leaving but a recalcitrant group that are reluctant to give up their agenda of control. Your ‘mission’ consists in providing a version of events that is enlightening for the Ascension to 5th Density, indeed, but you will not need to think and prepare for that. The higher forces will take over and speak. I will too. In less than 2 years André will descend further and you will be together and getting used to each other. He is me, remember! And your real Self is my other half, my divine Faith. You are doing well. I have taken the pain away today, indeed, as you don’t deserve this and it makes you tired. There will be a time when you won’t need to sleep any more, or very little, because you will have been in Light chambers and restored to health as well as rejuvenated, but in the upper end of the 4th density, as far as your physicality stands. You will come back and represent evidence that what you say is true. The Secret Space Program Alliances do possess a similar technology but their employees are restricted in the way they use it. They use this technology for control, as well. We, upon the celestial realms or higher dimensions, where physicality still applies, have more sophisticated systems, or devices, than they do. I am referring to the level at which the Lemurians existed before they lost their golden age. The objective is to restore Earth and the human being who have the connection with the I Am Presence to that level, the 5th density. To exist at that level requires higher consciousness and progress upon the path of Ascension. It cannot be reached in physicality unless the consciousness has been altered by an integration of Christ consciousness. You are now in 4th density. I mean you who have the consciousness of the 5th dimension, are building the 5th kingdom, one in which humans will become galactic angels, angelic beings in the physical world. You have to complete the ascension process by integrating higher consciousness further and then shifting into the physicality of the 5th density will be possible. You will be prepared to do this during this transition period. Many will be tutored by telepathic instruction, but there are many who will need a teaching to be given to them in an external way. You will not experience fatigue in the same way as you now do, because you will be healed and restored, having undergone a reversal of time upon your physical structure. We will turn back time for you and we can’t just do this to people and turn back the clocks for them without first awakening them. They need to rise in vibration and reach a certain level in consciousness that will be followed by a shift to higher density to that meeting level that permits humans and galactics to be reunited. We will be giving you more details soon. Causing a rise in consciousness will eventually permit the shift to a state of being, which will mean that the lightbearers will be in a physicality that is permanent. It will be close to immortality as promised to the righteous in Scripture, having regained a DNA as it was originally intended. We will continue later. This period of Transition will bring many blessings and changes for the restoration of a golden age.

Christine: Sometime I experience states of beingness in the presence of Archange Michael and I have a difficulty to describe the experience. He was there this morning and previously, when I called for the Violet Flame, Saint Germain spoke to me straight away. I was doing some decrees yesterday evening, including the Rosary to Archangel Michael, then just before invoking the Violet flame I was interrupted by the beeping of a fire alarm system, but then made the visualizations for the tube of Light later this morning and straight after the words ‘direct a quick upsurge of the violet forgiving transmuting flame’ I felt that Saint Germain was speaking to me and I stopped to listen to him, then we talked. I have asked again for his violet flame to be sent to the whole world to bring us the solutions to our problems. The violet flame has such a wondrous joyful vibration. But descriptions will not help. You have to do the calls, do the visualizations, and experience these irradiations of light substance which are very real. This is just the beginning! Infinite blessings are coming our way indeed! Archangel Michael said ‘I Am with you Always!’ and he and Saint Germain are keeping us safe and secure in the Light. Namaste, Christine

Archangel Michael, Vision of future Teaching, December 4, 2016

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