Archangel Michael, Re the Cosmic Storm, December 26, 2016

by Christine Preston

Drawing attention to a dictation by Archangel Michael previously published in Part II of the video Master Jesus, July 11, 2015

Christine: There are many videos alerting the public at this time with regard to a Cosmic Storm with Gamma Rays that is, or will be hitting Earth, as well as the Solar System, between December 26 and the end of this month of december 2016. I believe this is relation to the fact that the Solar System is in the Photon belt of Light, as explained in many messages and videos, and so, here is the information that has been provided previously about this situation. It was published in July 2015 and again in August 2016 with the title ‘Archangel Michael, Stargate’. The text originally published in 2015 was as follows:
Christine: As recorded by Sheldan Nidle in his work ‘Your First Contact,’ we are in a void created by a pinwheel which was formed by an explosion labelled ‘Nova 1987A’ that became a neutron star called ‘Avalus.’ The pinwheel is composed of photons, gamma rays and antimatter particles. It was detected by scientists because it was carried on a gravity wave and came at high speed toward the Solar System, and this led in 1995 to the scientific re-discovery of the photon belt which had been scanned near the Pleiades by a satellite in 1961. However, scientists did not disclose to the public the fact that their telescopes had detected the gamma radiation. At the end of 1995 they came to the conclusion that humanity was going to perish due to a collision with these celestial objects at the end of 1996. They thought the pinwheel would destroy the Earth biosphere as well as its atmosphere. Using spectrometers they also measured the photon belt and calculated that it would reach the Solar System at the same time as the pinwheel. The secret team of Astronomers were contacted by the Galactic Federation of Light’s Science and Exploration Teams who explained that the collision of the two objects would create a void for the Solar System to penetrate the photon belt.
Archangel Michael: Earth’s scientists were really convinced at first that all life on Earth was going to be extinguished at the end of 1996 and they convened a Council that established that within a year they would have to evacuate some Elite members of the population to another planet. They already had a base on Mars and the Moon and proceeded to build space crafts that could transport them far away [but they needed to take refuge much further than that]. They only had one year to do this so they collected all the resources they could in secret. They needed financial resources to secretly build what they needed for this enterprise.
The Scientists of Earth had doubts about the instruction given them by the Science and Exploration Teams of the Galactic Federation of Light, as they were contacted. They were told the pinwheel would create a void to permit the Solar System to safely penetrate the photon belt.
The Mayan calendar envisaged an ‘end of times’ that was interpreted by researchers and calculated to occur on December 21, 2012, and it was said that the Solar System revolves around Sirius in a cycle of 26,000 years – and as stated by Sheldan Nidle, the photon belt returns to the Milky Way Galaxy every 26,000 years. December 21, 2012 was expected to be the date when a galactic alignment was to drastically alter life on Earth, and it was by the end of December 2012 that the Solar System could have reached the Stargate. The penetration of the Solar System within the photon belt had taken place in January 1997.
When the Earth entered the void created by the collision of the pinwheel with the photon belt, on January 1, 1997, the whole Solar System was within a hologram. As I said before, we were due to reach the Stargate in December 2012, but we have stayed longer inside the void and the photon belt, and we should now enter the Stargate in 2017. This process should cause a shift to the 5th dimension because, as defined by Sheldan Nidle, a Stargate is a place where light energies of different dimensions meet. Photon light has an effect on consciousness that in a sense prepares you for the meeting with higher energies.
When it is time to raise humankind to the higher level of the fifth dimension we shall enter the Stargate. When this can occur is being presently debated by the Karmic Board.
The Stargate is a door opening to the higher dimension and you will be thrust up onto it. Even though the Solar System entered the photon belt within a void, photonic light plays a role in the Ascension process as a whole. The photon light causes the veils of consciousness to drop, and we are approaching a time when a ‘zap’ or ‘snap’ will occur, and that is when we enter the Stargate.
So, when the Solar System enters the Stargate, human life on Earth will jump to a higher dimensional reality and leave what still appears to be the third density. Then progress will be achieved in the creation of what has been termed ‘New Gaia’ or ‘Nova Earth,’ as well as the landings.

Revisiting a dictation from Archangel Michael in the video ‘Update, July 28, 2015’
Archangel Michael: The use of the Stargate is in connection with the whole Solar System being brought closer to the Star Sirius. We shall be staying in it for a period of two years. In the Stargate the Solar System will be lifted up onto the 5th dimension
Christine: Note on December 26, 2016: At the time I had incomplete information and the meaning here was that the solar system would be taken up the ladder of the frequencies to the 5th density, or 5th dimension, but this would be in the final phase of the process and it could take a few years. We have learned recently that we have moved into the fringes of the 4th density and it is a shift that is intensifying at this moment, at the end of this year of 2016, then we will be working towards a shift to 5th density which will relate to our physicality and reality being lifted up to the 5th dimension. The shift to 4th density was made possible on earth by the fact that many souls have ascended to the 5th dimension in spirituality, consciousness, or perception of reality, as well as in their views. Waves of souls are already progressing towards the 6th dimension at the time that the shift to 4th density is taking place and is being accelerated. Now let’s continue with what Archangel Michael stated previously:
Archangel Michael: Mankind is presently being prepared for this shift. It will happen in a snap but changes will not be that noticeable because you will have reached a certain level of vibration just before the leap. However you will be able to bring about changes as if by magic once you have crossed the line, so to speak. It will be after crossing that frontier that the contact with your Galactic family will take place because the beings who reside upon higher dimensions can only descend so far into a lower dimension without being adversely affected. After the transition to the 5th dimension through the Stargate you will see what will unfold. Stargates are used to pass from one dimension to another. It will be a real beginning for the creation of the golden age of Gaia.
Significant changes are taking place at the moment. Before Now and the time the solar system enters the Stargate to be taken closer to Sirius, we will have been raising our vibrations higher and higher, and when we do enter it, the world will instantly be freed from the dark ones and therefore from their interference because we will pass through a vortex of energy – an energy field – that will take us higher up to a higher dimension, where such darkness cannot exist, and all of a sudden people will find themselves in a different reality. However, the surroundings will still be the same. For instance, concrete [the material used to build homes] will not suddenly disappear but you will find yourselves in a realm in which you will be able to change your environment easily, or more easily, almost as if by magic from your present point of view. You will be able to create a new reality easily and much faster than in the lower dimension.
Your bodies will be the same but you will be able to heal, and transform yourselves at an incredible rate. This means you will be able to rejuvenate and resurrect yourselves. Though the Ascension is for all, and the divine parents wish all to ascend, the removal of the oppression of darkness is but the first step in the creation of new Gaia. In the transition to the 5th dimension when the Solar System moves into the Stargate, one of the effects of this quantum leap will be the removal of darkness as it cannot pass, it cannot exist at that level. ‘One will be taken, the other left’ as stated in the Scripture. One taken is the one that rejects the Light of God and cannot exist in the 5th dimension. It is not the one that will experience a rapture as Christians believe it.
So this is the prospect for the coming months, those ahead of August 2015 till the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017. There cannot be any more postponement or delays. It is imperative that the Earth be lifted up and is not held back because mankind is not ready. Have no fear, have no doubt, this is the Light Agenda and we are firmly on track. The Light is Victorious.
Yes, the Omega Point is the same as ‘Zero point’ when we will intervene directly because something that has to be done is beyond mankind’s capabilities. Your reality is encapsulated within boundaries and we will provide the push to make you step beyond that frontier into full consciousness and this push will be provided by the Stargate.
You are loved and protected. So are your children, your loved ones, your families, those you are connected to and you are all prodigious beings. You are children of the Sun, and of the Great Central sun. You are soul extensions. You are manifesting a beautiful new world. We are rejoicing here on higher dimension and in heaven. We are Archangel Michael and Faith, together with the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and your Solar System spiritual mentors, as a Collective, all one in heart, with love and light. And the Beings of higher dimensions whom you call Galactics – or your Star brothers and sisters – join with us to tell you to be patient, to believe, to be in joy as we are so close. I am leaving you with this for now. Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael, Re the Cosmic Storm, December 26, 2016

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