Lazarus 6, Renewed Prophecy, December 15, 2016

by Christine Preston,

Christine: The story is being continued where we left off, at the end of Lazarus 5, which contains a summary of what is told in the videos Lazarus 1 to 4. In Lazarus 5 it’s been mentioned that my friend’s father is in hospital, and a Consultant working for her London Lawyer has diagnosed him as being at the top end of the minimal consciousness that normally precedes a proper recovery from coma. This had to be demonstrated by the Barrister and Lawyer to a London Court as the hospital’s Health Board has taken the view that this patient should be helped to pass away, as they say, and what they do is they starve the patient and administer morphine. However the battle was won for the family and the Court ordered the doctors to go ahead with a tracheotomy. On November 24, my friend texted me:
Friend: We’ve just been told that the Tracheotomy has been done and it went well! Great news!
Christine: I replied: ‘My goodness! Brilliant! What a relief! Archangel Michael will be with you on the way back!’ The tracheotomy had been performed by Court Order but the hospital did not want to wait till my friend and her brother had returned.
Friend: Thank you so much, Chris. Yes, I knew that Archangel Michael would protect my father but our solicitor was worried that if something happened we would be quite some distance from him.
Christine: On November 26 my friend was at her cousin’s home and had not seen her father because she had a cold and was worried it may be contagious. She texted that strange things had been happening during that week, in a good way, and that the angels seemed to have been protecting them. On November 27 she was feeling very ill. Her brother had seen her father and he seemed to be very well. She said her solicitor had asked her to search the internet for good brain injury rehabilitation hospitals throughout the country and found out that the one at the Heath in Cardiff has over a year’s waiting list. I had done a lot of calls and prayers during the preceding two or three days, and Lazarus 5 had been published. Then Archangel Michael told me:
Lord Michael: Infinite Blessings are coming your way!
Christine: That was for me as well as all lightworkers, and the achievement with my friend’s father were enormous. I had been given the concept that because we would be shifting more deeply into 4th density, our ‘light work’, or magic, would be more powerful, and precipitate in physicality faster. The process of healing resulting from calls and prayers for instance would be accelerated from February 2017. This is because of impending changes in the Laws that govern our works of creation, as a result of the shift. However, spiritually, or in our mind set and perceptions, we are in the 5th dimension. The Master Djwhal Khul said through Alice Bailey, that people had but fleeting moments in the consciousness of that 5th dimension, or of the 5th kingdom, while being firmly in the 3rd dimension in physicality or density. It was true in about 1925 and mankind has been raised up the ladder of consciousness since. The shift to 4th density became possible this year because of this progress. However, some people are remaining in 3 D because of their attitude and perceptions, until the time when one is taken and the other left, the time of the Harvest. And this has been misunderstood. Those who are left are those who are progressing to the higher dimensions of Light with the Earth, and those who are being taken are those who cannot withstand the intensity of the Light that is appearing in the world. Later my friend texted she had a strange feeling of calmness and optimism coming over her, and that the family’s consultant in London noticed when viewing her video footage that there was a sudden, significant, improvement in her father’s level of consciousness on October 27. Archangel Michael had previously made the prophecy that her father would regain more consciousness before November 8. Then on November 28, I informed my friend that Archangel Michael had reaffirmed that the prophecy concerning her father would be fulfilled, and that there would be improvements a few days later. My friend then texted me:
Friend: Wow! Chris, that is amazing! That would be fantastic! He’s looking really well without the ventilator. I’m looking online for good brain injury rehabilitation centres throughout the UK. I dreamt last night that I was teaching people about the existence and involvement of the angels in our lives! I have already convinced my brother and my cousin that it was their intervention that saved our dad. I will continue to do so as so many people are missing out by not understanding the true meaning of heaven and earth.
Christine: On November 29 my friend wrote that her father had been sitting up in a chair for half an hour. However, she was ill with flu, a chest congestion, and sinusitis. But on November 30, she announced to me that she had received a message from her Solicitor to say their Consultant had found a place in his own rehabilitation centre for her father. It is the best in the UK and is situated in Leamington Spa. She wrote:
Friend: I’m so happy! He’s to be transferred as soon as possible. The angels have done it again!
Christine: In the background of all this, we were interested in what was happening with the presidential Elections in the United States of America as I had also been given prophecies regarding that matter. They had started on February 18, 2016 and then more obviously on February 28, with a message I channelled from Mother Mary, and then the prophecy that Donald Trump would be elected President was renewed during the following months, and up to a week before the voting day, November 8, with the video entitled ‘We are 100% sure that D. Trump will be elected’, which attracted 30,000, or so, views. Archangel Michael told me on November 28 that the new Presidet’s diplomatic abilities will be beyond belief, and that he will deliver many solutions to re-establish peace, and that the Celestial forces will not let anything happen to him. He will be protected. Saint Germain had also disclosed that Donald Trump is an extension of himself, but like all of us is human and does not have full consciousness. It made sense because of the latter’s plan to create prosperity in the country, and of Saint Germain’s plan to release his prosperity funds, to restore America as an example to other nations, as well as bring peace to the world. I have had the great pleasure of receiving a phone call from Jennifer Snell whose videos are also published by Matt Muckleroy. She has also been told by Saint Germain that Donald Trump is an incarnation of himself, and I was really delighted that her statement represented a corroboration for my own communication and this amazing fact. We have both received the teaching that the Higher Selves can even have more than one incarnation at a time! Years ago, in the 90s, while attending an International Conference at the Summit Lighthouse in Montana, I did hear that the Messenger E. C. Prophet had discovered that Saint Germain had an incarnation. So that’s the story, and behind this is the opposition of the forces of the Light, in particular at the time of the Elections, to the Establishment. Saint Germain is the Ascended Master delivering Freedom to mankind.
On about November 30, Archangel Michael revealed to me that he had been incarnated as Oliver Cromwell in the England of the 1600s. He is remembered as ‘The Lord Protector’ and his mission was to secure Parliament power in Britain. This was a prelude to the founding fathers securing the rights of the individuals with the Constitution of 1776 in America, as the principles of democracy were taken to the new continent by the Puritan settlers. So, basically, the forces of the Light have been working to bring into manifestation a Divine Plan of liberation from the forces of darkness that have been holding mankind captive for thousands of years, and this is taking place in parallel to the awakening and rise in consciousness upon the Path of Ascension. It is because of the diffusion of Light to mankind that the latter is being liberated too. This freedom comes by a shift in consciousness, and it is the second coming as it is Christ consciousness that is descending at this time. The Light is causing a change in our DNA which in turn has created the phenomenon of the emergence of psychic abilities, and this is what is causing the increase in channeling recently, and permits us to receive telepathic communications from the Ascended Masters and the Archangels. These messages used to be called ‘dictations’ in past decades.
To return to the story, the Consultant working with the London Lawyers arranged a bed for the patient at his own rehabilitation Unit in Leamington Spa. We checked on a map how long the journey would take to visit him, and it’s east of Cheltenham where I lived for many years. We planned to stimulate my friend’s father with presents at Christmas, but on December 3 she wrote:
Friend: The hospital are trying to stop my father from transferring to Leamington Spa. They want to keep him there to undertake more tests as they say they want to prove that he’s not suitable for rehabilitation! Can you believe it? It’s upset my brother very much. We may have to get a Court Order to get him released from the hospital’s care. They just won’t admit that he’s recovering! He’s now off the ventilator completely and may be moved to a ward on Monday, but I’m worried that the hospital is bringing someone to test his response capabilities because they want to prove that he is not capable of rehabilitation. They’re trying to disprove our video footage. I’m worried because I don’t think my father will respond well to the tests with a stranger. They may then use the results to discredit our consultant’s report! This would enable them to transfer my father to a nursing home with no rehabilitation expertise. It’s really bad that they’re preventing him from getting the best treatment at Leamington Spa.
Christine: I replied that I had some communication with Archangel Michael, as well as André, my Ascended Twin Flame, who stated her father would be transferred to Leamington Spa and that he could see it on the timeline. He gave me a long dictation for my friend, and Archangel Michael gave me the dictation entitled ‘Vision of Future Teaching’ that day, and said concerning this matter:
Lord Michael: We are going to show them he is suitable for rehabilitation. They won’t believe their eyes, before he is transferred.
Christine: My friend replied that it would be great if her father could surprise the doctors with their tests, and that she was starting to feel better. On December 4 she texted she had not heard anything about a Court Order yet, but trusted the Angels would help her father to get to Leamington Spa. On December 8 she informed me that the hospital wanted to phone her relatives to try and trick them into giving information about her father, probably to use them to their own end. On December 5 Archeia Faith told me that the hospital would not be able to prove anything that would stop the transfer, or rehabilitation, and though Leamington Spa is a bit far, my friend would manage the distance.
Christine: On December 9, I learned that a crisis had taken place. My friend texted:
Friend: You won’t believe this! The Consultant at the Hospital has stated to me that my father has been ill, and because I was asking questions, the Sister called the Security guards. They twisted my arms behind my back and made me stand handcuffed in the rain for an hour until the Police arrived. Could you ask the angels to protect my father as I am fearful for his safety, because my solicitor has now contacted me to say I am not allowed to visit him until December 19! She said the whole issue is the hospital’s retaliation to our winning in Court. I had to go and see my doctor following the mishandling by the security guards. I have been sent to a surgical ward for some tests and be examined!
Christine: On December 10 my friend said:
Friend: I have asked the angels to take charge and am starting to feel better. I listen carefully to what you advise. The tests show the pain was muscular. The Chief Consultant has made gloom remarks again on my father’s deterioration! He said he would be given antibiotics. The testing may have been done too soon after the tracheotomy. They were carried out three times a day for a week. We are distressed.
Christine: I replied the Consultant had lied before when the Master Hilarion intervened (see Lazarus 5) and stated her father didn’t have the infection that the consultant had claimed (and this was confirmed), so she should not trust what this Consultant was saying. Her father was just tired. Archangel Michael said to me that the Master Jesus’ electronic presence was in the room, standing guard.
My friend replied she felt calmer since she asked the angels to take control. Her brother had visited their father and he thought he had recognised him as he squeezed his hand tightly. Furthermore, the Ward Sister told him he would be moved from intensive care to another ward soon, and they could only have done this if he was sufficiently well. So there was no problem as the Consultant had implied. My friend then texted:
Friend: You’re right about the Consultant lying to us.
Christine: Then I received a message from Archangel Michael. He said:
Lord Michael: I would like to tell you that your friend’s father is not in as much a bad state, or condition, as the Hospital is claiming at all. They are doing this in order to secure their next move hoping he will get an infection of some sort and deteriorate, and that would give them the chance to go ahead with their scheme of applying their system, the way they help patients to die, as they call it, with their morphine. Then they could say he was too weak for rehabilitation. So it is essential that his patient be sent to the Rehabilitation Clinic in Leamington Spa as soon as possible. We have been guiding and inspiring your Lawyers and Judge in Court, and pushing for this result to manifest. We said this person would live and be restored to life, and it will be so. We hereby renew this Prophecy. There is no reason to believe that it will be prevented by these doctors or hospital. We will not let this happen. It will not be possible for the hospital to prevent this. You should hear from the Lawyers shortly. There should be a Court Order that will permit this relocation and it will be permitted.
Christine: My friend replied she felt much better, would tell her brother, and that it was amazing! On December 13 she said her solicitor was working on the transfer and that, according to her brother, their father is really looking well, and it was his birthday and he seemed to know what was happening when his cards were opened for him. She said she could feel Archangel Michael’s presence and did not seem to be worrying too much about her father as she trusted the angels to protect him in her absence. On December 14 she said she is preparing a report regarding the hospital abusing her and that her solicitor will use it in court to request her father’s transfer. She also said she had read Lazarus 5 and found it very good:
Friend: Our solicitor said yesterday that this case has become unbelievably huge! I’m sure now that all this will become public knowledge and things will have to change.
Christine: On December 7 my Ascended Twin flame André dictated to me the following:
André: I have got to tell you something that will stagger you. Because we have started this, and given you the prophecies, the whole world will change its attitude to life, and basically to the ethical issues of life. It’s the start of an episode of change on Earth where healthcare is concerned too. The Hospitals will be changing their views on the importance of the life of the unborn, as well as that of the old ones, and all races matter, and they have been rendering a service based upon wrong policies, wrong views. And with regard to Donald Trump, nothing can stop him either, because he has the backing up of the Forces of the Light. What is happening is Destiny.
Christine: There will be a Lazarus 7, and so, for now, I leave you in the protection of the Light and Love of the Ascended Masters and Archangels to have a good Christmas! Christine.

Lazarus 6, Renewed Prophecy, December 15, 2016

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