Ascended Twin Flame Andre, Date for an Encounter, January 8, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: This is a letter I have received from my Ascended Twin Flame André by telepathic communication on January 5. It certainly is charming and reassuring. It was a personal message that was given by dictation which means that I wrote it down word for word not knowing what was coming. After a few sentences I noticed it would be good information for the Lightworkers and asked if it could be circulated on video. André said yes. On my playlist by Matt Muckleroy there are a few videos of messages in which there is a reference to my Ascended Twin Flame, as well as other galactic beings having chosen to create a Body by Will to descend among us in a physical way, which some people may find incredulous or surreal. In antiquity, however, this was known as being ‘self-begotten’ and is the method by which an ascended being or a galactic being can bypass the process of incarnation with its state of childhood. It is known that the Master Saint Germain returned to the world after his ascension and spending time in the Retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. There also are occasions when this has been done to preserve some people’s lives. Archangel Michael is purported to have appeared and have saved a young Marine also by the name of Michael during a Korean battle in 1950. It was the Navy chaplain, Father Walter Muddy, who made the story public in 1951 before a gathering of 5,000 Marines at the naval base of San Diego in California. The story was in the form of a letter from this young Marine to his mother. It was published in newspapers and magazines, read on radio and television shows every Christmas for over 25 years, and there is a video about it that was uploaded on YouTube and dated September 7, 2009. The Marine really believed a very strong man was by his side and saved him.
The beings of higher dimensions possess advance technology and they are master geneticists. There therefore are incredible possibilities for the future. This is the message from my Ascended Twin Flame:

André: I need to talk to you to reassure you that you do not need to worry about the future. You will have me to look after you as I will be coming in a year or so to your level to be at your side. Don’t worry as I will take care of all aspects necessary for both of us, and you will get your wishes come true. Why should you not be getting what you have wished for after all these years? We will be getting more acquainted by then and you know the vibration of Archangel Michael and mine when we are together. We will be getting closer and it will all be obvious. The method of communication has changed a bit recently. It’s not just word for word, but thoughts and you find this unsettling as you sometime wonder whether you have created some thoughts yourself. But twin flames often get that feeling in telepathic communication. They can sometime wonder whether a thought came from outside of themselves or not, and that is because of the connection, the oneness of twin flames. Have no concern, so far all the messages have been correct.

With regard to the Comet passing by, there are two dates as it is already visible and will appear closer in February, after doing a sling shot round the sun, and we said it won’t hit Earth, and in fact no celestial object will be able to do this. There are comets, asteroids, and a legend about the Red Kachina (spelled K A C H I N A) is to do with a larger object than these in a later time than just now. Let’s deal with the Star Sirius, the blue Kachina Prophecy and its approach. You are correct, although all bodies and even the whole galaxy is moving, it is more precisely the Solar system which is moving towards Sirius and not that Star Constellation moving towards us, as it is a central one, and we are orbiting it, and moving closer at the same time. Archangel Gabriel says he will also want to give you an announcement with regard to this matter.

Yes, a certain bloodline of Elite, Establishment, or darkest beings, are convinced that there will be a major cataclysm taking place in the near future. They know about the irradiation of gamma rays and about the solar winds that are presently in manifestation. These phenomena are in connection with the changes taking place in the Galaxy and Solar System which are instrumental to the Ascension. The Cloud of photonic Light that we are traversing, the intensification of Light, the changes in the sun, all these things have alerted these beings called the Cabal or Industrial Military Complex, or the Establishment, who wanted to create what they call a New Order, meaning they had an agenda of control and many plans to achieve this. They sought ways of escaping and even leaving this Solar System and you know they have not been able to do this. They have a dilemma as if they leave for Antarctica the cat is out of the bag. They could leave a clone in their place but they don’t last long which is the reason that Clinton was said to be sick. It was to cover up the fact she was not human, but artificial intelligence, or cloned, in fact many copies of her, as she died some years ago. Various things went wrong with one of her models, for instance a fault in one of her eyes.

It’s in 2017, this year, that one of the celestial objects will become quite visible and that the approach will be reported in the Press. At the moment there is an instruction coming from the top to keep the matter under wrap. But in a few weeks this may change. Of course you can well imagine that some individuals would love to cause fears to disrupt the good work that will result from the Presidential inauguration. This is why the message that no celestial body will ever hit the Earth, especially the one concerning the Fatima Prophecy, has been given by Archangel Uriel. People need to listen to that message on this matter, the one published on video with the title ‘No celestial object will hit Earth’ on August 27, 2016. The Fatima Prophecy was a warning, not really a prophecy. It was interpreted as such because people didn’t understand that the message was about repentance in the sense that they needed to change their views, their attitude, and belligerent ways. They needed an awakening, but even the Popes in the Vatican took Mother Mary’s message as a prophecy that would come true 100 years later. A modification of peoples’ actions can result with a different future than the one we can observe on certain timelines. When it is deserved the world receives interventions and those timelines are then abolished. They are prevented from manifesting.

With regard to the near future, the next few months and years, there are great happenings in store due to what has been set in motion by the Liberation Movement in the West. You can see that the East is not dupe concerning what the Establishment, or what is left of it, is trying to do. By the East I mean the Russians. How ridiculous are these sanctions taken by Obama playing his game as if he had any power left to deceive the world, the people and the media, in the way that it could be done before! A great amount of souls ascended to the 5th dimension in their consciousness. I mean they don’t just reach that level in consciousness for fleeting moments as it was the case in the 19th or 20th centuries for a minority of people. It’s what they called having an epiphany I suppose.

In your spirituality you dwell in the 5th dimension and are still progressing towards the 6th as you never stand still. You advance, you progress. You keep on advancing and reaching for higher heights, and higher frequencies. We will lower ourselves down so we can meet at one time, which is not going to be too far away in months or years. This is when we can walk among terrestrial man and woman. But at first it will be among a few who will be in the higher density as a result of being in higher consciousness. It was a hurdle at one time as we, celestial or ascended beings, as well as Galactic ones such as the Andromedans, could not descend down the ladder of the dimensions beyond a certain level. It would have been detrimental to a being of higher dimension to do this. As you are now at a higher place, we are approaching the time when such a Reunion will be possible. It also is what is referred to as First Contact. But it will not be a spectacle for the masses, part of which have not left the 3rd dimension yet, as far as their mind set is concerned. A lot of change is still needing to take place in regards their psychology, their emotions, their reactions. Some are rather brutal and do not function in a loving way. But some have been the victims of a lot of indoctrination or bad influences. Change will come and manifest as a result of other changes, starting at the political level, with the removal of the main Establishment of dark forces that have had an influence as well as an effect upon most of the other nations.

We will be accompanied by the Forces of the Light when we descend. We are coming to help to cause certain changes to take place. By ‘we’ I mean the group I am now part of, since I have taken a body with an Andromedan genetic structure that I have been involved in creating by Will with the help of the technology of higher dimension. For the sake of the people who have not heard the previous videos in which I have mentioned this, I will repeat that in antiquity the method of creating a body by Will was known. It was said that the individuals who had appeared in the world by this method were ‘self begotten’. Some teachers from Venus, or Sirius, used that method. They were also called ‘Sons of God’. And it is well known in spiritual circles that Saint Germain did create a body by Will after his ascension for the purpose of reintegrating himself in the world. As a result he acquired a reputation as a man who never dies.

But let’s move on to the subject of healing. Yes we are in the Age of Aquarius and you have entered the Realm of 4th density in physicality. Do not be surprised if your reality has not changed because it is you who have to change it. It is a magical realm in which matter is more malleable to your thoughts and powers of creation, in other words to Magic. The tools provided by the Masters as a teaching for the use of the spoken word in calls and prayers, as well as the method of visualizations, can now be used more efficiently, more powerfully. So this is the time now to start a routine of spiritual practices for your spiritual ascension, and to transform your world into a better kingdom, one of a golden age for physical angels. We are coming to help you, to be with you for we love you and we are family, and together we will restore the world to what it was intended to be long ago. You may start using the knowledge that you have for healing yourselves and the world. Now is the time to visualize and dream, and dwell upon the beautiful things you wish to come to you. You can do this in this period of Transition while other matters are being sorted out by the expert leaders of the world who will bring into manifestation prosperity to America and Peace to the world. When everything is in place, expect infinite blessings to come your way after much disclosure concerning the truths that have been suppressed. So you have it: an insight of what is to take place, with some respect to 2017. Love to all, Namaste, André.

Ascended Twin Flame Andre, Date for an Encounter, January 8, 2017

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