For Introduction: Who are the Beings of Light? January 9, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: I have reworked the information from Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Keys to the Kingdom with regard to the Beings of Light who dwell upon the higher realms which we call Heaven or the 5th Dimension as far as their etheric bodies are concerned. This is for an Introduction to the subject of the Ascension and of the channeling of messages from the Ascended Masters and the Archangels by the method of telepathic communication, as follows:
There are Beings of Light in the Realms of Heaven. This has been confirmed by people who have had a near death experience as they have met some beings of Light on the other side of what can be compared to the biblical River of Life. Revelation 7 also speaks of saints clothed with white robes. There are cities of Light and Retreats upon the higher dimensions of planet Earth and these were established soon after the birth of the planet! These beings of Light form a spiritual brotherhood of spiritual beings, angelic hosts and ascended masters known as the Great White Brotherhood, who assist humanity not just because they are concerned about evolution upon the Earth, but in order to change timelines. They teach the path of self-mastery and Christhood. It has been said that they cannot climb the mountain for us but can assist us. They show us the way upon a path of discipleship which is one of relationship with our real or higher Self, as well as our monadic Self, the I Am Presence, the ascended form of our twin flames, as well as relationship with other Masters, galactic beings of higher dimensions and spiritual beings. The path is one of Christhood or Buddhahood, or whatever term you may chose that denotes the same characteristics of selfhood in higher dimensions, such as the etheric plane above our physical, emotional and mental world. It is upon the etheric plane that the masters of the Great White Brotherhood were said to reside. However, mankind has been rising higher upon the ladder of the dimensions and the focuses of Light of the Great White Brotherhood anchored upon the etheric plane, together with the Ascended Masters’ retreats, have also been rising higher during the last decades. There are homes and cities of light upon the etheric plane which we also call Heaven. These cities of Light have rooms for council meetings to discuss the affairs of earth and heaven, temples for devotion and worship, centers for learning and repositories of the great wisdom of the ages, places of learning for the souls of light. You may also travel there in your finer bodies during sleep or between embodiments. The masters step down their light through their chelas for distribution to the planet. This light sustains all of its evolutions. It is not just Light but Consciousness itself that is being channelled by the Dhyani Buddhas to mankind. It is transmitted from Sirius via the Pleiades and Alcyone, then to Sol, the Sun of our system, then the planet Venus, and to the Logos of Earth, Sanat Kumara, or the being who is replacing the Ancient of Days in his office while he is away. This is Lord Gautama Buddha. The Masters of the Great White Brotherhood and Archangels work with their Rays. They take the Light and it passes through them as through a prism to distribute the Rays of the colours of the Rainbow which have a particular attribute. We sometime use the Sanskrit term ‘Chohan of the Ray’ which means Lord. For instance the chohan of the Blue Ray or First Ray is the Master El Morya and he works with Archangel Michael to manifest the Will of God.
There are Universities of the Spirit where people attend classes in their finer bodies when they sleep. When they awake they often feel compelled to search for those truths.
The Ascended form of the Master El Morya, Chohan of the First Ray, maintains his focus of the Will of God on the etheric plane from Darjeeling, India. He is the Chief of the Darjeeling Council, a council of Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood. Saint Germain is the Chohan of the Seventh Ray of Freedom and the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age. He has an etheric retreat in Romania as well as at the Cave of Symbols in the United States. The Legions of Angelic hosts serve with the Great White Brotherhood for the expression of the Seven Rays. The Chohans of the Rays, as well as the Archangels are engaged in a Teaching project by channeling information, enlightenment, disclosure, as well as updates, through messengers and channelers all around the planet. During the period of transition which we have entered into in January 2017 there will be a time when people who are ready for this will gain certain psychic or higher abilities to enter into communication with the beings of Light who form part of the Solar System’s Spiritual Hierarchy, as well as advanced galactic beings. This phenomenon will further change the accepted consensus as well as the scientific community. Disclosure as well as such a contact will change the world. The Spiritual Hierarchy is appointed by a Galactic and Cosmic Hierarchy. It is not hierarchy in the human sense. In antiquity it was known as an Order or Priesthood, such as of the Priesthood of Melchizedek, and this is an ancient name for Archangel Michael. The Brotherhood aligned with the Divine Will also is one of Intervention to manipulate timeline events and restore destiny to the original conditions that were intended to exist in the creation of physicality, as it was affected by interference for the dark beings called the fallen ones, the Luciferians, who influenced the present Establishment and government. Please refer to the video with a message from Archangel Michael entitled ‘The Prophecy’ for details about our galactic history.

For Introduction: Who are the Beings of Light? January 9, 2017

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