Lord Michael, André, Initiations & Fifth Kingdom of Djwhal Khul, January 15, 2017

by Christine Preston

Christine: The Master Djwhal Khul, also called ‘The Tibetan,’ communicated what is often referred to as The Ageless Wisdom to Alice Bailey. It was a second revelation in the sense he had released one through H.P. Blavatsky which was published in 1888 together with some material that was claimed to be from the Mahatmas of India and Tibet, including a study of the Book of Dzyan which is of Tibetan origin. Djwhal Khul had foretold he would release some psychological keys through a new disciple who would appear in the 20th century, but Blavatsky did not know who it would be. The stand that Blavatsky took against religious dogma helped to establish a new era of mental freedom to path the way for the revelation of the Ageless wisdom. At the time of Bailey’s writing, for instance in 1925, Djwhal Khul was said to be an advanced member of the Fifth Kingdom. In a moment we shall examine what ‘Fifth Kingdom’ means. He had taken an initiation and ascended to a high octave upon which he carried out his work, yet was living in a physical body on the border of Tibet where he had jurisdiction over a group of lamas. He explained that strictly speaking all of mankind belonged to the lowest rank of this Fifth Kingdom but that few people were able to maintain consciousness at its level for more than ‘fleeting moments’. He had explained that the members of the spiritual hierarchy who gained a certain attainment did not necessarily need to pass away from the physical plane, though there is a stage at which they could be freed from the material world. They could continue to exist in their bodies, or one that they had created, while functioning mentally on a higher plane of consciousness. A number of prophecies communicated through Alice Bailey seem to have materialized with the Summit Lighthouse’s activities, and the foundation of Church Universal & Triumphant, as the latter took place in the same year that the Master said he planned to create a new Universal Church. The Master Djwhal Khul had prophesied this would be done may be before, but certainly after 1975, and it was accomplished in 1975. The 33rd anniversary of Church Universal & Triumphant was celebrated in 2008 at the same time as the 50th anniversary of The Summit Lighthouse. The World Teacher that the Spiritual Hierarchy was said to be preparing to send seems to have been Mark Prophet, but there were many, or many followed, and there now are many channelers and messengers able to receive telepathic communication. The Masters who were especially concerned with this movement were the Master El Morya, the Master Kuthumi, and the Master Jesus. They were going to collaborate with two other masters, one of whom was on the Seventh Ray, Saint Germain, and the Great Divine Director. And of course Archangel Michael transmitted through Geraldine Innocente in the 1950s and became very involved with tele-thought transmission before 2012. Through Alice Bailey the masters said they planned a third Revelation with an activity of invocation and visualizations to bring together great spiritual energies for the benefit of mankind, as speech brings thoughts out of abstraction into existence in the material world, and is a magical force. It is the most occult manifestation in existence and the means of creation. Djwhal Khul stated that a branch of magical work consisted in the use of Words of Power, mantras and formulas which set in motion hidden energies and call devas to their work. The new teachings were said to be based upon concepts of laws governing the release of spiritual energies. At the time of the Second Revelation the Churches in the West, as well as teachers in the East, had not kept pace with the unfolding intellect of the human spirit. The new teachings would demonstrate the actuality of the immanence of God. This is a reference to the I Am Presence the existence of which was known in the I Am movement of Guy Ballard. A constant communication between humanity and the spiritual hierarchy had been predicted through Alice Bailey, and Djwhal Khul had mentioned that this contact would result with an expansion of consciousness, and that the Masters would overshadow the disciples, and Christ consciousness would appear in them. As a result the Hierarchy could draw closer to mankind and externalize itself through the disciples. We are its head, heart, and hands. Our present planetary problems could be traced back to the Atlantean drama of failed transition to the Fifth Kingdom. It is a post human kingdom, something that we create. It is the kingdom of galactic angels who awake. The human kingdom is the fourth, the animal kingdom is the third, the vegetal kingdom is the 2nd and the mineral one is the first. According to the Ageless Wisdom channelled during 1919 to 1949, the door to the Fifth Kingdom was opened, symbolically, so the human family was endowed with higher knowledge, and taught how to liberate itself from the human kingdom to pass into the spiritual one. You pass into the fifth kingdom through the discriminative faculty of mind. In consciousness it is what we call the 5th dimension. The faculty of Mind is in connection with the Vision or Perception that permits your ascension to a higher level upon the ladder of the dimensions. But it’s more than that as you attain the fifth kingdom, or 5D, by a transformation of the lower self, or personality, as well as a development of the etheric body. The human consciousness is replaced and saturated by virtues, Light and Christ consciousness. You need to build a bridge of Light to achieve these transformation, by visualizations, meditation and invocations. The building of this bridge called the ‘Antakharana’ is symbolically represented by the weaving of a solar garment for the soul’s wedding to the Christ Self in the Ascended Masters’ teachings. Invocations for the spiritual Rays have to be made so that the angels start building a solar body for the soul. To form this solar body one must purify one’s thoughts and feelings. This explains why when you step upon the path of Ascension all the aspect of your psychology come up to the surface for transmutation. The masters therefore provided the spiritual tools to deal with any situation and Archangel Michael’s sword of blue flame can be invoked for a liberation from the shackles of your own creation. Please refer to the videos on that subject. In the book ‘Initiation, Human and Solar’ by Alice Bailey is stated the fact that a Probationary Path precedes the Path of Initiation. The Probation begins when the individual starts working on his own character and brings his personality under control. The main lessons of the second initiation are related to the control of the emotional body and the death of desire. This initiation could take lifetimes, but has been accelerated in recent years and the fourth and fifth initiations usually follow quickly. At the Third Initiation one develops the mental body and merge with the Higher Self. The disciple is no longer controlled by the lower mind. One gains the ability to manipulate thought matter. More details will be given about the Fourth and Fifth Initiations later, and the Sixth Initiation will be discussed at another time.
The following are Extracts from Archangel Michael’s message on the subject of the fact that the pattern followed by the global shifts experienced by mankind is parallel to that of the individual Initiations on the Path of Ascension. This is a part of the instruction that was published in the video ‘Modification of Timelines, Initiations & shifts, December 27, 2016’.
General Awakening
Lord Michael: Your bodies, or physicality, are undergoing changes with a shift of the whole planet and world into 4th density. Remember that this is not the same as the shift to the 5th Dimension in consciousness, but rather a result of the latter, as your spirituality, your frame of mind, your heart’s nature, your disposition to love, or loving nature, is what results with a shift to 4th density and finally to 5th density. Your supernatural experiences with the light of the tube of Light, your I Am Presence, in those moments of deep connection with your beloved celestial parents, or mentors, those experiences are now more energetic and intense. All lightbearers are to experience the same at one time in the near future, as they progress upon the path of the Initiations and Ascension all in their own time.
What has been taught in the past concerning the Path of Initiation is to do with individual progress on the path of Ascension. The same is being experienced globally by the masses in a parallel way because planet Earth, Gaia Herself, is ascending. However, some of those souls are only just beginning their journey and placing their feet upon that path following their awakening.
The shift to 4th density is the equivalent, in a global way, to the changes experienced at any time in history, or previously, in an individual way by Initiates who conquered the human nature and gained mastery over it by their progress between the Second and Third Initiations, and then between the Third and Fourth Initiations. By this I mean their bodies changed as they progressed upon the Path of Ascension in the same way that it is experienced by mankind in a global way.
The bulk of humanity is taking its first steps onto the spiritual kingdom and leaving the duality of the 3rd Dimensional frame of mind as well. It rejects ignorance and indoctrination. It is being liberated from its captivity to the dark forces. It has conquered the sins of the flesh and licentiousness. It has been admitted upon the Path as it has been decreed ‘Now is the Time when evil must end.’
The First Initiation
This first initiation heralds the birth of Christ consciousness, as the lightbody is beginning to be descending. This quantum presence then affects the DNA and is causing changes, such as an increased mental activity, and increased psychic sensitivity. Although they may not realize it, those who desire a better world are experiencing the consciousness of responsibility, unconditional love, and service. What appears as progress in Science is the result of this increased mental activity. One fourth of the physical structure of the Initiates has undergone change after this Initiation. One fourth only of their atomic structure may have undergone the crystalline changes necessary in preparation for the final shift to 5th density which will liberate mankind and open the way to a state free from disease and death.
The Second Initiation
Lord Michael: The lessons provided by Life on Earth to gain control of the emotional body used to take lifetimes, but have now been activated in this time of intensive initiations with the photonic light. The control of the emotions is related to the Astral level and the 4th density is in exact parallel to what used to be the Astral Realm.
The second Initiation relates to this control and is the hardest of all testing and overcoming. Many desires have to be conquered for this Initiation and it is to do with all of the human aspects of the lower nature. This lower nature is the human consciousness that attracts mortality to itself. The more it is being transmuted, the more is Christ consciousness integrated. The capstone, or pyramidion, of higher consciousness is re-attached to the symbolic pyramid of soul evolution.
As Freedom is the keynote for the individual facing the Second Initiation, so it is for the nation regaining control from the evil forces and Establishment that are being repudiated by the actions of the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age, Saint Germain, who works through his representatives in physicality, as well as his extensions, to bring about liberation.
Lightworkers taking the 3rd Initiation
Lord Michael: The Lightworkers are experiencing the soul merge of the Third Initiation as they are developing self-mastery over the mental body. They are becoming merged with their Higher Selves. They are being flooded with Light and are no longer controlled by the lower mind, or wrong desires. They are responding to the Initiations coming from their higher souls, their Ashram, or family DNA, which also is in connection with their Galactic family. Their I Am Presence releases particular energy frequencies from the globes of the Causal Body of Rainbow colours, such as the Emerald Ray for healing and supply, as well as for perception through the 3rd eye chakra; the Golden Pink Ray for illumination and resurrection; the yellow and gold vibrations for wisdom and enlightenment; the Blue Ray for protection a vision of the Will of God, and so on.
Three quarters of their physical matter are now transformed in preparation for the shift to 5th density which is to take place in a decades, or few years for some. Individually they are at different stages in this process of transmutation and are in the peripheral regions of 4th density now. They are receiving impulses from the Spiritual Hierarchy and the latter is overshadowing them. They also receive guidance from their monadic Presence, the Father-Mother God, I Am Presence, who created their Higher Selves at the beginning of their history. Those disciples are learning that their vision, attitude to life, and disciplines, such as the use of calls and prayers, create a new Reality, the 5th kingdom. Their 3rd eye has been opened and stimulated. They have been told that they have ascended and gone through portals of Initiations and it is Lord Sanat Kumara who indeed officiates at these initiations with his rod. The Lightworker having reached that state is now polarized into the mental body at the Third Initiation and the matter of his body existing in the space continuum, affected by time and change, is relatively purified. A certain voltage of spiritual energy is passed to the Initiate at this Initiation under the direction of Sanat Kumara, who has been in the office of Planetary Logos of the Earth but has now been replaced by Lord Buddha.
The Fourth Initiation
Lord Michael: The Fourth Initiation relates to moving on beyond self-interest in the sense that the Divine Will and the Mission are of paramount importance to the Initiate. It looks as a sacrifice to the outside world, but is not felt that way as the Initiate finds ultimate happiness in the experience of the relationship with the energies of the Higher Selves, as well as of the higher dimensions, especially if able to receive telepathic communication. Liberation has been achieved from the wheel of rebirth, rejuvenation is doing its work and karma has been balanced, in some cases totally, or sufficiently, for the Ascension to be permitted by the Divine Law. The Initiate becomes a master of wisdom and compassion. The mantles called forth empower him or her. The Great White Brotherhood is working through this initiate to fulfil the Divine Plan. The initiate operates on the Buddhic plane of consciousness. That also is Christ consciousness. Communication with the I Am is also established. The Initiate is declared a member of the Spiritual Hierarchy, working for the Great White Brotherhood, perhaps as a messenger or other capacities. The Fifth kingdom is being created. It is a new reality, new Gaia, a golden age. At the Initiation it is once again Lord Sanat Kumara who officiates with his rod. The works of this initiate, as well as his, or her, soul group, are a boost to planetary evolution. The symmbolic Rainbow Bridge, called Antakharana in the East, has been built and forms a Spiritual Triad between the Initiate, his Higher Self, including the Higher Self’s divine complement, or twin flame, and the I Am Presence. The vibration of this relationship is very much one of love and one which is indescribable in the human language. The physical body is 100% transformed, or prepared, for the global shift to 5th density, and signs of healing have been experienced one after the other. The preparation is however being held up as it cannot be complete until the whole planetary body has moved into 4th density, and until some higher-dimensional intervention has taken place, such as with the use of the Light chambers, and finally as a result of the shift to 5th density.
The Fifth Initiation
Lord Michael: What is ahead then is the Fifth Initiation when the Initiates will experience unity with the Monadic I Am Presence as a result of a merging process. A new vision has been perceived concerning the possibilities of a transfiguration and resurrection, but if the body cannot be preserved a new body can be manifested.
At this time the Great White Brotherhood wishes to save your physical bodies because family DNA is precious and because bones contain data that should be preserved. This has been referred to by the Pleiadeans as the human library. Souls that have succumbed to death in the past such as this messenger’s ascended twin flame, undertake intensive training in the higher dimensional mystery schools and are trained for their ascension in a rigorous manner, and so the Ascension can be achieved on both sides of the River of Life. Then a solution is found for the Reunion of Twin Flames desired by the Divine Will.
Christine: The following comment from my ascended twin flame André completed Archangel Michael’s instruction:
André: Something is to occur at the time of the global shift to the 5th dimension, or 5th density, as the lightbody will over-light the physical body so much that it will be as if the latter disappeared, or was transfigured. If this change occurs early for those who are to return to teach and serve with Galactic beings, they may return after having been transformed in Light chambers – not those of the Secret Space Program, but those of higher dimensions powered down sufficiently for these operations to be possible. What is involved in the final Ascension is the fact that the Solar Body of Ascension has been weaved by the angels with the Light that a person has manifested. When the physical temple is ready it is a temple for the Real Self and Lightbody descending. Physicality was originally created upon the 5th dimension for the use of those higher beings we call our higher, or real, selves. Physicality is being restored at that level. The space time continuum, all of that physicality, was brought down, lowered, into the 3rd dimension by an interference. It was not an experiment. The liberation that you are experiencing now is to do with a rise of your world that is sufficiently high enough upon the ladder of the vibrations so that all things are restored to a golden age, as intended in the first place.
Christine: Wishing you to remain in the light and protection of the Ascended Masters and Archangels, Namaste! Christine.

Lord Michael, André, Initiations & Fifth Kingdom of Djwhal Khul, January 15, 2017

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