by Christine Preston

Christine: When practicing the attunement with the Solar Ring and Tube of Light on December 19, I adjusted my call when it came to anchoring the twin pillars of all the higher Beings such as Alpha & Omega, Helios & Vesta, the Elohim and Archangels, for the solar Ring to be a platform for the tube of Light. I called for the descent of my own Higher Self together with that of André, my twin flame, to reflect my understanding of the process concerning the descent of the twin pillars. It is to do with the integration of one’s Higher Self, the Soul of which we are an incarnation of in physicality.

I had wondered why it was said in previous decades that the Causal Body – that was depicted around the I AM Presence – burns up when a person ascends, and that the connection is then direct with the I AM. The mistake consists in the fact of the omission that by that time the person has identified with the Higher Self, and the latter has a direct connection with the I AM in the first place. Archangel Michael has also pointed out to me that some teachings were given for the human kingdom, not incarnations of Archangels. The persona is a soul extension of a Higher Being whether you belong to the Human or Angelic kingdom. The angelic evolution is parallel to that of the human, but just as it is possible for humans to enter into the angelic kingdom, Angels can incarnate into physical bodies, and many lightworkers are angelics in embodiment at this time. Archangels have become great Beings of Light in a very ancient time, so if they have a mission involving a process of becoming human, it is for the purpose of manifesting God’s Will on Earth, and not so much as part of an evolution.

I have been told so many times that I am an extension of Archangel Faith, but didn’t want to mention it, although it is important to affirm one’s identity in order to activate the integration. During the night my ‘I AM Presence’ kindly confirmed this surreal reality which had already been stated practically every day of this last year, with the words: ‘You are the presence of your Higher Self, Archangel Faith.’ After this I experienced her presence in my heart with a more powerful surge of light, love and energy, than ever before. It’s a merging and integration difficult to describe. As I was meditating upon the feeling she started channeling through me, or I started making statements from ‘her’ viewpoint. Later I received messages in the form of the following dictation:

Archeia Faith: The Higher Selves are presently descending as light bodies and conferring to their lower selves on Earth the sacredness of their consciousness. This is happening at the same time as the negative attributes of the ego dissolve by the action of the light, the violet flame, or the cutting free by Archangel Michael’s sword of Blue flame, and there are many other reasons. To understand this fully it must be remembered that the Higher Self, or Soul, does not take control of the body at birth, but descends within it gradually. For instance it does so within the body of the child at an early age, and then takes possession of its brain later. The problem with mankind is, however, that generally, when a person does not walk upon the path of ascension, the three main vehicles of expression, which are the physical body, the emotional one, and the mental one, cut themselves off from the Soul, and in many case, function as an ego in a state of denial of their divine connection. The materialist science they have been indoctrinated with affects their vision of self. Religion has not enlightened them as to the possibility that the human being is more than a sinner, or predestined by the limitations of his mortality.

Jesus was initiated into the gnosis of Self when he was in Egypt. This mystery of the Self was known to the gnostics who spoke of it as ‘gnosis.’ But it’s a science in relation to the Higher Self, not the lower self or personality. Hermes, as he was known to the Greeks, was Thoth to the Egyptians. In Hermetism it was said that he spoke to his Higher Self and the latter was called ‘NOUS’ in Greek. It meant ‘Mind.’ It was said that this higher mind addressed him, Hermes, as his Son. This was an early example of channeling in the Father-Son relationship which also was demonstrated by Jesus. The Druids were also informed about the wondrous reality of this selfhood. The materialism that has obliterated the understanding of this gnosis is a beast of modern times.

The Higher Selves, or Souls, form the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Earth, with the Ascended Masters and Archangels. They are called the Entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood. The traditional term ‘white’ here is in the sense of ‘pure.’ The Body of God is the Soul extensions that are in physicality. The real Church that also is the Bride of Christ, is the interconnected lower selves being reintegrated in their wedding with Christ consciousness. This is happening as a slow process and in physicality.

A Higher Self cannot be fully expressed through a human being and it has another eleven soul extensions, some of which may, or may not, have ascended or been reintegrated. The Higher Self is vast and He, or She, takes possession of the extension and becomes heart, head, and hands – so to speak – with a flow of consciousness and energy that descend into the form. The Higher Self also descends with the pillar of consciousness of the Twin flame. The Solar ring that is invoked and that magnetizes the twin pillars of consciousness becomes a platform for the Tube of Light. Within the latter also descends Christ consciousness and the soul extensions are uplifted by the descent of the Lightbody, as well as an upsurge of Violet Transmuting flame that enfolds your entire being. Your threefold flame is amplified. You are sealed in the Tube of Light. The atoms of your being are irradiated by light and absorb it so that you experience a healing and regeneration leading to an actual transfiguration of your form. This will be a gradual process in a measure controlled by your I Am Presence. You may experience heat and a sensation of upliftment caused by the raising of your vibrations when you attune in this way. You may experience a floating sensation due to an activation taking place. A relationsip between the persona that you feel you are and your Higher Self, Christ Self, or I Am Presence, may result with a kundalini activation. It may manifest as a feeling of going up that ‘heavenly ladder’ that is figurative, and represents the dimensions of consciousness.

As a soul extension you become the expression of your Higher Self. There already exists oneness between that higher Soul that you are and the one who is its complement, the Twin Flame. There is a quality of sublime polarity in this relationship and with this exercise you begin to experience sensations, or states of being, that are undescribable. Joy and bliss are not enough, but perhaps the term ‘sublime’ could almost do it justice.

There are Old Souls in the sense of the state of evolution at which the Higher Selves are because some also are evolving, and it is the reason that they have sought physicality. But many have come into it to hold the Light and carry out a mission. At one time the Souls that descended into physicality were unable to free themselves from the cycles of incarnation. This is a different situation from that of the Archangels who incarnate, or extend their consciousness in incarnation, but only do so when they are absolutely sure that no risk is involved in the sense that they have the strength, confidence, and faith that will prevent a fall into the pit of the lower dimensions.

There is a mixture of higher-dimensional beings incarnated upon the surface of the planet and, of course, this is related to the drama that has been lived as far as the cosmic destiny of the Earth has been concerned. It has necessitated the master-minding of a complicated plan to not only restore the timelines to what they were intended to be, but also to raise the material Galaxy to a point of safety, that point being a higher dimension than the one mankind fell into. This place of safety wil be one at which everlasting life can be enjoyed.

Apart from what has been divulged concerning the restoration of the human DNA because it was tampered with, so that you can become fully conscious beings, in a primordial time when magicians of the black art were able to formulate thoughtforms, monstrous hybrids were created, including a female form that has been called ‘Lilith.’ The divine Plan included the creation of the five physical races to rectify the genealogical situation because the forms were not suitable for the sons and daughters of God to express themselves in physicality. This was when the original genes were obtained from 12 extraterrestrial races. Their quantum DNA was formulated upon the higher realms in their image and these thoughtforms were manifested upon the physical plane which was, however, still upon a higher dimension than the 3rd in that primordial era before the first colony appeared on Earth – the one that was followed by the Lemurian civilization. The souls represented as Adam descended in the progeny of beings who divided sexually as male and female. There existed on Earth hermaphrodite beings but on a higher dimension. References to them are not always clear. It may be a recollection of the twin flames before they separated in order to incarnate, as following the initial colonization of Earth millions of souls incarnated into the progeny of these first extraterrestrial colonisers. The first two root races, the Polarian and Hyperborean ones, were hardly physical and were those that could live in any environment such as fire and had a sight that was unlimited. They possessed powers that were represented as a third eye and were cyclopean. The Atlanteans were Titans and misused their powers. This was also due to the nature of the beings who incarnated in their progeny. The Atlanteans had been divided in two groups. One had chosen the teachings of the path of Ascension, the Tree of Life. The other had chosen the path of the black art. The Atlanteans had attempted to impose control over the whole Earth. After the Atlantean cataclysms the good teachings were preserved but deteriorations occurred.

There also were miscreations by the use of genetic engineering during the Atlantean era and it was the cataclysms in the period of 10,500 to 9,000 BC that finally permitted the elimination of most hybrid forms. When the Souls extended their consciousness as facets of themselves into physicality in the days of Lemuria, the forms they inhabited were giant and their lifespan was of one thousand years in the same body, as is said of Adam, but after the Atlantean period, when civilization was reconstructed, God formulated new laws, to prevent the premature use of psychic powers because this had been the cause of a misuse that had contributed to corruption as well as the downfall of Atlantis, and longevity decreased because of the disconnection with the Higher Self. The Anunnaki and Atlanteans had worked upon the degradation of the human being. The divine plan was to restore the human body and the Forces of the Light counted on the activation of the DNA by the irradiation of photonic light in the future time that we are presently in.

In the present era of transition the persona is being re-integrated with the Higher Self. There will be a time when a quantum leap onto the 5th dimension will be accomplished, when the forms will be changed but soul attunement with the Higher Self will be central to the work before that.

I Am the presence of Archeia Faith. We are Soul family. We are in love and with you always.

December 22: A funny story: During the night I felt energy being directed to my chakras up to the heart but it was a slightly different sensation than the one I get with Archangel Michael’s presence. I became a little bit concerned as I experienced some attacks in the past and although it seemed alright it could have developed differently. I heard high pitches in my right ear and my reception was not very clear for some reason, and André may have said there was no interference, but I thought I’d better do my tube of Light and proceeded with asking for Archangel Michael’s protection as well as the electronic presence of Jesus Christ. It was a prayer which got rid of attackers before. Then I felt the Christ’s presence, and he does come with his own legions! But a voice stated: ‘False Alarm!’ I then asked who they were and it was two beings who said: ‘We are angels working for Archangel Michael. We are doing some repairs.’ They were like surgeons carrying out an operation on me but on the etheric plane. So I asked that the prayer may be for attacks in the world where lightworkers are concerned. I wanted to share this with you because it’s so Surreal and so you will know what to expect when it happens to you. It can be funny as for instance a member of the Cabal using psychotronic technology to attempt to communicate with me for the purpose of making an accusation, was told by André to ‘buzz off.’


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