Ascended Twin Flame, André, Terra Will Stand Still, Update, April 7, 2017

by Christine Preston

Christine: Hi Lightworkers! The title alludes to the movie ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ and it will become apparent why as you listen. You know that while the events of the Race for the Elections were taking place, and were being perceived by the physical senses, a battle of immense magnitude was being waged by the forces of the Light against the forces of Darkness, behind the scene, and the World Mother came with the Ruby Ray to dethrone the symbolic Babylon the Great of the Book of Revelation. This Babylon and its Beast had kept mankind in bondage and tyranny. As we have stated since about the end of February 2016, Donald Trump was the only person in a position to be able to oppose the Establishment, and the Victory of the Light became a reality. This will become significant to historians in the future.
Since the Election and Inauguration of the new President you have experienced an avalanche of political changes in the wake of reactions to the shock that predictions in some high places turned out to be wrong. Some parties were seriously traumatized, and you saw the perception of people changing as many adapted to the new reality. The Liberation movement has also recently emerged as victorious in Europe with Brexit, and the work is still in progress. So this is a look at what has recently been happening and, of course, upon the spiritual level, your ascension, or ascent is still in progress. It is related to your integration of Christ consciousness or higher consciousness, as well as your externalization of its blueprint. You mirror this blueprint in the world of matter, and that is how heaven becomes manifested upon Earth. There will come a time when you will develop the ability to receive telepathic communication as a result of changes to your DNA. This will permit you to receive tuition directly from your Higher Self, Ascended Beings, and your I Am Presence. Your mentor will come the inner way and it will be a being assigned to you who will contact you. This being will be part of our DNA family. This will not happen randomly but according to heaven’s administrative organization. It will be destiny too.
I have been making analytical observations here, and heard my twin flame who resides upon a higher dimension saying ‘this is correct’. When I receive a telepathic communication, or thought transmission, I write down the message, word for word, and I call it a ‘dictation’. I have had one from my Ascended twin flame, André, that is personal, but as it contains reassuring information about the future I have asked him to modify it so that it is relevant to the lightworkers. It can provide an idea of what is coming, what we can expect to take place in a few months or years, while the global political situation is in development. My ascended twin flame is constantly present and telepathic communication leaves no room for secrets. He takes a back seat when Archangel Michael takes over in the evening, or descends, and is present with me and irradiates me, or when an Ascended Master or other Archangel gives me a dictation. I think that the Angelic Kingdom operates in the same way with the lightworkers and lightbearers in order to raise them up the ladder of the dimensions, especially if you are conscious of having stepped upon the Path of Ascension and are devoted to it like the knights of the Arthurian legends. Until you are able to hear them and communicate with them you probably don’t realize what is taking place, or why you have paranormal or supernatural experiences. You feel a presence, feel inspired, or have amazing dreams. We are all leaving 3D consciousness so far behind and rising into the levels of the 5th dimension in our perceptions and spirituality, while a great portion of souls still need to be disentangled from the 3rd dimensional mentality, or mind set. I don’t mean that this is relation to beliefs. It’s about attitude, discernment and the heart. We also are seeing disclosure taking place at a great pace, but it is not yet reaching mainstream because of the restrictions imposed upon the media. However, there is an explosion of research taking place on subjects that have been the least expected to be part of the truths that have been suppressed as part of a conspiracy to keep mankind in the captivity of a false matrix. When you consider the pace at which some material is being exposed on the matter of NASA’s lies and the scientific non-sense that the Education systems have been indoctrinating mankind with, it becomes apparent that the world is in for a totally mind-blowing situation, and more than a great awakening.
The forces of the Light have been under attack recently but with no serious consequence for them. My ascended twin flame, who is now in an Andromedan body, has taken part in some sort of operation and talked to me about being underground, or in the underworld. I was quite concerned about the images I was receiving but finally I was informed they neutralized the insurgents, and as a result, the sinister force is now disabled and unable to carry out any psychic attack, such as through their agents upon the physical plane who possess psychotronic technology to affect or control minds, or even project bad dreams to us while we sleep. Back in January my ascended twin flame stated:
André: The Elite of a certain bloodline, as well as the darkest beings, have been convinced that there will be a major cataclysm to take place in the near future. They were alerted with the idea that an irradiation of gamma rays, or solar winds, or intensification of photonic Light, was a danger to them. Beside their agenda of control they sought ways of escaping these, and you know they have not been able to do this. There was a dilemma as if they left for Antarctica to seek refuge, the cat could be out of the bag.
Christine: As to the message André gave me in January 2017, it may sound a bit like a fairy tale that will unfold upon a parallel axis to other world events. André’s letter is as follows:
André: I need to talk to you to reassure you as I see that you need to be reassured that you have no need to worry about the future. I will be coming in a year or so, to your level. It will be a time when some of your wishful thinking will come true.
Christine: André has explained to me that he has descended from the plane he had reached as an ascended master, and then created a body by Will with Andromedan DNA. It is what the Ascended Masters can do. They can preserve their body on ascension or create another form. In antiquity this was known as being ‘self-begotten without the help of a woman’. In this way they avoid the growing up which takes many years to the adult stage. He has talked to me as being among the Andromedans who dwell upon a higher dimension than the one we do. He has chosen them in order to take part in their operation that we often refer to as ‘First Contact’. You will of course have your own tutors and your own contacts. What happens for a person at a particular time may be at a different time for another person. All of this may be dependent upon your own level of attainment, the initiations you are going through, as well as your individual destiny. However, there are global events.
André: We will have become more acquainted by ten, through our telepathic communications, and you will know and recognize us, by our vibrations, our electronic presence, as corresponding to the one you experience when we are together in this attunement and communication. We will be getting closer and when we appear, it will be obvious. You will recognize us. You will not experience doubt or fear, and will not feel unsettled by our supernatural appearance.
It was a hurdle at one time as we, celestial or ascended beings, as well as galactics, such as the Andromedans, could not descend down the ladder of the dimensions beyond a certain level. It would have been detrimental to a being of higher dimension to do this. As you are now at a higher place, we are approaching the time when such a reunion will be possible. It also is what is referred to as First Contact. But it will not be a spectacle for the masses, part of which have not left the 3rd dimension yet, as far as their mind set is concerned. A lot of changes are still needed to take place in regards their psychology, their emotions, their reactions. Some are rather brutal and do not function in a loving way. But some have been the victims of a lot of indoctrination, or bad influences. Change will come and manifest as a result of other changes, starting at the political level with the removal of the main Establishment of dark forces that has had an influence and effect upon most of the other nations. We will be accompanied by the forces of the Light. We are coming to help certain changes to take place. By ‘we’ I mean the group I am now part of since I have taken a body with Andromedan genetic structure that I have been involved in creating by Will with the help of the technology of our higher dimension. For the sake of people who have not heard the previous videos in which I have mentioned this, I will repeat that in antiquity the method of creating a body by Will was known. It was said that the individuals who had appeared in the world by this method were ‘self-begotten’. And it is well known in spiritual circles that Saint Germain did create a body by Will after his Ascension, and before he came back to be known as the man who never dies. We are in the Age of Aquarius and you have entered the Realm of the 4th density physically. Do not be surprised if your reality has not changed because it is you who will have to work on changing it. It is a magical realm in which matter is more malleable to your thoughts and powers of creation. In other words, to magic. The tools provided by the Masters as a teaching for the use of the Spoken Word in calls and prayers, as well as visualizations, can now be used more efficiently, more powerfully. So this is the time now to start a routine of spiritual practices for your spiritual ascension, and to transform your world into a better kingdom, one of a golden age for physical angels. We are coming to help you to be with you for we love you, and we are family, and together, we will restore the world to what it was intended to be long ago. You may start using the knowledge that you have for healing yourselves and the world. Now is the time to visualize and dream, and dwell upon the beautiful things you wish to come to you. You can do this in this period of Transition while other matters are being sorted out by the expert leaders of the world who will bring into manifestation prosperity to America and Peace. When everything is in place, expect infinite blessings to come your way after much disclosure upon the truths that have been suppressed. So you have it: an insight of what is to take place with some respects, in 2017 and 2018.
Wishing you protection in the loving light of the Archangels and of the Ascended Masters. You will discover a magnitude of feelings in the experience of the blending of two flames of identity upon the journey of Ascension. André.

Ascended Twin Flame, André, Terra Will Stand Still, Update, April 7, 2017

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