ATF André, AAMichael, Prayer Wheel to eradicate Antichrist,

by Christine Preston,

February 5, 2017
Christine: My Ascended Twin Flame has worked with me on some instructions inspired from calls dictated by Saint Germain in 1962, the god and goddess Meru in 1983, and the rosary to Archangel Michael for the Armageddon of the Psyche [see Summit Publications] and these spiritual calls and visualizations are central to some of the videos on the playlist provided by Matt Muckleroy. The ideas received as usual by telepathic communication were followed by a request from Archangel Michael to type the text as soon as possible so that people could play the video in a comparative manner as the Tibetans make their prayer wheels turn, as it will have an effect upon the ethers and be a healing for the Nations. Archangel Michael has reminded me that our prayers will be amplified from next week as explained previously in relation to our progression within the 4th dimension where the physical world is concerned, because the laws governing our use of energy will change, and matter will become more malleable. Please refer to the instructions with regard to the power of the spoken word. It means that it would be a good idea to print this text and then recite it as a call, or prayer, at the same time that you are listening to the video. The part of this video that is an instruction is also for your visualization. The text will be posted on my Facebook page [Christine Preston, Swansea University] and will be on Try and google it as well with the title and date. For information on my Ascended Twin Flame, please consult Matt Muckleroy’s Playlists and the video:

Lord Michael, Saint Germain, André, Chrétien de Troyes & Arthurian Legends, August 12,

André: Greetings dear ones! It has been decreed ‘Now is the Time when evil must end’ and the bulk of humanity is taking its first steps onto the spiritual kingdom but is having trouble leaving the duality of the 3rd Dimensional frame of mind, or mind set, while a large section of alternative thinkers, religious, or spiritual, souls, as well as lightworkers, can have graduated upon the ladder of the dimensions and be dwelling upon the 5th dimension in consciousness and higher. When there appears to be a great upheaval manifesting upon the political scenes of the nation, it reflects one in the psyche of the people and the incessant problem consisting in the fact that people start reacting with violence and negative feelings towards each other, instead of dealing with problems, objections, and arguments, at the intellectual level. In this period of Transition and of awakening there is a need to consume the momentums of Antichrist, and this term means the Dark ones, and Dark System of the world, and of this nation, the one that has been pulling the strings of the Establishment as a shadow government and from the astral plane. This ex-Establishment, or powers that are on the way out, has been opposed with the Elections and new Presidency, but it finds devious ways to exercise an influence. Time will be needed to eradicate this dark power as well as its effects. It is by a misinterpretation of Scripture that some Christians believe in the future appearance of antichrist as evil has been around for at least 2,000 years and it was to cast out this ‘Prince of the world’ [Satan and Lucifer] that Christ incarnated when he did. Of course, it was around during the Atlantean downfall but its representatives, the fallen ones or fallen angels, were bound in the bottomless pits and cast in chains, allegorically, by Archangel Michael, and you may verify this in the book of Enoch. This means that they were prevented from reincarnating for some thousands of years, but were allowed to make a re-appearance at the time that Christ could hold a balance of Light in the world together with many other souls of light or sar seeds. Their reappearance was to take place for a final testing and separation, or judgment, in the process of the Harvest.
Christ was able to manifest a unique alchemy for the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ through himself. Today you are following in Christ’s footsteps as you are integrating Christ consciousness and when there is great disharmony in the world the practice of the Solar Ring becomes a sacred tool for you to manifest a healing for souls, people, cities and nations. It will hold a balance against all turmoil and even calm people down at subconscious level. So you may call for the action of the Solar Ring and visualize it around yourselves as a ring of brilliant white fire. Then visualize the twin pillars, or shafts of Light, representing the Father an Mother polarities of Alpha and Omega descending upon you from the Great Central Sun, and into your dimension. It is something you can do as a spiritual service for mankind and to activate the appearance of the great golden age of Saint Germain. You may visualize the Solar Ring around you as a ring of fire and desire the sacred tie to Christ’s consciousness in your heart. So see it with your 3rd eye chakra. See it with the radiant vision of the 5th dimension that brings you knowledge, enlightenment, as well as the perception that you can only obtain through the purification of your soul. So visualize that Solar Ring being drawn around you and let the angels chose where it is needed to bring light to the nation. Twin shafts of Light will be descending next and will also be those of the dual image of the Presence of the Elohim, Archangels, and higher beings of Light, as well as the polarity of the Spirit of your Twin Flame. The Solar Ring will seal you and heal you at all levels including the psychological and subconscious ones. You are doing this in the name of I Am that I Am to seal yourself in the power of the light. And this is using the power of Seraphim to protect the communities and even the whole earth from the dark forces, from their agenda of turmoil, chaos and control. Also do this in the name of Jesus Christ to seal yourself in God’s Harmony, and with the protection of the legions of the First Ray. The Solar Ring will be a platform for the Tube of Light that you may call forth by reciting the following words:
Call: O my constant loving I Am Presence whose radiance forms a circle of fire that lights my way, I am faithfully calling to Thee to keep your great pillar of Light intact through every passing moment, and I do now draw the Solar Ring around my forcefield for the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ in the Earth. I see its twinned shafts of light descending as the twin pillars of Alpha and Omega, of the mighty Elohim and Archangels, and of my own celestial twin flame. Into the electric circle of divinely charged energy of my Tube of Light, direct a swift upsurge of the violet fire of Freedom’s forgiving transmuting flame. Do cause the ever expanding energy of this flame projected downward into the forcefield of my human energies to completely change every negative condition into the positive polarity of my own divine Self! Let its magic purify my world until all discord, cause, effect, record and memory is forever changed into the Victory of Light and the peace of the Ascended Jesus Christ. I am now accepting the full manifestation of my prayer and calling for a sacred release of assistance from your divine Heart to amplify it until all are God-free in the light that never fails. In the name of Jesus Christ I seal myself in the flame of God Harmony and I call for the protection of the legions of the First Ray around this Tube of Light and that Solar Ring, and in gratitude, I accept this done in full power.
André: As it is written in the Decree book, there are many legions and forces in the Great Central Sun, and they come down to the lower dimension as the armies of the Lord, together with Archangel Michael, the Defender in Battle, as well as other Archangels. They come down from every system and galaxy, and star, from the highest realms and descend to planet earth for the deliverance of souls, children, men and women, and nations. They do this when you call them. This is because of the law of non-interference. It is necessary to given them authority to go into action because in some case it might go against your own free will and the Forces of the Light never interfer with human freewill. The Woman clothed with the Sun of the book of Revelation is a symbol for mankind giving birth to a new consciousness as it is the time for the awakening upon the path of Ascension. Ask that Archangel Michael may be blessed with dispensations and that such armies may be sent from the higher realms so he may be able to continue cleaning out the astral plane, as well as free mankind from the indoctrination that has kept it in bondage to the dark forces. You may pray to the Elohim of God and the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, as well as the Cosmic Councils of the Sun, for an intercession so that Archangel Michael may fulfill his inner vow to defend the souls with the thread to the I Am Presence. Those souls are the Church and the symbolic bride that is the mystical body of God. In other words, one denomination called Church or spiritual group does not have more value than another, because the true Church is the mystical body of God and the Lightbearers in the whole world, whatever their religion or race.
Call: O Powers of Light we beseech you this day to give absolute protection to the new President, his teams and their families, for the deliverance of this nation under God according to thy Divine Plan and to manifest Saint Germain’s Great Golden Age. Cut us free Archangel Michael and your legions of Light, with your Mighty Sword of Blue flame, and clear the way for the quickening of hearts and the awakening. Let this be a rosary of light for the healing of the nations and for the ascended Masters’ activities on planet earth. So say we all in gratitude!
André: As I take my leave I am echoing Archangel Michael’s words ‘I am with you always’.

ATF André, AAMichael, Prayer Wheel to eradicate Antichrist,

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