ATF André, Slaying the Dragon of Chaos, February 14, 2017

by Christine Preston,

Christine: This is what André, my Ascended Twin Flame has told me by the usual method of telepathic communication or thought transmission:
André: Dear ones, In December 1975, when politicians assessed Communism was still a threat after Stalin, Saint Germain communicated to the followers of the Summit Lighthouse a message on the matter of America’s great destiny and the Messenger E. C. Prophet called for an intervention as the Mother of the Flame, published in the decree book in 1977. Nearly forty years later America finds itself in the middle of a great upheaval and division in the period of the first 100 days of the new Presidency of Donald Trump which truly is what the Book of Revelation represented as a labour pain before the birth of the Manchild experienced by the Woman clothed with the Sun. The Manchild is symbolic of higher consciousness and of an awakening upon the path of Ascension and the Woman was said to be in heaven because this woman is a spiritual entity, a collective with a celestial identity remaining in the higher dimension while it projects a ray of consciousness in the matter world. It is awakening in its incarnations from the indoctrination of the dark forces that have kept it in bondage and error. The Ancient Prophecy written down by John of Patmos in the estimated date of 90 AD is a vision that includes the fact that the Dragon that was cast on Earth and that in fact represents the fallen ones, or souls cast on Earth from Maldek, this dragon is said to be ready to devour that manchild, and therefore impede the appearance of higher or Christ consciousness. So we see a battle of narratives in the media, the tool of indoctrination, as well as in the political world, to oppose the Presidency. This opposition is coming from the antichrist, the entire political system that has infiltrated the Establishment over a period of decades of modern history, although Lucifer received his judgment.
See ‘Vials of Karma’ on Matt Muckleroy’s Playlist.
The whore sitting on the throne of Babylon in the book of Revelation has been defeated in the Elections as the World Mother came with the Ruby Ray to defeat her.
See Saint Germain’s message ‘Mother Dethrones Babylon’.
The prayers and calls that have been accumulated during past decades but could not be acted upon by the forces of Heaven because it was not time yet, have been a tool that was used to bring about the Victory of the Light in the Elections, not only in America, but also Britain, and it is a force sweeping across Europe to establish freedom from the political forces of darkness. The ancient Plan, not only of Saint Germain but also of Lord Sanat Kumara, when he called for volunteers, is being implemented in this hour with the Earth in the Photon belt and Stargate, the right position in the Galactic alignment, the chronological cycle of 26,000 years demanding a balance of karma that permits the wrath of the judgment to bring retribution to those forces of the darkness that have dodged karma for so long, with their accumulation of wealth, their taking life and spilling of blood from the lightbearers onto the sacred ground of Mother Earth. The Forces of the Light have decreed:
≠Voice: ‘Enough is enough! – No more!’
André: A great many of those dark manipulators have been, and are being removed from the scene of life and transferred to another world where they will learn the lessons once again, and some are being taken to the fires prepared for the fallen angels to undergo the second death of the soul.
For a definition, see the video ‘On Fallen Angels’, July 16, 2016.
Those who cannot enter new Earth have already been given a second and last chance when they were allowed to experience life on earth following the destruction of Maldek, the planet that orbited between Mars and Jupiter. They have not taken that chance to walk upon the path of righteousness as the lightworkers and star seeds do in general, but instead have sought control and power with a psychopathic paranoid instinct that was deeply entrenched to the very core of their soul for millions of years. They want to rule and this is going back to a primordial jealousy, pride, or fault, and make no mistake, they are so deluded with regard to their own powers and technology that they would not stop short of the ambition of defeating your Divine Father-Mother God who created the higher realms of Light. There was hope even in the days of Lemuria that this evil could be reeducated, and we have explained in previous messages that it was the reason that some mystery schools were created, and they were represented in Genesis as the Tree of Life because trees were symbolic of teaching as well as the source of Teaching, the Teachers, the Mentors, and their connection with the Life and Light, or Righteousness. The period of Genesis before the flood represents the Lemurian days with the era of a golden age in paradise. Then this paradise was lost and this is represented in Genesis 3. The Tree of Life also represents the Inner Tree, with its Quantum genetic aspects, as a symbol of your spiritual and divine identity, the one that is found in the I Am Monadic Presence. That is the divine connection that you possess, thanks to having a threefold flame of Life in your heart. Moses received a revelation concerning the Tree of Life when his Monadic Presence stated to him ‘I Am that I Am’. This was Yod He Vau He in the Jewish version of the text, in Exodus, and became the sacred name of Yehovah. The scriptures were so edited that the esoteric significance of this statement was lost, shall we say ‘in translation’ as well as by evil design to remove the important truth. The bush on fire that Moses is reported to have seen, or have had a vision of in his mind with te 3rd eye, just as Enoch ‘with his eyes opened’, was in fact a Tree, not a bush. And only symbolically a Tree. He saw a shaft of light and it was rendered as a bush on fire. But it was the I Am Presence and the tube of Light.
The souls of Maldek rose to power, separated from the Lemurian Motherland, and created their own school or political, mind-bending, propaganda that was represented in Genesis as the Forbidden Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. It was an intellectual counterfeit construct that eventually led to the downfall of Atlantis because of its reasoning. It is prohibited from the point of view of the beings of Light. The reasoning of that forbidden tree is what the world has been used to for decades, and now presented with the measures to come out of a situation of captivity to the doings of the dark forces and their grip, some people turn against their saviours in ignorance. We have said before that Disclosure will be an important process to take place to bring enlightenment about the reality of the situation. The problem is Perception. The indoctrination from birth is preventing some people to even hold a sane perspective of what is taking place in the political scenes of the world. As stated by Captain Justinius to the Messenger E. C. Prophet, the US were supposed to control the situation in the Middle East but instead they aggravated it.
See Lord Michael and Captain Justinius, The Battle Won and Coming Shifts, September 22, 2016 on Matt Muckleroy Playlist.
They have also exported a corrupt ideology to the countries where the Cabal created wars for their War Industries. Many reforms are needed to restore righteousness in the people who have been so indoctrinated and corrupted. There is what we call a Dweller on the Threshold, an ego, that mankind has created and that resides within their own psychology. This false entity is what has to be eradicated as well, and it is within. It is in the psychology of the masses and represents the lower consciousness of the 3rd dimension that many souls are still captive to. Archangel Michael has fashioned his sword of Blue Flame to free all souls from the shackles of their own creation, and it is in the sense and context of what I have said. This Dweller also is antichrist. It is within and outside in the world in the systems. The awakening and ascension have taken the lightworkers to the perception of the consciousness of the 5th dimension and you remain in a physicality that is also being transformed as you are moving into 4th density, and being prepared for the ultimate shift to 5th density, the one in which disease and death can be abolished. This you know, and you see how the knights in shining armors that you are, are battling with that symbolic Dragon, even the Antichrist, that has infiltrated every walks of life. Donald Trump is a human person with intuitive qualities and he is veiled as most human beings are, but he has the destiny to oppose the establishment and he has fought the battle in a legal way, and has won. He has been compared to a Slayer of Dragons too. He has the ability to restore prosperity to America and to lead it to be an example of true democracy to the other nations, and eventually to create the peace for the golden age of Saint Germain to manifest.
Antichrist and False Prophecy
Some people have been misled and do not possess the discernment to distinguish between truth and error. This is to do with the vision of the 3rd eye which they lack. So they oppose the measures that are necessary and they see them as racist. What is at the base of the situation also is the indoctrination of many decades, and it relates to what the Scripture prophesied as the False Prophet. Just as Antichrist it has not been recognized when it was present and people always think it will appear in the future. The expression ‘False Prophet’ in scripture does not relate to Prophecy. It is just an expression related to the fact that the Prophets of the Old Testament used to preach about the need for reform in order to avoid catastrophes that would surely come to the people by the way of retribution. And this was in analogy with the concept of karma in the East. They were political preachers because the dark always created chaos by political deeds. So you have to understand the False Prophet, not in terms of someone preaching a controversial philosophy, such as New Age or cult, one a Christian may interpret as being rival to the Christian message, but a power associated with the age-old Antichrist, an evil power that has exercised an influence and control over the masses and the people, and misused it. The false prophecy of modern times has been uttered as an indoctrination through the mouth of the counterfeit hierarchy, the Establishment that infiltrated the governments of the world. It is a shadow government. It is composed of ancient entities, a sinister force and an illuminati residing upon the astral plane, as it is where they were cast on Earth. It is their seat of power and from that level they pulled the strings of their physical agents. Those laggards of Maldek were cast on earth to be given a chance to reform themselves in a spiritual way. They were allowed to take incarnation and it was them who created the Atlantean era. They were black magicians and after Atlanti they were prevented from incarnation for thousands of years to give humanity a chance to recover from the genetic bottle neck that the cataclysms created about 12,000 years ago. This is why the Enochian scriptures stated that the order was given to the archangels to hold them in chains in the bottomless pits, the astral plane, in one of the phases of the divine plane that followed the Flood. Then in the book of Revelation you find the prophecy that the devil, or Antichrist, will one day reappear. But interpreters did not understand that that time of its reappearance was not the future for our modern time, but had already happened some 2,000 years ago. The ancient texts were copied and recopied for hundreds of years and during these last 2,000 years. The copies of the book of Enoch discovered at Qumran, for instance, are in some cases, much more ancient than has been realized. The time when Antichrist, that Devil or Satan, reappeared in incarnation, not just by the evil it created by its influence upon the souls of mankind, was more than 2,000 years ago. It was at that time that some souls of Light also incarnated to prepare the way for the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. He came as a Messiah to hold a balance of Light, and also to remove the Prince of this World, in other words begin the process of the removal of these souls of darkness by initiating the timelines that would result with the Harvest, the removal of the tares from the wheat. They have to reap their misuse of the Light but refuse to learn and surrender to God’s Will. So they are affected in this time of Ascension as they cannot exist in the Light that is being irradiated. Light consumes Darkness. Atlantis has risen again in the sense of the Cain civilization that was once created and dominated during the Atlantean era. Cain is the biblical symbol for those laggards from Maldek. A new attempt to dominate and hold mankind into a state of captivity has been made again by this antichrist power in the sense that they oppose the Light. This power is associated with the Reptilian species and hence was represented as a Dragon in the book of Revelation. On Maldek they used psychotronic technology to bend minds and invert nature, causing corruption, a downfall and destruction. The lower consciousness was compared to falling asleep, and leads to death and hell, a fall from paradise by an engineered fall into the lower dimension. The Whore sitting on the Throne of Babylon, their symbolic empire, has lost power. The Dragon and the Beast are being dethroned in the events that are unfolding, as well as from the hearts that they have invaded. This is why mankind needs Archangel Michael and his sword of Blue Flame. Today we also need to reverse the tide of hatred and criticism born from an erroneous vision, perception and understanding, for the souls captive in the consciousness of the 3rd dimension. They need to be cut free from the lies of the political propaganda. A great cleaning up is being carried out now in the government, as never before. This also is in answer to the decrees made in the late 1970s and other decades, as well as people’s prayers all over the world, then and now.
I leave you with the promise of being kept safe and secure in the Archangels and Ascended Masters’ Light, André.

ATF André, Slaying the Dragon of Chaos, February 14, 2017

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